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Trump threatens social media companies after Twitter fact-checks him

Trump threatens social media companies after Twitter fact-checks him

27/05/2020 4:31:00 PM

Trump threatens social media companies after Twitter fact-checks him

Donald Trump and his campaign angrily respond after Twitter adds 'get the facts' links to two of his tweets which call mail-in ballots 'fraudulent' and predict that 'mail boxes will be robbed'.

Key points:Donald Trump is claiming social media companies are attempting to "silence conservative voices"This comes after Twitter added a warning phrase to two of his tweets that called mail-in ballots "fraudulent"The president has accused Twitter of "interfering in the 2020 Presidential Election"

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The president can not unilaterally regulate or close the companies, which would require action by Congress or the Federal Communications Commission.But that did not stop Mr Trump from angrily issuing a strong warning.Claiming tech giants "silence conservative voices", Mr Trump tweeted, "we will strongly regulate, or close them down, before we can ever allow this to happen".

And he repeated his unsubstantiated claim — which sparked his latest showdown with Silicon Valley — that expanding mail-in voting "would be a free-for-all on cheating, forgery and the theft of ballots".Mr Trump and his campaign angrily responded on Tuesday after

Twitter added a warning phrase to two of his tweetsthat called mail-in ballots — which are commonplace in Australia and many other countries — "fraudulent" and predicted that "mailboxes will be robbed", among other things.Under the tweets, there is now a link reading, "get the facts about mail-in ballots", that guides users to a Twitter "moments" page with fact-checks and news stories about Mr Trump's unsubstantiated claims.

A fact-check warning was attatched to a Donald Trump tweet which called mail-in ballots "fraudulent".(Social Media: Twitter)Mr Trump replied on Twitter, accusing the platform of "interfering in the 2020 presidential election" and insisting that "as President, I will not allow this to happen".

His campaign manager, Brad Parscale, said Twitter's "clear political bias" had led the campaign to pull "all our advertising from Twitter months ago".Twitter has banned all political advertising since last November.Mr Trump did not explain his threat on Wednesday, and the call to expand regulation appeared to fly in the face of long-held conservative principles on deregulation.

LoadingBut some Trump allies, who have alleged bias on the part of tech companies, have questioned whether platforms like Twitter and Facebook should continue to enjoy liability protections as "platforms" under federal law or be treated more like publishers, which could face lawsuits over content.

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The protections have been credited with allowing the unfettered growth of the internet for more than two decades, but now some of the President's allies are advocating that social media companies face more scrutiny."Big tech gets a huge handout from the federal government," Republican Senator Josh Hawley told Fox News.

"They get this special immunity, this special immunity from suits and from liability that's worth billions of dollars to them every year."Why are they getting subsidised by federal taxpayers to censor conservatives, to censor people critical of China?"

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Yes I heard this. What a dictator! Stop wasting time on Twitter and do some work This IDIOT has to go, enough is enough. Good given CNN and Washington Post are leftist bias and the bloke that runs the Twitter fact checking is an anti Trumper, they are wrong about postal votes as they are open to fraud, someone should fact check the fact checkers

Maybe trump will switch to 4chan About time. There is so much left (deep state) bias on all platforms. Yet ABC and mainstream media can print blatant lies constantly. Advertisers in social media should be put under same scrutiny and fact check their claims. Twitter could just ban him for life. That would solve that problem lol

Give baby bone spurs his dummy back How do you fact check an opinion? So if you tell the truth no problem. And that’s were the problem lies. Trump being Trump. Block him, deny him, accuse him, refute him.... he attacks with all claws. And it's going to be him, or the other dude with Alzheimer's..? God help you.

Didummms The worry is that people actually think what he’s says could be true. The man is a peanut There’s a simple solution, Trump just needs to cease tweeting untruths. Mind you, he wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the face. He should be banned off Twitter. Everyone else would be. Free world hey

Good, they are effectively publishers so should be governed as such. No different from the rules & regulations that the ABC have to follow. Threating people is normal Trump behavior the man has a mental problem I’m all for not posting bullshit, ABC news will be screwed then. But who’s in charge of checking the facts? That’s the part that worries me, Youtube/Google, Facebook, Twitter, even Reddit now, these are all run by lefty nerds (righty nerds work for the defence force), it’s biased

Just tell the truth and stick to the facts then he wouldn’t have to worry about extraneous bullshit like this. The bully does not like to be questioned, the bully is taking the ball so no one else can play. The bully is a very, very sad man indeed. 🤏❄️ Having a tantrum Donny. Whah whah. You don’t own social media. What’s wrong with a bit of fact checking. Stop your lies.

This shows if he had his way he would shut down democracy freedom of speech and and become dictator They should fact check ABCNews you lot wouldn't even pass a pub test Since he tweets everyday, it's like being betrayed by your true love. I totally get it how egotistical and vindictive There’s an easy way to fix it - stop lying.

