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John Larter, Covıd-19

'Nobody should be forced to have a vaccine': Paramedic's legal challenge

'Nobody should be forced to have a vaccine': Paramedic's legal challenge

17/09/2021 9:31:00 AM

'Nobody should be forced to have a vaccine': Paramedic 's legal challenge

A NSW paramedic's Supreme Court challenge to a COVID vaccine mandate may not be heard before it's due to take effect.

Print text onlyPrintCancelA Riverina paramedic's legal challenge to the requirement for all NSW health workers to have a COVID vaccine may not be heard before the mandate is due to take effect.Key points:A paramedic is taking legal action challenging a public health order mandating COVID vaccination for health workers

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All NSW health workers are required to have their first COVID vaccination by September 30The legal action is listed for a directions hearing just days before the mandated deadlineA state government health order requires healthcare workers, including paramedics, to have their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination by September 30, unless they have a medical certificate for an exemption.

Tumut-based paramedic John Larter's legal action in the New South Wales Supreme Court was today set for a directions hearing before Justice Robert Beech-Jones on September 28, just two days before the mandate deadline.Mr Larter, who is also the Deputy Mayor of Snowy Valley Council, has been a paramedic for 25 years and said he did not intend to get vaccinated.

"There are a number of reasons why I'm not comfortable having it and obviously that will be argued in court," he said."It's grossly unfair to ask somebody to enter into a medical procedure that they're not comfortable with and then threaten them with their livelihood.

"It could be a safety issue, it could be based on risk, it could be based on religion. There are numerous reasons why someone may or may not want a vaccine and, at the end of the day, that choice should be personal to them."Nobody should be forced to have a vaccine."

Barilaro: Most health workers already vaccinatedNSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro says most health workers in NSW have been vaccinated.(AAP: Mick Tsikas)NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro said individuals had the right to make decisions about their own wellbeing but NSW Health would make decisions about employment for unvaccinated workers.

"Now, if he wants to take legal action and go through the Supreme Court he has a right to as an individual in this country," Mr Barilaro said."But our health professionals are the ones who set the standard, 88 per cent, I think, of our health team have had either their first dose and I think the second dose is up over 80 per cent.

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"It shows clearly that most health professionals are leading the charge and the narrative on vaccination." Read more: ABC News »

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Agree BUT no one should be obligated to be in contact with an unvaccinated person, freedom for you and freedom for me , I am entitled to be safe from infection and contamination. Well the ones that don't want a vaccine should be the last in the queue if they get Covid. Get a vaccine. Why are we forced to wear seatbelts then?

Not forced at all. You have a choice. You may not like that choice at all but still a choice Forcing= blackmailing, scare mongering =SAME BS!! You have a right to not have the vaccine they have a right to say your services will not be required. Grow up. At your age really As an ex-paramedic I am ashamed of this person it’s all about me me me what about the patients he treats and transports what about his family and his fellow paramedics if I was working in the same branch I would refuse to work with him at all

Troubling when healthcare people do not support the science 😬 And nobody should be forced to work with an unvaccinated person. So vacinnes against polio, measles, chickenpox, hepatitis C and other LIFE SAVING VACCINES available should be an option too? Can we take Delta COVID-19 to court. Nah. I am not good at legal right however I don’t believe that it would protect you if there is a possibility that you could cause harm or death to OTHER people

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Ethically and philosophically a very valid position. A position you can no longer hold when you are dead They are not being forced. They have a choice, but part of the consideration in that choice is that they cannot work as an Ambo in that manner. This in not the first time these jobs have requirements like this.

And no one with such a poor attitude to public health should be an allied health worker. Get with the plan What about your patients don’t they have the right to safety and to know they are not being treated by someone that potentially could infect them ? You a medical worker but don’t trust medical science better that you stay home!

Imagine being the doctor in the ED receiving patients from this guy. Ask them what they think. Just get the shots man! You are not required to get a vaccination, you are free to seek other employment that does not require vaccination. What a 👐⚓️ You’re not being forced but you will have consequences. Do ppl not know we already have similar type rules? Children have to have certain vaccinations if they’re attending school…do ppl not know this?

