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Calgary fashion brands celebrate Canada’s top female medical officers with T-shirts

Calgary fashion brands celebrate Canada’s top female medical officers with T-shirts

2020-03-26 11:38:00 PM

Calgary fashion brands celebrate Canada’s top female medical officers with T-shirts

Fashion lines SophieGrace and Madame Premier are selling the shirts, with the portraits by Calgary artist Mandy Stobo, on their websites

Story continues below advertisementThe shirts cost $45 and net proceeds are going to charities that focus on food security: the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Fresh Routes in Calgary and Second Harvest in Toronto.SophieGrace founder Emma May says there will be a limited run of no more than 300 or 400 shirts.

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She says both her brand and Madame Premier are female-focused, so it made sense to celebrate three high-profile women who have become trusted leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic.“There’s something about the scientists and the measured voice that they have and the trust that people have in them that’s really connecting, I think, for our communities.”

May said Madame Premier already had some blank white shirts available and a local shop is printing them up while following physical distancing rules.“This is our small little way of seeing how we can try and give back,” said May. “I think everybody just wants to feel like they’re part of a solution rather than part of a problem.”

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No one goes into public health looking for fame or thanks ... this is obscene. Thanks all the public health officials, nurses, doctors, stay at home, stay safe Canada. The chance of anyone I know buying one of those shirts:

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