Border Force allowed Ruby Princess to dock

An Australian Border Force officer instructed a Sydney harbour master to allow the troubled Ruby Princess to dock despite 140 passengers in isolation on board.

8/04/2020 8:33:00 AM

Exclusive: An Australian Border Force officer instructed a Sydney harbour master to allow the troubled Ruby Princess to dock despite 140 passengers in isolation on board | ageinvestigates alexsmithsmh

An Australian Border Force officer instructed a Sydney harbour master to allow the troubled Ruby Princess to dock despite 140 passengers in isolation on board.

Very large text sizeAn Australian Border Force officer told a Sydney harbour master to allow the troubled Ruby Princess to dock despite as many as 140 passengers in isolation on board, official sources said.Sources with knowledge of official inquiries into the debacle revealed a conversation took place with the Port Authority of NSW employee and a female Border Force officer in the hours before the ship was due to dock.

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The Ruby Princess cruise ship at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Circular Quay, Sydney.Credit:Kate GeraghtyThe Border Force officer expressed concern about passengers disembarking as she had been made aware that as many as 140 passengers on board were in isolation due to health concerns.

So serious were the concerns she flagged, the harbour master offered to stop the ship at Bradley’s Head to prevent it docking at Sydney Harbour.AdvertisementAccording to the sources, the harbour master was told by the Border Force officer that she needed to check with a supervisor and 15 minutes later, she called back and said the ship could dock.

The crucial development is understood to be a key part of a NSW Police criminal investigation examining the fiasco. There are as many as 650 passengers with COVID-19 and there have been 15 deaths.The sources said authorities would almost certainly examine who the Border Force official spoke to and why the decision not to leave the ship at Bradley’s Head was made.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian told her MPs in a recent party room meeting that Border Force had wrongly told NSW Health that the cruise ship was deemed "low-risk" before it docked on March 19.Almost 2700 passengers were allowed to disembark in the early hours of March 19, with four cases of coronavirus confirmed just hours later.

An MP who was in the party room meeting said Ms Berejiklian "made it very clear that we did not fail, we were not responsible".Loading"She was very defiant. We were absolutely not to blame," the MP said.But her comments prompted the Border Force Commissioner Michael Outram to hit back.

"What broke down in this case was ... health officers, trained doctors or nurses didn't get on board the vessel, swab passengers and take their swabs for results," Mr Outram said on March 25.He said his officers were responsible for ensuring there was no contraband and ensuring everyone had visas. The Department of Agriculture had the biosecurity responsibility, Mr Outram said.

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When contacted for comment regarding the latest development, Border Force referred the Read more: The Sydney Morning Herald »

Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Release the ship’s manifest and cause may become apparent. Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH The cruiseship industry is doomed b/c insurancecompanies will refuse to issue public liability policies with viral outbreak cover . ausbiz FinancialReview Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH There is either fake or true information going around that Alex Hawke’s in-laws where on the ship and his wife’s connection to various people allowed him to make a phone call or two......go the SMH jorno’s if you dare!!

Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Keep digging until you hit PeterDutton_MP...then you'll be told to bury the story! They're running this on 'the knocked up staffer' delay tactics used by the Beetrooter. Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Glad you're on the case Nick McKenzie. Was Border Force advising NSW Health beyond the scope of its responsibilities? Should it have referred NSW Health to Dept of Ag? But why would federal govt make Dept of Ag responsible for human health issues? coronavirusau COVID19au

Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Isn’t it obvious? Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Were there au pairs on board? Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH No wonder Dutton is lying low. Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Where is Peter Dutton? Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH You just failed the closed pub test SMH!!!!! Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Whether its a ship or an aircraft, if it comes from an international port then Border Force are the primary agency for allowing them to dock/land and process passengers in. Quarantine and NSW Health are responsible for biosecurity. .

Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH The Buck stops with Dutton Peter_Fitz Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH I think this incompetent mob should be called Border Farce. Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Border Farce Peter_Fitz Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Docking a ship is no different to landing a plane. The passengers remain secured. Someone still has to open the door and let the passengers out. That this occurred in an unmanaged way is the key concern IMO.

bugwannostra Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH based on this ScottMorrisonMP and ausgov has a lot to answer for compared to GladysB and nswliberalhq Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH But Im sure they'll come out and reiterate that 'it was NSW Health that gave them the green light to disembark'. Lots of semantic bulls*t going on around this whole dreadful cockup

Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH The wrong asylum seekers Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH 👏🏽 Well done Nick. Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH 🥔 Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH True . Markets reflect relative scarcity Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH This is on PeterDutton_MP's head. He must resign. Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH What about the crews of all the cargo ships still coming into ports like Sydney and Newcastle? Are they bring quarantined?

Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH there's a difference between being sick & in isolation so which is it? Both Govts are responsible but the source of the infection was prior to the ship departing the question is who poisoned the Ruby Princess & why? Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Why hasn't Dutton resigned?

Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH NSW Health are also to blame, especially since they knew there were si k passengers on board. Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH That’s right, BLAME THE CASUAL ON THE FLOOR! Typical of Ausie Management! Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Peter Dutton must resign...he has failed to secure our borders during an emergency and cannot be trusted. COVID19au

Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Under pressure from Hillsong bellends hawke and Morrison ? Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Peter Dutton bought me back from America with him, then he made sure you all got a chance to meet me for yourselves. I invaded his borders then he allowed me to invade the country. Love your work buddy xxoo

Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH the Fed minister was fearful of quarantining Aussies onboard like Diamond Princess in Yokohama Whining public would sue the fed for imprisoning them in a diseased sea prison Lawyers would have a picnic They think gov is a bottomless money pit Wersula Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Dutton is in Charge - he must Resign!!

Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH So much for Scott Morrison’s Border Force owning up to their own decision. Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Diversionary tactic. Border Force didn't approve the disembarking of infected pax without testing. They'll be blaming the taxi drivers next.

Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH I thought the Costello newsletter would be protecting the federal LNP. Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Ping KKeneally anytime to ask questions today of Govt & ABF Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH They need to get hold of her SIM card before she drops her phone into the harbour.

Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Prime Minister ScottMorrisonMP himself banned cruise ships from docking in Australian ports. That's how important it was after the experience with DiamondPrincess in Tokyo. Whoever allowed the RubyPrincess into Sydney should have contacted the Prime Minister personally.

Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Damn! Send these cruise ships back to their home port. They have caused enough damage to Australia! Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Is PeterDutton_MP still hiding himself away? We may not see him for another year at this rate, or maybe at all

deniseshrivell Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH WEll actually under international maritime law he had no choice, but then we don't much care about law here do we, It would be a monstrous crime to leave the poor buggers on a ship to die without help. Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH The plot thins.

Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH If true they would be distraught over the massive mistake they have made. They will need a lot of counseling, I hope they get it. Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH It’s Border Force. The ship should never have docked in the harbour. Who was on the mystery phone call that the Border Force officer rang and approved the docking. Should be easy to discover. Who did the Harbour Master speak too.

johnlittle Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Bye bye Dutton Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH This has the cold, dead hands of Peterdutton_MP all over it. No wonder he's been keeping a low profile of late. Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH It's time to show some humanity. Australia has top of the line medical resources we should be able to take these people in with high pre-caution. They must be running of supplies. They can't be out there forever for all we know a vaccine can take 2 years or longer.

Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH I hope they are not going to settle the blame here on someone earning less than 80K. Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Looks like the AFP won't be able to cover this one up. Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you PeterDutton_MP Wherever the fark he is.

Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH But we’re investigating the ship for murder? Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH PeterDutton_MP Did someone on board pay you to let them off? Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH It’s her fault, no it’s his, no it’s there’s, well it doesn’t matter it’s not mine. Have our governments caught the TrumpVirus ?

Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you PeterDutton_MP. Wherever to fark he is. Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Ok but who is responsible for allowing disembarkation? Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH The cat is now amongst the pigeons! Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Hazzard should go.

Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH Not exclusive. It's all over the interwebs. SimonBanksHB Ageinvestigates AlexSmithSMH The minister must resign over this!

Lessons from Diamond Princess not learnt for sister shipEditorial: The Ruby Princess has become a grim symbol of the pandemic, but the earlier plight of its sister vessel - the Diamond Princess - should have set off alarm bells Mask of the Red Death. How about govt deliberately forcing ONLY public school kids to spread their bioWeapon as labrats No Hillsong gov inlaws on that one?.

Government MPs accuse Constance of failing to disclose crucial Ruby Princess informationSenior government MPs say crucial information about the extent of illness on board the troubled Ruby Princess cruise ship should have been released as soon as it emerged. COVID19au Time to knock it on the head 6 week full National shutdown and lockdown -then reassess and test everyone to see who had it, who’s got it and who hasn’t had exposure yet, to list names for the future vaccine ScottMorrison ausmedia auspol politas Ausgov Australia Of course! He is in bed with the cruise companies that’s why he is been pushing for a cruise ship terminal at Yarra Bay which will cost billions and destroy the whole bay Ruby Princes Graham Richardson: “It is staggering to me that Hazzard still has a job,” “[Gladys Berejiklian]’s got to show that she has the balls to act.” WB: Heads should roll today Gladys

NSW Premier says coronavirus social-distancing to stay 'until vaccine is found' as death toll risesHealth authorities in NSW have confirmed 49 new coronavirus infections, and two new deaths, including an 87-year-old woman who was a passenger on the Ruby Princess cruise ship. ABCemergency COVID19au Time to knock it on the head, full National shutdown and lockdown -then reassess and test everyone to see who had it, who’s got it and who hasn’t had exposure yet, to list names for the future vaccine ScottMorrison ausmedia auspol politas Ausgov Australia GladysB Vaccines usually take 12-18 months to produce, even if sped up it is unlikely to be available in the next 6 months. This ‘new norm’ isn’t sustainable and the sooner ScottMorrisonMP etc admit this the better... auspol Australia HerdImmunityByStealth LNPfail

Infected Ruby Princess passengers transmit virus to 19 people ashoreThe impact of the decision to allow the cruise ship to dock is revealed in the number of people subsequently infected by its passengers. This is an important article. If the NSW Health officials had their time around again they would have still likely got people off the boat, even with test results, but in a more orderly fashion so social distancing was better adhered to on their way home to isolation. People forget that the number of secondary cases on the boat would have exploded if all the uninfected passengers were to have remained on the boat for an extended period of time. This would have had a multiplier effect for their contacts. People forget the Diamond Princess That boat should be scuttled

Adelaide woman dies after contracting COVID-19 from Ruby Princess cruise shipA 62-year-old woman becomes the second person to die from coronavirus in South Australia, health authorities have confirmed. Not related to you was she AlexHawkeMP ? pedwards2014 More blood on the hands of Morrison.

Tasmania records third coronavirus deathA Tasmanian man who was a passenger on the Ruby Princess cruise ship is the third person to die from coronavirus in the state.