Yet 2 nurses who tested positive on the cardiac ward at ST Vincent’s hospital have basically closed 3 Cath labs and put those patients lives in jeopardy. If you don’t want the vaccine you shouldnt be working with people that have health issues. Find another job. Dont want a jab, get another job..simples. Plenty of people would be more than happy to be trained up in a paramedic role. Goodbye

‘Risky move’: Minister approves coal mine despite climate legal challengeFederal Environment Minister Sussan Ley has approved Whitehaven Coal’s Vickery mine extension in NSW, despite ongoing legal action to determine whether she has a duty of care to protect children from new fossil projects’ contribution to global warming. ... Yapping 'fossil' is now a day job for leftards I doubt very much that Sussan Ley understands what she’s doing. She acts as though what she thinks of as ‘the environment’ is just some sort of optional extra to be exploited for profit. I wish she’d study Karl Roberts’ The Natural Step for Business & update her understanding. Who knew LilyDAmbrosioMP consented to gas exploration and drilling in Victoria 🤬

I hear Bunnings are looking for staff perhaps they should go there. He's in the wrong job. No but they make it mandatory. So they are forcing us. No one’s forced too. There are benefits to having it though. This virus and its never ending emergency seems driven by fear and politics not science and facts that do not suit big pharma and profits. Parliament has pass a law allowing foreign troops and police here to serve the government with legal immunity. What happend to journalism.

Said nobody on a ventilator. The truth is stranger than fiction Absolutely but also no one should be made to be close to an unvaxed person in the workplace, shops, hospital etc. We need to remember this is a 100 year pandemic and people die. 👏 Good luck John!

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Sure, don't have it. Obviously you can't keep your job though. You will make a great Janitor. Enjoy. As a paramedic, you trust modern science to treat your patients with it on a daily basis. It’s a strange type of logic that you wouldn’t then trust that same science by taking a vaccine that protects you, your patients and your loved ones.

Nobody should be entitled to go into a work place either if they haven’t met their employers rules. Absolutely no one should be forced.. especially when we are talking about a vaccine that is globally controversial when you research and look for valid info from ‘both’ sides.. you are entitled to keep the job you have

Ok so don't get vaccinated.BUT wear the consequences by not being permitted to risk the health of those about you by being excluded from social contact with others either by exclusion from work places or from recreation places. Your choice. No one is forcing anyone just can't do stuff, and we won't pay for your hospital bills

No one is forced to have a vaccine. You chose to or not. If you choose not then there are consequences with that choice. If you choose not to get a drivers licence you can’t drive or work as a truck driver - freedom of choice, not consequence. This guy would have had to have mandatory Flu and Hep B like everyone else in the service. He's either a nutter or an attention seeker. The paramedics deserve better either way.

This paramedic may very well be a patient of his fellow workers.

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Do what you like but in a democracy majority rules. We now have a vaccine to help againgst covid. You dont vacinate we have the right to have someone else service us. I was told yesterday by ambulance person to put my mask on at my mothers I obeyed their right to ask No matter what people think, I do wonder (and in my experience with similar) if at the end of the day, legally, it can't be enforced/ mandated. And perhaps some know that... but that is also why herd immunity is important, so 100% becomes less important.

The elite are completely aware the people out number them. Especially Australia. Just TRY and enforce people, the supposed leaders will find out who is REALLY in charge... As long as anyone sensitive to death or dying from infection as a result of compromised immune function or sensitivity to being radicalised are included also. I can’t go to the ice cream store if the scoopist thinks there’s more mercury in the vaccines than the fish we consume!)

Well mate do you not have to have a range of inoculation as a preventive health measures, tell this wanker to get over himself ABC. It’s like saying you shouldn’t need to wash your hands or adhere to any other hygiene practice if you’re a paramedic. Strange?! I know he’s not a doctor, but shouldn’t he want to do no harm to a patient. If he went blind would he still insist on driving the ambulance?

simple if you don’t want the Vax Don’t work in healthcare or any profession that puts you or others at risk. It is just a jab maybe you should not have had the polio diphtheria measles flu or tuberculosis jab. Oh you would have more than likely not survived till now. selfish They're not. He's free to choose to stay at home until he can behave like an adult.

With one day left for WA's aged care workers to get a COVID jab, there is a warning of a looming crisisA mandatory vaccination policy for aged care workers coming into force in WA tomorrow will leave already under-resourced homes 'scrambling for staff', the United Workers Union warns. Many vaccinated people who are nearly finished “cert iii” in ageing n disability are waiting for their 120 hours placement. Aged care home are not allowing them to intern there. Let them intern and employ them. Don’t complain always! They have been scrambling for staff for years All medical employees in aus are required to be vaccinated for Hepatitis B with no issues so how is this any different? I strongly suspect that there is a load of trouble stirring propaganda behind this article.

