Coronavirus, Diane Francis

Coronavirus, Diane Francis

Diane Francis: Canada should reciprocate Trump’s medical export ban and bring our doctors and nurses home

What’s good for the eagle is good for the beaver

2020-04-06 7:48:00 PM

Diane Francis : Canada should reciprocate Trump's medical export ban and bring our doctors and nurses home

What’s good for the eagle is good for the beaver

On April 2, Trump banned 3M from fulfilling its contractual obligations as Canada’s sole supplier of essential N95 respirator masks. Since then, it’s been obvious that Trudeau’s phone calls — or his minions’ — have not even been returned.This is a shabby way to treat Canada, which, lest they forget, came through for Americans during 9/11 and the Second World War. But Trudeau has no savvy or judgment, which is why he has failed to tend to the country’s most important geopolitical relationship.

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Now in a crisis, Trump also banned the export of gloves and other medical equipment, but — even more hurtful to Canada — added that exceptions might be made to help Italy and Spain, which have been especially hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Then, even after Canada and 3M pushed back, citing contractual obligations and humanitarian concerns, the president said dismissively that he was “not happy with 3M.”

Trudeau’s response about this deadly snub, on April 5, consisted of bobbing and weaving. When asked if he’d talked with Trump to try to resolve the crisis, he replied that he was “looking forward” to doing so in the “coming days,” but that a process involving the usual channels was underway.

This is Canada being put on hold, not Turkmenistan.Of course, Trump is a piece of work and Trudeau is not the only leader on his “hit list.” On April 4, Germany and France charged that airlifts of masks from China were diverted to the United States by officials in Washington. On Friday, German officials claimed that the U.S. “confiscated” 200,000 3M masks that Germany had ordered for its medical workers from a 3M factory in China, according to press reports. When asked, German Interior Minister Andreas Geisel said: “We consider that an act of modern piracy. You don’t treat your transatlantic partners like that. Even in times of global crisis, there should be no wild-west methods.”

Given the bully to the south and the botch-up at home, Canada should reciprocate, not retaliate, and Trudeau should step aside until a healthy relationship with Trump is reconstituted and let a more amiable and business-savvy leader, like Ontario Premier Doug Ford, take the lead diplomatically.

Retaliation is crazy, but reciprocity is a matter of applying to them what they’ve applied to us. Canada, including the provinces, must adopt identical protectionist and emergency measures during this public health calamity.Top of the list is an immediate travel ban on the estimated 2,000 health-care professionals who commute daily from Windsor, Ont., to Detroit’s embattled hospitals, and others who cross the border daily. This is an emergency public health issue that puts Canadian lives at risk by allowing health-care workers to cross back and forth from the U.S., which has been much harder hit by this pandemic, without being subjected to a 14-day quarantine.

Canada should also send out a request to the tens of thousands of Canadian nurses, doctors and health-care professionals who work in the United States on visas to return to Canada during this time. They should be flown and housed here free of charge, with their families, and offered large bonuses to help during this crisis.

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The federal government should get its act together and expedite permits to companies that are capable of producing millions of N95 masks immediately. On April 4, Premier Ford decried Ottawa’s foot dragging over this issue — and he’s right. This is pure incompetence.

Canada must also ban the exports of test kits, drugs and raw materials that are needed to make medical supplies, unless these goods or services are surplus to our needs.Put another way, what’s good for the eagle is good for the beaver. Read more: National Post »

Oh, yeah. That'll solve it. We're already being crushed by a stalled economy and collapse of oil. All we need is a trade war. Canada is managing COVID This is not a time for a trade war! Diane Francis: We should ESCALATE the problem. What could go wrong? It is a good thing that Canada did not feel like you obviously do because when 911 happened and in Canada thousands of Americans were put up in shelters and fed without one person complaining. Quite a difference in attitudes.

I agree! No Canadian professional ( Doctors, Nurses,Lawyers )should be working in the USA considering Trumps attitudes on things! Get over it, and find alternative solutions you absolute tools NO Diane, that’s your typical knee jerk , confrontational , feed the right opinion. take the high road Not that simple. I wish it was.

Absolutely! No, take the high road! Not a Trudeau fan either. The doctors and nurses referenced won't go back to Canada. They earn more money 💲in the USA. So sorry. Order's from Butt's?., Telford ? , Trudeau maybe? , i hope you're enjoying the getting while the getting is good but it won't last forever .

Bah, we shouldn't be petty. This is not the time for a trade war. Though it may be something to look at in the future. 'I predicted in December that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s immature diplomatic blunder — the “hot mike” recording of him ridiculing U.S. President Donald Trump at the last NATO conference — would cost Canada dearly. Now, we know the price.' 🤮

Thus depriving those practitioners of a paycheque, benefits, pensions, etc. Has to be a better way. Yes , put people out of work. Great idea We dont pay enough up here...Doctors make more in the US. Canada is turning into baby food. If it’s tit for tat no, that’s childish. If it’s required due to shortage and citizens can’t get the medical attention they need then yes, start bringing them back. However, do the armed forces have medical support?

