Ford sues to block sale of GT supercar in alleged Canadian ‘conspiracy’

Exotic car dealership defendants in lawsuit over $690,800 coupe point fingers at each other

2020-02-27 3:35:00 AM

Exotic car dealership defendants in lawsuit over $690,800 coupe point fingers at each other

Exotic car dealership defendants in lawsuit over $690,800 coupe point fingers at each other

The automaker’s lawsuit, filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, accuses four defendants of engaging in a “civil conspiracy,” reports Automotive News Canada; the defendants, on the other hand, are largely each accusing the other of the alleged improprieties in one very convoluted case.

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Ford wants to “rescind the original sale deal and block any sale or transfer of the GT,” but it’s also asking for $1 million in damages for breach of contract, plus lawyer’s fees. In November, the judge presiding over the yet-to-be-scheduled trial endorsed a temporary injunction against the car’s resale by its current owner, apparently based in Hong Kong.

Justice Edward Morgan, in his decision, ran through the timeline of the car’s ownership history. It begins with the prospective purchase of the new $690,800 car – one of eight sold in model year 2018 to Canadian customers hand-selected by Ford – by Steven Hudson, former CEO of Element Financial Corp., via Toronto-based Downtown Ford.

(To prevent the exclusive Markham, Ontario-built limited-edition GT supercar being bought and flipped for profit, Ford decided on a case-by-case basis who the cars could be bought by, and famously stipulated as part of its purchase agreement that buyers had to maintain ownership for two years after taking delivery. Two owners of other GTs, including wrestler and actor John Cena, have so far violated that agreement; this car could be the third.)

RELATED We plotted out the saga of John Cena’s Ford GT and its sales You can finally legally buy a used 2017 Ford GT The purchase was, however, completed not by Hudson, but by his then-business associate, Bradley Nullmeyer, former CEO of Element Fleet Management Corp. “Hudson’s lawyer, Chris Paliare of Toronto, told Automotive News Canada: ‘Mr. Hudson is now aware someone else used his name without authorization,’” says the news outlet, and Hudson had “no involvement in the initial purchase … nor any subsequent sales transactions.”

Less than three weeks later, the holding company – and thus the Ford GT – was bought up by Timothy Quocksister, president of collectible cars dealership Silver Arrow Cars of Victoria, B.C., allegedly violating that two-year resale restriction. (Nullmeyer and Quocksister both deny any wrongdoing.)

The deal was brokered with assistance from Jeffrey Seigel who, for his help, was allegedly paid a $126,560 commission and, Justice Morgan writes, a $200,000 “secret commission” by Nullmeyer. Quocksister says he was never informed about the resale restriction, which is why he brought Seigel into the court case via a $1.5-million third-party claim. But evidence shows Seigel included the car’s confirmation order – which mentions the no-resale clause – in materials he gave to Quocksister.

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Meanwhile, the car was allegedly being stored at Engineered Automotive (EA) in Concord, Ontario, just north of Toronto, for about a month, making it another defendant in the suit leveled by Ford. (That firm denies being involved in negotiations to sell the GT.)

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