For the 2020 Sydney lord mayoral race, the signs are in Bundeena

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Five female candidates look set to contest the prized role of Sydney lord mayor in September. For a state like NSW, with the lowest number of women in elected local government, that's a good thing. But it could be a cat fight | pitthen Private Sydney

wife of Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister. Despite her protestations that she won't contest any Sydney-based mayoral race as she lives in Goulburn, senior Liberal Party sources say she may still throw her Akubra in the right-wing ring.

As revealed by PS at the end of last year the two bought a $3.25 million waterfront property on Bundeena's Hordern's Beach. It was erected along with three others, after locals campaigned in the wake of an accident when a child was badly injured by a speeding jet ski.PS can reveal the sign at the front of the new Stricker-Phelps abode has been removed since they purchased the property and will be relocated to a nearby council reserve pending Sutherland Shire Council approval.

"Recent new owners of the property have requested the sign be moved to another location," a spokesman for the Department of Transport said.George Harrison


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pitthen Wrong punchline with ‘cat fight’ - journo has lost the impact of the story. Not worth reading beyond headline.

pitthen Cat fight...smh disgraceful

pitthen And the post was written by a woman ffs. Way to support your sex. 🤦‍♀️

pitthen Cat fight! pitthen and lisazdavies really should be ashamed of themselves.

pitthen Because they are women it could be a cat fight?

pitthen Way to celebrate the rising role of women in politics with a not too subtle sexist jab, SMH. equality feminism

pitthen The more I see this retweeted into my Twitter feed the more angry I'm getting. Which SMH fool added the cat fight comment to this story?

pitthen Cat fight. Seriously?

pitthen Where's the diversity? Not even gender balance.

pitthen not worth a pinch of cat poo.

pitthen Cat fight? Seriously? gtfo

pitthen 'Cat fight' FFS. Whoever wrote this sexist drivel really s/be ashamed of themselves. If an allegedly 'liberal' paper is comfortable with such perjorative language, what hope for the rest of the media?

pitthen As opposed to the usual dog fight, is that what you're saying?

pitthen Are you fucking kidding me?

pitthen 'But it could be a cat fight' Is that how you view females? Be more like these five outstanding women and stay classy.

pitthen Is this a joke? ? Did you actually write that? I’m embarrassed for you if it’s not...

pitthen Cat fight? Really? Fucking misogynistic. What do you say when 5 men are running? thisisnotjournalism

pitthen Any related to Angus Taylor?

pitthen Cat fight! Seriously...

pitthen Cat fight? JFC.

pitthen As opposed to a 'dog fight' if the candidates were male? sexism

pitthen What is it called when 5 men go for the same position?

pitthen Cat fight? How about hell no

pitthen Did you seriously write “cat fight”?

GayeCrispin pitthen So what would it be if it were 5 men. A brawl? A pissing contest? Speechless. The three women in this list known to me have dignity and have always shown dignity under attack. Disgraceful

pitthen I can't believe they choose to go with 'cat fight'...... no, wait, yes I can. FFS

pitthen Is this New Weekly?

pitthen Helen, to retrieve your reputation you need to let us know that the 'catfight' term was the subeditor's , not yours. Otherwise we are going to think that you don't deserve our attention.

pitthen Is one of them Angus’ wife?

pitthen No SMH, not a catfight. Qualified competitors for the role of Lord Mayor who just happen to be female. Don't cheapen it.

pitthen Clover is the only candidate. Clover has integrity, empathy and intelligence.

pitthen Long story short. Go Clover !

pitthen Awful gendered, sexist language... be better be better

pitthen Cat fight? SMH the most misogynistic filth rag.

pitthen How about a 'pillow fight'?

pitthen Cat fight? FFS. Seriously?

pitthen A cat fight. Nah. That's a very poor comment to make. You should apologise

pitthen So much for can just imagine of it was 5 males or even 3 males and two females heaven forbid!


pitthen Only Clover - She is Sydney

pitthen Cat fight? That saved me the trouble of reading this dribble. Thanks.

pitthen At least 3 of those candidates will do Sydney no good at all.

pitthen Could be worse. At least pitthen didn’t describe it as a “jelly wrestle”.

