Victorian election results LIVE 2022: Daniel Andrews secures big win for Labor, count continues in key seats

27/11/2022 3:58:00 AM

Premier Daniel Andrews has told those who did not vote for Labor that his government will govern for them too. #vicvotes22

Premier Daniel Andrews has told those who did not vote for Labor that his government will govern for them too. vicvotes22

Labor has been returned for a third term in majority government. The Victorian Electoral Commission resumed the count on Sunday morning.

Climate 200 founded says election proved ‘big success’ on climate By Ashleigh McMillan Simon Holmes a Court has told ABC Radio this morning that Victoria’s right wing has now been “dragged” away from a platform of climate denial, as he weighed up the success of teal independents across the state.‘Leadership is about doing what matters’: Andrews claims victory By Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has just stepped up to the stage for his victory speech.Dejection at Liberal Party’s headquarters By Tom Cowie There were scenes of dejection at Liberal Party headquarters at Doncaster Bowls Club earlier tonight as the election results started to trickle in.‘Leadership is about doing what matters’: Andrews claims victory By Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has just stepped up to the stage for his victory speech.

Climate 200, the fundraising vehicle Holmes a Court founded, backed independent candidates in the seats of Hawthorn, Kew, Mornington and Caulfield.Climate 200 founder Simon Holmes à Court.Reforming giant and Labor icon Paul Keating once said to me, son, leadership is not about doing what is popular.Credit: Kristoffer Paulsen It still remains too close to call between Hawthorn teal independent Melissa Lowe and Liberal John Pesutto, with Mornington also going down to the wire, with just 0.Credit: Jason South This time around there was an extra hour of hope for Opposition Leader Mathew Guy.4 per cent separating Liberal candidate Chris Crewther and independent Dr Kate Lardner..Polling suggests Liberal David Southwick will retain Caulfield despite the challenge of independent Nomi Kaltmann and Labor’s Lior Harel.leadership is about doing what is right.

Here’s what Holmes a Court said some time earlier.Essentially, he was telling me that leadership is about doing what matters.” Advertisement ‘This is a Greenslide,’ party’s leader says By Lachlan Abbott Greens leader Samantha Ratnam has just spoken from her party’s headquarters after the results so far showed an increase in support for her party.Make no mistake, this is another climate election like May.We saw great endorsements for strong pro-climate policies, and the Liberal Party was dragged from a climate-denial platform to a pro-climate platform.11.So, big success from a meta view.Our statewide vote means we have also won Southern Metro back.This was the first the community-run independents ran at a state level.“We’ve got a lot of work to do, we know that.“We’ve got a lot of work to do, we know that.

It’s really great to see three campaigns very competitive in those [metropolitan Melbourne] seats.Whether they’ve got over the wall or not, it’s certainly built a ladder right up to the top.The opposition leader also acknowledged the success of some Nationals candidates in Morwell and Mildura during his speech and said the Coalition would try to provide strong opposition in Victoria.“Just to be clear – despite Labor’s spin – we’ve seen massive swings to the Greens on primary votes, meaning the Liberal preference hasn’t made a difference to the outcome.11.46am There’s ‘work to do’ in communities that swung away from Labor: Andrews By Ashleigh McMillan Returning briefy to Premier Daniel Andrews’s press conference this morning, and he’s promised to work with communities where local Labor members experienced a swing away from them.” 10.In Broadmeadows, there was a nine per cent swing towards the Liberals, while Labor’s energy minister Lily D’Ambrosio experienced a swing of more than 14 per cent to her challenger in Mill Park.9.53pm Guy confirms he has called Andrews to concede By Opposition Leader Matthew Guy has stepped up to the microphone for his concession speech.

“When it comes to some of those results, there’s some work to do in those communities, and I will do that very important work,” the premier said.Here’s a taste of his opening remarks: On behalf of all Victorians, I think it’s important now that, post this election, that we come together.Loading Andrews noted that some are attributing swings against Labor in Melbourne’s north and west to many people living in those electorates not being able to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.“This has been a quite unprecedented event in Australia’s history, and different families, different people, different communities have experienced this in different ways,” he said.It is … a disappointing night for all of us.The station says this will allow the Andrews government to reach “at least” a 45-seat majority.“We have to be alive to that, and we have to respect it..He also revealed that he has called Premier Daniel Andrews to concede.He also revealed that he has called Premier Daniel Andrews to concede.

