'No-brainer': Retailers encouraged to start reopening stores

Australian retailers are starting to tentatively reopen stores across the country despite experts warning of the threat from a 'second wave' of COVID-19.

8/04/2020 11:50:00 AM

Australian retailers are beginning to tentatively reopen stores across the country despite the pressing threat of the coronavirus pandemic, with a retail industry group telling shopkeepers to reopen stores 'if they can'

Australian retailers are starting to tentatively reopen stores across the country despite experts warning of the threat from a 'second wave' of COVID-19.

Very large text sizeAustralian retailers are beginning to tentatively reopen stores across the country despite the pressing threat of the coronavirus pandemic, with a retail industry group telling shopkeepers to reopen stores "if they can".Hundreds of retail stores shut and tens of thousands of workers were stood down in late March, as merchants battled both plummeting trade and strict new social distancing laws introduced by both federal and state governments.

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Foot traffic along Melbourne's Bourke Street Mall has plummeted during the pandemic but retailers are now being encouraged to reopen stores.Credit:Simon SchluterMany companies said the closures would remain in place indefinitely, while others flagged a tentative four-week timeframe. However, some are already beginning to gradually reopen stores or are formulating plans to reopen sooner than expected.

National children's retailer Kidstuff announced on Monday it would begin to reopen selected stores through its network, with all bar eight of its 59 locations resuming trade under modified hours and with preventative measures in place, including limits on the number of customers at one time and a ramp up in cleaning procedures.

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WHO is encouraging retailers to reopen? WHO in the SMH is encouraging criminal behaviour? Really inappropriate! We're coming into flu season! What Aust has been doing is working. Are you going to stuff it up!! This is not about stats & curves! Its about peoples lives & hospitals being able to cope with seriously unwell people!! Are you ready to be tried as criminal?

Where? Such a bad call. This kind of shit will keep us in this for many months longer than necessary. Capitalism fucks us all. If it’s not a good idea we will find out soon enough...in 14 days 🤦🏻‍♀️ We are risking ? Leave it to.smh to not be the voice of reason here. Pointless. Staff and operation costs will smash any minor revenue coming in the door.

HOW do we have more cases than Japan or Singapore? Isnt community transmission increasing? Is exponential growth still possible? WHO are the numpties making health policy they know nothing about? This will affect all of us. You'd hope this would have made most of them not have a shit online prescence and shop and delivery costs. What a chance for AusPost and Australian retailers to have worked with together to create excellent shipping fees and delivery times.

Meanwhile, Australian daycares are starting to close bcs the childcare free policy. Retail industry group are not doing their members any favours wanting stores to open when we are told to stay indoors isolate practice social distancing .shopping centres would be the last place I would want to be .they are a magnet for the virus to spread .

anniethenigma Oh how typical. Putting dollars before health. Or sense. Do you people have *any* idea of what is predicted for June if we don't stay at home? Stop this madness! COVID19 stayathome Morrison the moron tells everyone it’s ok to buy a puzzle so shops reopen NSW has had to cope with the brunt of all the virus outbreaks from international travellers, return flights from Wuhan and cruise ships whilst other states closed their borders to us - were all in this together .... yeah Right!

Based on the characteristics of covid19, experts are saying generally the detected cases are around 20% leaving the 80% with many asymptomatic who can infect others. How many experts consider with modelling this risks a second wave and UK situation ? auspol COVID2019AU There is so far to go with this crisis... No Brains would be a better headline!

Did anyone who is thinking of reopening look at the Covid modelling yesterday just look at the timeframe even if the best case scenario is met too early right now to say... wasting community transmissions just so selfish I think Mmm bit too soon how about waiting til end of April at least no customers anyway good luck let’s hope you don’t become a epicentre

This flies in the face of everything else we know and are being told “Stay at home unless absolutely necessary” ... unless of course we want things to worsen, then have a longer partial shut-down, or a full shut down StayHome anniethenigma lol Sure, 'tentatively' They just fucked!!! the economy for a proven STORM IN A TEA CUP!!! These idiots are making me sick, MSMisantipeople Australianeedsjournalists storminateacup

They can open all the stores they want,I will not be shopping in them. Thank dog for on line shopping. WTF Who’s visiting though? I’m happy to order online if they offer it. And have done in the past week... Scene: Police blockade whilst police helicopter whir overhead. Policeman: you better have a valid reason why your out right now! Me: yeah I’m going to kidstuff. Policeman: ok off you go sir.

But they banned Airbnb in the same week? Something not quite right I am surprised retail and supermarkets have not shut their doors and ramped up home delivery even deliver for free. All staff could remain working packing orders driving vans etc etc. Can’t we wait 2 more weeks until infections in single digits? Who will we blame when numbers start increasing? Industry groups? Government? I forgot they are believers in herd immunity . So some elderly with illnesses die, less pension payments, free up beds , small price to pay

Looks like we’ve beaten it, well done everyone. Don’t, just don’t. Short term pain, long term gain. Yea, so how do they feed their family’s,,they are not public servants or politicians getting free money they need to earn it to pay bills. Hopefully the worst is over.

'New normal': Traditional retailers prepare to downsize amid massive online shopping shiftAustralia's retailers are preparing to shut stores, reduce workforces and reconfigure supply chains to prepare for a fundamental shift towards online shopping | domp simonjohanson domp simonjohanson and what if the post no longer works like here in FRance ? domp simonjohanson BreakingNews :-MahmoudJibril, the former head of the Libyan has died from the coronavirus domp simonjohanson But Shopping Malls and large stores have become the new Cathedrals for people to worship the Great God of Consumerism!. Will worshipping their God from their homes offer the same spiritual satisfactions?.

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Victoria's schools to reopen next weekPremier Daniel Andrews announces schools will reopen next week, as the state's coronavirus death toll rises to 11. This is so misleading. I must say 'digital issues' is a very polite way of saying 'screwed over by the NBN'. This is out of date already given he announced they'd go remote shortly after.

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