'Maintain the rage': Bettina Arndt urges supporters to fight 'feral mobs'

The sex therapist has attacked the federal government for caving in to what she called 'feminist power' by backing a motion condemning her.


Bettina Arndt has implored her supporters to 'maintain the rage' and mobilise against 'feral mobs' and politicians she believes are acting outside their power in calling for her Australia Day honour to be revoked

The sex therapist has attacked the federal government for caving in to what she called 'feminist power' by backing a motion condemning her.

In an email sent to her mailing list, the social commentator and sex therapist condemned the Morrison government for supporting a motion that censured her, saying conservative MPs "caved in" to "feminist power"."It is a very sorry day for this country that this key branch of our government is engaging in virtue signalling at the expense of supporting free speech and proper discussion of key social issues," she wrote.

"Hopefully the Honours Council, which is fully independent, will acknowledge this submission as just one more complaint to be lodged in the standard way," she wrote.

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A couple of halfwit redneccks ‘maintaining the rage’isn’t going to cut it. She should be out on her arse before bonafide recipients start handing theirs back.. TRAVLIC I would be what she calls a feral. Now in my 60's and have worked all my life. But I remember the violence that was inflicted on my mother and us kids. And I will not tolerate dismissal of violence against women and children as excusable. domesticviolence bettinaarndt

She’s gonna get it revoked if she doesn’t shut the hell up! thebettinaarndt didn’t anyone say, sometimes it’s best to say nothing. Can we find out who nominated her? Delusions or grandeur? Or relevance? ignore politicians' virtue signalling The supporters' rage against a toxic husband who burnt his young family, and the entire Australian Senate's condemnation arndt enough to enlighten Arndt. She's made a living out of this negativity against women. And it took this government to award her a medal.

She can be sure the rage is there and is from everywhere. Bettina Cundt I maintain my rage against her I am not a feral. I believe that DV or murder of your own children and your ex wife is one is the most vile crimes in the world as is paedophilia

Bettina Arndt urges her supporters to 'maintain the rage' | Sky News AustraliaBettina Arndt is urging her supporters to write to the Governor-General after Labor and the Coalition passed a Senate motion condemning her. \n\nThe motion in part called for Ms Arndt to be stripped of her Order of Australia honour after she tweeted that it was important to 'keep an open mind and await proper evidence' about Rowan Baxter.\n\nHannah Clarke and her young children were killed in a car fire set alight by the 31-year-old’s estranged husband last week.\n\nIn a letter to her supporters, the men's right activist asked them to 'maintain the rage' and said any possible stripping of her honours would take 'many months'.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia Most of her supporters don't know how to write, they prefer drumming it into someone thebettinaarndt Just writing my disgust to the GG now. Strip her NOW!!! That heartless women is dividing our nation with her hatred!!! This is what the Australia day award shouldn't be about!!!!!!

Ugly photo betrays editorial bias. Which rage is that? The rage that she supports pedophiles? Or the one where she lies abt her credentials? Or is it the rage from the division she is causing? Or that a decent person missed out on an award? I'm not sure which rage i shd maintain. Any suggestions? She's dishonoured the award. Until hers is revoked, people of conscience who are nominated could and should politely refuse. She's demeaned it, so who would want one?

I'm with you Bettina. I found your comments perfectly reasonable. It’s Bettina and her mob that’s Feral This could backfire jimx2460 thebettinaarndt it is a disgrace. Particularly when you compare the reaction to you v the woman who murdered her children by drowning them. Strangely there was understanding that she was pushed to it. Leftist are a cancer.

People like Ms Arndt thrive on controversy and publicity. It helps them maintain their profile (& their paychecks) and galvanises their supporters. Very similar to Donald Trump. You'd have think she's enjoying all this attention. If you want to hurt her, stop talking about her. Bettina Arndt, as I see it, your Credibly is Zero, I will certainly maintain the Rage, till you are “Called Out”.

