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Coronavirus, Covid-19

Chris Selley: Official nonsense on masks, travel bans is killing Ottawa’s COVID-19 credibility

Chris Selley: Official nonsense on masks and travel bans is killing Ottawa's coronavirus credibility

2020-03-31 4:14:00 AM

Chris Selley: Official nonsense on masks and travel bans is killing Ottawa's coronavirus credibility

When officials say ‘masks don’t work,’ regular people hear, ‘we have a dire shortage of masks for frontline healthcare workers so please give us your masks’

Does that make sense? It’s a question Canadians seem to be asking more and more about this country’s coronavirus response. And for governments and public health officials, it’s a dangerous one. All too often, the answer is “no.”“What about buses?” many asked on social media of Saturday’s announcement. Buses are provincial jurisdiction, the feds noted. “What about ferries?” asked the Canadian Ferry Association. Good question. Ferries are Transport Canada’s business. No answer yet. Mind you, transport operators don’t yet have any guidance on how exactly they’re supposed to “ensure” symptomatic people don’t travel. It doesn’t make much sense.

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Furthermore, we have been told over and over again that any measures carriers might implement — temperature sensors, for example — simply don’t work. “The positive predictive value of screening is essentially zero,” the authors of a widely cited 2005 study reported, based on Canadian airports’ experience with thermal scanners during the 2003 SARS outbreak.

One of the authors of that study was Theresa Tam, who is now Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer. She’s the one doling out all the science that Trudeau insists underpins every single decision he and his ministers make: “Our focus every step of the way is doing what (is) necessary at every moment based on the recommendations of experts, based on science and doing what we can to keep Canadians safe,” the prime minister said Monday.

It’s more than a bit awkward — but not as awkward as federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu’s immortal March 13th dismissal of travel restrictions: “Canadians think we can stop this at the border, but what we see is a global pandemic, meaning that border measures actually are highly ineffective and in some cases can create harm.” Five days later, the border slammed shut.

We are to believe all of the positions above were supported by the same scientific experts. That doesn’t make sense. Clearly the experts supported the more lenient measures, and then politics intervened.Clearly the experts supported the more lenient measures, and then politics intervened

Appearing before the Health Committee on January 29, Tam strongly dismissed the notion even of having all travellers from COVID-19 hot zones self-isolate for 14 days. She warned against “stigmatizing” communities. She very nearly suggested we couldn’t implement travel restrictions even if we wanted to. “Right now… (the World Health Organization) does not recommend travel bans,” she warned the committee. “We are a signatory to the International Health Regulations and we’ll be called to account if we do anything different.”

The WHO still recommends against travel restrictions, even to and from especially affected countries. No one seems to be “calling us to account.”It could well be that by the time Canadians started calling for travel restrictions, it was already too late to implement useful ones. That’s what research generally concludes. But research also acknowledges the political inevitability of travel crackdowns. They just make too much sense to too many people. Federal ministers and public health officials recklessly undermined themselves by so forcefully rejecting measures that made so much sense to so many people.

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“Security theatre can be dangerous — but the absence of security theatre can be dangerous too,” Martha Pillinger, an associate at the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University, wrote in Foreign Policy last month. “Apparent inaction (or insufficient action) erodes trust in public health authorities, which undermines response efforts.”

Indeed, Tam is asking a lot of Canadians to set aside a lot of common sense right now. There is ample evidence that face masks — even homemade ones — can provide significant protection to the uninfected. But Tam warns only of the potential pitfalls: Masks can provide “a false sense of security,” lead to more face-touching or make us forget to wash our hands. “Putting a mask on an asymptomatic person is not beneficial,” she said at her Monday press conference.

That makes sense to a lot of medical professionals. A lot of regular people, however, are pretty sure they know how to wash their hands and not touch their faces. When officials say “masks don’t work,” a lot of regular people hear “we have an inexcusable shortage of masks for frontline healthcare workers so please give us your masks.” When officials say “you don’t need to be tested,” they are likely to hear “we have inexcusably few tests available and not enough lab capacity to process the ones we have.”