American psycho Truth hurts This is a precious Freudian slip right here. The Pee Pee president. 😁 😂 Comical! Trump defiant... “How dare you fact check me & expose my lies?!” Liars fear the truth. Fact checking a serial bullshitter. Needs to happen more often. your a disgrace. You need to go after Dan Andrews who’s deals threaten this nation and the safety of our peoples.

Social media bias? Check this I love how you always allege his claims are unsubstantiated without providing any evidence of your own. Good What happened with Russia? What happened to the facts and coverage on that? IanHartley_ Buffoonery! Trump knows Twitter/FB are private companies, and their terms of service/use make us the unpaid creators of the content that these social media zillionaires sell for their profits. Not a 'charity' realDonaldTrump! And your un-divested companies get free advertising!

Tubbalard can’t handle the truth. FactCheck is ABCaustralia anti Trump. Wonder if Twitter will fact check the 4corners 3 part series on Russian Collusion that has now been totally debunked. Wonder how much that cost the taxpayer/ABC to produce, yet the ABC complains about its budget... What exactly did Aussies get out of that series? Nought...🤦🏻‍♂️

The TRUTH n POTUS Do NOT AGREE !!!! Really !!!! Poor Donny hates it when he's questioned. He's such a thin skinned liar, who dementia is getting worse by the day. I like how Theirabc calls President Trump’s claim “unsubstantiated.” Excuse me! Aren’t you the clowns who were banging on about the fake Russia collusion hoax for three years?! 😂

Nothing like the tantrums after a habitual lier gets called on their lies... Your article is wrong right off the bat. He can shut Twitter down under the emergency powers the Democrats wanted him to have. Twitter unilaterally 'fact checks' ONE person on Twitter. That makes it election interference, which makes them a publisher.

We all know that trump tells lies and nothing but lies. But they are funny most of the time. Remember this clown believes his own lies. The ABC should be very nervous 😬 This is a very misleading headline based on your partisan politics and ridiculous “hate Trump” motivation. Pathetic. What people don't realize is 'fact checking' will be used against 1 side only and very selective in order to create doubt and sway public perception. Even though fact checking should be across the platform social medias political bias will dictate who gets 'fact checked'.

He has been watching how the Australian government handles media organisations Yeah no bias in any platform Imagine what will happen when the likes of ABC fake news and leftist Twitter are held accountable for being full of sh1t He’s taken far too long to act. They’ve been out of control for some time. Twas Trump all along. He was the fake news and if it wasn’t for those rascally kids...

BROTHERS IMPORTANT !! : Please get behind these videos people!! He is threatening everyone on the earth No coincidence Big Brother is back on t.v. soon i supppse How about fact checking the photo shop on the photo. Obvious much. Idiots forgot to match the color of his hands to his face. Time to implement the same scrutiny on the ABC They are so left leaning that any further to the left they will fall over. Here is hoping

Gosh how is America coping with this person ? MSMWatchdog2013 Can they start fact checking Australian politicians. Twitter fact checking Trump is as verifiable as the ABC's sourcing of CNN or the Washington Compost 'et al'. If you were a newspaper you'd be on a dusty bottom shelf in a dingy corner of a newsagency in the tabloid section, absolutely worthless.

Goooo Twitter ! Hey if he breaks the terms of use then he is as liable as anyone else with action being taken. Hooray!! The Tweet Master has lost his favorite place to pedal his Crap. He won't shut down Twitter because from Twitter he can throw mud but nobody can throw it back. Maybe he might move to Myspace and get that going again.

He's a precious little snowflake, isn't he So Trump will shut down Twitter now ? He needs to not live in a glass house. Right wing nut jobs like realDonaldTrump and ScottMorrisonMP hate scrutiny and being held accountable....well guess what fellas - suck it up arse holes and get used to it ABC - the lame stream media.

Communism. Headline adjustment for you: ‘Trump threatened social media platform Twitter with OVERT ELECTION INTERFERENCE after it accused him of posting a falsehood ABOUT FRAUD POTENTIAL OF MAIL IN VOTING’ THE TWEET WAS NOT FALSE. TWITTER CROSSED THE LINE INTO PARTISAN POLITICAL PLAYER. That fake tan is on another level.

Twitter have turned itself into a publisher, so now not a platform. The consequences are significant. Would you clowns even know what a fact check is? How many RussiaGate facts did you check? You all got pretty excited about it. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 It's well overdue!!! Social media bias and censorship has gone too far.

