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Girls forced into ‘pleasure marriages’

Men are allowed to wed girls as young as nine for just weeks, days or even hours — just so they can have sex with them.


Men are allowed to wed girls as young as nine for just weeks, days or even hours — just so they can have sex with them.

Rusul winces as her pimp administers the contraceptive injection — she’s just had sex for money and her much older client also happens to be her husband.

Each time, she’s given a dowry — which can be around $360 — and is forced into a quick wedding ceremony, after which she is expected to have sex with her new husband.

Yet another injustice enjoying the reticence of Leftist groups.

Rusul (right) tells BBC journalist Nawal Al-Maghafi how she’s been forced into ‘pleasure marriages’. Picture: BBC Arabic

She adds: “I’m forced to do things I don’t want. Even if I resist, it still happens.”

In Iraq, unmarried couples aren’t permitted to have sex. So for some men, the solution is to pay for a temporary wife whom they can sleep with through a “pleasure marriage” — or “mutaa”.

Rusul says: ‘I’m forced to do things I don’t want. Even if I resist, it still happens.’ Picture: BBC Arabic

The BBC found “pleasure marriages” are being offered at some marriage offices near holy shrines like Karbala and Kadhimiya in Baghdad, where millions of Shia Muslims flock every year.

When asked by the reporter whether it’s OK that the girl is young, Mr Salawi replies: “Nine years plus, there’s no problem at all. According to sharia, there’s no problem.”

However, religious authorities in the area slam the practice. One tells Ms Al-Maghafi: “It’s forbidden. It would be punished with three to 15 years in prison. Even if the perpetrator was a cleric.”

“A man can marry as many women as he wants,” Mr Raad tells the reporter on a hidden camera. “You can marry a girl for half an hour and as soon as it’s over you can marry another one straight away.”

Undercover footage also shows Raad agreeing to procure a girl for the journalist — yet when later approached by the BBC for a response, he completely denied performing mutaa marriages.

Widow Reem ended up in a “pleasure marriage” after her husband died in a bombing by the Islamic State terror group, which took over swathes of Iraq and Syria before it collapsed earlier this year.

But before long, Reem claims she was being sold to the cleric’s pals as he married her off to them. Crying, she recalls how one of the men told her: “You have to have sex with me.”

Although some of these marriages can last for years, others end in just hours. When they expire, only the man can renew it, while the woman and their kids if they have any — have no protection.

She’d been so excited to tie the knot but couldn’t read the marriage contract, trusted her caring husband-to-be and believed the money she was being offered was a normal dowry.

Returning to the cleric who conducted the wedding, she was told she’d now never find a real husband — and desperate and alone, she felt like she had little choice but to agree to be sold for sex again.

Rana, a divorcee in her 20s, describes a similar experience to Rusul with her own “pleasure marriage”. For the first three joyful days, she had no idea that it was a temporary one.

Today, devastated Rana has been shunned by her family after they discovered she was in a “pleasure marriage” and has had to turn to prostitution to making a living.

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There's something really wrong with men. Really wrong. If they can send a man to the moon why can't we send them all. OMGTheMess Another example of how men created religions to serve their own interests. This is disgusting. DrBuceBanner That's child rape OMGTheMess The most feminist religion apparently. Go figure. 🤦‍♀️

OMGTheMess ScottMorrisonMP The minimum recommend age for the practice of Mufa’khathat (='placing penis between the thighs') is 3 months old, but it can be done on a newborn. incest-of-infants/?fbclid=IwAR20EOFHHiuEdByfujrCxaoCfHTHg4m_NXZy0j0K_zXXYPYPd8LDx4D0On0 AliceBe19722212 religion of peace OMGTheMess Muslim men, lets be clear who the filthy paedophiles are and what they believe in.

