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Covid-19, Coronavirus

Tam offers new advice: wear a non-medical mask when shopping or using public transit

Tam offers new advice: wear a non-medical mask when shopping or using public transit

2020-04-06 7:59:00 PM

Tam offers new advice: wear a non-medical mask when shopping or using public transit

The country’s Chief Public Health Officer said this measure is now being advised to help cut down on transmission where people are infected by the virus but are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic

Adrian Wyld/The Canadian PressCanada’s Chief Public Health Officer has new advice for Canadians: wear a non-medical face mask to help cut down the spread of the virus when you are in situations where you can’t ensure proper physical distance from strangers.

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Dr. Theresa Tam said this would help in scenarios such as riding public transit or when shopping in the grocery store.Dr. Tam, speaking at a noon briefing in Ottawa Monday, said this measure is now being advised to help cut down on transmission where Canadians are infected by the virus but are asymptomatic or presymptomatic.

Story continues below advertisement“Our collective scientific knowledge of COVID-19 continues to grow,” she said.“It is clear that transmission of the virus is happening more often than previously recognized from infected people right before they develop symptoms,” she said. “This is called presymptomic transmission.”

She said the same goes for people who never develop symptoms: the asymptomatic.“A non-medical mask can reduce the chance of your respiratory droplets coming into contact with others or land[ing] on services,” Theresa Tam said.The announcement Monday represents a new decisions from medical experts in Canada.

“With this emerging information, the special advisory committee on COVID-19 has come to a consensus that wearing a non-medical mask, even if you have no symptoms, is an additional measure that you can take to protect others around you in situations where physical distancing is difficult to maintain.”

The chief public health officer said as of Monday morning there were 15,822 COVID-19 cases in Canada and 293 deaths.Story continues below advertisementShe said “most concerning” are the new outbreaks in hospitals and long-term care facilities in several provinces.

“As well we are hearing of young people being hospitalized due to COVID-19 and people as young as in their 20s dying of the disease,” she said.Dr. Tam urged Canadians not to turn to medical masks for this preventive measure recommended Monday.More than 339,000 people in Canada have been tested to date with about 5 per cent confirmed as positive.

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Dr. Tam emphasized this new advice does not confer better protection on the mask user, but is recommended to protect others.Dr. Tam said this new advice is not an official recommendation but a “permissive statement” suggesting what could help reduce transmission.

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Ok this dude Dr.Tam needs to shut up. Still won't hide 'her' Adam's Apple 🍎 NewImproved9 This lady doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground ! Flip flop flip flop DeputyPM_Canada denisebatters fordnation GregMcLeanYYC IT IS ALL CORRUPTION AND FRAUD , EZRA THEY HAD A PRACTICE PANDEMIC OCTOBER19 ,2019 SPONSORED BY GATES, HOPKINS AND BIG PHARMA IT WAS CALLED COVID 19 ALSO AND CRASHED RHE MARKET AT 15%.

Out!!! I don't trust Tam. NokiddingTam If I can cough into my sleeves then logically, I can breathe into a mask of any kind to stop droplets & face touching. COVID19 COVID19ON COVID2019 She should resign, same goes for the Prime Mistake. Flip flop Tam. CPHO_Canada Oh gee that's just great another thing I won't be able to get. Just like cleaning supplies, flour, powdered milk, gloves. I can't even find a frickin thermometer. Small town living at it's best

Finally see you said Sth a bit helpful for the public! Shame on your previous “actions” ( if you had any) and all your wired scientific opinions! Please please do your job to make more testing for Ppl and give the public the true Data! Breaking News: Dr. Tam now believes in germ theory. She is a disgrace ... just as the ideologically rooted Liberal party she belongs to.

With many qualifiers. Transit makes sense because you can’t distance. Otherwise, do or don’t. Misleading headline as per usual. What a joke she is! You know this is 100% bullshit. Wear an N95 mask and eye protection. Tam has been wrong on closing the border, person-to-person transmission, asymptomatic spread, the airborne nature of the virus and mask use. Mask and eye protection! Follow the Science, not virtue signalling clowns with an 0 for 10 record.

China bought all the masks back in Jan. The Canadian government donated All the masks away. Left citizens with no mask! A person in this position that has proven to be this incompetent should be charged. Menusky Why is she offering everything soo late? This virus has been out there since december... We could have prevented so many cases if we had not heard her recommendations and did what we could to protect ourselves.

In other words - it's the flu but we globalists demand u act like ignorant robots . WAKE UP WORLD !!! U failed the public..resign, we will not trust anything u say from here on in. It's all bullshit. Does it bother anyone else that this Libtard POS was born and raised in China 🇨🇳 and she’s the one telling us what to do.