.9.I acknowledge this has not been a uniform experience.Watch live below.Andrews said in a discussion with his wife Catherine, he resolved not to do what was “popular, but what was right”.11.“I’m not wanting to gloss over the really difficult set of circumstances for a whole bunch of people in our community during the pandemic,” Allan told the ABC’s election night panel.The seat has been held by the Liberal Party since 1976.32am Nationals MP says splitting up the Victorian Coalition ‘on the table’ By Ashleigh McMillan A Victorian Nationals MP says the possibility of splitting up the Coalition in Victoria has to be “on the table” after the Liberals’ disastrous election result.Premier Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan on the campaign trail.

Danny O’Brien, the Nationals MP for Gippsland South, told ABC Radio while there had not yet been any conversations on the matter, he believed it was worth considering whether the Nationals and Liberal Party should be decoupled.Credit: Eddie Jim “But there was also, very clearly, a large number of people in our community who understood why the premier and the government had to make some really tough decisions to put people’s health front and centre.Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy on the campaign trail with Danny O’Brien and Liberal candidate Simmone Cuttim.“We’ve still got 10,000 postal votes that will come in later.Credit: Chris Hopkins “We need to think about what best is not just for us, but for the Liberal Party.And people understood that.Obviously, they’re going to go through a fair bit of soul-searching in coming days and weeks and months,” he said.“We performed very well, it was a great outcome for the Nationals across regional Victoria.The deputy premier said what this coverage missed was “mainstream views” and the act of “listening to communities”.Current Labor MP for Melton, Steve McGhie.The deputy premier said what this coverage missed was “mainstream views” and the act of “listening to communities”.

But ultimately, we want to be able to deliver from the government benches for the people of rural and regional Victoria, and we’re not going to be able to, obviously, for the next four years.“It’s going to be tough even at the next election too, so I think we need to be considering what the best options are for us.” We’re expecting Opposition Leader Matthew Guy to speak from Doncaster in the next five or 10 minutes...10.[splitting the Coalition] has got to be on the table.32pm Kew campaign ‘hard-fought’ says Liberal candidate By Carla Jaeger Jess Wilson has claimed the seat of Kew in one of the few victory speeches we will hear from the Liberal party tonight.

” As we’ve already reported, the Nationals had some luck in regional Victoria yesterday, likely clinching the seats of Mildura, Morwell and Shepparton back from independents.“It has been a hard-fought campaign,” she said.Advertisement Matthew Guy stepping down as Liberal leader following defeat By Sumeyya Ilanbey Liberal leader Matthew Guy is stepping down as leader of the Coalition after his party experienced a second, resounding defeat under his leadership yesterday.“The respectable statewide two party preferred swing to the Coalition of 3-4 per cent was most profound in the exceptional swings to the Liberal Party in Melbourne’s north and west,” Guy said.Credit: Eamon Gallagher “We together have knocked on 16,000 doors, we’ve gone to community consultations, we’ve worked with small businesses, with sporting clubs and schools.Matthew Guy has lost the past two elections as Liberal leader.Credit: Jason South “This represents a huge future electoral opportunity for the Liberal Party.” The MP thanked those in the room for “everything they have done to make sure [Kew is] kept blue”.” The MP thanked those in the room for “everything they have done to make sure [Kew is] kept blue”.

“As soon as it is clearer which Liberal Party candidates will form the next parliamentary party room, I will call them together to elect their new leadership team.I will not be a candidate for the position of leader.Merlino arrived at Andrews’ Mulgrave party just after 10pm and said the election result was a vindication of Labor’s focus on health, education, transport and the Suburban Rail Loop.” 10.33am Premier says last night’s result was a ‘great gift’ By Ashleigh McMillan Sticking with Andrews press conference, and he said election night was a “very emotional thing from time to time”, but a sense of elation permeated when they realised Labor would be returned for majority government.Credit: Gus McCubbing “The [pandemic] was a feature because we’ve lived it for the last three years, but the election was also more than that,” he said.“There were lots of hugs, I made a speech, then we went home with family, friends and senior staff.“It was about the future and about the things we focused on.

I had a couple of glasses of wine.” Merlino also called out the Liberal Party over its “engagement with extremists”...10.I did not get on the beers, but many others did, which I thoroughly endorse,” he said.“Being returned to government is a great gift.Labor’s Hutch Hussein is just in front of encumbent MP Richard Riordan.Labor’s Hutch Hussein is just in front of encumbent MP Richard Riordan.