Close down Twitter. The day will come when the posting of fake news comes with a stiff penalty or a loss of broadcasting licences which won’t bode well for the ABC and many other fake news mediums. The corrupt are going to double down hard in 2020. That this great man has survived so much just shows how tough he is. Keep MAGA

Pompeo said ' NO ' ! Good! Go Trumper! Trump derangement, the gift that just keeps giving 😁 It's Trump vs celebs+mainstream media+social media moguls. Trump has the facts and the people on his side though, so he will win regardless. Good. Hope he crushes them Abc could use a fact check once in awhile.

Donald Trump lashes out at Twitter over fact-check warningDonald Trump has lashed out at Twitter for 'interfering in the 2020 Presidential Election ” after the platform labelled two of his tweets 'unsubstantiated' on Tuesday. No such thing as bad publicity. But Russian interference is hunky-dory! all media is so corrupt now.

Trump unleashes 'provocative' Twitter rampage | Sky News AustraliaSky News contributor Michael Ware says Twitter is a “signature style” of communication for US President Donald Trump, but his rampage at the weekend was more 'provocative' than usual. \n\nDuring Memorial Day weekend, the President tweeted about an incident in 2001 involving former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough where a 28-year-old female intern working for him was found dead after collapsing and hitting her head on her desk. \n\nMr Trump called for further investigation into the incident saying, “keep digging, use forensic geniuses”. \n\nMr Ware told Sky News Mr Trump was “virtually accusing [Scarborough] of murder”. \n\nIn response to complaints from the deceased woman’s family, Twitter ’s head apologised, saying the President did not violate any regulations, but they were planning to “very soon change those terms of use'. \n\nImage: Getty realDonaldTrump Twitter didn’t think trump violated terms?! WTF! If it was anyone else saying the same things, Twitter would kick them off!!! Double standard much?! realDonaldTrump While discussing the state of age care I tweeted 'All you can do is hope you die young' in an attempt to expres my fear of ending up in care .I was made to delete the tweet or lose my account. This man is allowed to spew out his vile poison and what is twitters response? SHAME. realDonaldTrump Yes, but it worked didn't it? Media is now full of his tweets, abuse, insults, attacks, and that means 100,000 dead Americans takes a back-seat for a day or two. As the outrage subsides, Trump will tweet something else, and the game goes on, and the media follow like sheep

Twitter adds fact-check warnings to Trump tweetsNew links appearing underneath President Donald Trump’s Tweets offer the option to fact check his unsubstantiated claims. 9News Trump derangement, the gift that just keeps giving 😁 Do you think Twitter might have to start applying this to news organisations ? This man is a genius.

New Twitter fact-check feature ‘pushing anti-Trump political spin’ | Sky News AustraliaSky News host Chris Kenny says a “fascinating new battlefront” has emerged when it comes to “fake news” and the ongoing mainstream media campaign targeting US President Donald Trump.\n\nSocial Networking service Twitter has now added fact-check warnings to Donald Trump’s Tweets, something the president says is an infringement on free speech. \n\nMr Kenny said the feature “claims to be sending people to relevant facts” but instead “it sends them to a fact check by CNN and other left-of-centre and anti-Trump organisations”. \n\n“Of course, Trump's claims about the risk of fraud and political skulduggery are absolutely valid”. \n\n“So when Twitter tries to steer people to the facts it is not defeating Fake News, it is favouring one angle of political spin over another angle of spin”. \n\nMr Kenny also said the fact-check feature could be used on Australia’s national broadcaster considering the ABC got “Brexit wrong, the Trump election wrong” and the last federal election result wrong too. \n\n“This sudden interest in fact checking is fascinating isn't it.\n\n“They only love it when it is turned against Trump, and in favour of the green Left”. \n\nImage: AP realDonaldTrump This is worrying! I call for realDonaldTrump to deregister Twitter if they continue to “misbehave”. At least suspend it until the election is over! Cop that for fairness!! realDonaldTrump Sky News host Chris Kenny is nothing more than a pair of legs emerging from Trump's arse, he has crawled so far up there. realDonaldTrump RACIST FALUN GONG CULT WHO BELIEV BLACK PEOPLE ARE AN ABOMINATION FORGOTTEN BY THE GODS & MIXED MARRIED PEOPLE SHOULD BE ERADICATED SUPPORT TRUMP'S CAMPAIGN.

Donald Trump touts in-person G7 summit as 'no greater example' of US reopeningPresident Donald Trump believes there would be “no greater example of reopening” than holding a summit of Group of Seven leaders in the United States near the end of June, the White House says. Obviously via Skype 😂😂😂 Donald is exhausting. It would be goid to see a Republican convention first. Standing shoulder to shoulder, without masks.

Trump threatens to shut down social media companies after fact-check warningUS President Donald Trump has threatened social media companies with new regulation or even shuttering after Twitter moved a day earlier to add fact check s to two of his tweets. 9News Shuttering? Just want to say Twitter thank you, bless you, please don’t stop Free speech?