'Grubby smear': PM slams Gladys Liu attack as 'insult' to Chinese-Australians

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has defended embattled Liberal MP Gladys Liu, accusing Labor of using 'grubby smear' tactics.


Breaking: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called the attack on Gladys Liu a 'grubby smear' and an insult to Chinese-Australians.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has defended embattled Liberal MP Gladys Liu, accusing Labor of using 'grubby smear' tactics.

Mr Morrison stopped short of calling the Hong Kong-born MP's critics racist, but said the criticism had"grubby overtones".

Gladys Liu sits in the middle of Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg during a vote in Parliament.

She also struggled to answer questions about Chinese President Xi Jinping and the South China Sea.

Since then, Ms Liu has avoided the media and resisted calls to address Parliament on the matter, instead issuing a statement on Wednesday admitting she had in fact been an honorary member of the Guangdong branch of the Chinese Overseas Exchange Association.

Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus says issuing a written statement is not good enough.

The government used its majority in the House of Representatives to defeat the motion, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg showing their support for the Victorian MP by sitting next to her during the vote.

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SBS Gladys having a nice chat out of the bubble. With Shanghai Scott and Josh. I am Chinese, I don’t find it insulting. I want to know whether Gladys was a spy from China or not, if she is, she should charge with Crime of treason。 The truth shall out the lies and the results will be plain and clear say hello to Beijing for us

We need urgent establishments of federal ICAC. The people is already losing faith in the political system. With this issue, people will feel the government is selling them out. ScottMorrisonMP AlboMP GladysLiu AFR auspol Not a good precedent to set for the PM. Gladys has hidden her assoc. with the Chinese communist party and should CLEARLY be removed from her government MP role. Traditional conservative voter.

Morrison is a grubby smear Didn't this fucker say nihao to a Korean lady during the election? Didn't he call Sam D. 'Shanghai Sam' to help force resignation? Fairly sure we can ignore this cretins race cards. So being a foreign agent is OK? Engadine Maccas was a grubby smear! A communist party operative who cheated her way into Parliament while amassing million dollar donations for the LnP is a National Security Crisis! Shit or get off the pot SloMo. auspol

Now to U POLLIES This Becoming a 'JOKE n SCHOOL YARD TATIC'S' Get off the Tittle Tatting and Get on with Y U Get THAT HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY‼️🇦🇺Try n fix wht is brok'n here. Bushfires hav tak'n REAL PPL's EVERYTHING‼️ Pull UR Noses out of Snooping The CITIZEN'S NEED HELP‼️ F'n MOV But calling children who were born here “anchor babies” isn’t? PeterDutton_MP LNPfail

Gladys Liu 'cannot recall' being on China Overseas Exchange Association councilsThe Liberal backbencher is being urged to address Parliament over claims of her association with China's foreign influence operations. Resign! virgotweet We already knew she was a liar 🤥 How can she not 'recall' this? Either she was or she wasn't? A convenient memory loss - she needs to go. auspol ScottMorrisonMP

How can you claim be a proponent of responsible government do this ScottMorrisonMP? Whoopsy. An unexpected threat to that one-seat majority. Panic stations. Distract, distract. Accuse the opposition of racism, misogyny, xenophobia, the box and dice, and lie about ever being warned that Gladys was a security threat. Why is the cross bench smirking? Shit!

Well you can see where ScottMorrisonMP loyalties lie. With China and not Australia. So the Attack on Sam Dastyari wasn’t a ‘grubby smear’ then Scumbo. Or are you unable to recall your comments then ? Hypocrite and a liar rolled into one barefaced smirk.!!🤮🤮🤮🤮 Sorry, ScottMorrisonMP, I can’t seem to find your scorching denouncement of Dutton’s vile, racist anchor babies” slur. I’m sure you’d have ripped him a new one for this but, despite looking everywhere, found nada, zip, nutthink...?

Is he saying ASIO has got something wrong? If so, he should say so. Shanghi Gladys She’s pretty happy to insult African Australians. How about when Gladys (AKA Liao Wei), started up a Chinese wechat group against Africans in Melbourne ? GladysMustGo Not all Chinese MPs are decade long members of the communist party propaganda unit.

