North Korea labels Shinzo Abe 'most stupid man ever known in history', warns of 'real ballistic missile'

North Korea has warned Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that he could soon see a 'real ballistic missile' while excoriating him as the 'most stupid man ever known in history.'


North Korea has warned Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that he could soon see a 'real ballistic missile' while excoriating him as the 'most stupid man ever known in history.'

'Abe may see what a real ballistic missile is in the not distant future and under his nose...Abe is none other than a perfect imbecile,' a North Korean foreign ministry official said.

The colourful condemnation comes two days after the isolated state tested what it called a"super-large multiple launch rocket system", with South Korea reporting that two projectiles came down in the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea.

North Korea has delivered another tirade on Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

It was best for the North to avoid dealing with Abe, the official went on, adding that doing so with a"political dwarf" would bring"disgrace".

The Saturday criticism of the Japanese leader is the second of its kind by Pyongyang this month.

Commuters watch a television broadcast at the Seoul Railway Station with news of the latest North Korean missile launch.

North Korea has issued a series of increasingly assertive comments in recent weeks as time runs down on its end-of-year deadline.

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See that's how you maintain great relationships! Rocket boy will see some up close too, incoming. u2_randy I bet trump says oh kim is just kidding abe don t be so sensitive. trump always supports our adversaries and belittles our allies. i h-te republiecons & trump even more Why does earth allow this shit

Them thars fighting words. AmyCat68 Jabba is 100k more stupid than And, and KJU knows it. Whale eaters will beg trump to help them out He has a very low temper dennisrodman come get your lil'fat silly friend, Kim. He acting up again!!! Nah.... that title is already taken by Trump and shared with his lil' fat silly friend Kim!

Two dead after light plane crashes north of NewcastleTwo people have died after an ultralight aircraft crashed in Woodville, north of Newcastle.

I pray God gets through to Kim before he does more damage. Pray also for the people of Japan and South Korea who have to live next door to this madness. It's interesting that the boy king dictator or North Korea and Trump talk exactly the same way about those that oppose them. I think little chubby dude from NK likes the attention. If he tries something stupid on Japan a lot of innocent North Koreans will be killed and I think no party wants that. I wouldn’t want that decision

FATMAN Speaks!! Where’s Sock Rocket Man? You mean the 'history' your grandfather wrote that is taught in your schools? Ya Kim Shinzo sucks balls you so cool. Wasnt trumps 'super big awesome win' about getting NK to stop doing this very shit? ... weird. kozohys2002 安倍総理、金正恩に相当バカにされているようだが⁉️反論しないのだろうか⁉️

London Bridge attack: Attacker shot over stabbing attack had links to terror groupsLATEST | UK authorities have confirmed the man shot dead over today's stabbing attack on LondonBridge had links to terror groups and was known to police. 9News

Everyone has abusing mind. Why it should be happened for an important parts. They can talk and do something as inspirational leaders in the world. Wow ! Big talk. Ballistic missiles are easy to predict though so light work Trump would side w/N.Korea Mr Kim? You're dipping Mr Abe's bucket. Shinzo Abe looks like a teacher who's just so tired of the children's crap.

Bet Abe regrets nominating Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize. All his groveling got him nothing. Sounds like North Korea needs some freedom No problem here, right? 🤪😲😱

London Bridge attack: Attacker shot over stabbing attack had links to terror groupsAuthorities have confirmed the man shot dead over today&x27;s stabbing attack on London Bridge had links to terror groups and was known to police. bruuceyyy Call it what it is. Islamic terrorism

I bet you he called trump after. To gossip about it since you know they’re best buddies Not more deep state FAKENEWS SBS the deep state channel. What gives him the right to terrorise another country bulkdarthdan Kim pulled the “dumbest human to ever live” gag. 😂😂😂 If North Korea does that then they are done.