Officials recklessly undermined themselves by so forcefully rejecting measures that made so much sense to so many people On Sunday, Tam sternly advised Canadians against retreating to any “rural properties” they might own. “These places have less capacity to manage COVID-19,” she told reporters in Ottawa. That makes sense, as do concerns about straining off-season supply chains. But let’s say you’ve been extremely careful. You’re symptom free. You pack up a week’s worth of groceries, drive 90 minutes or two hours non-stop to your cottage, camp, farm or chalet, and don’t interact with a single other human being. How dangerous, how irresponsible could that really be? If the cottage is good enough for Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and the kids, who beetled off to Harrington Lake on Sunday, some people might conclude it’s good enough for them.

Public health officials want to prevent people from asking such questions, from making excuses for themselves, in hopes the maximum number of people will take the maximum precautions. They need smart people to forsake relatively low-risk things in order to counterbalance all the dumb people who do high-risk things no matter what they’re told. None of the measures will ever make perfect sense in every single situation. They are calls to collective sacrifice for the greater good. But they can’t keep changing on the fly, with no explanation other than “the experts got more worried overnight,” and remain credible.

On Monday, Trudeau declined even to say he regretted not moving quicker on measures he now insists are essential.Does that make sense? No, that doesn’t make sense. Read more: National Post »

So....We should educate ourselves on what’s real then. This is an independent very intelligent doctor. Interesting and well worth the listen methinks. Cognitive dissonance is now occurring with many. Perhaps people are starting to be open to answers? Maybe they should do what Taiwan is doing That's because conservatives don't believe in science.

Everyday I thank God that at least the JustinTrudeau Liberals were reduced to a minority gov. If not, Trudeau would have successfully used CanadaCovid19 to effectively make Canada a Communist country.See also his recent attempt for an absolute power grab.ChineseWuhanVirus Use a browser other than google and search Tams name. Wikipedia says Tam was born a man in 1965.

Great article, thanks Chris! Trudeau also hosted a cash for access dinner with Chinese billionaires, then mysteriously Chinese planes are werestill being allowed to land at Canadian airports while the rest of the civilized world banned them 🤷‍♂️ So we assume virus not transmitted from nonsymptom individual? Also, if a guy has symptoms but not aware of this, wearing a mask can at least slow the spread isn’t?! Trump say people is not encouraged to wear the mask because we don’t have mask!!!

Ottawa hasn't cred since flake mayor elected, rinsed and repeated Thank you for reporting this xoxo 6 weeks BEFORE Hajdu and Tam were issuing their definitive advice, repatriation flights of CDNs out of China were being cleared into CFB Trenton by CBSA and PHAC officials in full masks, goggles and gloves. Then sent into 14 days quarantine.

With one of China’s head intelligence officials leading up the medical front in Canada. It doesn’t make sense if you conflate the changes in policy and ignore that it is a sequence of policy developments over time and in fluctuating environments. Conflation is a serious error in historical narrative. Nor does hindsight negate the validity of past choices.

Credibility is like virginity, you only lose it once. dima_nomad Can the auditor or journalist undertake how well our government has adhere to the pandemic reports after SARS? This is an issue of hoarding and it's ridiculous to ask the public to donate our masks to front line health care workers through social media.

mayoushtak Get rid of these idiots I've stopped listening to these clowns at the helm. What a disgrace. She was taken by surprise 'Oh fuck' mayoushtak Don’t forget their disregard for the use of the pills Would it be fair to say it’s a fluid situation? I’m not sure if all the 🦠 decisions coming from Ottawa have been ✔️ but look at CPC Kenny here in AB, 🏥 cuts & putting all the eggs in 1 basket with oil industry? Wrong side of history, eh? 😳

mayoushtak They never add any credibility to begin with... I’m waiting for mass resignations of our “leaders” and “experts” RamonaFleury They are both inept and malevolent. It makes perfect sense when the proper factual lens is applied. You need to be braindamaged to think that stopping international travel, wearing a mask and retreading to a sparsely populated areas are not the 3 best ideas to fight this.