Liberal MP Gladys Liu denies links to Chinese governmentThe federal Liberal MP says she 'cannot recall' whether she was a member of Beijing-linked groups and refused to call the Chinese President 'a dictator'. rharris334 rharris334 Impossible to not remember. She is trying to save face. Dig deeper and remove her from parliament rharris334 “YUM CHA” SPY IN DISGUISE 👏👏👏

But PM does not want Huawei 5G is this double standard The only smear is that of egg on SmugMo’s face. However, on second look, it seems a little too brown for egg 🤔 What a load of rubbish. The only person being a grub is the PM for trying to play the race card. Its a grubby smear when its one of yours otherwise its free for all... hypocrite.

Grubby answer PM PM hang on by 1 seat government haha I really don’t believed her 1 shitty bit ditch her PM please, she a commie! If in the court of law, the Judge or Juror would not believed her statement 1 shitty bit. We are not born for injustice, war , migration and more disasters ! Host countries, Refugees lives in Indonesia are the as same hostages lives humenright UNHCR RESETTLEMENT4REFUGEES HELPREFUGGESININDO

You elected a Chinese Spy Scott!!!!!!!!! God love you, and the lovely Chinese peoples, But you voted in a Chinese SPY!!! 💚 Da f- Scott?

Calls to refer Liberal MP Gladys Liu to security agencies over China linksLiberal MP Gladys Liu is under pressure to explain her links to a Chinese government-linked group with one crossbench senator calling for the matter to be referred to security agencies. To this day I’ve still never heard anything credible come from Rex Patrick. auspol Whatever happened to the AEC scandal regarding her electorate? How about Scott Morrison doing some explaining.

But it was OK to pick on Sam Dastiari, whom did alot less or Julia Gillard when in opposition Bob Menzies will be rolling in his grave. A communist stooge selected by the Liberals to be part of the Australian Govt. It’s been proven Gladys is a liar. If she was in a court she’d be perverting the course of justice. But in Parliament she’s just a clumsy, not very clever mbr

No what is an insult is allowing a Chinese state controlled politician to be sitting in Australian parliament- if this is proved to be the case. why use the term Chinese Australian One is either chinese or Australian , is it a case of section 44 dual citizenship or is she an AUSSIE is she not if find the term chinese Australian insulting one must know what one is

He's not thinking with his head. He's thinking with his wallet. She brings in the big money, he ignores the fact she could be very well a Chinese plant in our parliament. All he wants to do is win. He knows he needs money for that. After the carry on over Dastyari, hypocrite.. I'm going to adopt a wait and see approach to this. The reason being is I can't help thinking this is a political beat up by Labor who can't come to terms with the fact that the Chinese-Australian community in Chisholm overwhelmingly rejected their extremist agenda on May 18th.

By election in Chisolm now. You insult Chisholm constituents with this MP. But if she was a Labour representative....

Gladys Liu fails to dispel links to Chinese communist party | Sky News AustraliaLiberal MP Gladys Liu has failed to explain why her name appeared on documents from a council with connections to Chinese political influence operations. \n\nMs Liu is being scrutinised over alleged links to the Communist Party of China. \n\nSpeaking to Sky News host Andrew Bolt, Ms Liu denied being a member of the council or being a mouthpiece for the party and refused to condemn Beijing's actions in the South China Sea. \n\nShe also evaded questions about what she thought of Chinese President Xi Jinping as a dictator and said it was not a question for her to answer. \n\nMs Liu said she was focused on serving her seat of Chisholm in Victoria. \n\nLabor Senator Penny Wong condemned Ms Lui’s interview and called it a “test” for Prime Minister Scott Morrison.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia\n Denial is always the first line of defence! Simple. LIU She is a big liar. We want her testify in front of parliamentary committees or Royal Commission. PM must act now.

Here is another chance for some more wedge politics from Scomo. How low can you go Scomo? And Scott Morrison being the p.m. is an insult to all Australians, he doesn't represent or serve the public he dictates to the public with his own Elite self in mind Debathification? SBS Theres that nicely dressed lady in the middle

Our PM ScottMorrisonMP is shamelessly hypocritical! Race card, smear - how good is Chinese influence right behind the PM. Even a James Bond spy would cover their financial tracks. Can’t believe you would ignore security warnings. LNPfail So what was you attack on Sam Dastyari based on ScottMorrisonMP ? Are you saying that was racist too?