LongIslandicet5 Someone wants to chop stone, but the fragments reach everyone. Trump is more stupid for thinking north Korea was done with testing program Sounds a lot like Trump! 悪いやつやな WHY BULLY..ITS NONSENSE GAIN NOTHING

London Bridge stabbing: More details emerge about alleged attackerIt has also been revealed he was wearing an ankle monitor device and was on probation after being released from prison a year ago after being convicted in 2012 over terror related offences. 9News Should never have been allowed out. These terrorist clearly don’t care about anything other then harming 😂😂 what a joke!! Jihadis should not b allowed out unless they have those neck cuffs that electrocute u when you’re about to misbehave like in those sci-fi movies.

I know this is a lie, but I wish it were true lmao Ahh, the time tested who has the most powerful phallic symbol weaponry. What else is on? WW3 all because of one Donald Trump and North Korea plus Russia . Armageddon is coming to our planet. Stay tuned. Kim knows he could strike Japan & trump would probably ditch Abe

The stupidest man Kim ever Met was Trump. The Tiny Dictator should know that if he instigates a war with our ally, his country will be turned into a smoldering pile of charcoal. Let em try, watch what comes to get em Aight, bet.

Two dead after light plane crashes north of NewcastleTwo people have died after an ultralight aircraft crashed in Woodville, north of Newcastle.

Lol okay there Kim Jung Chubby Cheeks 😂 Sounds very Trumpian, like a spat with Rosie. If I had a dollar for every threat this man makes, I swear. Aight boys pack your things, it’s World War III time. 🤣😂🤣 LOL Kim That’s big talk coming from the only fat man in his entire country I've never seen someone in such a hurry to get a serious ass-whooping.

Where’d Kim learn those insults?

London terror tweet slammedWithin hours of two people being stabbed to death in London, one of Trump’s allies took to Twitter with a comment that was roundly condemned. Yet it doesn’t stop the constant mass shootings in America though does it. If a licenced concealed carry citizen was there when the attack occurred, of course they could have intervened and possibly saved lives. Nothing controversial about the statement. London was lucky he just had knives. If he was in America it would have been 10s if not 100s dead. It could have been another Las Vegas mass shooting.

Why can’t North Korean be as peaceful as south seriously. don't fuck with Japan. one piece is already on break next week. Would Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping and Shinzo Abe like to discuss a new arms/ armistice treaty in Great Britain in future with UK Privy Council attending? I promote global peace and stability across the Asia-Pacific region and the world. Sovereign

Japan’s been dying to nuke somebody... RussiaTrumpBot ☝️Ha, and Prime Minister Abe just loves Trump. 🙄 This doesn’t seem good More from Asian Trump. All talk. But wait I thought realDonaldTrump has won the Nobel Peace Prize for acheiving world peace and nuclear disarmament across the planet. That did not happen? I AM SHOCKED!

dawnresist That’s a lie. Donald Trump is the most stupid man ever known in history. Kim’s all talk. He plays too many video games. Why do men use war as an excuse to distroy lives that mostly kills women and children!!! This historical cruelty just to boost ones ego is so outdated and reflects the uncontrollable behaviour of a toddler.

Little dogs bark the loudest Both of you knock it off Stop it Stop launching missiles I don't want them to declare war peggyjags Correction KN: That honor has already been bestowed upon the ignoramus currently in the WH. Sorry! It would seem that this is another issue that Trump didn't handle too well A real one? Haha

And realDonaldTrump is playing golf A quote from Trump's 📖

Enter Trump with a couple of 'beautiful friendship' Tweets. That'll surely defuse this...... Hey realDonaldTrump I thought you stoped North Korea ? More lies from you ! Wouldn’t expect anything more ! Can't agree more with NK on this one Kim always finds a way to stay in news! This is a grave threat to world peace.