It is an amazing responsibility.“I was grateful that [Opposition Leader Matthew Guy rang to concede].10.I was very grateful that he wished me and my family all the best, and we send him and his family all the best.I said it was not easy, but all the best to [him].The ABC’s election analyst, Antony Green, called Benambra for Liberal incumbent Bill Tilley earlier this evening.” When asked what the first 100 days of a re-elected Labor government would look like, Andrews demurred on pointing out specific policies he would push through parliament, but said it would be a “lot of hard work, getting on and getting things done”.But our election calculator suggests it’s too early to do that.

10.Latest.19am We will govern for all, even if they didn’t vote for us: Andrews By Ashleigh McMillan Premier Daniel Andrews is speaking to the media right now after his election victory last night, and says he will govern for all Victorians regardless of where they live or how they voted.He said while Victoria’s politics is divided, the community is united by a belief in science and getting vaccinated against COVID-19, as well as “helping each other and looking out for each other”.I do, however, have a really important message for those who couldn’t see their way to vote for us last night: we will govern for you too.We’ll make sure that your kids get free childcare, we’ll make sure that you get lower power bills, because there will be more energy.

We’ll make sure that you’ll get the skills you need for the job you want.We will make sure that we govern for all Victorians, no matter where you live, what you do for a living or whether you voted for us or not.Advertisement Watch live: Premier Daniel Andrews addresses the media Premier Daniel Andrews and Deputy Premier Jacinta Allan are speaking at Victoria Parliament this morning.You can watch the full press conference below.9.

59am VEC warns not all primary counts completed last night By Ashleigh McMillan The Victorian Electoral Commission said overnight they’ve had to change some of their count timelines.In a Twitter post just before 1.30am, the VEC said that at some voting centres, district primary and two-candidate-preferred (2CP) counts would be completed on a restricted number of votes, meaning a “delay in the completeness of results”.Those primary and 2CP counts should be completed today.For a few voting locations, primary counts will occur from Tuesday 9.

29am Andrews speaks on ‘obligation’ to do what matters as he mulls national gas reserve By Premier Daniel Andrews just spoke to David Speers on ABC’s Insiders program, saying he’s discussed the possibility of a national gas reserve with the prime minister to try and get on top of cost of living pressures.“I’m very encouraged my discussions with Prime Minister [Anthony] Albanese; they’ve been very positive.We need a gas reserve: our gas, for our businesses and our households,” he said.Premier Daniel Andrews with his wife Catherine and children Grace, Joseph and Noah on the stage at the Village Green Hotel in Mulgrave last night.Credit: Joe Armao “I’d do a state [gas reserve] if I could, but constitutionally we simply can’t.

We need a national gas reserve or some other mechanism to control prices.These companies are making Australians pay European prices.” When Andrews was asked if he’d ever considered stepping down as Labor leader and not contesting this year’s election, he responded: “No.I’m all about making sure that we get things done.” It’s never been about me, it’s always about the work.

You’ve got to win to do that, but I grew up being taught every day that with opportunity comes a profound obligation to do your best, to work hard, to do what matters.That’s exactly what I’ve delivered over these last eight years.We’re expecting to hear again from the premier at a press conference some time after 10am.Advertisement Federal Nationals leader says success came from ‘connection to community’ By Ashleigh McMillan Federal Nationals leader David Littleproud says the Victorian opposition needs to do some “soul-searching”, but ultimately Australians are sick of the “vitriol” that’s permeated politics.He told Weekend Today the Nationals’ success in electorates including Shepparton, Morwell and Mildura was testament to the candidates being “articulate and smart about their community”.

Nationals leader David Littleproud.Credit: Alex Ellinghausen “There are big lessons political parties need to learn: it is about connection to community, making sure you have diversity of background in your candidates.The man we brought in Morwell is a plumber,” he said.Loading “If we sit here and say there aren’t any lessons, I think that would be a mistake..

.you ignore it at your own peril, but you have to stand for something, and you have to have commonsense [policies].” Littleproud said Matthew Guy and the Liberals would have to do some “soul-searching” in the wake of the loss.“Australians are jack of the anger and the vitriol.They want outcomes.

They don’t care who delivers it, just want people who listen to them and be constructive,” he said.“Congratulations to Dan Andrews, credit where credit is due.He was able to articulate a message.” Latest.