CPHO_Canada why was this not SAID WEEKS AGO? People are relying on you and your updates/information You are MISS INFORMING people and putting them at even GREATER RISK during these ALREADY DIFFICULT TIMES Narrative: 'masks aren't useful, mask are useful. No evidence virus will spread, virus is spreading. Tests aren't needed if theres no symptoms, tests are needed even on asymptomatic. Oh brother.

What a joke this government is! It’s literally embarrassing on the world stage. Can’t get projects done. Can’t “protect” the ppl. Can’t support frontline workers. Can’t even make sure ppl will get needed money. Can’t give us the correct information. Liberalcantda On behalf of hundreds of my fellow tweeter & myself, I wold like to give TAM some advice. MANY OF US ARE CONFUSED BY CONSTANT CONFLICTING ADVICE ON T.V.UNTIL YOU GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT DONT BOTHER USING OUR TAX DOLLARS TO PROMOTE NOTHING. You can wait for 'INFALLIBLE SCIENCE '

Ridiculous Telling us to wear masks several weeks into an airborne virus pandemic is not “new advice”. The majority of Canadians not tripping on Liberal koolaid have known for weeks that this was the right thing to do. I hope G&M will be the next to fall after TorStar. Tune in next week for the further adventures of “I Dont Know, Sure. Try That.”

She should be fired - political before medical Didn't she say yesterday that masks were useless? I just can't with these people She is hopeless. Just an echo chamber of the WHO. She should have been fired long ago Tam truly is a liberal, just as useless as all the rest of them. Name one elected federal liberal that isn’t complete useless...I’ll wait. LiberalZombies.

Why not get someone who knows what they’re talking about How about Hydroxychloroquine bring available for Canadians? What was the 'new science' she based her decision upon? She’s so good she could work for the US Navy. Just ask her. I think if we accept her kind ministrations it would suit us well. When this is over, I would like to have a Royal Commission and counsel could ask her some very interesting questions.

Like Skippy trudeau ... Tam is grossly incompetent Home made N95 mask mod. Wait, I thought masks were no good? Jeez, this lady's mastered the art of the flip flop. Next, she's gonna tell us that the predictive models are set in stone, right? Oh you mean actual science... All over the map!!!!! The Pentagon Climate Report

Screw you g & m for being complacent the last 3 months. How about someone tell this mummy to resign. This twit is the last person in the world people should be taking advice from. She’s flip flopped on so many issues. Don’t TRUST CPHO_Canada !!!! TrudeauMustGo TrudeauDictatorship This is the losers you get when you hire based on skin colour or gender.

My god! A bunch of medical experts in the comments. This is an evolving situation. Everyone is making it as they go. At first masks were only for medical professionals. But now since the curve isn’t flattening, homemade ones are being offered a solution. allan_crawshaw You mean like the ones Canadian Tire is selling for $50..?

Replace her! Seriously! Maybe Dr Tam should read this from a real doctor that dealt with the Spanish flu. Hey thanks for that advice. One quick question, where can I get a mask? Telling the sheep to wear ineffective home masks is criminal. Replace this woman FFS Yes she is a liberal promoter... I don’t trust her advice... she keeps changing her opinion... we need a better person in the position

Stop listening to this woman. And stop voting Liberal. Their ideology compels them to favour diversity over competence. Now out economy is dying (and we may face famine if we keep not-working) and Canadians are dying by the score. TamLiedCanadiansDied TrudeauLiedPeopleDied Does she have connections with CCP? If so, maybe she’s thinking don’t use masks, we gotta save it for CCP to resale it to others.

Flip flops again 😂 What a flip flop! The leadership we are getting in Canada is appalling and costing Cdns lives and unwarranted sickness It is so shamed that she is now asking Canadians to wear home made masks!!! She continues to insult Canadians’ IQ !!! It's becoming irresponsible to wait until public health officials have caught up with social media before adjusting behaviors. No one wants this system.

Is she an actual doctor? Just wondering what on earth took Dr. Tam that long to state/recommend to Canadians to wear a non-medical mask when shopping or using transit. Till yesterday, she had no medical evidence to prove the effectiveness of such masks. What changed overnight? Everyday she changes her mind, I don't like her at all. This will end soon, or at least in BC

Will she be saying that bear bile is a possible cure next? Glasses are next. This happened in Italy wear they went from 'no need to wear masks' to 'wear masks' plus glasses Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam Are you people sure? Like really sure? This time or...? FlipFlopTam flip flop flip flop

But the other day she said it wouldn’t help? Was she lying or incompetent which one is it Wearing mask, washing hands and keep social distance together help slow down virus spreading. Can save a lot of lives ALSO. Please share below 3 DIY mask video with all Canadians. Great vision and charisma. JustinTrudeau Three weeks ago, CPHO_Canada HealthCareGov told us 'low risk''ready''mask useless' 'no travel limit' based on' Experts and science' After that CPHO_Canada changes everyday. Today, CPHO_Canada asks wearing masks. What the basis. Science? Hiding?

