Mathias Cormann confirmed as a frontrunner for OECD post following candidate cull

Mathias Cormann confirmed as frontrunner for OECD post following candidate cull | @bevanshields

13/01/2021 10:54:00 PM

Mathias Cormann confirmed as frontrunner for OECD post following candidate cull | bevanshields

The Liberal Party powerbroker has defied critics to be listed in the top three candidates for the prestigious post.

Normal text sizeVery large text sizeLondon:Mathias Cormann has defied critics who hoped the Coalition's climate change policies would quickly sink his bid to lead a key global economic body, with the former senator emerging as a frontrunner following a cull of candidates.

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Cormann, a Liberal Party powerbroker and Australia's longest-serving finance minister, left the Senate last year to campaign for the position of secretary-general of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.Former finance minister Mathias Cormann is running to become the OECD secretary-general.

Credit:Sources at the Paris-based OECD toldThe Sydney Morning HeraldandThe Agethat the 10 candidates vying for the job had been put into three groups based on soundings from the OECD's 38 member countries.Cormann has been listed in the group with the strongest level of support, alongside Sweden's candidate Cecilia Malmström and the Swiss nominee Philipp Hildebrand.

AdvertisementThe next group, with "good" support, includes candidates from Canada, the United States, Denmark and Greece. This group includes the Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid, who some observers believed is a threat to Cormann's chances.

Candidates from the Czech Republic and Poland had the lowest support and have withdrawn from the race.The grouping suggests Cormann's vision for the OECD is resonating and that the strategy of lobbying member countries in person paid off.Labor – which has offered backing to Cormann's campaign – criticised the government for letting the ex-politician

use a Royal Australian Air Force jetto fly around Europe and South America in November and December and rally support.Environment groups also claimed the Coalition's record on climate change would make Cormann an unpopular choice to lead the OECD.

The OECD emerged from the post-war Marshall Plan and plays a key role in shaping the economic agenda. Its 38 members represent more than 60 per cent of global GDP. Read more: The Sydney Morning Herald »

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BevanShields Bloody ridiculous, how dumb are they!! BevanShields And if he gets the job it leaves the OECD with ZERO credibility BevanShields If Cormann succeeds in this position nothing could illustrate better either the OECD is corrupt or it intends to become corrupt. DrRimmer BevanShields DrRimmer BevanShields Regrettable

BevanShields That lying man getting that job the OECD will lose all credibility BevanShields What? Cormann, the new convert to climate action? After years of ensuring Australia has no plan! auspol OECD BevanShields 🤮 BevanShields Can't believe what the SMH says Lets wait BevanShields That’s because ScottyFromPhotoOps gave him a plane

BevanShields Are we buying him a job are we? He’d never get it based on his history. BevanShields Suck shit i say BevanShields Old boys club BevanShields Gee the field must’ve been pretty poor .. BevanShields Its Bad for disadvantag, basic humans rights wellbeing,Liberals politicians only quit minister job's, when they got another good job,for they interest?

BevanShields Has the world gone completely mad. He's one of the most vocal climate change deniers and pro fossil fuels.I would have thought the OECD had more integrity than this? This is repugnant and despicable OECD ? BevanShields Good grief are you kidding? Has the world gone completely mad. He's one of the most vocal climate change deniers and pro fossil fuels.I would have thought the OECD had more integrity than this? This is repugnant and despicable OECD ?

BevanShields Maybe he can pay back all the taxpayers money he used to travel and promote himself for the job then. BevanShields Rigged,how many million did it cost tax payers? BevanShields Surely SchleicherOECD and the OECD have more sense than to hand this climate denying grifter the post. The damage to their reputation would be incalculable with the world on the cusp of global economic decarbonisation. The hypocrisy would be mind blowing. auspol OECD

BevanShields OECD looking to degrade its profile further BevanShields Oh no! His best friend the PM if Australia wants to control the World's finance. Don't do it OECD OECD_Centre BevanShields You are taking the piss aren't you? BevanShields BevanShields sickening - how much money has this venture cost in greasing palms?

BevanShields somebody pass me a bucket .....better make it a big one ! BevanShields Really? Seriously? So climate denial is ok then BevanShields And how is this supposed to help us peasants? BevanShields The world is completely doomed. What a fucked up species to run a planet. BevanShields What has he promised them or their mates ?

BevanShields Eye roll with head shake. WTAF! BevanShields 'defied critics' s/be 'defied logic' LNPcrimefamily AuspolSoCorrupt BevanShields Jeebus BevanShields Good grief. He SOOOO doesn't deserve it. Totally unfit for that role BevanShields Ffs BevanShields More spin from Costello's Fairfax to promote Cormann.