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Climate change is all a con , time to wake up people before you own nothing and have no freedoms That’s partially true. In some seats they went backwards and even Liberal preferences couldn’t get them over the line. Only 1-1.5% increase. Settle down. Good Labor candidates in place early can turn that around.

Another four years wedging the ALP. 🤥🤥💩💩🤡🤡 Actually … insert some reality here … that’s EXACTLY what happened DanSlide Keep kidding yourselves, of course the Liberal preferences assisted you!! $200 for jousting sticks? I can understand people voting Labor. What I can't understand is people who vote for the greens 🙄 like wtf are they actually trying to achieve? 🤷🤦

Thank you to Victorian Socialist and Animal Justice Party voters for helping Greens win seats like Richmond.. great work for progressives backing each other.. Dan, can you please bring back Mandates and isolation? Obviously you revoked them for Votes, but it was a very unsafe thing to do as Covid has not changed...or has it? I fail to understand how it is suddenly acceptable to be a super spreading Granny killer, so do it now.

Victorian election results 2022 LIVE updates: Daniel Andrews defeats Matthew Guy; Labor to remain in governmentMore than two million Victorians will cast their vote today as Premier Daniel Andrews and Opposition Leader Matthew Guy face off. Mighty white of him…. At least not complete election denying fascists like in the U.S. Yet ... MatthewGuyMP wont be around to see it DanSlide

Yep Lockdowns will be given to all regardless of who they voted for Wow, the ego on the bloke is just incredible That's what I'm worried about Sure, sure. You call me a Nazi, deprive me of work, you arrested people for saying they oppose you, then your government told me to kill myself, but sure, you'll govern for everybody.

freudenfreude As long as you don’t care about being infected with SARS-CoV-2? 🤮 AshleyLeahy That must be a comfort to you in your grief. Doubt it. You refused to see the minions in your own electorate. But in saying that the empty heads didn’t even notice Oh fuck of Andrews. Employ some more public servants. That’s what all good Dictators do, then run around visiting them in high vis

As if 🙄 he is the most anti-Christian premier in Australia.

Victorian election results 2022 LIVE updates: Daniel Andrews defeats Matthew Guy; Labor to remain in governmentMore than two million Victorians will cast their vote today as Premier Daniel Andrews and Opposition Leader Matthew Guy face off. When Victorians are struggling with cost of living, crime, and homelessness don’t complain, you voted for this. What an embarrassment oh look who just turned up!

Yeah, I don’t think that’s a solace to the cookers Dan thinks it is. But he doesn't and never will. Look at the difference in swings between the north and west of Melbourne and South East, and ignorance of country Victoria. The SRL pork barrel scheme is a joke. Bit rich coming from a man who pork barrelled at risk seats.

He’s been an okay premier. But he went insane during Covid. That’s nice 😊 Almost as if that's his job. To govern for the people in his state. Whoa what a concept.

Victorian election results 2022 LIVE updates: Daniel Andrews defeats Matthew Guy; Labor to remain in governmentMore than two million Victorians will cast their vote today as Premier Daniel Andrews and Opposition Leader Matthew Guy face off.

‘Victorian public have endorsed him’: Daniel Andrews claims victoryFormer Labor senator Stephen Conroy says the “Victorian public have endorsed him” amid Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews win in the state election. Mr Conroy says, “he’ll be probably the greatest Victorian leader ongoingly”. Ha ha ha ha ha Ok murdochish losers, your campaign against Daniel didn't work! Ha, ha, ha!your journalism is rubish!

Daniel Andrews vindicated in Victorian election that became a referendum on his pandemic responseLabor’s win allows Andrews to reshape his legacy, with his third term allowing him to become the party’s longest-serving premier money wrong basic least pose expect tube bat art ​coast Hopefully, hopefully we can now put away the ridiculous bullshit we have had to endure during the pandemic. If the libs could just stop politicising everything and actually get behind Victoria we can have a great state as we should.

Victorian election 2022 LIVE UPDATES: Daniel Andrews on track to hold 50 seats, Libs just 20The Labor party will have a clear majority in Victoria’s parliament; Socceroo skipper hungry for more after historic win; Taiwan president pays for election loss; Wallabies claw back 21 points to beat Wales. Follow the latest here Now after 8 Years he can address the VIC State Debt Pity then - that Your Paper, did its level (ie Slanted) best to, sway Readers to your FOREIGN Owner's plans....