Bipartisan support for Bettina Arndt to be stripped of OAM after Hannah Clarke commentsAll Australian senators, except those from One Nation, condemn Bettina Arndt's comments over the killing of Hannah Clarke, placing further pressure on the Order of Australia Council to strip the social commentator of her honour. 'AM' even... Disgusting politicians. It's time we started stripping them of all their entitlements kcarruthers She was awarded an AM, not an OAM. Can you correct this please?

If anyone was fence sitting about this divisive woman, then her comments should make it clear she is totally undeserving of an OAM. Meanwhile, other non-deserving recipients are glad she’s fool enough to draw the fire. On the day that Josh Reynolds family violence charges were dropped due to fake evidence, The Greens thought it good timing to bash Betty again. What exactly is wrong with caution ?

Nothing more feral than claiming there is any justification or even mitigating circumstances for a man, known to be controlling and abusive, making the choice to burn alive his entire family. She is the worst kind of feral bogan. Ok boomer 'Maintain the rage'? Sounds like encouraging violence. So she is calling for violence against who?

Yep, that's the language of someone who is a champ of the greater good and inclusiveness. The only feral is the one whining now the true rage of karma has kicked in and who’s blaming murdered mothers and children for their own deaths. I still want to know who put her name forward, does anyone know please ?

I keep wondering what experience in her life has made her this way, why does she hate women?

Federal Government backs push to strip Bettina Arndt of Order of Australia honourThe Coalition has supported a Labor motion to strip men's rights activist Bettina Arndt of her Order of Australia honour. Well hind sight is a wonderful thing! But the REAL question remains, Who Nominated and Who Voted for her to receive the Award in the first place? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

She has supporters? Is she running for politics? Or does she play a sport? Because since when did a trumped up piece of work like Arndt have supporters? It’s not like she actually does anything. I am maintaining the rage that she does not represent Australia. That she is a disgrace and a media slut. Her desire for attention no matter how abhorrent is narcissistic.

I just got excited thinking that she'd come to her senses and will hand her award over to some feminist who has been fighting her ass off for years for simple things men have rights to but women not...oh well! she is the epitome of what this govt stands for. lies and hatred. Lacks a moral compass What a dear little pot she is. A feral to the last.

Has anyone checked with PeterDutton_MP to confirm whether her angry mob of supporters will be 'left' or 'right'? auspol Well Bettina can kiss 💋 my hairy arse 😡😡 🤬🤬 You’d have to be damned crazy to agree with this woman. She is asking you to maintain your rage - it’s the same as pushing you to kill someone to prove her point...all so she can get an award for pretending to care. Killing is a choice, jail isn’t.

Helping to maintain the rage. If you haven't written to GG to ask for termination of her award yet, please do. Bettina Arndt-not even a psychologist-read series of articles about her here: Petition is here:

Penny Wong and Kristina Keneally demand Bettina Arndt be stripped of Order of AustraliaTwo senior Labor senators want Bettina Arndt stripped of her Order of Australia after making 'reckless and abhorrent' comments about the Clarke family murders. In before all the white-knights show up to defend her honour! Better late than never, i suppose. So hard when I like Bettina, Penny and Kristina. If only these great women could accept Bettinas stance and agree to disagree. But going after an award that Bettina deserved is wrong. How do you take it back when her work has already been acknowledged?

Considering who her supporters are, that is quite the incitement to violence. 😂 We will Bettina. I will not be voting for any of them The rage is on all sides. What? All two of them? Stinkbomb MaintainingTheRage BlockedBettina 😘 They were acting outside common sense and decency in nominating you. We need to know who actually nominate you.

What a dignified response. And she wonders why she isn’t worthy of an award that is not meant for attention seeking old tarts She should never have been awarded it in the first place b

Australia Day honours are 'not the Logies', says KennerleyOn Tuesday a bipartisan senate motion was passed condemning comments made by honours recipient Bettina Arndt as having “the potential to bring the Order of Australia, instituted by the Queen, into disrepute”. JacquelineMaley Arndt will get more exposure and followers than she could ever have hoped for, femscreech always works against the screechers. JacquelineMaley Well, she's right JacquelineMaley Don’t know where to start with that comment?