ScottMorrisonMP .. R U supporting China. .. to make Australia a Chinese outpost? I actually stand with ScottMorrisonMP on this one... I'm assuming ASIO conducted their investigation into GladysLiuMP's association's and briefed the PM... NO race card played here stop stirring .ScottMorrisonMp it’s simple she doesn’t dam the Chinese Government for its acts against humanity actions in the high seas & its own ppl she hates gays&cheated mislead lies in last election & should not be aMP ever-Nothing 2do with her race

mikeaubrey2 He's good at bashing...

Under pressure to explain China links, Gladys Liu cuts Chinese business tiesLiberal MP Gladys Liu says she will conduct an audit of her membership of Chinese community groups, as she faces pressure over alleged links to Chinese government-linked groups. Wouldn't it be better for Victoria police to do the audit independent of the federal government? GladysLiuMP She will do her own audit? Are we expected to take that seriously? What !! Conduct and audit , what a fool we have in parliament if she does not know which is utter rubbish she like many are avoiding this issue she is influenced by BJ totally

Scott Morrison .. you smear all Australians ... by playing the race card!!! knarfnamduh Scumo is a grubby smear! Would you call that reverse dog-whistling? The pot calling the kettle black? The Prime Onan speaks!! 😂😂😂 It takes one to know one. I love how no matter what rorts LNP are involved in its ALPs fault it’s disgraceful.

We have a PM who behaves like a beer garden Tory always squealing the loudest when the tables are turned.. ScottMorrisonMP gives Ethologists the perfect example of what goes through the mind of a cornered rat! Hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil - bullshit What was that he said about the standard you walk past?

Confected outrage, the trouble for Morrison is that the story has legs. Counting down the days until Scotty sacks Gladys. auspol

Gladys Liu confirms being on China Overseas Exchange Association councilLiberal backbencher Gladys Liu admits she was a member of organisation linked to China's foreign interference operations. So now she will stand aside for a new election in Chisholm? GladysLiuMP Rosebud what the hell are our Intelligence agencies been doing

He’s pulling our legs. The great hypocrite. The way that man treats refugees makes my blood boil. Morrison wants to see a racist, he need only look in the mirror. We desperately need a Federal ICAC. This needs to be referred to a corruption watchdog for a thorough investigation. She's obviously not a Chinese citizen so definitely racist connotations because she looks Chinese The left are the real racists. Don't lump the right with neo-nazis. Look at MeToo the left wanted to use it as a weapon against political opponents EPICFAIL

She must be out at all costs regarding the security risk of our country. Prime minister is an insult to Australian public 😖 So she wasn’t a member of the Chinese propaganda department smirky? GladysLiuMP Breaking news: Prime Minister Scott Morrison is an utter dickhead! OK, OK, so it's not breaking news, we've known that for ages.

So mr PM why so you sitting next to a liar ... are because you are one It's always nice when Scott comes along and lets us all know what the wrong opinion is Grubby? She's a PRC operative it is no insult to anything but our intelligence you cant and never have been able to have allegiance to 2 countries & all Chinese Australians are not sitting in federal parliament

Yes, the truth is rather awkward, isn’t it now, ScoMo. Because not only is Gladys Liu in hot water, so in turn are you. ticktock GladysMustGo What a hypocrite!!! He says we risk offending more than 100,000 similar people. Is that the same logic he uses for drug testing unemployed people. He really is ScoNo He has no effin idea😡😡😡

I don’t think this is going to work. Anyone who saw Liu in the hot seat with Bolt isn’t going to buy this grubby tactic. One day we will have a parliament that works on 'real issues'. Enough of this BS She's no Hong Konger! She is a chinese spy! Our government is being infiltrated by Chinese money 🙄 Hey ScottMorrisonMP - was this not a “grubby smear and an insult to African-Australians” auspol