OMGTheMess You’re surprised? It’s been written as such for some 1400yrs, & only now you realise? But all cultures are pretty much the same though, right? This is called rape You disgrace the title Men 🖕 These are not even close These are barbaric sand dwelling biped animals that eat their young. All of them should be shot for human safety. Any of the same species that escaped into Australia should be hunted down and eradicated as vermin 😡

Pakistan official criticised for buying burqas for students instead of school suppliesPakistani social media was fuming Monday after pictures showing girls in burqas bought for them by local authorities went viral, igniting anger in a deeply patriarchal country where women have fought for their rights for decades. Can you just report facts without all the additional lw jargon.. thanks Have always thought that religion is a strange phenomenon in the time period we are in now. How is it possible that someone thinks there is an invisible man in the blue? The use of the words 'deeply conservative' and 'ultra conservative' is misleading. You meant 'backward' and 'ultra-archaic'.

Awful and ridiculous Middle East culture Pray 5 times a day and go sleep with a child and not in a good way. Religion of peace they say. The irony in all of those things mentioned and more. 🤬 The prophet must be really proud of the religion he created. 3rd wave pseudo feminists: Not in this country! It’s still illegal here! The religion of perverts!

They should be wed, with lead. Islam is right about women. Yes No Iraq. Say no more These men should be captured and executed on the spot. Running a child brothel and giving it the name of marriage Just to hide their sins and brutality against the most vulnerable humans who are already destroyed by war or other tragedies in life.

Child victim of arson attack forced to wait 15 months for skin graft surgerySpencer Connelly, 11, was supposed to have his third round of skin graft surgery within 90 days. But he's been waiting 15 months as Tasmania's elective surgery waiting list blows out. Poor kids, they have suffered enough. ScottMorrisonMP why is this so? Bless him.

Real men have no interest in 9 year olds.. Not in my culture their not. Prostitution is illegal and irreligious. Yet doing it and calling it so,some else and raping children is acceptable. Any wonder rational people don’t like or respect Islam Can we focus on the real problems like too many white males employed and having conservative values please.

Those sick fucks aren't men, they're PEDOPHILES, mostly ISLAMIC PEDOPHILES. Says something about the religion, don't you think? If this was a Christian especially a Catholic they would be in jail, Muslims wonder why they’re disliked Men? Which men? 🤔 4URThoughtsAust Can you amend your tweet muslim Men allowed ..........

So wrong

Perth club slammed over ‘disgusting’ response to drink-spiking claimA Perth nightclub owner is copping a major backlash for mocking a teenage girl who reported drink-spiking in his club by posting CCTV footage on his Facebook page. Here is the audio from the interview with the owner Neilm Scott this morning They are probably many times have your heard friends that have drunk too much saying their drinks must have been spiked? Of those girls/women who do seek medical assistance, in what %age of cases were drugs found in their bodies (that weren't taken by them)? Come on journalists ... unless you are frightened to undermine the 'believe all women' story

🤮 Police are allowed to strip you naked & search you at train stations, at music festivals, when you're enjoying your private time ... promoted by msm How this religion is legal in Western Culture is mind blowing... hongandbo Islamophobia Disgusting!! Isn't pedophilia illegal? Where are the women of the left commenting on this?

Cool culture.. see they don't have sex with others wife and don't cheat on their spouses. sarcasm Slightly different, same extreme disgust is the legal marriage laws in some U.S states. Perfectly legal for females 13 years old to marry. That's basically legalized paedophilia. This is worse obviously. Just shows how pathetic the world we live in normalizes certain things.


'Predator' lured girl from Kmart in just six minutes, court toldSHOCKING: The man lured the seven-year-old girl from the store and indecently assaulted her in bushland before returning her to the shopping centre more than hour later. 9News aware_now Remove his testicles! If it’s anything less than life in prison...the sentence isn’t long enough. Should b hung!

Its a cultural thing. Like killing wombats Beautiful religion lets have more In the western world they make the children accept the LGBT Community's behavior as normal and teach it in school...

Toddler dies after driveway accident involving family memberA two-year-old girl dies in hospital a day after being hit by a four-wheel drive driven by a relative on a property south of Adelaide. How fast could he have been going in the driveway? How is this happening? So sad. Life long pain ahead.

Boy's sentence reduced for 'horror movie' rape of schoolgirl, 14The boy had launched an appeal against his sentence after he was jailed for sexually assaulting the girl in the company of another boy who was also jailed. sallyrawsthorne Females don’t matter

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