Ottawa has credibility? The only job the federal had is to close the border and checking people who came to Canada and they failed! JustinTrudeau Not looking forward to the new gov't cleaning up your fuck-up, JT, aka COVIDIOT Trudeau never had much to begin with It was dead a long time ago, it just needs to be buried.

Swiftie01 They say masks don't work but want to buy all kinds. They are lying if you see China everyone is wearing a mask. Their credibility already died when they refused to put in border restrictions in January out of fear the 'stigma' could negatively impact bid for UNSC vanity seat There is a worldwide shortage of PPE equipment, including masks for medical professionals who actually need it. If everyone wore a mask, including those at low risk, it would be a national medical supply nightmare. This is why WHO is recommending against it.

It’s interesting to read all of these responses to this conservative leaning newspaper opinion article. I think all levels of government have done an excellent job in dealing with this situation that changes by the hour! Almost sounds like fox tv in the USA! What credibility Ittawa coronavirus TrudeauMustGo

Just when you were thankful Fox News wasn't in Canada, PostMedia comes through with their dangerous MAGAt take . shocking Newspapers, journalists and very active Twitter “experts” who dedicate hours a day to attacking elected officials and public health officers during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC are pathetic. In a crisis, step up and serve and help, or shut the hell up. 🇨🇦🌎

I don't care anymore. The Liberals and the permanent government are deliberately destroying Canada. You make it sound like the had any credibility to start with!! How leaders respond in a crisis let’s you know if they are truly of leadership quality. 🤔 The all creditably left the liberals in 2015 I can no longer stand looking at her mongoloid face! Stop posting it

Provincial leadership has been the key. Feds are weak at best. You hit the nail on the head. So many of their directives are confusing. No one in our household is sick, thank God, but I've decided to vet official advice with our commonsense and read more from science-based sources. Tam, like this govt, is a failure.

She is nuts. But very typical of those trudum chooses! 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷 Well done Mr. Selley !!! A really great article that illustrate one person’s inability to understand how the scientific method works amplified by an ideological hate of anything Trudeau. An even better example of reporters demanding concrete answers in a dynamic environment. Couch quarterbacks all.

thank you Chris Selley for this article. I was astonished that so many people said wearing masks is not useful. that is common sense. use your brain folks. WHO and health authority are useless. Lets pick a lane and tell the truth. Masks are of course a good ideas. We simple do not have enough of them, and thats the truth of it. ....STAY HOME / STAY SAFE

All that sweet government money and this hag could not fix her teeth. we are the hosts, we stop moving, the virus stops moving. Is 2 meters enough for physical distancing? StayTheFuckHome SaveLives StopCoronavirus FlattenTheCurve Great article Chris. Keep up the good work. The public needs some sceptical journalists with common sense.

I think PM Blackface killed our credibility a long long time ago. We knew this was coming. We knew the data and we failed to act quicker. You cant get near the President with out a temperature check! Why? It’s the first symptom of Covid19. Travellers from hotspots should have been isolated! “At Risk” people too!! COVIDIDIOTS COVIDCanada

Finally media are starting to ask questions. Hold leaders accountable. MichelleRempel MariekeWalsh RobertFife brianlilley ErinOTooleMP LeslynLewis denisebatters EvanLSolomon Trudeau and Tam have lost any credibility they had at all. TamisaChineseSpy TrudeauLiedPeopleDied did enyone ever stop to think if this government is trying to kill off the sick and elderly?

It is racist to point out this fact. Don’t ya just love the sandbox crying of conservatives, repeating the same things over and over still unable to understand they are still out of touch with reality. Another pundit who has suddenly become more expert on public health matters than the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada. The confidence of a pundits in their opinion is typically the inverse of the actual knowledge they have on most subjects.