Tumut paramedic lodges Supreme Court challenge to COVID-19 vaccine mandate. What an idiot. Everybody has a choice and I guess his choice will be to no longer have a job. Frontline health worker dealing with the vulnerable and high risk and in fact you sign a dam contract so get over it, this is an infectious disease

End of story if it’s a condition of your employment. Particularly when they are experimental No one is forcing anyone to do anything. Just like everything else there are conditions on participating.... Sorry but you are dealing with people who potentially are vulnerable either you get vaxxed or step away from all public life

No body should be forced to die from covid if you treat them, your job is to preserve life. Whose life will save if you make them sick and in consequence they die. Maybe you should move to Byron all the real idiots live there buy some salt crystals offer them your care And he works in medical? Scary. No one is, but choices have consequences

Nobody’s forcing them to get the vaccine. They just have to get a different job.

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Yes you should or do a different job What’s the bet he has a small pox vaccine scar I don’t think anyone is ‘forcing’ people to vaccinate. I think he needs to find another job! Yes, people should be forced to have vaccinations if they’re interacting with other people. They don’t have the right to endanger other people.

I have zero respect for this man how irresponsible, Nobody should be forced to treat him should he contract COVID and require medical treatment. Well don’t take it. Just don’t complain when there are clubs and pubs and big sporting events closed to unvaccinated people. Dont get a jab, that's fine. But don't go looking for help at the hospital when you get sick. Just find yourself a nice gutter somewhere.

It IS a very personal medical procedure and those vaccinated can still catch and spread Covid 19. He doesn’t have to but he can work in a small office by himself answering the phone and have no connection with anybody all day long. He will still get paid. How is it forced? It's not like they strap you to a table and vaccinate you, or do they? 😜

Go find somewhere else in the world to work in health unvaccinated then. I'm not sure 'Don't like it, don't wanna, you're not my dad...' is quite as strong a defence as you imagine, old mate. COVIDIOT covid19nsw Bed wetters getting fired up as someone’s choice is different to theirs Then get a job where you're not a danger to members of the public!

'It's grossly unfair to ask somebody to interact with a paramedic if they're not comfortable with that person being unvaccinated' is surely the correct attitude I’m sorry, but paramedics are not experts in virology. Actually, they aren’t even qualified to administer a vaccine without special permission. How do I know? I am one.

If you want to join the army, there are about 10 vaccinations you will need. Nobody’s forcing them to work as a paramedic No but why? Wouldn't you? They should be smart enough to do it voluntarily Is that like no-one should be forced to wear a seatbelt or no-one should be forced to stop their vehicle at a red light?

If people are being forced to have a vaccine it's clearly not about a virus. It's about the vax passport and control. That's without considering what is actually in the jab or the long term/short term effects of it. I agree 100%?but your also not being forced to move on to another job where by your unvaccinated stance doesn’t put you in contact with people whose health and lives are at risk by your refusal to be vaccinated … go work somewhere else …

Fully support this, nobody should be forced. Vaccine protection looks crapper by the day anyway No one should be forced to risk exposure to possibly covid positive people who don't vaxx and don't take med advice. There will be a social vaxx mandate. What business would do otherwise? And he claims to be a medical professional...

As a surgeon, I have to be vaccinated against Hepatitis B among other things. Without it, I can’t operate. Not allowed in the OR. Paramedics deal with already compromised patients - they MUST be vaccinated. If you don’t want the jab get a different job. Simple! There is not a problem if you don't won't the jab don't have it just don't go to a restaurant or a Club that's O K

He shouldn't work as a paramedic if he won't accept the vaccine. Time a career change! Vaccination has been mandatory in the healthcare setting for years now. The COVID vaccine is no different. This man is just a Paramedic. He is not a doctor.His views cannot be taken seriously, since he is on the frontline of people potentially exposed to the virus.

Given that specific vaccines are already mandated in healthcare settings, he doesn't stand much of a chance. Covid isn't different. You either get the vax or get out. Nobody should be forced to pay taxes, yet… Any chance I could not be forced to pay a Medicare levy for the care of those who choose not to be vaccinated and end up in ICU? Nah, didn’t think so.

'mandatory' and 'forced' and mass surveillance. We are told it has to be the new normal; the pretence of being a democracy rapidly dropped by Federal/State governments. Those who disagree worry me deeply

Forced vaccination goes against the UN charter of human rights. Which I believe Australia subscribes to Will they next be arguing that their reasoning, whatever it is, also be applied to working with vulnerable people checks? I'm vaxxed but absolutely agree... Especially if vaccinated people can still catch and transmit Covid to others with equally high viral loads with Delta. It's personal protection. It does not stop spread. So why the draconian mandates