Spies like GladysLiu are one of the reasons why Australian Chinese are so quiet and never consider doing politics. Of course he has. The problem is how to ensure the alignment of interest. Can we be assured Glady Liu will Implement policies along Australians interest Not Australian Chinese political interest. A political risk that must be mitigated before Australia loose control. auspol

ScottMorrisonMP instead of insulting decent Chinese Australians, you should use the case of GladysLiu to investigate corrupt Chinese in Australia. Chinsese community member lists are the best guide. Follow the money & drain the swamp. SBS This does not excuse her from her so-called lack of memory. Rubbish Morrison's words........it's association & lying nothing to do with racism

ScottMorrisonMP A piece of insider's advice: Nearly all members of so-called Chinese communities now are either cons or Chinese moles. GladysLiu is no exception. Decent Chinese Australians going about their life in Australia will never join such despicable communities. Pulling the old racist card hey? Didn’t he and his party nickname Dastyari Shanghai Sam?

mikeaubrey2 Scott Morrison is a grubby smear on democracy Anyone can use the Get the fed police to check her out first. 9NewsQueensland 7NewsAustralia ScottMorrisonMP just insulted quiet decent Chinese Australians who would never join those China loyal Chinese communities that recruit plants like GladysLiu with money & power.

Well he would, wouldn’t he? What he wouldn’t do would be to acknowledge the serious issues brought to light, and juxtapose samdastyari’s situation with this one. I didn’t think that FauxMo could be more incompetent as a leader of the nation... and yet here we are.

Oh my, how the narrative bends in the wind! LNP's rattled the communist can since 1947, has trotted out 50 shades of it at every election. Then, some money falls on the party, with hints of regular drops & they re-invent they manifesto overnight. How good is integrity, Morrison? When asio gave Turnbull a warning about her were they being grubby?

But it was ok for Scummo to smear samdastyari for far less? Spy Mr Prime Minister utter bullshite and a good try to divert attention by attacking ... this means there is something to hide!! This looks like the human version of the well known Shit Sandwich SBS Oh I thought the grubby smear was, someone else, not naming names, but.....PM

Iranian Australians okay to smear hey scotty? Scott Morrison is an insult to all Australians no matter where they come from SBS If anyone knows about grubby smears it would be ScottMorrisonMP. He has long been an expert in smearing the good character of others. Good to see you are fully supporting this Chinese Communist Party “Sleeper” agent.

SBS Questions about integrity require an answer, not a snotty retort! How deeply has the LNP been infiltrated by the CPC? Alright to smear Iranians, though? Nice one Scomo. Play the race card. Scott Morrison doing his usual casual racist thing by lumping all Chinese Australians together as one entity. They are all individuals you boofhead.

nyunggai Chinese Australian? Are you saying she’s a duel citizen? Playing the race card is low politics, PM and usually reserved for Labor and the Greens. Is that cause they all look the same to you ScottMorrisonMP ? Question time on now PM is pulling the race card as we speak. He has called the member for Chisholm a great Australian. Now that’s a joke. He hide behind security reasons for not answer question then the race card. She is a current or past member of the CCP. Fact!

Labor should just pull out some of the social media posts the former Chinese Communist Party propagandist Gladys Lieu used to smear Bill Shorten with during the election. Absolute gutter-trash she is. Morrison is a lying grub. No, it’s asking legit questions.

Only true if she didn't have links to organizations with links to the Chinese Govt. If so, he's so wrong! AlistairPDBain HYPOCRITE. He’s not fooling anyone. Look who’s playing the race card now! I’m not insulted Grubby smear actually it is facts Hi is disgusting and is not acting in the national interest. I would never trust her and her past is not suitable for her to be in parliament how did she pass the test to become a Australian ? the people of Australia has the right to be concerned it is not about race

Well, I suppose they need her vote. Grubs and liars. nobby15 Grand son...yells out..morrison...morrison..liar....liar..pants on fire...ha ha...and I did not teach him that... Prime Minister of new China Scumo smirkoff Morrison, cries xenophobia, forgetting his 3months of demonising boat people before the election campaign. How goods smirkoffs short term memory. How goods it to have a CCP spy in Oz Parliament. How goods cheating, lied & hypocrisy

Has this woman resigned to her Chinese citizenship?

