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Don’t judge those not wearing a face mask, Tam says — they may be asthmatic

Don’t judge those not wearing a face mask, Tam says — they may be asthmatic

2020-05-21 5:54:00 PM

Don’t judge those not wearing a face mask, Tam says — they may be asthmatic

Asthma Canada president and CEO Vanessa Foran said simply wearing a mask could create risk of an asthma attack

In recommending people wear masks in public to prevent the spread of COVID-19, national chief public health officer Theresa Tam has also warned against judging those who can’t wear them.“Be very aware of those with different types of cognitive, intellectual disabilities, those who are hearing impaired and others,” Dr. Tam said.

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“Don’t assume that someone who isn’t wearing a mask or is wearing something different doesn’t have an actual reason for it.”.She said if a mask inhibits the ability of someone to breathe in any way, they recommend not wearing one.Foran suggests asthmatics wear a mask in their home for 20 minutes to test their comfort level before venturing out, and also to head out in cooler weather.

“Wearing masks means breathing hot and humid air, so that can trigger asthma symptoms,” she said.Unfortunately, it also covers up the faces that we rely so much on for understanding people “We say if they cannot wear a mask, they must ensure they’re maintaining physical distancing and practising good hand hygiene.”

Foran said people with severe allergies might also find wearing a mask difficult at this time of year.Autism Canada family support representative Dominique Payment said adults and children with the spectrum disorder have trouble with sensory processing, as well as tactile, olfactory and nervous-system hypersensitivity that wearing a mask could aggravate.

“It could cause some serious challenges,” she said. “Because their senses are so heightened, it affects everything.”Payment has two children on the autism spectrum. One is anxious about masks because he associates them with having his teeth cleaned at the dentist, which he dislikes.

“Unfortunately this whole COVID situation and everyone wearing masks can cause some anxiety for these children because they are associating with not-so-positive experiences,” she said.Payment said having children put a mask on a favourite stuffed animal, or choosing fabric colour and pattern for a mask, could help prepare them to wear one.

The deaf can’t read lips covered by an opaque mask, which also muffles sound for those who are hearing impaired.Clovis Bernard wrote in a post on the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association website earlier this month that situations are difficult to navigate in this pandemic.

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“The new reality is that it is recommended to wear a mask or a face covering while going out, to reduce the community spread of the coronavirus,” Bernard wrote.“Unfortunately, it also covers up the faces that we rely so much on for understanding people.

“Maybe you are nervous about asking people to pull down their masks so you can understand them, but it is as if you are asking them to expose themselves to a health risk.”He said in his experience, most people are more than willing to lower their masks for a quick second for you provided the circumstance is safe to do so.

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I usually judge people wearing them 😅Call them doctors for fun.🤣 I'd rather just stay away from people I think at this point...this argument of wearing or not wearing has run its course. The whole thing has been butchered and tossed around for too long. If we had PROPER guidance from the beginning then maybe this wouldn't have been so unsettling.

Stfu Tam Actually with new scientific data coming in Dr.Tam has changed her position and has suggested we start judging those without a mask I have entire 56 years...spent many a summer month in an oxygen tent as a 4 to 12 yr old. I wear a mask-- also ran track and Jr Hockey MVP. . Asthma shouldn't be impacted by wearing a mask . If you cant breathe with a mask you need an inhaler !! Or more! IMHOpinion

Or have bad eyesight . Masks screw up vision though glasses . If I have another run in with a Jew Hater, I need whatever sight I’ve got . So I’ll pass on that . What is good today is will be bad tommorow. We need court to make judgement So big damage to be ignore Canada become hell by the Marxism policy against 1-The west civil & culture the white mam) 2-Corruption Climate policy 3- Corona varus business 4- Fear to trade for freedom

Or readers of the National Post! Why would I want to breathe my recycled air That means about half the population are asthmatic, which is hard to believe. Because that's how many people do not wear masks according to stats. People wear them to protect others and stop the spread. Because of the lax attitude, BC Premier is thinking of making them mandatory.

Also, masks are dumb Or maybe they are just not scared reactionary sheep Tam has no credibility any longer. Not only asthmatic, but there is a set of COPDs that make people intolerable to the face masks. Also, I saw a lot of people wearing masks while driving. Please, don't do this, you creating a dangerous situation because hypercapnia may strike you unexpectedly. Take care.

Per your OWN article, Dr Tam didn't mention asthmatics Love to see people with face masks. Let's you know how many illogical and uneducated sheep are around ya. Yes but businesses that need you to wear one because of keeping their employees and other customers safe should be allowed to do so without judgment either.

If you don’t judge me for not wearing a mask I won’t judge you for wearing one. Tam doesn’t know where she parks her car every night. Thanks for withholding judgement Tam! My wife and myself don't feel good wearing mask, make us sick. For every one that has a legitimate reason, there are dozens just spewing bullshit because they enjoy their recreational outrage.