'They need smart people to forsake relatively low-risk things in order to counterbalance all the dumb people who do high-risk things no matter what they’re told.' Concur. The comments on mask is kind of misleading. Always Wearing mask whenever you close to other people. 'If the cottage is good enough for Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and the kids, who beetled off to Harrington Lake on Sunday, some people might conclude it’s good enough for them.' Tam has failed in providing solid health advice to Cdns. However, the provinces are doing a stellar job.

stevestaley CPHO_Canada how do you sleep at night. You are one to blame for this !!!! cselley - great piece Chris, you really nailed it here. We have got to find a way to get rid of the un - dynamic duo of Tam and Hajdu quickly or we are all well and truly screwed. It’s baffling how there was no plan to prevent community transmission and only trying to play catch-up constantly. Even with the travellers. Definitely not feeling confident about the recommendation not to wear masks.

Good article. Most of it made a lot of sense to me We need to do the opposite of what Tam says. She is incompetent and a danger to the public. stevestaley Ottawa has credibility? What a funny concept! Skippy in self isolation We desperately need to acknowledge missteps and invoke emergency Federsl legislation now. Time is not a luxury we have. Our frontline workers deserve proper PPE.

Killing, it dead. When doctors become politicians this is the outcome. Self isolate but Trudeau just offered incentives to keep people WORKING? Need more testing, but Prime Minister WON'T get tested. Nonsense, something that the National Post spews on a daily basis . . . Getting on a train? All I hear on radio from city of Toronto is 'STAY HOME, STAY HOME!!!'

Ottawa never had any credibility ever since PM Fake took over. “Doctor” Tam is the perfect example of a supposed educated person who is stupid. She is the chink in our Canadian armor. What credibility.... JustinTrudeau Luberals and this so called Dr never had any to begin with.... Canadian version of a trumper will be shaking their head in agreement. Ur angle is divise undemining the efforts of those n govt, most Canadians find the response appropriate considering the crisis we face so..,

She's done nothing so far. Even Toronto chief ask people to put their scarfs around their mouths & noses... this lady is killing canadians. I still don't see why she is there to begging with. Is it a Asian-older-woman sort of deal for integration? I see no value on her assessment Canadians, you elected her.

They lie because they know they don't have adequate supply or ability to produce in Canada the proper PPE. Doctors and nurses not protected, citizens now vulnerable. Class action lawsuit. Logic states that a virus is spread through your mouth & nose, then wear a mask to cover up yur mouth & nose. BUT liberal Politician gave mask to China even thou China produces all mask & keep them all. To cover their asses they say we don't need them! LIARS

VirusesDontVirtueSignal This is what political correctness, virtue signaling, and cultural Marxism gets you Canada. From the beginning there are people who are intentionally stoking fear about Covid virus. Why are they doing that? Did you notice a great up tick in panic and fear once NYC became a hot zone? Why is that?

Do you know how difficult it is for a university student in Canada to be accepted into a Canadian medical school? 4.0 GPA from the day you start classes and THIS woman is the best doctor we have to lead us during the biggest crisis in modern times? Complete f——g BS. derronbain Official nonsense is right. First deny need, second castigate those who suggest action, third wait a week, Fourth impose same action. Fifth make ridiculous claims about science and rainy day funds. Rinse and repeat. This is not a government in charge. Call LeGault/Ford/Kenney

Most masks don't work, the only masks that can somewhat prevent spread is N95, the ones in short supply, but sure let's take them away from health workers & give them to NP workers. Health workers be damned to get sick & spread covid They don’t understand that big-picture TRUST is all they have...and they’re squandering it!

Great as usual. If plans were made, was it slogan or PC politics that prevented them saying from the beginning that the plan would evolve, or are they really just making it up as they go along? Ottawa + credibility = oxymoron We are experiencing unprecedented times, unknowns, ever changing environment. Rules change daily! Past studies aren’t relevant. No one Globally took extreme action initially, the WHO downplayed this. I frankly think the Gov’t JustinTrudeau is responding and showing leadership

JustinTrudeau CPHO_Canada Canadians know the real pandemic experts are not in Canada, they're in Taiwan. Taiwan has casualty numbers Canada can only dream of. kevinlaybolt59 I think that’s Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles at the podium phil_rack Tam is a WHO parrot and political (flight constraints racism?) operative. Wrong, late advice and is still trying to argue against masks. Whatever her agenda is, her first place concern does not appear to be our safety.

