iPod celebrates 20 years: The evolution of the device that changed music culture

GALLERY: Today marks 20 years since the iPod was born. Apple launched the very first iPod on October 23, 2001. #9News

23/10/2021 7:11:00 AM

GALLERY: Today marks 20 years since the iPod was born. Apple launched the very first iPod on October 23, 2001. 9News

Today marks 20 years since the iPod was born. Apple launched the very first iPod on October 23, 2001. Take a trip down memory lane and see how tech magnate Steve Jobs' creation has evolved over two decades.

Original iPod: 2001Apple Founder Steve Jobs took the tech world by storm upon the launch of the original iPod back in 2001.The music player boasted '1,000 songs in your pocket' with an unheard-of storage capacity of 5GB.The gadget quickly became a bestseller and would soon change the way people listened to music worldwide.

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"To have your whole music library with you at all times is a quantum leap in listening to music," Jobs said at the launch in Califonia on October 23, 2001.2 of 17AppleiPod Photo: 2004The 2004 edition of the iPod came with a number of changes, including an overhauled scroll click wheel that incorporated the device's navigation buttons.

The premium version of the iPod also came with the first colour screen, allowing users to look at album art covers and photos.3 of 17Nine / SuppliediPod Mini: 2004The iPod range was expanded in 2004 to include the Mini, where the devices came in an array of colours and in a more compact form. headtopics.com

Users could choose to purchase the music player in five metallic colours: blue, pink, silver, green and gold.Its storage capabilities also increased to 6GB.The range was later replaced by the Nano line in 2005.4 of 17Nine / SuppliediPod Nano: 2005When the iPod Nano arrived in 2005, users were impressed at how easily it could slip into pockets.

Jobs even demonstrated sliding the device into the pocket of his jeans.Several generations of the slim device were released over the next decade.5 of 17Nine/SuppliediPod Shuffle: 2005The Shuffle was the smallest device in the iPod family and was known for playing tracks 'on shuffle' - meaning at random - in no particular order.

The device was designed for consumers unfazed by the ability to choose songs and playlists, due to there being no LED screen.The first shuffle was long and skinny and the cheapest iPod, with storage capabilities of just 1GB. Read more: Nine News Australia »

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