Mark McGowan ordered to leave WA to attend Clive Palmer defamation trial in Sydney

Mark McGowan ordered to leave WA to attend Clive Palmer defamation trial in Sydney

25/01/2022 12:06:00 PM

Mark McGowan ordered to leave WA to attend Clive Palmer defamation trial in Sydney

WA Premier Mark McGowan and his Attorney-General will be required to leave the closed-off state and appear in a Sydney court for a defamation trial brought against him by Clive Palmer.

Mr McGowan had hoped to appear in court via video linkcomments made by Mr McGowan in 2020The defamation trial was set to start in Sydney on Monday but was today pushed back to start in the middle of next month, with a ruling made for Mr McGowan to appear in court in person.

"It is not possible to participate virtually or remotely in the Legislative Assembly of the Parliament of Western Australia," he said.."The announcement on 20 January 2022 was a significant one and I consider that the people of Western Australia would expect me to be in parliament to answer questions in relation to it."

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Let's see him get on the plane first. By who... Why Sydney? What does make Sydney law court superior than WA ones? A right wing extremist is encouraged in Australia? Go get him Mark , honest Aussie are with you. Some individuals in this nation really shouldn’t call themselves Australian, they delight in division and self promotion and one can only hope that the young and impressionable can sort the wheat from the chaff an eliminate the trash!

I hope he has to do quarantine when ge goes back to WA 😄😄 Two drop kicks in the same room at the same time. So, Palmer's case against against WA govt is more important than managing our state. Why isn’t he appearing via video link? He better get tested three times and self isolate for 14 days when he arrives back in Perth...or be a hypocrite.

If we all call Clive “enemy of WA” is he going to sue everyone. What a cry baby. enemyofthestate

What shit you spin ABC Zoom is available. ElaineM11584892 ‘Ordered’ is a provocative word for the ABC to use. ABC thedrum. This is ridiculous! Some people should back off. Also asking a sitting Premier to fly across the country during a pandemic when their state is trying to delay to onset of covid. Really the stupidity of it.

ElaineM11584892 Why isn't video link acceptable? On a more general point, clearly defamation laws are being abused by the rich and powerful... Best court system money can buy. Here's the deal, when this goes tits up as it's reasonable to assume it will, the STATE should counter sue Palmer for his vexatious claim and more.

ElaineM11584892 the ABC needs an editorial enema Hope to do a full report when he WINs Ha ha ha… McGowan should tell them to get bent. I deeply regret my statements CliveFPalmer you were only fighting for the freedoms of all Australians and to up your bank balance. I hope you don’t go ahead with the defamation case. But I would like to see my parents in Sydney while I’m there.

What a waste of time, money & energy. McGowan has bigger fish to fry rather than travel the other end of the country, just to stroke the ego of a privileged, conceited narcissist. A stunt few can afford. Another massive distraction from Federal Government disasters. Don’t come back I guess not everyone bows down to the Prince of Perth’s demands ☠️

There’s Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Video conferencing seems to work for Gladys’s hearing too..just saying Palmer will lose again like he always does. No doubt Palmer is using other people's money to pay for it. 😂🤣 Can't we DO something about Palmer? Hasn't he been found guilty of anything yet Why can't Clive go to WA ?

😂 Again… another example of the media and the other states trying to make a headline to entertain themselves.

This is delusional stuff - reputation! WAFJ! We have serious criminals attending via video link every day yet somehow Clive managed to get an order for a state premier in state under lockdown to attend in person. Maybe someone should be questioning the impartiality of this process. Clive palmer is not done with the WA premier

Mark could true and yes the I live in a separate country argument your laws do not apply to me... No Its so petty, a waste of money and time. I hope the ruling is found in Mark McGowan's favour. Use technology:- ZOOM IT !!! Seems the federal court is stuck in the last century and haven't heard of being able to attend important events virtually. Very sad.

Incel city on this thread 🥶 Given that with his reputation Palmer is basically liable-proof, it makes me wonder why the courts are even entering this

HAHAHAHAHAHA! MarkMcGowanMP the sands in your hour glass are nearly all in the bottom half Phek off Clive! What a waste of court time. How the hell did this get to Fed Court? is he allowed back in ? What a waste of space. MarkMcGowanMP doing his best for WA FooledMeOnce That’s an extreme risk zone, not exemptions and locked out of WA

Go Clive 💪🏼