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Coronavirus update: Wuhan conducts 1.4m tests in one day, far-right protests Spain's lockdown

Coronavirus update: Wuhan conducts 1.4m tests in one day, far-right protests Spain's lockdown

23/05/2020 5:24:00 PM

Coronavirus update: Wuhan conducts 1.4m tests in one day, far-right protests Spain's lockdown

China pushes forward with its coronavirus testing blitz as far-right Spaniards demand authorities overturn a ban on social gatherings.

Spain's lockdown successfully brought the contagion rate down from 20 per cent to 1 per cent.(AP: Manu Fernandez)Several thousand followers of Spain's far-right Vox party have gathered in Madrid and other cities to protest the Government's handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

Hong Kong police end national anthem law protests with arrests, pepper pellets 'A deadly blow' to Hong Kong democracy movement as new law could see Chinese agents make arrests News Corp to axe hundreds of jobs

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that the country would reopen for international tourism from July, as the country emerges from one of Europe's strictest lockdowns. Its football league will be allowed to resume from June 8.Vox called for protesters to come in their cars and motorbikes to skirt the current

prohibition on social gatherings in effect under a two-month long state of emergency."Let your desire be heard for the resignation of the Government," Vox leader Santiago Abascal said from the open-top bus leading the cars inching down a Madrid boulevard. Vox called the protest the 'Caravan for Spain and Liberty'.

Most cars were decked with Spanish flags and there were also small groups of people who participated on foot, with some not respecting the two-metre social distancing rules.More protests were held in Barcelona, Sevilla and other provincial capitals.Over 28,000 Spaniards have been confirmed to have died

from COVID-19.The lockdown successfully reduced the daily contagion rate of over 20 per cent at the height of the crisis to under 1 per cent for the past week.Outbreaks at Malaysia's immigration detention centresMass arrests followed public anger at the presence of migrant foreigners, particularly Rohingya refugees in Malaysia.

(Reuters: Lim Huey Teng)A new cluster of coronavirus infections has broken out in Malaysia at a detention centre for undocumented migrants, authorities have confirmed.for not having permits that allow them to be in the country following raids in areas under lockdown. The centres they are detained in are often crowded, with dozens of migrants packed in a single cell.

The United Nations andand criticised authorities for going after a vulnerable community during the pandemic.The South-East Asian country has so far reported 7,185 virus infections and 115 deaths.Read more about coronavirus:A look at what recovery looks like in Australia since we began lifting restrictions

Andrews flags further announcements on next phase of Belt and Road Viral memes mock Premier Daniel Andrews’ daily coronavirus updates Trump threatens social media companies after Twitter fact-checks him

The health ministry said on Saturday that 21 cases were identified at the Semenyih detention centre near the capital Kuala Lumpur, which houses around 1,600 detainees.It is the second detention centre at which a cluster of virus infections has broken out. Around 60 cases were reported among the 1,400 detainees at the Bukit Jalil centre earlier this week.

In recent weeks,who have been accused of spreading disease, burdening the state and taking jobs as the economy plummets.Rohingya refugees in particular have been targets of harassment and threats. Read more: ABC News »

Someone please tell me how that could that possible be mathematically to move 1.4 million people in queue, it took me 4 hours to get out of car park after a baseball game in Philli, I don’t think there was anywhere near 200,000 at the ball game all governments around the world should try to do the same, especially in the US as they are the most infected country in the world at the moment though their government may want to focus more on political activities

ABC would never wright at article on how demented the left is, imagine if a man said this about women.... May I ask a question: What is the test accuracy? Now if I was a conspiracy theorist I might wonder if a government testing every citizen was keeping the DNA collected from every person through the throat/nose swab, for future reference. Possible?

Meanwhile you can hardly find a place to take a test in Georgia. On a brighter note one person who was tested Mother’s Day weekend was confirmed positive yesterday. Try contact tracing two week of your life... Of course they are, the far-right is the most ignorant and selfish of all fars. far right being normal people.

Coronavirus live updates: Pubs to reopen on June 1 in NSWBREAKING: Pubs and restaurants in NSW will be allowed up to 50 people from June 1. But there are strict rules. 9News With the onset of winter this will not last.

Australia's coronavirus fatalities rise to 101 after 80yo woman dies in Sydney hospital Health authorities in NSW have confirmed one new coronavirus death, bringing the national total to 101. Bravo 👏🏻 for your amazing reporting - so much depth & detail here. Investigative journalism at its best! You do realise that people are awake, don’t you? FakeNews TheTruthPrevails WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE JusticeIsComing 😔 I think most people now realise that ABC is a pathetic joke.

US ends lockdown, Trump slams China for 'mass killings'All 50 American states have now partially emerged from coronavirus lockdowns as President Donald Trump lashed China over global &x27;mass killings&x27;.

Gyms in Hong Kong have introduced perspex divides – will we get them too?With lockdown measures being slowly lifted as coronavirus cases in Australia decline it seems that life is slowly returning to normal. So every time you go to a workout station you get a free germ sauna Absolute crazy . It’s not even that bad in Australia Lol, it won’t be happening here, won’t stop a media desperate to fill content quotas and keep hype levels up though.

Mayor plays dead to avoid arrestThe mayor of a town in Peru allegedly pretended to have died from coronavirus and hid in a coffin in order to avoid arrest for breaking lockdown rules. Virus is man made? Now there’s a bit going on in that headline He's a tricky fellow...🤣

Coronavirus updates LIVE: Morrison government reveals JobKeeper 'error' as global COVID-19 cases surpass 5.1 million, Australian death toll stands at 101Britain will introduce a 14-day quarantine for almost all international travellers from June 8, interior minister Priti Patel has announced, with anyone breaking the rules facing a $1850 fine. Follow our live coverage here: Only a few months late, lol! Classic uk government To little to late. Better late than never! 🤙🏾