pitthen Cat fight? Seriously!?

pitthen More a mass cancel subscriptions to the fight!

pitthen Could be

pitthen You should rethink your phrasing here

pitthen Sorry.... a “cat fight”...!? Get in the bin


pitthen Look at who these people are. The role of Mayor is a grift, it should be dissolved completely

pitthen “Cat fight”? Please.

pitthen What hideous language smh! Surely Helen Pitt did not use the term 'cat fight'....if not, who decides on these horrible sexist click bait titles?. Its so disrespectful and a poor example to girls who may be interested in politics.

pitthen Yeah right, cause women can only be bitchy - disgraceful headline SMH

pitthen Couldn't resist using 'cat fight' could you? Just. Couldn't. Resist. dontwritecrap

pitthen Really 'cat fight' is that the best you could do? SMH go home you're drunk

pitthen You really should apologise to these women for using the appalling and seriously sexist characterisation 'cat-fight' AusHumanRights ABCmediawatch

pitthen So all men is bad , all women is diversity and good . Makes complete sense .

pitthen Why a cat fight? What a ridiculous thing to say. Do you label all the LNP infighting a cat fight?

pitthen Ahhhhh Louise Fucking Clegg. Angus Taylor's nasty wife. One of the worst, most morally bankrupt, dishonest, Ayn Rand following citizens of Australia. Surely nobody is going for vote for her!?!?!

pitthen Catfight? Is that really neccessary.

pitthen How dare you call it a ‘cat fight ’. When 5 men are competing do you call it a ‘bull fight?’ Which it often is? A sexist RAG is what SMH has become. Disgusting title. 😡

pitthen Cat fight? FFS. Grow up.

pitthen Poor choice of words, mate!

pitthen All the entitled. Its a club no matter which way you swing.


pitthen Cat fight! FFS! Two steps forward, five hundred steps back.


pitthen Nasty conservatives

pitthen How often are contests between male candidates called 'cat fights'? The level of public reporting is low and getting lower.

pitthen Sir, we are not cats. Wtf.

GayeCrispin pitthen Thank you for providing constant reminders of why I cancelled my smh subscription

pitthen Where is men ?all the women together soon or late they will like cat fighting for sure!in addition why the women discrimination men so badly ? just because they think been racism by men? so nowdays is women start to revenge? The photo looks very ridiculous 🥴😏🤥😢🤨…

pitthen Abbotts sister would be Best. Christ hows phelps she is soooooo Desperate for Any Public Money.

pitthen Not much diversity is there? All are older, white, women. Surely, we need, at least, a man or two and a person of colour.

pitthen Yes well Louise Clegg partner of Angus Taylor. AFP said nothing to see here, what a joke. All done out of his office to damage Clover Moore. As Clover said she told the Tele News Corpse the night before they printed the Angus story that is was totally incorrect. They printed!

pitthen Cat fight? Because they're women? Get bent!


pitthen Spot the wog.

pitthen I suppose the Libs have sunk too much money into a family like the Abbott's to let them go quietly into the night.

pitthen The standout candidate has to be Louise Clegg - the wife of Angus Taylor. She's got this in the

pitthen Don’t ever be so naive as to believe they seek equality.

pitthen Could of jus finished with ‘that’s a good thing’ but you had to go there with cat fight?

pitthen Louise Clegg you must be joking, after all that.

pitthen It could be a what now I’m sorry my twitter must have malfunctioned right at the end of your tweet there?

pitthen Isn’t that Angus Taylor’s wife? That explains a lot of things.

pitthen Unlike the leftie SMH to objectify women in such a poor way using the term “cat fight”

pitthen Only female allowed?

pitthen Sexist much?

pitthen Did you really use the term cat fight when discussing women politicians? For fucks sake.

pitthen ‘cat fight’ 🤦🏻‍♀️

pitthen How many are bought and paid for by vested interests?

pitthen 'Battle of the dykes'?

pitthen Cat fight? Poor choice of words

pitthen You know what's not a good thing... saying things like 'cat fight' 🙄


pitthen 'Could be a cat fight' ? ... Great way to make something sound like trashy click-bait.

pitthen I guess a field full of male candidates is referred to as a dog fight?

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