The fact you disagree with their decisions does not make them “ nonsense “ ! This is par for the course with liberals they have always done the exact opposite of what is right She needs to be fired and apply for EI with a 10 week waiting period penalty for being a WHO Communist stooge I was not happen when she saw that Canadians were alarmed and reacting to the virus and called is racial prejudice.. no..i said on Twitter when people are afraid of getting sick that is not racial prejudice.. she is a nightmare.

Another armchair quarterback with no health industry education and obvious political preferences nothelpful Dr. Tam in this position appears to be another social justice hiring..politically correct only but not right for the job. This will all be judged in history. By those who survive. They never had any. They've been criminally negligent from the get go. Every death is blood on their hands.

Dr. Tam is made in China. Don't trust her. ChinaIsAssho DrTamIsAssho Adams apple? What credibility You have PrimeMinister HouseArrest who cant leave or do anything, and deputy Day Drinker Freeland 5 wines in by 1pm. The Saturday announcement made zero sense since anyone showing COVID19 symptoms have been required to QUARANTINE for several weeks anyways. It’s people without symptoms who spread this.

ppclondonwest I don't trust this woman! COVID19 infection rate among raccoons is 0%. Irrefutable evidence that masks are an effective barrier to COVID19 transmission FEEZYDoesIT Really juvenile writing, chum. WeBelieveTheScientists Info from WHO on masks. ppclondonwest The more I read about their recommendations the more confused I much contradictions ...can I go back to my gym soon?😉

Never understood why Canada's media refuse to see our experts as credible. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations are clear. Now if only we could get cselley and RobynUrback to agree with the CDC's epidemiologists. cdnpoli ppclondonwest im sorry you gave them credibility? wow

Catastrophic failures made for months have resulted in a economic collapse that was preventable with aggressive action of controlling flights from hot zones and mandatory quarantine - they chose political correctness over public safety Actually it is armchair epidemiologist columnists like Chris and the garbage newspaper that publishes them that have zero credibility.

Watch that video. She is in it around the 20 minute mark Instead of critiywhy don’t you all just stay home, and when you go out, ONLY when you have to, stay 6 or 7 feet away from the next person, shield your face with whatever you can, wash your hands and then wash them again. Thanks Dr. Chris, you da goat 🥴

CPHO_Canada and her masters at the UN and WHO have been wrong all the way along I don’t believe a word they say since she accused us of being racists for wanting our border closed. She is a global liberal puppet Something about her face that is not reassuring. Hey SuperHero Shelley. Why don’t you go into a local hospital and helpclean. Let me know how thy turns out for you. RealJournalismMatters

This is the face of someone who’s either inept or corrupt. You decide. Who is that Chinese woman telling us what to do? On January 23 when the epicenter Wuhan was locked down, many of us asked for an immediate travel ban, but the Liberals government response was always passive insisting on that ‘the risk remains low to Canadians’. Then, the opened border turned out to be a disaster to Canada.

Are you suggesting that Ottawa had any credibility! They have been lying since January. It’s all politics for them dam Liberals. Power It’s time for Tam to step down. We need a leader who is informed and communicates clearly and directly. And is credible. No more lies please. Why is everybody is pushing for TESTS? A test gives a negative result Monday but on Thursday might be positive. People change. ALSO tests are NOT treatment. They merely give us more accurate NUMBERS. Curve going up/ down. How does this help individuals?

Oneballpirate Credibility long gone. Can’t kill what was already dead! Can ya? Unless it was a zombie? Chris Selley is finding issues with everything and everyone. He’s becoming the prototypical whining Canadian. He never has an answer, just bitches and complains. We need better stuff these days. And unfortunately will kill lots of Canadians, meanwhile JustinTrudeau is the only (poor) leader in the world taking 28 days of self-isolation, now at the cottage while parks are closed. Even Prince Charles, 71 years old, return to duties after 7 days. Canadians deserve better.

itsTim_eh She’s the Catherine McKenna of medicine. useless JustinTrudeau, PattyHajdu and CPHO_Canada: Making it up as they go along... incompetent eamorris_ 'killing' implies that there is credibility left. That credibility was on life support before the C-19 crisis and is now dead and buried. She is not a medical doctor, zero credibility.