Morrison's eclectic mix of right wing christian dominionism, chinese communism & banking cartel corrupt zionism Gladys Liu is an insult to Chinese-Australians. Reporting facts isn’t a smear. Wow....playing the race card, ffs that’s ridiculous! Morrison providing witness protection & unsurprisingly, media are supporting him.

What utter crap Let’s ask penny Wong what she thinks And an insult to decent Australians- ie : the rest of us. This story stinks worse that a dead Murray cod on the dry Darling river bed Come on, jews even serve in Israel army and no one questions them SBS Speculating a MP of a party that allegedly had many other incidents involving the CCP and Chinese gov is not racism - but giving her a hall pass because of her race is! So is a white guy speaking for the entire Chinese Aus community as without consulting them

The only grubbiness is what soews out of Scumo’s mouth Is ASIO advice about our near neighbours akso grubby? Should they not do any soying in case it might offend Get real Scumo you are a massive fake SBS Who the fuck does he think he is to represent Chinese-Australians. He is the truely insulting one

i never thought that ASIO would run a grubby smear campain gagainst ScottMorrisonMP Gov he better call the AusFedPolice to investigate the matter doubleagent auspol She is CCP spy, way overdue for house cleaning. Australians, what many more cases do you need to really wake up? Not too afraid if grubby smears yourself, Scott. Hypocrite.

nyunggai I still think she should still be investigated just to be sure. Sam Dastyari had to resign over his scandal regarding Chinese Influence. I think all Politicians from both Major Parties should be widely investigated for any donations linked to the Communist regime in China. Hang on, the Murdoch/Coalition can’t have it both ways!!!

Australian Chinese want nothing to do with the CCP, her connection with the CCP is a threat to the community. We don’t want the CCP influences in Australia Whereas their and Murdochian continual attacks on China & Chinese are. . Despair comes to mind stoptheplanet It’s not racist to be Aussie first. The people born here don’t want foreigners forced soon us and then have racist screamed at us when we complain.

Morrison completely ignores Sec 44 in the Constitution 'allegiance to a foreign country'. He's throwing out red herrings eveywhere. Blaming everyone else as usual. auspol MSM

nyunggai 'Chinese collusion'🤔 Liu failed to stand with the Hong Kong people and failed to condemn the Chinese militarisation of the South China sea. It is grubby ducking and diving to avoid calling out China's grubby authoritarian expansionism. A mole if ever there was. Heard this on he radio, nearly choked on my bile 😡😡😡

Leabkorb Who cares? Having Chinese spies, who have an inability to articulate in English, involved with making the laws of the country, is an insult all Australians. nyunggai Obviously donaldh66287394 It's the ' Grub Party' a party of Grubs. Whenever I hear the words 'i dont recall' i immediately think they are lying. Never been wrong in 60 plus years

If China can sit in our Parliament surely its ok for them to give us what we WANT 5g She a fricking spy Showmo. Wake up and smell the jasmin tea. You are WRONG ScottMorrisonMP Make sure you vet your candidates properly Here we go. The ooooold race card trick

She smeared it on herself. The Liberal Party are sending a refuge family back to where they come from because the family don't have the right documentation but they can't vet their own member before letting them enter parliament chamber where laws are made As much as I criticised her the entire world was in business with China for last 30 years looking the other way, now it’s clear what a brutal regime they are and how it affects our national security from now on no one can have links with CCP

ScottMorrisonMP From the mouth of the expert in “grubby smear campaigns”. It’s got nothing to do with where she is from, but everything to do with the type of connections she may still have. The fact she hasn’t been truthful about it makes it even worse! If she were with Labor, Scomo would be calling for a resignation. 🙄

HAHAHA.. not all of those 1.2M Australians are in Parliament. It's a lame attempt to shift the focus. Were he to have handled this professionally like other bosses then none of this would be occuring. Professional standards stop stuff and nonsense. They resolve the matter in a respectable, respectful manner. auspol

Scott Morrison’s loyalty must be first and foremost to Australia and to his liberal ministers thereafter. I would like /need to trust him and not be disappointed. She is an indult to this country! She a d all her CCP mates must return to China! Never to come back to australia MarekRivers What's going on ScottMorrisonMP ?

