Vial episode over after precious blood comes home to Elcho Island

Blood taken from about 1200 members of a remote Indigenous community in 1967 and subject to repeated scientific experiments has been returned.


Five decades ago, government health workers drew blood from the people of this community living on Elcho Island off the tip of Arnhem Land – to test for typhoid, they said.

Blood taken from about 1200 members of a remote Indigenous community in 1967 and subject to repeated scientific experiments has been returned.

What they did not say was this: we’re keeping the blood.

It eventually ended up in a freezer at the Australian National University.

In 1968, a severe typhoid outbreak hit Elcho Island. Government health workers drew blood from about 1200 members of the community to test for the disease.

There was a smoking ceremony for the blood samples at the ANU.

Over the next few decades, scientists used that blood for DNA and molecular experiments, and to hunt for markers of disease.

It took 20 years for the family of African American Henrietta Lacks to discover her cells had been harvested in 1951 during a routine operation, and were now being grown and used by scientists all around the world. After a long fight, the family eventually won limited control over their ancestor's cells.

Indigenous community engagement co-ordinator Azure Hermes flew out to Elcho Island to ask the community the tough question: we have your blood, what do you want us to do with it?

The future of medicine is genetic: without the data extracted from DNA, indigenous Australians will miss out.

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their blood is no more precious than anyone else's You should get some blood from Bruce Pascoe and do a DNA test. Their blood was subjected to 'repeated scientific experiments'. That sounds like torture to me. Surely this is Australia's Tuskegee moment. Demand a Royal Commission and PM's apology.

'Cut it out and there won't be any more issues'Notorious child rapist Anthony Sampieri left a woman fearing for her life when police failed to arrest him eight days before he sexually assaulted a seven-year-old girl. 9News Simple fix Typical lazy arsed negligent coppers support the perpetrators & not the victims. Just think, if this scumbag copper had have done his job a little girl wouldn't now have a life time of horrendous trauma plaguing her etc.

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Cricket Australia bans WBBL player for posting team list on InstagramCricket Australia comes down hard on Hobart Hurricanes WBBL player Emily Smith, handing out a 12-month suspension after she posted a team list on social media. Whoever made the decision to suspend her for that period of time should hang their heads in shame. Just an exited young athlete who made an error. She shouldn’t be suspended for any period at all Cricket Australia has lost the plot the last few years. I suggest that Cricket Australia needs to ban itself from Australian cricket. Cricket Australia bans WBBL player from posting team list - “that’s our job, our only job”

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