Dr Tam CPHO_Canada + JustinTrudeau jumped right off the 'I've fallen and I I can't get up' platform when they lectured us about racism and Chinese restaurants. Were there no Canadians available for the position? Fail. Both as doctor and leader get a face shield and gloves, more effective if you are concerned

would reporters who write this crap please take the time to read some PIDAC documents,speak with some Infection Control practitioners as to why masks arent recommended. Do your job,dont undermine efforts to slow the spread.Masks for public not appropriate whether shortages or not cselley which academic paper are you referencing?

eamorris_ WearAMask COVID19 🇨🇦 They are allowing too much virtue signalling BS from Trudeau who is leading in a crisis by staying at home hiding. Micro droplet transmission, how long did they know? Why are they not telling us? Liberty4Canada She's a diversity hire. There was never any credibility to begin with.

The world is experiencing a pandemic of evolving magnitude. Epidemiologists & scientists are studying it & YES their advice changes as they learn how it works. If you are an armchair quarterback & not an epidemiologist, park your indignation & vitriol. Lessons learned come later. Ottawa has no credibility, we’re just trying to determine if it’s simple incompetence or malice

Lumberist Lumberist I think she's a plant If she's the best we have we're in trouble. Degree courtesy of Kelloggs. Corn Flakes or Rice Crispies? Theresa Tam is nonsense. CPHO_Canada Since day 1, they continue to do political correctness but save Canadian life. When there is plenty of mask Gov. says its important but in shortage they pretend masks are useless. When one wants to kill his dog, he pretend it has RABIES !!

Where a mask if you want but don’t assume you will be protected. Also, people need to stay the f k home, not be out and about. The ones who need the masks most should have first dibs on all supplies, ie medical staff etc. It's cute how Chris thinks the Post has any credibility. basically what she has said are against logics, full of lies. wearing masks pose risk and does not protect the healthy is a total nonsense with no scientific evidence (please do not reply me with a screenshot fromWHO, which is equally evil as the PRC).

Bullshit! Not much credibility to begin with when Tam started calling us rascists. What would you expect from a city that declares climate emergencies when there is no emergency Wouldn’t expect much difference through an outbreak. Thank god for LRT. Ottawa nailed that too. Not So why did the World Health Organization delete all their tweets up to early March where they downplayed the risk? Cuz they were wrong. I’d rather have someone who was right all along be leading. WHO and Canadian government

Classic Fox Post! The cult of trudeau will not learn until they are handed the kool-aid and told to drink it. omg.. Dr tam scored and F for fail.. Has the Prime Minister stopped letting planes land in Canada from other countries. Until that ends the Canadian people are not safe and he knows it.timefornewleader

Sure, put masks on everyone and embolden people to act even dumber than they do now. Here’s an idea: Stay home, wash your hands, and stay away from people, especially pissy Shelley. Says the guy who doesn't know the difference between bacteria and viruses... everybody is an epidemiologist or an expert in contagious diseases these days 🤣🤣🤣

These so-called experts from WHO, CPHO_Canada and PattyHajdu have not only failed to prevent the loss of life, they have cost lives by their inaction. Resign immediately. I asked many times but no answer from any one: people coming from abroad to reunite with their families can they cook while in isolation. They live in the same accommodation. CPHO_Ca PattyHajdu celliottability

Killing Ottawa’s caronavirus‘ credibility?😂That was dead when they wouldn’t shut down the borders in case it labels Canadians as racist 😡remove Dr Tam from commercials saying we have to act now. Feds needed to act two months ago. Tam& JustinTrudeau get 5🖕 DrTam has no credibility left. She is tainted by her allegiance to Trudeau Political Correctness above all. Canadians protect yourselves, don’t wait for this government to save you! Covid_19 TrudeauWorstPM

Illogic 101 they never had any creds to those of us … that are even slightly informed … poly so called docs .. appointed docs are full of shite and pushing an agenda NOT THE TRUTH ugh 'TAM' go get a real job out of medicine IDGAF what any of these “ experts “ say - If I am wearing a mask and someone coughs / sneezes or even farts near me - I have just that much more protection from droplets, mist, flying snot or ass gas ... I am not 5yrs old I know not to touch my damn face while wearing my mask

This is a brand new virus and no one knows enough about it yet. Measures that aren't appropriate today, will be tomorrow. Society's readiness and risk/benefit analysis are also in the mix. There are so many armchairepidemiologists nowadays. I would rather trust the real ones. I'm very skeptical given the mixed messages.