Pogai Race card Scott Morrison is that the best you can do? Morrison is a hypocrite, but he's right on this one occasion. The Sinophobia and profound ignorance about how things work in China I have seen in the past couple of days is really disturbing. MarekRivers ScottMorrisonMP The king of dirty grubby politics, raising the ire of the Chinese-Aussie community for personal political gain - when Liu is in fact involved in TREASON according to ASIO. Remember how Morrison got into politics and keep remembering

She had posters up smearing the Labor Party from what I have been told. What's that about..? This is a beat-up. If you meet w Chinese groups, you'll have met w CCP members, it's a normal thing. I've worked w Chinese companies, done business w Chinese, seems I'd be a Chinese spy as well... 🤔 The xenophobics are coming out, can we get some Russians included too? 🤪

He also said “But it was ok to get into that dago Dastyari”. I won’t dispute that Scumo is the expert on grubby smears but he has this one wrong. knarfnamduh Fly her to Darwin then Christmas Island And what he did to Michael Towke ... a grubby smear on a grand scale. ‘How goods a grubby smear’ to ensure your preselection having been trounced in the first vote ... let’s put that one back on the table to see what a real ‘grubby smear’ looks like. Not to mention Dastyari 😡

He's using this as a diversion from issues he wants out of the limelight and as usual the media is happy to oblige. This isn't going to go away any time soon. Bomana54 biloela bringthemhome medevac manus economy ClimateCrisis Typical of Morrison. Who was it that 'insulted Chinese Australians'? Who was it, Morrison?

A bit rich coming from King Grub himself ScottMorrisonMP Manchurian Candidate . self confessed member of CCP Propaganda & infiltration group. Pathetic response Can't remember him saying the attack on samdastyari was an insult to Iranian Australians auspol No that’s a red herring and he knows it’s not about that.

That is ridiculous posturing by ScottMorrisonMP and he is offside with the quiet Australians. Liu seems too close to the Chinese dictatorship and that is a concern. Saying so isn’t an attack on Chinese people or “racist”. Morrison making a serious error of judgment here Pot/kettle The Prime Onan can't talk!! 🥴🥴🥴

GladysLiuMP is part of The Communist Party. Sam Dastyari accepted a donation from a Chinese donor and ScottMorrisonMP screamed blue murder until he resigned. Hypocrisy at it’s disgusting finest! comradeliu scumo auspol

Great to see ScoMo supporting her. The whole thing is a beat up and was only ever been about deflecting criticism from Labor. Most Chinese Australians aren’t former members of the CCP propaganda unit but you keep waving that race flag ScoMo! BREAKING: ScottMorrison insists that he will decide who is grubbily smeared and the manner in which they are dogwhistled. asylumseekers AfricanGangs UluruStatement GladysLiu hypocrisy auspol

MrMojo4PM Nothing to do with race all to do with her selective memory and communism party ties... but hey nothing to see here the Government and misdirection of corruption seem to be the thing these days... nah, just Gladys and the Liberal Party smearing themselves. Morrison smears Australians, especially ones with Chinese backgrounds, by suggesting that Gladys style dodginess is typical and that Aussies don't know where the blame lies.

Just like the Israel lobby, China regime defenders are using the “racist” card to stifle genuine discussions on security issues. And as an ethnic Chinese, I just smh. Time to separate the Chinese Govt from the people they oppress. Well they have to say that don’t they? Because of trade issue But watch what happens next.. Gladys Liu has to take a certain amount of personal responsibility that’s she’s a fucking idiot and would have been cancelled quicker than Rove 2.0 if she were her own tv show. Bolt_RSS

ScaMo playing the race card with a Communist party member in the LNP. So many hypocritical angles to this...hard to know where to start 呸!She is not representing me! ScoMo has form when it comes to grubby smears! engadinemaccas

You dont have the gravitas to make this sound anything other than pathetic. Don’t worry Gladys you’re safe with us 😤 He's going the 'racism' defence then? Sounds awfully similar to the Frydenberg issue.

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