'The only one who made it out': Incredible Manus Island escape revealed

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He escaped Australia's offshore detention centre by posing as an interpreter. After teaching himself a new language, altering his appearance and mastering global visa rules - he found freedom in the most unexpected of places

Ealom fled Myanmar in mid-2013, a time of heightened violence between the country's Buddhist majority and the Rohingya, a persecuted Muslim minority whose members are denied citizenship rights.

Ealom was only 21 when he arrived in Manus, and had braces on his teeth that went unadjusted for years. "I was never given a chance to see a dentist," he says. "My mouth was bleeding constantly." Because of his status - known as "negative without assessment" - Ealom had no hope of being accepted into the US under the Australia-US resenttlement deal.

"Jaivet is very good at figuring out how systems work and finding where the cracks are," Watt says. "He can see opportunities that other people can't."which he had watched as teenager in Myanmar. It tells the story of prisoners on death row in Illinois who use an underground tunnel to escape jail.He also learnt from the experience of Loghman Sawari, an asylum seeker who used fake documents to travel from Papua New Guinea to Fiji in February 2017.

Ealom's friends say he is good at examining systems and identifying weaknesses. He has had plenty of experience with that."I thought he must have gone into town, that he might come back soon," he says. He had never considered going to Canada, and didn't know anybody there. But he booked a flight to Toronto.

In Canada, he tried a different tactic. He told the immigration official his story and confessed to travelling on a fake passport."He was so shocked by my story and how far I had come. He went out and bought me Subway with his own money. It was completely the opposite experience I'd had with Australia. Finally, I saw light at the end of the tunnel."Ealom arrived in Toronto in December, when it can be as cold as minus 30 degrees.

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Goodluck to his amazing journey and not finish yet.

Hey MrKRudd see this story? 'While on the voyage, then-prime minister Kevin Rudd announced that no asylum seeker who arrived by boat without a visa would ever be resettled in Australia.' Now this refugee is a political economy student at the University of Toronto. Nice work.

Good on him.

Better than the Actratraz escape. Movie rights soon. “Stooging Dutton”.

WittaTwitta This will inspire more people to pay people smugglers and risk the chance to die out at sea on poorly made vessels. Maybe we should all send the message out to friends and family to do it this way instead of pay for the expensive visas that deter people from coming here legit.

Melbchief The irony is, if he just said he was going to another country, he was free to go. No need to escape 😂

Melbchief A great article. His next challenge is to prove himself; work hard; gain the respect of his fellow peers and when he has setbacks, he has to dust himself off; get up and have a go. take the hits and fight back to get what he wants. That is how winning is done!!

If you have a go you get a go. Right ScoMo?

In other words, he lied and committed fraud. Nice.

Keeping innocent people locked up for ANY reason is inhumane and should be illegal.

What an amazing story. I hope you are now safe.

Our country is a f'n international disgrace. There will be movies made and more stories about this to Australia's eternal shame. Meanwhile one of the principal managers/architects of these gulags ScottyfromMarketing is our PM ScottMorrisonMP

Amazing story - such courage! 👏

Good on him

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