In a shambolic episode in democracy, Sanders emerges as the only hope to beat Trump

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Comment: In a shambolic episode in democracy, Sanders emerges as the only hope to beat Trump

Having lived in the United States permanently for the past seven years, there are many aspects of the country’s democratic experiment that, for me, remain quixotic and even idiotic, including the Iowa caucuses, the state where voters get their first opportunity to voice their choice for president, as they did on Monday with the general election fewer than ten months away.

You get the drift. To an unfamiliar observer, the caucuses resemble more a cattle auction than a critical component of the world’s most powerful democracy. After preparing for this exact moment for the full three years of the Trump presidency, the Democratic Party had just one job: tally the votes and assign a delegate count to each of the field’s near-dozen candidates.

The Iowa Democratic Party released its “partial result” on Wednesday, after 62 per cent of precincts counted, showing Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg splitting the lead – Sanders with the a popular vote and Buttigieg with the delegates'. Should the place order remain this way after all precincts are counted, then it can only be interpreted as good news for the Sanders campaign, given Biden is widely considered his biggest threat. Should the former VP and presumed frontrunner walk away from Iowa with a worse than third position, it’s hard to imagine him faring much better in New Hampshire and Nevada, an outcome that would see his donations all but vanish.


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Commie Sanders lol

cjwerleman It's true. Only Bernie the 'outsider legitimacy' needed to beat Trump in the boonies.

Can you get Fitz and PVO to say this please? Oh and good ole Bazza Cassidy as a side please?🙄🙄🙄🙄

The Dems had 4 years and he's the best. I see Trump winning 2020.

cjwerleman Interesting.

He’s probably the only one that Trump will be easy on!

Absolute nonsense. Sanders if nominated would almost certainly lose. He is too far to the left of the American electorate on a range of issues. He doesn’t know how much his policies cost, let alone how they will be paid for. Not to mention he is 78 & recently had a heart attack.

😂😂😂😂 I needed the laugh!

The Democrats have wasted 4 years. The stupidity of a party who cannot cope with a 70s year old disruptor is planning to try a 80s year old part socialist. Cannot believe the party of JFK has fallen so far.

Didn’t he lose the caucus to Buttigieg?

Not yet ...

Bring over Corbyn. Give him USA citizenship and stick him in as democrats leader and he’d have a better chance.

Trump v Sanders would be an awesome political showdown, I'm up for it 🍿

4 more years of Trump, what a massive shame that is. You had one job Democrats.

They promoted similar talking points for far left ideologue Jeremy Corbyn who lost landslide to UK’s Trump. Far Left Socialist ideologues don’t even hv majority within Dem party. Sanders will be Trump’s Jeremy Corbyn. He’s not ‘the only hope’ but four more yrs for Trump!

Noble man but nominating Sanders would be political suicide.

What is wrong with you Sydney

An affirmed Communist cannot and will not defeat the best Prez ever. TrumpLandslideVictory2020

As if ‘we the people’ enjoying amazing economic growth, are likely to choose a communist as Matthew Nott behind these insane reports? SMH has gone full woke!

😂😂😂 now you are just being silly!!! Stop it. 😂😂😂

Stop putting that narrative forth as fact. Stop trying to make the world believe it. Y'all pushed Harris out of the race. Your desire for a clickbait-worthy presidency is doing real damage.

He has absolutely no chance

Once again Murdoch is trying to influence how you think - this is bullshit that he is spreading. Think for yourselves - read more than his media scribe.

'the country’s democratic experiment that, for me, remain quixotic and even idiotic, including the Iowa caucuses, the state where voters get their first opportunity to voice their choice for president' outdated n perpetuated by town biz like hotels& catering

Poor old guy.


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