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Hand sanitiser could cause painful burns if used incorrectly

Hand sanitiser users have been warned of a painful consequence if they misuse the product, which has become a staple due to Covid-19.

14/06/2021 3:40:00 PM

Hand sanitiser users have been warned of a painful consequence if they misuse the product, which has become a staple due to Covid-19.

There may be good reason to be extra cautious when using hand sanitiser after a video surfaced exposing how rapidly the hygiene essential could turn harmful.

ATikTokuser from Birmingham in the UK shared his experiment online last month to warn others to be careful when using hand sanitiser around naked flames.In the video, he tipped a blob of Cuticura hand sanitiser onto the side of his sink before lighting it with a cigarette lighter.

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To the naked eye, there were no obvious changes to the gel and the flame didn’t appear to affect it.Moments later however, he held a piece of paper towel above the blob and it instantaneously went up in flames.The product, which claims to kill 99 per cent of bacteria, contains 66 per cent alcohol volume – well above what is recommended to destroy

Covid-19germs.While largely touted vital in maintaining personal hygiene during the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers were urged to be aware of its potential danger.“When you are buying hand gel, you’re buying hand gel to kill bacteria. Not many people know what ethanol does,” the video creator said.

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention said while alcohol-based hand sanitiser was considered a flammable liquid, there were few incidences linking it to harmful fires.“ABHS contains ethyl alcohol, which readily evaporates at room temperature into an ignitable vapour, and is considered a flammable liquid,” the CDC said.


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