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Was Jacob Trouba’s hit on Michael Dal Colle suspension-worthy? @Burkie2020 explains why he thinks it was clean:


Was Jacob Trouba’s hit on Michael Dal Colle suspension-worthy? Burkie2020 explains why he thinks it was clean:

Brian Burke looks at Jacob Trouba’s hit against Michael Dal Colle and explains why it was not suspension-worthy.

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Burkie2020 Good grief... some of the armchair safety committee is out in full force today... The games inching closer to landing 'Big Hugs' instead of body check as it is. Not Suspension worthy!! Burkie2020 Absolutely not that was as clean and hard of a hit as i have seen in ages. Players cant be looking down at the puck and reaching going into or through the neutral zone. Del colle put himself in a vulnerable position.

Burkie2020 LOVE this hit Burkie2020 Yes, absolutely!! Burkie2020 Keep your head up Burkie2020 Not even close Burkie2020 It shouldn’t even be debatable or an explanation.. it’s good hockey! It’s 2020, the NHL needs to stop being so sensitive Burkie2020 Hit to the head. Suspension. Blind side. Cant hit like that anymore. Its not the Stevens/Lindros era anymore.

Burkie2020 NHL doesn’t care about player safety Burkie2020 Totally disagree with the panel. The replay shows contact to the head. Another example of the NHL officials not thinking NHLPlayerSafety and convinced Dal Colle left the ice for concussion protocol. Lost playing time for Islander player. Zero penalty to Trouba

Burkie2020 Clean hit

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Burkie2020 It was a clean hit. No one's used to seeing open ice hits anymore. Burkie2020 That is a clean hockey hit. Everyone that says that’s a penalty or a suspension is soft Burkie2020 If McDavid was hit in the same manner there'd be a suspension. The league protects it's best and highest paid just like the nfl. The hit by the rule is clean and I don't want to see the rules change but head contact needs to be avoided no matter what. Look what the nfl is now

Burkie2020 Sorry Brian but that hit is a suspension, primary point of contact is the head. Burkie2020 Keep your head up that’s hockey. Burkie2020 Clean hit. Painful but clean. Burkie2020 No perfect hit Burkie2020 Trouba is just lucky Jake Virtanen wasn’t there with his blow. Burky would’ve been talking about an attempted murder instead

Burkie2020 No Burkie2020 Shouldn't even be up for debate

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Burkie2020 No clean hit Burkie2020 I think it was a good clean hit, its scary but players should know to keep their heads up in open ice or they become a target, hockey is physical, does not deserve suspension... Burkie2020 Should be 2 games but he playing for the Rangers = 0 games Burkie2020 No Burkie2020 The hit was predatory. The NHL has to decide if it’s sincere in trying to stop dangerous hits. Looks like NHL Player Safety isn’t.

Burkie2020 That’s hockey Burkie2020 Trouba is 💩 Burkie2020 hella hard hit, but clean. He hit the chest area first - and I think Trouba's a douche Burkie2020 What THATS NOT EVEN A PENALTY Burkie2020 Nope, from Bruins fan.

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Burkie2020 I hate the Rangers but that hit was beautiful. Burkie2020 Well said burkie2020 Burkie2020 Keep your head up Burkie2020 Trouba is known for these hits... has done it at least 5 times. Burkie2020 Not suspension-worthy in the slightest... Burkie2020 No.. beauty hit

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