Kim Jong un always acting tough because he got missiles, we will see who is the strongest. He will be wiped by Japan and US. TRUMP' s BOY LOVE IS THREATENING AN ALLY⁉️⁉️⁉️and TRUMP DOES NOTHING... thank you Republicans🗼🗼🗼🚀🚀🚀 He’s not gonna be stupid when he goes ham on your country No trump is the stupid one

Nothing better than Un/tRump love. 🙄

Thanks idiots GOP HouseGOP realDonaldTrump LindseyGrahamSC SenateGOP Yeah, dare him. There is zero chance. President Trump would obliterate North Korea within minutes. People should quit underestimating NoKo. The nuke option is off the table. There is no way to hit them without fallout penetrating other parts of Asia. When Chernobyl blew. The fallout reached as far as France much farther than the distance to China or Japan from NoKo.

Just typical rhetoric from the hermit kingdom. He knows better. And this PoS is who 45 is best buds with. I can't wait for Karma to get both these dictators. PM Abe is famously known to be a stupid guy, so I can’t argue with NK about that. All of this is a treat to SK. NK can tear them apart in minutes. All the ppl of Korea will suffer. Then that will mean an all out war. If he is ok treating his own ppl the way he does... I feel so bad for the ppl of N and S Korea. A crazy person has their life in his hands.😣

Kim is not wrong about Abe. Somebody needs a basketball for Christmas.....give him something to do

You mock a working man and aiming a missile toward a island, know good will that the moment show any sign of a threat, there’s a line of missiles aiming at you as we speak. Please stop talking Kim. A number of people around the world could died because of your illusion of life. 北朝鮮人はクレイジーで愚かで妄想的なファンタジーに住んでいます.

Glad our brilliant President was able to stop North Korea 🙄 Lol. Kim is a fucknut These 2 are best friends of trump. Who will trump choose?PutinsPuppet 😿🇯🇵 Japan holds the War Grail: the stockpile of weapons grade nuclear weapons material. enriched plutonium and uranium. Who benefits? 🇺🇸 Read the whole story in our book... Trinity 3.11: Amiko: Empress of the Kensho Era ☢️♾🚫 🐘11Trilogy

This is exactly what I wanted to see right before I go to Japan on vacation... These are like Trump level insults lol says the plump mongoloid... Perpetual_Now Kim sounds like the dimwitted schoolyard bully.

LITTLE ROCKET MAN NEEDS TO BACK OFF. GOD IS WATCHING. Dealing with Donnie as he has 🤷‍♀️🇹🇷🇺🇸 Well Merry fkin Christmas from the DPRK realDonaldTrump foxnewspolitics FoxNews LindseyGrahamSC senatemajldr RandPaul - the presidents FAILED foreign policies are making NK and Russia stronger and more dangerous! He is a disaster as a president and you are equally responsible VoteThemAllOut

North Korea is being utterly foolish, playing with fire. We all know what happens as a result. Now calm down Kim. Stop playing with your toys! He won’t do it, because he knows every ally of Japan would immediately attack N. Korea and this game would be over. Kim won't do squat. His been threatening people for so long he thinks his putting fear into people when accually it's the opposite. People are like whatever when he does this.

Shots fired. And Japan will have Trump to thank for it.

That title is reserved for either Kim Jong-il or Donald Trump Kim's words insulting Japan are amplified thanks to Trump lifting him on the world stage. No one else benefited in any way from Trump's shitshow with him. I thought Trump’s handshakes ended North Korea’s missile program? Is Kim really that stupid?

potus’ lover Kim Jung un — man who runs a prison camp masquerading as a country — threatens America’s ally Japan, and gop 🤐 GOP weak willed wusses cowed by their Dear Leader and a threat to US. AMJoy nails it: VoteTactically VoteBlueToSaveAmerica Lmfao he really said “Say I won’t” Lowkey Kim pulled a savage response with slight political threats

Trump's lover Haha he even talks like trump. Or vice verse should I say

My guess if Nk chucked a missle at japan that killed thousands NK would be turned into a parking lot. No, the stupidest man is Donald Trump. Is our President going to side with evil North Korea? It's so sad how people always threaten one another with, we'll do this and that!!! These leaders no if one missile is tracked it's a done deal. Then how do they know these large firecrackers even work....They better be trying to make peace with God!!! Men of power are so remedial

Japan can destroy North korea in a second. There done if they use missile on there base. And You don't wana go into Trump's angry side. Doesn’t trump behave the same way, though? They both sound like rambling lunatics. Who are the idiots in America who see trump as the second coming? They may need to check their mental faculties as well.

