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Award-winning sports broadcaster Chris Cuthbert joins the #NHLonSN team and will feature as play-by-play announcer upon the league’s return to play.

2020-06-05 7:26:00 PM

Award-winning sports broadcaster Chris Cuthbert joins the NHLonSN team and will feature as play-by-play announcer upon the league’s return to play.

Sportsnet announced Friday it has hired award-winning sports broadcaster Chris Cuthbert, who is set to join the NHL on Sportsnet team as play-by-play announcer upon the league’s return to play.

Having started his broadcast career in 1979, Cuthbert has not only called NHL hockey and the Stanley Cup Playoffs for many years, but also various Olympic sports, and the CFL regular season and Grey Cup Championships. Amongst his most memorable and career-defining calls is Sidney Crosby’s “golden goal” from the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

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Cuthbert is a five-time Canadian Screen Award (formerly Gemini) winner for his broadcasting work, as well as a Sports Media Canada Broadcaster of the Year honouree. He is also a member of the Football Reporters of Canada Hall of Fame.“Sportsnet owns the No. 1 sports property in the country and I’ve always felt there is something special about broadcasting hockey games on Saturday nights,” said Cuthbert. “I look forward to having the opportunity and honour of contributing once again to the distinguished tradition of Hockey Night in Canada and delivering the NHL Playoffs as a member of the Sportsnet broadcast team. Along with my new colleagues, I count down the days until the puck drops again in 2020.”

As the NHL’s return to play approaches, more details on Sportsnet’s NHL broadcast team and coverage will be announced. Read more: Sportsnet »

Ball better better in the mix still. Who is Cuthbert replacing at Sportsnet? Say it ain’t so! Second rate sports station. Ruined HNIC, hopefully won’t do the same to CC’s career. Who was fired to make room for a TSN staffer? Cocksuckers. Return of the king Great news - and here’s hoping it means less of DaveRandorf -

What a loss for the CFL and TSN_Sports Congrats for getting the best in the biz. This is wonderful news! Please call Oilers games. Please call Oilers games. Sportsnet hires sideshow mel NO MORE JIM HUGHSON!!! Now you have no reason to subject us to Jim Hughson. hnic nhl Please let him call EVERY LEAFS GAME. PLEEEEEEAAAASE !!! PR

This is great news! Love Cuthberts play by play! One of the best! Now bring over rayferrarotsn and put BonsieTweets back on tv ffs!!!! Are Simpson and Hughson gone. Hopefully he'll be replacing Homer Hughson on the Leafs broadcasts permanently. And bring back Bowen for crying out loud, he's our guy and we want him on TV. No one listens to the radio anymore anyway 😝

W Really enjoy Chis’ call. Will definitely miss him on CFL telecasts. Well a door has opened for MadJack54 !! Great now fire Craig Simpson and Kelly Hrudy Good, no more Jim Hughson i hope. Keep Simpson though that’s sweet. now get mckenzie outta tsn and on the team too!! Thank god! No Jim Hughson Interesting they'd use an NBC pic for the photo; I doubt Jim Fox is coming over with him.

GenePrincipe Finally some fuckin good news Hiring someone that seems to genuinely enjoy sports?! Are you sure? Pretty out of left field for you guys, but I think it's gonna work out great! Good! Hope he replacing Hughson 🤞 This is so gross. Canada 🇨🇦 is losing a good one to this shit network. DID YOU SEE THAT!!

Great news . Please tell me this means Cuthbert on Leafs games going forward!!! GenePrincipe This is great news! Now bringbackbowen BonsieTweets sunnytrochaniak huge W Well not much talent at Sportsnet. So Chris is definitely an asset CC JH. Sorry, not even close. Need Joe Bowen The 'Golden Goal'. Now fire Jim Hughson the 🤡 and get Cuthbert to stay at SportsNet full time. It's been long overdue. Oh, and bring back the legendary Joe Bowen back to television to call ALL Leafs games (even though I can't be a Leafs fan anymore)

GenePrincipe I’ve always enjoyed him calling hockey. Pair him with LouDeBrusk NHLonSN Cuthbert should do the Eastern game on HNIC, Hughson the Western game. Just do it. this is great not tell us Jim Hughson is moving to the west coast National feed instead of Leafs. DO IT Please please please let CC call ALL leaf games. The other guy is terrible

He better be replacing Hughson and Bartlett This is a huge win. He should be your 1 guy now!!! Now get Gord Miller and you have the dream team Excellent. Now you have no need for Kevin Quinn I CALL CHRIS TO DO PLAY-BY-PLAY FOR LEAFS GAMES!!! First step in the right direction. SN has been severely lacking in this department for years. Hope this is just a start

Now get Ferraro GenePrincipe Yes!! Yuck Did you see that!! Now get rid of Hughson W Huge W

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