Dr. Flip Flop Been waiting for this day since end of January. Sad and mad that it took this long although I’ve never followed any of her “expert advise”. The consequences of her mismanagement will be huge. I wonder how she’s able to sleep at night! She is grossly incompetent and needs to be replaced. She has been wrong on almost every front.

Situation is dynamic and evolves as new information arises, may be placebo effect is good for some peoples mental health. Thanks Dr. Tam for your professionalism In these difficult times. What will the magic Tam 8 Ball say tomorrow? Is she getting her science from WebMD? It's like she's never been to med school.

We are learning about this virus and how it spreads every day. Policies and guidelines change. Get used to it. Virus doesnt wait to evolve. Flip... flop... credibility = Zero... What a shame. Can’t even do her job right in these critical time. She knew all along mask can protect people but afraid people bought all the mask leaving front line workers without any. There’s a lot of ways to avoid that instead of lies all those time.

Design_amoore Why does she keep changing her advises? We need to take her to court because of putting our lives at risk. CPHO_Canada It seems that you have flipflopped on just about everything you have previously stated. How do you expect Canadians to listen or care about what you say? WasteofTime COVID19 Media_Virus CoronaVirusCanada MasksNow

Wtf did she just have to make sure her family bought shares in the mask manufacture companies? This woman should resign because she's too incompetent for the job. She's been giving wrong advice to the PM and to the Canadian people. She's one of the main reasons why our beloved PM took so long to close the borders. Resign before she commits more blunders.

dam dam Tam... What a fking piece of work. If asymptomatic people shed viruses equally, can Theresa Tam tell the public on how non-medical masks will serve the purpose? Ridiculous! Worst medical advice! doesn’t matter what CPHO_Canada is saying. These recommendations are convenience-based, rooted in failure to plan. She hasn’t advised the general public with timely advice at any given time thru this pandemic. peoplenotsheep Travisdhanraj fordnation care to comment?

Ok she finally changes her tune, look at other countries who did a good job in preventing the virus, all citizens are asked to wear masks at public places. We know that Canada doesn't have enough PPEs, but the gov should work to get more rather than repeat 'we don't need that' This is so fucked up, she should be responsible for those people who died because of Covid_19

Another liberal a smart one 🤥 make up your mind !!!!! If only she had a degree in anthropology or something. I guess when she called us racists that should have been the first sign that she’s really another Trudeau stooge. If flip-flopping was an Olympic event, Tam would be the undisputed champion. .CPHO_Canada looks like she is making a hostage statement. God bless her. She is bowing to public pressure and making this statement despite the very weak science.

I want proof she is an actual doctor - what a shitshow liberal_party Take a freaking stand and make it mandatory to wear a mask in public - period!!!!! OMG She's embarrassing! Yes wear homemade masks because we don't have enough proper masks - they are literally making it up on live tv! I thought masks didn’t work? Stop listening to this clown 🤡

Is she sure? Wow! This is so annoying. I was actually happy that Canada was taking this another way but turns out we were wrong all along. So with all the people losing their jobs, why does she have hers still? Sign the petition for CPHO_Canada to resign as chief health minister for gross incompetence drtamresign PlankTheCurve cdnpoli standonguard covid19Canada JustinTrudeau

College student designs masks specially made for deaf communityThe clever masks feature a transparent portion for those who lip-read. Huge? 👏Good job!!!!! 😷This is what does MasksForAll mean!!!!! ❤️ That looks creepy af.

Apple to ship 1 million face shields a week for medical workersApple has said it will soon be producing one million face shields a week for medical workers battling the coronavirus pandemic. Apple is American owed. So wouldn't everything they make. Have to go to Americans only ? Because of the law Trump brought into effect 🤔 I would rather wait for the face sheild S plus model due out in 3 months Hopefully only to Canada!

This nurse demonstrates just how fast germs spread even if you're wearing glovesIn an off-the-cuff Facebook video, a former emergency room nurse decided to demonstrate just how quick and easy it is to spread germs at a grocery store. uspoli cdnpoli pnpcbc UKpolitics auspol polcan eupol nzpol CTVppv Is it not strange that all of our 🇨🇦 PublicHealth 'Officials' are singing from an alternate hymn book? Many people are dying! Looks like someone else is tired of everyone’s stupidity. You can just hear the exasperation in her voice. Ppl aren’t stupid -I take that back

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