New Zealand commits millions to climate relocation fund for Fiji

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced a pioneering donation to a Fiji fund to help move island communities impacted by rising seas.


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced a pioneering donation to a Fiji fund to help relocate island communities impacted by rising seas.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced a pioneering donation to a Fiji fund to help move island communities impacted by rising seas.

The $US2 million ($A3 million) donation, part of a broader $US150 million ($A227 million) package of climate change assistance to Fiji, aims to support efforts already underway to resettle people at risk from sea-level rise and other climate-related threats.

Finding money to pay for rising"loss and damage" from climate change impacts - including forced migration or relocation - is expected to be a key issue at UN climate negotiations in Glasgow later this year.Cosmin Corendea, an international lawyer who helped Fiji develop its relocation and displacement guidelines over the past two years, said the Pacific island nation was the first to develop sophisticated policies for moving climate-hit communities.

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Thought China was donating to Fiji by building their roading etc along with using as army base? Thats a great idea ! ..... Why don't you bring them all to NZ? But it’s not sinking !!!! Except for the fact that seas are not rising and that this is a scam and huge waste of money, what a great idea! Maybe she should read works of eminent NZ researcher Dr Paul Kench.

That is a blatant misuse of NZ taxpayer $’s she needs to stop her virtue signalling & fix the mess she has in her own backyard . Pacifica islands have been growing confirmed by scientific data . Her gesture is about politics nothing less. Good work. The $500m we gave them last year for that went to setting up a new bank. And it was not the water kind of bank.

She is a complete idiot as surveys show fiji isn't becoming submerged. I wouldn't be surprized if nz and australia cough up lots of money to these islands because it they don't china will. Normals would be aware that Fiji is made up of volcanic islands, not atolls. It is mountainous and rises more than 1km above the ocean.

Which Islands?

New emails reveal more details about sports rortsPrime Minister Scott Morrison’s involvement in the “sports rorts” scheme is again under scrutiny after it emerged 136 emails were sent from his office about the program. This is ridiculous. This PM is ridiculous. I can not fathom who or what is keeping him in the job. Not for months now. auspol NotMyPM Coalition election was won based on a massive scam $50k to Morrison's own electorate to build a structure they had already built. Morrison reeks of corruption Email sux

Jessica Arden is the world's best prime minister! Better then all the males too! 🥳🥳🥳 What did our scum politicians do? Snigger and giggle. So outclassed ScottMorrisonMP are you going to follow suit We have a responsibility to help our pacific neighbours! I suspect most of the people piling praise on Ardern don’t live in New Zealand

Yes. Money that could be spent on the poor kids here in NZ. Ah well, never mind. nzpol Leave her there What Rising Seas Firstly, a solution to a non-existent problem. Secondly, I doubt the Fijians will ever see a single cent of this money. Zero. What rising seas? Can we see some visual evidence of this occurring? Just a picture of an island submerged would be a start. This is all a UN money grabbing climate change con.

Green New Deal is 'like a sacred cow which nobody can touch' | Sky News AustraliaFormer Gillard political advisor John McTeran says there is a danger a ‘Green New Deal’ is “bringing in socialism and failed ideas of a socialist economy through the back door”.\n\nA ‘Green New Deal’ aims to comprehensively tackle the issue of climate change, and has picked up support across the globe, but Mr McTeran says it is “like a sacred cow, nobody can attack it”.\n\nMr McTeran told Sky News host Peta Credlin there are two streams of thought on a ‘Green New Deal’; one which holds that it can “improve the … capitalist economy we have”. \n\nOn the other hand, the far left has “always wanted to replace capitalism”.\n\nHe said members of left-wing political movements across the world have “failed with a socialist economy wherever they produce it,” but are now trying to use a ‘Green New Deal’ as a “trojan horse”.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia\n lol. The Socialism scare? Got any new material? You better believe it the greens party ex socialist labor party are there now. They have lost the plot.

NZ - Jacinda Ardern kicking Australia's arse with how she Governs & shows leadership..Now if only we could have an intelligent, progressive thinking, Party who cares about Australia & ALL it's people, re: of if they're Rich or Poor. Not a - PentacostalPM CorruptLNP Narcissists What an embarrassment - not long till she's gone NZ 😉

What absolute disgrace from a leader who seems to lack enough unbiased intelligence to see climate change is a lie and deception. Election must deal a decisive blow to end the reign Empathy, compassion and leadership...all the qualities our government doesn’t have. Oh, where is Australia's Jacinda We need more of that kind of leadership in OZ. Bouquets to her & the NZ parliament.

