Cath's daughter isn't eligible to be vaccinated against COVID — she's worried about borders reopening

Cath's daughter isn't eligible to be vaccinated against COVID — she's worried about borders reopening

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24/10/2021 11:21:00 PM

Cath's daughter isn't eligible to be vaccinated against COVID — she's worried about borders reopening

As Tasmania prepares to open its borders to COVID hotspots, parents of children under the age of 12 with disabilities and underlying health conditions are nervous about the risk to their health.

Key points:Parents of children with disabilities and underlying health conditions are concerned about the risk of Tasmania reopening its borders in DecemberThe Tasmanian Disability Education Reform Lobby is calling on the government to establish COVID management plans

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The state government says it will work with parents and disability advocates and will consider mandatory vaccinations for teachersOne of those nervous about the prospect is Cath Watson, whose nine-year-old daughter Lily has Down syndrome and is susceptible to respiratory illnesses.

"It's a bit concerning for Lily because ... she's not able to be vaccinated yet, and she's also part of a cohort who are quite susceptible to getting sick," Ms Watson said.While the family is otherwise fully vaccinated, Ms Watson is worried she may need to pull her daughter out of school as coronavirus cases in Tasmania rise — despite Lily not coping well with homeschooling.

"If we start seeing the kinds of numbers and deaths that are likely to come and that we're being told are going to come, it will probably come to that kind of a decision," she said.Cath Watson hasn't ruled out homeschooling Lily when the number of COVID cases in Tasmania rises.

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(ABC News: Sarah Jane Bell)Kristen Desmond from the Tasmanian Disability Education Reform Lobby has called on the government to issue a ministerial direction to push schools to create individual COVID-safe plans for families of students with a disability, before school resumes next year.

"We've got young children who can't be vaccinated at this point, and they can still get COVID and they can still transmit COVID and that's a real issue for families who are struggling with how to keep their children safe," Ms Desmond said.

Kristen Desmond wants a broader discussion about keeping children with disabilities safe in schools.(ABC News)"We don't want to see those kids segregated, we don't want to see them have no choice but to do home schooling, we really want to be able to have good conversations with the government about how students with disability can be best kept safe as we move to open up."

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The Tasmanian government has promised to work with parents and disability advocates, and says it will consider mandatory vaccinations for school employees, including teachers, after introducing a mandate for disability sector workers last week.'Very few of them become particularly unwell'

Dr Sarah McNab has seen the effects of coronavirus on children at first hand, as the director of general medicine at Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital.Dr Sarah McNab says children with underlying medical conditions haven't become seriously ill from COVID-19.

(ABC News)She understands the fear amongst parents about letting the virus into Tasmania, but said Victoria had not seen many children become particularly unwell with it.Dr McNab said while Victoria had seen about 17,000 children diagnosed with COVID over the course of the pandemic, very few had required hospitalisation.

"Despite a very large number of children in Victoria having contracted COVID, many thousands of children, we've seen a very small handful of children who have needed hospital care, and all of them have recovered fully," Dr McNab said."Even for children who have underlying medical conditions, including lung conditions, we're seeing very few of them become particularly unwell with COVID."

She said the sickest children had been teenagers, and urged parents to ensure they received their vaccinations.Dr McNab said while she was hopeful a vaccine for those aged under 12 would be approved soon, in the meantime schools should try to reduce spread of the virus by ensuring there was good ventilation, having sick students stay home, providing hand sanitiser, and potentially requiring masks for older primary students.

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Cathy’s instilled an irrational fear in her child…. There you go, I fixed it for you. The second half of this article is great news, and should be being repeated again and again. Kids just don't get very sick from COVID (in the majority). I'm sure we're not supposed to make the comparison, but it strikes me as similar to chicken pox pre-vaccine.

Her daughter is simply not at risk unless she has some terminal cancer. The only reason this poor woman is worried is because of the constant lies and propaganda spread by the likes of the ABC The choice, for us as a population, was always vaccination or lockdown. Cath should keep her daughter in lockdown mode, in order to keep her safe.

What the hell does the vaccination have to do with open borders? ABC at it again Is anyone under 12 eligible at the moment?

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