Of course because misguided family court dads need provoking If she had any understanding of community values and standards, she’d offer to hand it in, anyway. The whole Parliament has voted against her keeping it! When your only supporters are One Nation, you have problems. Is she even qualified to make that statement?

Feral mobs WTH The clinical shrink should be familiar with projection Oh dear...

Bettina Arndt 'should be stripped of her title' | Sky News AustraliaLabor MP Matt Thistlethwaite says men’s rights activist Bettina Arndt “should be stripped of her title” after she received an Order of Australia Medal.\n\nMs Arndt has made headlines over comments she made about murdered mother Hannah Clarke, her three children and the man who killed them. \n\nThe men's rights activist congratulated a Queensland detective for keeping an open mind after he appeared to suggest the woman’s husband could have been driven to his breaking point before dousing petrol on his family and setting them alight.\n\nMr Thistlethwaite told Sky News her comments were “disgusting” and “are not becoming of someone that is given one of the highest orders in this country”. \n\n“To incinerate your children in your car while they are still locked in their baby seats is just incomprehensible,” he said. \n\nLiberal MP Tony Pasin also told Sky News the comments “literally sucked the oxygen out of my lungs” and were “incredibly ill-advised”.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia I noticed Senator Sarah Henderson called for this too the other day. So stripping women is OK! Misogynist There is no possible validation to the premeditated act of waiting for a car to be full, going over & throwing kerosine on 3 children & their mother, then torching the flammable liquids. Where were the police when this murdered mum kept asking for help?

All of her supporters? All 4 of them from the Sky desk. I think the quiet Australians are maintaining the rage against her award Stop. Platforming. Her. Terrible. Opinions... Maybe the media should start taking a long hard look at itself before it throws stones? Poor little Bettina I’m maintaining the rage! Fancy this fraud being awarded an AM, it’s a bloody disgrace.

Fraud Isn’t “rage” the problem? Who supports this bigot thebettinaarndt You are not deserving of any Award, other than the one for nastiness!

If anyone is in doubt what a nasty, misogynist fraud Bettina is, this is a great articles about her. Don't quote comrade Gough thebettinaarndt to push your fascist abuse agenda Cancel these awards. They are a joke. What has she done to deserve anything? thebettinaarndt sylvia2823 Maintain the rage? Dim, thick, nasty & hugely out of touch & irrelevant

Not a doctor She's a charmer! Funny thing is even her crew of oddbod MRA followers have been pretty silent throughout this saga Anyone thought of telling her the mobs were driven to it by her being a bitch? BettinaArndt - Disgraceful!👎 Desperate for the spotlight .. even at the expense of children + their mother - who would have been terrified - as their father poured petrol over them - then set them alight🔥 - their Horrendous Pain + Terror before Dying🔥😢💔

What supporters? Hey Bettina, they said they'll give the award to Mark Latham if you hand it back. - Lets see if this works. Don't take her OAM away from her make her Australian of the Year...so people can turn up on her tour events and tell her what we really think of her! Good on her, the pathetic parasites demanding she lose her honour for simply calling for calm and to wait for a full investigation are the greatest problem in society right now. Politicians who support this childish and disgusting mob are shameful in the extreme.

Nawwww. Thoughts and prayers, Bettina. “Feral”. I’ll take that as a compliment. Go away Bettina. Please. Cancel culture strikes again in Australian politics. They are scared to call out Islamic fundamentalists because of PC. Yet they punish a person for voicing their opinion. Disappointing... robbierocket7 see your part of the feral mob. 🤣

Even if they all took to the streets, her mob couldn't fill a cul-de-sac.

So, I'm a 'feral' coz l don't like domestic violence... ok then I'm a feral Or you could stop broadcasting her message for her? Scum Lol. Grub. Fight the good fight Bettina The people of Australia have called for the order to be revoked. You’re a disgraceful human! Go back to the UK where you were brought into this world.

Hahahaha. Ugly to the end. Rancid reptile

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