I'm not taking advice from newspaper columnists even if it is from the National Post which is the only Canadian paper I respect. randyhillier Even a homemade mask is better than no mask at all. Am very tired of health experts, ie Tam, CPHO_Canada criticizing people who are doing their small bit to keep themselves safe. Every effort counts. Better she gives helpful advice on mask materials, what to use etc.

If anyone should be wearing a mask it should be her. Not sure how travel restrictions for people with covid symptoms can be enforced. Some people just feel a bit down with covid, so honesty is the only way this will work. Are we too stupid to use masks? Millions of Asians use them. I feel stigmatized. bcpoli cdnpoli covid19Canada

kimber_1959 hydrochloroquine IS THE CURE When they let anyone into the country to mix and mingle with the rest of us here with no checks their credibility was destroyed You are too late. IT’s ALREADY DEAD. TrudeauMustGo They never had any credibility to begin with as far as the majority of Canadians are concerned

A typical ' There is no problem if we do not acknowledge a problem'.

Red Sox ace Chris Sale undergoes Tommy John surgery - Sportsnet.caRed Sox starter Chris Sale had Tommy John surgery on his left elbow on Monday During the COVID-19 crisis... So wrong!Another glimpse into the reality that mankind’s greed, guided by big business hypocrisy, was placed above the needs of the whole. PPE items used in this surgery (elective for most of us...but not for those with $$$) could have been donated to desperate front line workers

Senators commentator Gord Wilson tests positive for COVID-19Longtime Ottawa Senators broadcaster Gord Wilson has tested positive for COVID-19. 😥 Testing positive is not a death sentence Stop sensationalizing this, maddyeisenberg Boy oh boy nothing gets by you eh! The fact PatriciaBoalCTV was broadcasting from her porch didn’t give you a heads up! The real shame here is the 11 days gordwilson had to wait on his Covid_19 results. We need to do better, we have to.

When should I wear a face mask? Mixed messaging aboundsMore health professionals are recommending that Canadians wear face masks outside the home during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite earlier recommendations that the masks were unnecessary outside hospitals. Always, if you have one. Unless you are in your home. Because it has a somewhat effective rate at stopping the spread of the virus I got one for each of my children and my self back at Christmas time n95 mask... why cause I read and watch the news and I knew this was going to come here.


Hospitals turn to snorkel masks to ease respirator overloadAs hospitals face an overload of COVID-19 patients struggling to breathe, innovative medical staff are turning to snorkelling masks from sports stores to stop their lungs collapsing. Smart Oh never thought about it- I have those too!!! Why is this picture from the 90s? 🤔

Crucial details of Ottawa's proposed wage subsidy program expected todayBusinesses and employees across Canada reeling from the COVID-19 crisis are expected to hear more about Ottawa's proposed wage subsidy program today. Trumps program through EI is paying 100% of wages for 4 months. Because this virus is no fault of his citizens, he wants them to have full pay. Trudeau is giving 75%. Although it’s not our fault, he would rather save that money to give MP’s and senators a raise I guess. Canadas economy was terrible prior to the COVID19 pandemic . With high & rising unemployment, highest national debt & bankruptcies, high rate of businesses laying people off and/or closing doors. Now with pandemic, those numbers are increasing more rapidly Maybe they'll fire canada chief medical women after she intentionally inflated the hospitalization rate for under 40 by up to 300% the actual rate of 9 to 12 into a fantasy rate of 30% to make a point Lying in a position of trust cannot be excused no matter the intentions