No we shouldn’t Joe86538718 Oh, great. Yet another 'journalist' wanting to get into a pissing contest with our best friend and major trading partners. I thought that Dianne was better than this. Apparently not. Joe86538718 We should be blaming our own federal government for leaving Canada so vulnerable and week ! We manufacture almost next to nothing, and totally depend on other countries like China to meet our needs. Globalism will never work !!!! We much provide for our own people !!!!

I think the real issue you should focus on is why our medical people are working in the US? No jobs for them here? Better pay across the border? liberal_party CPC_HQ your national leaders have to be tougher and command more confidence. This should never have happened. Yeah, stand your ground when charged by a moose. Makes perfect sense. Plz share the video

We are not so petty as to punish the good american people who have no choice but to suffer this pandemic without any leadership. They should have mobilized their National Guard and mandatory stay at home orders across the nation and yet Trump has yet to do anything productive. Dear Diane! You must be vindictive. Either the US is our friend or not. You want them punished ! Then you’re not their friend! The PM wants to discuss not fight. Hate to be married to you!

We will remember and we Canadian's can retaliate with our pocket books. Avoid American products when possible, don't cross the boarder to shop. USA DonaldTrump Canada they haven't come back already on their own, I hate to break it to you.... The Presidents move shld make you reflect on our government, not whining like a teenager about what's fair. Difficult times require great strength and it's evident(especially Federally) how lacking it is.

Is he forgetting these people choose to work there because of the money? That would be mean . Be magnanimous , compassionate and open hearted in times of difficulty . Trudeau Junior can be more effective with quiet talk ( that is why we have an external affairs / foreign service with skilled diplomats ) rather than his shallow virtue signalling .

Trump’s decision might be in poor taste, but a lot of politicians do that to appear decisive. Doing anything in retaliation would only lower our standards to his. That is not how we are or ever will be. Besides, don’t expect tough decisions from weak leaders. Canada USA Really...can you pay them the salaries? Me thinks not! Dumb

Here folks we have a confirmed Russian/Chinese/(insert hostile regime) asset. The situation in Canada is many times better than it is in the US and the best this ditz can come up with is how we should be following a madman into the abyss. Just great but expected from her. dianefrancis1 Agreed pull back our doctors and nurses

This has all been cleared up, but hey keep up the rhetoric of fear, anger and even hate, that has been propagated by the Liberals. The National Post does not deserve its “national” namesake, because in no way does the author’s views on Trump represent the views of Canadians. I checked to see if this was an editorial, but the Ontario Post did not designate it as such. Libérez nous des Libéraux.🙏

Perhaps the moron in Ottawa should not have given away 16’tonnes of PPE to begin with and been proactive in getting more supplies a few weeks ago We can’t blame trump because Trudeau FAILED to do his job...can we This is not how we should behave in 2020. This is a war, whos side are we on, china or the US? Everyone in the world is cutting off medical supplies. We shouldnt do it

TRUDEAU ? WHAT'S WRONG ? =A USA PUPPET UN UN_Women antonioguterres United Nation seat=NOT for USA PUPPET Free her-FREE THEM JustinTrudeau cathmckenna cafreeland FP_Champagne pablorodriguez jyduclos globeandmail OttawaCitizen CBCNews RadioCanadaInfo “...Canada, which, lest they forget, came through for Americans during 9/11 and the Second World War.” Actually it was the US that helped us with WWII. They could have just stayed neutral.

And have them do what, exactly? They work in the US for various reasons. They may not be licenced in the province they live in. How will this great idea benefit is? Really Diane Francis⬇⬇ While I agree it will be a tough sell to people to change their careers. US$ wages I am sure is quite attractive too. Other measures against Trump will work better.

Listening to Diane Francis: There is no BAN BY TRUMP. START REPORTING NEWS INSTEAD OF LIES. FAKE NEWS! No, Grow up and find a new bone to chew Are we doing that out of necessity or as a tit for tat because that seems like a childish response from someone in our government? She does realize the US is woefully behind on masks for first care responders. Do their laws stipulate they need to take care of Canadians too?

Doctors and nurses are not a commodity that the Canadian government can control. They are free persons able to go where they want when they want. Trump didn't ban sales to cunada and Mexico. He banned outside north America. 3 m sold our masks on the open market. Get your facts straight. I thought our borders were closed. To everything but product

Sorry, but why can't 3M Canada makes some masks for Canada? Because this country lacks the leadership to make such a request of them? Sounds good. How about the US not allow Cdn patients from border cities to use American hospitals when Cdn hospitals don't have the facilities and know-how to look after these patients? Just a thought.

Only the stats has it 100 times worse at the moment. Definitely not. Some of these Doctors and Nurses could not get employment here in Canada so had to go to the US. And what would that say about us as a country if we did that. it,s tough you can,t fight with an elephant but i would surely let Meng go back to China now and get our guys back Let trump chase after her

If 🇨🇦 must make its own N95 masks, then it should stopping exporting the raw material to the 🇺🇸. Its produced in a pulp mill on Vancouver Island. I disagree. We need to raise the bar of humanity and hope to pull up others. Irregardless of what lunatic is at the helm of America, Canadians need to stand true to our much higher values and not go down the slippery slope ti Americas standards.