BevanShields 🤮 BevanShields Honestly, if I was on a boat I would jump overboard BevanShields hard to believe he’s sucked the Euros in... BevanShields OECD_ENV you may want to read this thread and consider it as Cormans job application.... The true version! BevanShields MathiasCormann is being...🤣

BevanShields Do you guys and gals realise that you are not supposed to make news up ? Reporters and their bosses are supposed to report on TRUTH . ie things that actually happened. Here we see just how out of touch with reality they are . BevanShields More propaganda BevanShields WTF BevanShields Another chronic under achiever being placed in a cushy role by ScottMorrisonMP pathetic

BevanShields Absolutely mindboggling. The world really is fucked. BevanShields Thus demonstrating the utter degradation of the concept of leadership from one of leading by example, ethically and honestly, to one of; “do as I say, not as I do; whatever it takes” auspol BevanShields what an absolute con. He should be prosecuted for his constant denial of climate change. NOW the conman presents himself as a climate hero. FO

BevanShields Ok australia.......just what does it take for you to say ENOUGH BevanShields That organisation does nothing. He will fit right in BevanShields Are you joking? BevanShields Can we sign a petition against the this stupidity? BevanShields Bullshit. BevanShields I seriously hope the OECD members see through this conman and send him packing. There are several much better qualified candidates who genuinely want action on climate change and have the credentials to back it up, unlike Corman who has lied and obstructed in this area. 🤞

BevanShields The snake sheds its skin. BevanShields BevanShields 😩 BevanShields FMD ! Doesn’t give me much faith in the process or the organisation. Why introduce white ants into and structure. BevanShields Is this guy who has soaked up millions of tax payer dollars to promote himself and his ambitions the same one who is from a side of politics that heavily criticised so-called “leaners”? (Not to mention being climate change deniers and inequality pushing trickle downers)

BevanShields Wtf BevanShields The OECD is doomed. BevanShields 'JOB'S FOR THE BOY$'. BevanShields Can they cull him? BevanShields Kiss of death right there. BevanShields cancelfairfax BevanShields No!! He does not deserve this appointment! Auspol BevanShields I'd like to see the credentials of the Swiss & the Swedish candidates. Good luck to him if he gets it he is European with a good dose of Australia, its the land, it has depth, it has its roots, it has soul. But i wish Kevin Rudd had been given support from Turnbull for the UN job

BevanShields The other candidates must be poor if he is the front runner BevanShields the Manchurian candidate BevanShields Well the minerals council and the other fossil fuel sponsors must be pleased then. They might have a voice in the OECD that can subvert all that climate change nonsense. BevanShields You're kidding. That the pool of talent worldwide is so small that someone this pathetic would even be considered is embarrassing. Do yourself a favour OECD, look elsewhere.

BevanShields Nooo BevanShields OECD BevanShields Absolutely abhorrent BevanShields everyone should email OECD and tell them why Cormann is a really bad choice. BevanShields Did they only have 3 candidates? That's about the only way he has gotten that close! Unless there is another Liberal money trail somewhere.... 💰💵💸

BevanShields Scrapping the bottom of the barrel if they're looking for a candidate like Matthias Cormann. BevanShields Okayyyy. OECD is not doing itself any favours if it picks a man who, for instance, subverted the democratic process twice by organising the knifing of a duly elected PM. BevanShields TWEET: confirmed as frontrunner HEADLINE: confirmed as a frontrunner ARTICLE: one of three frontrunners auspol

BevanShields What a joke BevanShields Oh FFS... BevanShields Serious. The worst candidate. Climate denier BevanShields Disgraceful BevanShields There must be a lot of shit candidates. Having said that, the OECD objectives pretty much align with Cormann's creed. It's just going to be funny hearing Labor getting beaten up from the Chair of the OECD, that having been his lifelong job.

BevanShields Did they vet him *at all* by chance? BevanShields Just look at those lying eyes. If they are stupid enough to even consider this back stabber they deserve all that will befall them. BevanShields Corruption is everywhere 🙄 BevanShields Who has been paid off? BevanShields What the actual?

BevanShields If we needed proof of the shithole the world is in right now, here it is. BevanShields Gross BevanShields I would have thought the OECD had more integrity than this. Oh well, grifters gonna grift. BevanShields Great ClimateChange denialism for the OECD... BevanShields Jeebus. Idiots.

BevanShields The OECD clearly doesn't bother with 'due diligence'. BevanShields Who is he rooting. BevanShields Ok, how much did we pay? BevanShields Surely the OECD isn.t corrupted or blind to accept this stumbling bumbling Climate denying rorting pig of a man or is it..? BevanShields The Belgian waffler continues.

Qldaah BevanShields Must be a really shallow candidate pool. leaningnotlifting BevanShields This is sooo depressing BevanShields Holy crap. BevanShields Oh FFS BevanShields 2020; 'I was the craziest year ever!' 2021; 'Hold my beer.' 🤣😂🤣 BevanShields Horrifying. Millions of dollars stolen from us have elevated this extremely inferior candidate. OECD

BevanShields I thought we were moving forward to end world suffering? Obviously 🙄 not, with all things liberal but one always likes to cling to hope Qldaah BevanShields They mad ! BevanShields Let’s hope he falls on his face and someone else wins BevanShields POS deserves the Styx. BevanShields The climate denier , front runner 🤣😂

BevanShields Das Terminator will be in control