I think Kim has a subliminal message there. Trump should listen carefully. 😕 Was this proclaimed before or after he met Donald Trump? The Dragon and sleeping giant will be awakened and unite to end it! No no no, the 'most stupid man ever known in history' clearly goes to realDonaldTrump

Quick, Abe, a love letter North Korea has threatened other countries as many times as donald trump has lied. Seriously NK just do it already. The world looks forward to blowing you to kingdom come. They’ve already been nuked twice, Kim gotta chill lol Shinzo looking like Sounds just like something Trump would say. No wonder Trump and Un are lovers.

😂🙏🏻 Hey realDonaldTrump remember this guy you supposedly had great chemistry with? Thanks for letting him embarrass the U.S. and turning him into a bigger jerk! Wish someone would permanently shut Kim up. Get rid of him. Dog eater days what? Not supporting a worker run state is stupid and gross. Come at me anti communists.

NOKO needs to watch where they step. Donald Trump has empowered thick, dangerous chubster KimJongUn. He is mouthing off at all the world leaders now. NorthKorea KoreanUpdates Korea This is fake. The Unites States ACCORDING TO MY DOG... Has a missile defense system in Japan that would prevent anything from hitting them. According to her, the laser tech protects our entire west coast as well. She said they are on boats, planes & our coasts now :) nasa

If I were the PM then just dare him so if he does something stupid then western allies can have a reason to attack Corea del Norte está cavando su tumba desafiar a Japón es igual a desafiar a EEUU . Lol His face says “I’m so tired of this little shit.” I just realized kim jong un looks like a marshmallow

Abe has taken the title from Don Sr.

Nah, that's Trump BuffoonTrump Can the US and Japan just slap this dude across the nations to make him learn his lesson about not going to war. What is wrong with Kim? What did Japan do to him that makes him feel the need to kill People living in Japan with a bomb..Kim is sick! WW3 boys? God, Kimmy is stupid. Tries to deter the idea he fired a ballistic missile but threatening that he might fire one if the Japan PM doesn't keep his mouth shut

Poor Abe go and call trump about he's Kim's bff lmao trumpeters But but but but but but but trump said..........I guess he lied? realDonaldTrump GOP IllegitimatePresident ImpeachTrump Kim Jong Un Destroyer of Anime Once they see this, that comment will be retracted. What if I launched a missile at your country 😳😳😳... Unless?...

Kim Jong Un talking about himself. North Korean Designation: A super-large multiple-rocket launcher - 'SLMRL' NATO Designation: One Size Fits All Wondering how many nukes are pointed at Pyongyang Donald trump does make us feel safer, doesn’t he? Rocket man should rethink what he is saying as japan having so much A.I retail workers,Sex Dolls,Transport & Toys then they would of surely built up an army of A.I's that could be Godzilla like weopons.

Kim wylin out rn It may be only a matter of time before North Korea bites off more than it can chew I have to disagree with Fatboy. Trump is the stupidest man in history. If they do nuke Japan say goodbye to North Korea fat boy can’t run from the rest off the world nukes if he wants word war 3 to happen at his front door go ahead nuke Japan you will piss off every country u In the world

Fat boy wants to start world war 3

realDonaldTrump you may to take out Kim. Japan would trounce them Gee that went well Chub 💩 I’m perplexed I thought that was Trump. Don't insult the emperor Kim hahaha Sorry North Korea, the stupidest man title has been taken by your mate in the white house Remember when best buds where meeting? What is it right now with world leaders poking sticks at everyone else? Not sure about most stupid man. PLENTY of men could fall into that category.....

The school yard name calling part of this story is unimportant Focus on the missile threat Try to be more professional with your tweets SBS Don’t poke the Dragon Kimbo👈

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