Maximum petty, eh Diane? None of this helps with our immediate needs. I agree with letting Ford take the lead re: diplomacy though. JT’s prior immaturity pushes him to the back of the line as far as a man like Trump is concerned. JT could never see THE bigger picture, just HIS bigger picture. narcissism

To the nurses coming home...where are the jobs after covid And the pay? To National Post have done nothing but bash Trump and USA for the past few years. The epidemic is 100 times worse in the USA. He is supposed to choose backstabbers over Americans fern_60 That's not the full story. 3M was selling for cash and profiteering which Quebec made a handsome purchase. They were outbidding the US on a US supplier in cash. I would be pissed too! That's black market.

There was no ban. You should get your facts straight before posting false information. They don't want to come home. Much happier in the states unless of course youre advocating to bring them back against their wishes Humans are not a commodity. What if these doctors and nurses have lives there and dont want to return?

How about our border control step up checks to makes sure critical equipment stays home? They let private shipment of almost a million of PPE (500,000 masks etc) go to NY in a truck! FBI intercepted it, the buyer was arrested and PPEs donated to hospital Wasn't Trudeau going to authorize a Black Ops Mission to invade the USA and 3M and retrieve our share of the masks? Trump said this is war.

No we should not. Withholding an essential product/service is unconscionable. We should never sink to his level. Put politics aside & let people decide what they want to do, whether to work in the US or in Canada. People are not chess pawn objects. not now, but after this is all over we will have to reevaluate this relationship

And what wrong with this start, you hear Canada is short of medical stall, like foreign farm workers, when many Canadians need work, it’s crazy feminist who run country imo What if they don’t want to come home? No,My opinion is not based on fear. Commercial wars and putting fire on the fire is not the solution! We are better, smarter and our capabilities as a country are above it. We can manufacture here, import from somewhere else, new dialogues etc If we retaliate we lower ourselves

When will this vengeful and spiteful “reporter” retire? At the age of 73, she wants Canada to pick a fight with everyone, from the US and China to Russia. Canada has a government that Canadians elected. Let the government decide. Too many wannabe prime ministers these days. God I wish Canada had a leader like Trump that works for his people and his only. These globalists trying to look out for the world, gets you nowhere in times like this, Canada spending millions on aid when we don't even have what we need at home. Backwards society.

Canadian doctors and nurses are treated better in the US. Don't forget to divert our pulp mills to produce for Canadian mask & gown manufacturers and let the Americans use their own trees. With our long standing generosity we as Canadians can focus on helping Canada first and foremost. None of them would come home 😂

I would expect nothing less from a nutcase like you Diane. You are no longer relevant. i wonder how those doctors would feel about the 30-90% yearly income haircut on that. run a poll with those doctors, and find out And how many masks to a person? Or just a blanket tit for tat? It is not the Canadian thing to do...Hence why Canadians are respected around the world!

America is the world's second country hardest hit by this ChinaVirus they need all the help and all the 3M masks they can get, this is ot time to play tug of war. JustinTrudeau shouldn't have sent 16tons of medical supplies to china By all means bring them home. But remember Trudeau sent medical supplies to China in February instead of looking after Canadians.

Most are working in the US because it provides better opportunity: 'Nurses like Homick often seek work in the Detroit area because there are more stable, full-time jobs. They’re also drawn to the US hospitals’ use of electronic health records, which makes their jobs easier.' Just stop this senseless bickering. The USA has always been our greatest friend.

If they haven't come home yet, guess what. But please keep up with your totalitarian ideas. Trump had to steal the respirators or he would eat it during the next election. It is in human to pull doctors and if we start a trade war Trump would love to shut the oil valves from Canada. They don’t need the oil. Imagine when the food trucks stop.

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This nurse demonstrates just how fast germs spread even if you're wearing glovesIn an off-the-cuff Facebook video, a former emergency room nurse decided to demonstrate just how quick and easy it is to spread germs at a grocery store. uspoli cdnpoli pnpcbc UKpolitics auspol polcan eupol nzpol CTVppv Is it not strange that all of our 🇨🇦 PublicHealth 'Officials' are singing from an alternate hymn book? Many people are dying! Looks like someone else is tired of everyone’s stupidity. You can just hear the exasperation in her voice. Ppl aren’t stupid -I take that back

Tam offers new advice: wear a non-medical mask when shopping or using public transitThe country’s Chief Public Health Officer said this measure is now being advised to help cut down on transmission where people are infected by the virus but are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic Sign the petition for CPHO_Canada to resign as chief health minister for gross incompetence drtamresign PlankTheCurve cdnpoli standonguard covid19Canada JustinTrudeau Wow! This is so annoying. I was actually happy that Canada was taking this another way but turns out we were wrong all along. So with all the people losing their jobs, why does she have hers still? Is she sure?

Apple to ship 1 million face shields a week for medical workersApple has said it will soon be producing one million face shields a week for medical workers battling the coronavirus pandemic. Apple is American owed. So wouldn't everything they make. Have to go to Americans only ? Because of the law Trump brought into effect 🤔 I would rather wait for the face sheild S plus model due out in 3 months Hopefully only to Canada!