So if the Asian population has been wearing masks since before this covid thing, why didn’t it protect them? Or a big beard. So is wearing a mask, or not wearing a mask , considered racist? If you’re actually scared, wear a N95 mask when you go out and you won’t have to worry about the actions of others. No one should ever be shamed for exercising freedom in our society. Forcing others to do something for your idea of a ‘greater good’ historically never ends well.

Taiwan produces over 5 million masks a day. During the pandemic they had 252 reported cases with two deaths compared what’s happened in this country. Do the math, wear a mask! Not bad for a nation that is labeled a non country by buffoons and gutless political leaders etc. Tam has only blundered and I will not listen what she says we should or shouldn't do. Way too many failures on her resume

Why would wear a mask in a province of 1.4 million people with 20 something active cases? It would be similar to wearing a helmet at all times in case an asteroid lands on my head. They/we may also not be sheep... She seems to have a complex of folks judging others. She has some deep seated issues about Canadians.

Half of Toronto is apparently asthmatic. The paternalism of his government and its agencies is endless. Please just stick to medical advise, and try to be consistent. Telling people not to be assholes is not your job, and probably not very effective. LisaMar91564392 Ah geez, the Trudites R out that have elected themselves as being the only 1s that should & will decide whats N the best interests of others / they have swallowed the whole face mask BS hook line & sinker Look 2 NB - their success didn't have 1 fng thing 2 due with face masks

Judge people as racists was so last month for Canada’s top Doc. I'm judging CPHO_Canada. And her failure has cost almost 6000 Canadian Lives. Or we may not be idiot drones. Covid can live on a mask for up to 2 weeks, can only live on your hands for not even an hour. Minutes usually. How about f*ck off and don't judge us anyways, we're the ones that have done our research and have learnt masks are very ineffective if not the proper mask and if it's not used properly, they increase the risk of touching your face, social distance is most effective.

Should I take it off when I go into a bank? Masks are generally unhealthy to wear. Be smart and look it up. Or they may just not be kowtowing to fearmongering. It is so baffling that mask wearing has been politicized. It's pretty clear from early reports back in March that masks/gloves do minimal to protect. This is clearly something being communicated to give people a false sense of security. Stop falling for it.

Theuneducated, ignorant responses to this..., people acting as tho those not wearing a mask are somehow heroes, is nauseating. They are not free thinkers, heroes or some kind of intelligent beings that we just don’t “get”. They don’t care if they’re a-symptomatic. Selfish!! Tam has proven useless. She needs to go away. Pronto

Wear a mask, don't wear a mask, don't judge people who don't wear masks. Is there any advice about masks this woman won't give?

Evening Update: Tam upgrades advice on wearing masksAlso: Women in Canada disproportionately affected by COVID-19 She should resign, this evil of a woman. She might have saved lives if she did this from the onset.. Austria said from the start.. everyone in public wears masks. hey began to reopen their businesses a couple of months ago. This stupid woman has wearing masks delayed for 3 months !

Evening Update: Tam upgrades advice on wearing masksAlso: Women in Canada disproportionately affected by COVID-19 She should resign, this evil of a woman. She might have saved lives if she did this from the onset.. Austria said from the start.. everyone in public wears masks. hey began to reopen their businesses a couple of months ago. This stupid woman has wearing masks delayed for 3 months !

National direction on use of face masks coming today: TrudeauPrime Minister Justin Trudeau says a national recommendation on when and where Canadians should be wearing face mask s to reduce the spread of COVID-19 is coming later today. Non surgical masks are ineffective and even then not really effective when in use by the laymen. It's all false security.

Mask myths: No, carbon dioxide won't make you sickIn case you think you don’t need a mask or believe that masks don’t work to prevent the spread of COVID-19, read this. — via healthing_ca healthing_ca Last week we were told that farting spreads CV19- That is 2 butt cheeks, one pair of underpants and a skirt or a pair of trousers. If CV makes it past these obstacles a mask will not help. healthing_ca healthing_ca Don't wear a mask, maybe wear one if you have the virus, to now you should wear a mask. Who can keep up? Her words 'the science is not settled' tells you everything you need to know. They haven't got a clue & move the goalposts every few days. Think for yourselves.

What You Need To Know About Canada’s New Face Mask GuidelinesWhen should you wear a mask? Is it mandatory? And what happens if you don’t? People who don't WearAMask are selfish and disrespectful of others well-being. At the least masks should be worn in indoor common areas. Phony paid for MSM calls Trudeau screwup'evolved'.

It's now recommended that Canadians wear face masksCanada's chief public health officer is officially recommending Canadians wear non-medical face masks when maintaining a two-metre distance isn't possible. Dr. Theresa Tam told reporters that the language on masks has shifted from 'permissive' to a 'specific recommendation.' It should be mandatory in grocery stores, malls, doctors office anywhere there’s a grouping of pple Canada DougFord JustinTrudeau fordnation JustinTrudeau CanadianPM 🖕 Hit ❤ if you're not going to wear a mask.