It's a slush fund. Diverting taxpayer cash into some spurious and virtuous ideal that cannot and will not be accountable. And the liberals on hot mic laughed at our neighbours losing everything to rising sea levels. There is no impact. Madness A New Zealand research team discovered that 43% of Pacific Islands are GROWING in size Logic and reason are dead

We need women leading every country in the world. Right now!

Charlotte Crosby poses completely naked to show off new tattooI’m A Celeb star Charlotte Crosby has traded her jungle duds for her birthday suit, stripping down completely naked on Instagram to unveil her newest ink. Who? Lol who?

Why don’t they sell their useless coastal land to hotel developers? I'm in awe of this wonderful woman Are we chipping in? ScottyFromMarketting Why is Ardern relocating Fijians to New Zealand? alyxei1 I am holidaying in NZ at Easter. I will try and bring Jacinda back with me. What a champion! Go Jacinda, if only other political leaders had your penanche and modern outlook. Stuck with ScoMoFo

All countries are impacted by rising seas: it’s called high tide. China builds whole islands from underwater shoals. Relocation is not the only option. Sand movs by tides every day, since forever. If people build or live on inadequate locally legislated zoning hardely rising waters. Oyster farmers .4 to .6 ideal level on low tide has not changed since 1950’s when first established oyster farming

Jackthelad1947 This is a Real Leader.She does for her Country Not for Herself, Unlike Australias Leader.

Hundreds of new coronavirus cases in Asia as disease spreads across the globeAsia reported hundreds of new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, including the first US soldier to be infected, as the United States warned of an inevitable pandemic, and outbreaks in Italy and Iran spread to more countries Don’t forget Greece - 1st case announced a few minutes ago. Welcome to Australia if your pocket got money

What a difference a Good PM looks like Well done Fiji and NZ. In 1989 Margaret Thatcher (a Tory) spoke about assistance to small nations who would suffer with climate change. It's not a L/R issue, its humanity. Now wake up Australia, where are you? We will trade you for ScottyfromMarketing aka scottyfromsportsrorts any day. You don't know how good you have got it. Awesome person, better PM jacindaardern

The NZ taxpayer rejoices elliemail I believe Bob Hawke pledged Australia to look after Pacific Island nations if the ice melted. Why Why Why! Now all the Aussie lefty greeny vegan tosspots are going to applaud this senseless act and suggest she'd be a better PM than others. Regardless of how far backwards she has forced her own country. Stop it .

What a waste of NZ taxpayers' funds. While she’s “rescuing” Fiji, Obama has purchased a great deal of ocean view realestate. 🧡 New Zealand! Great work Jacinta! This is why Australia needs a transgender prime minister.

New drug added to PBS to help treat Australia's deadliest cancerThe drug is an immunotherapy which is effective against non-small-cell lung cancer, offering a potentially effective treatment for thousands of sufferers.

And WHO is going to pay for the donation? NZ taxpayers, not her of course. When times are difficult for NZ citizens the leftist PM thinks about ......pacific islands! last time I checked it's still there Outstanding 'regional' leadership in the context of environmental refugees! Qldaah Behold kindness and leadership

They’ve got a few 1000 years to plan it I guess . Ardern is a socialist fruit cake. Sea levels will fall during the next Little Ice Age which is now upon us. SBS The answer to a problem that doesn’t exist. How generous she is with other peoples money! But please tell me, Jacinda: where have the seas risen? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Damn that fake news stinks. Go and have a wash , you smell REALLY bad. SBS Abfab New Zealand Pals 💞 💘 😘🐇😍

New ‘mini-moon’ orbiting EarthA new “mini-moon” has been discovered orbiting the Earth, but it might not stick around for long. Does it have a grumpy face like the “face” on Mars? If so it is just going through one of its phases. moon photography camera space mars face grumpy There's about 7 moons that orbit the Earth, this is nothing new.

My how one task can separate you from the crowd! From a leadership perspective, would you be a backer of the NZ PM? Leadership apol ClimateCrisis ClimateAction Shame the sea levels aren’t rising A caring neighbor shapednoise Good to have 1 leader in the region. Shame that the sea isn’t rising, otherwise this would be a feel good story.

Those at the ABC 'aren't used to hearing frank, mainstream assessments' | Sky News Australia

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