‘Been through hell’: Candice rips cricket ‘joke’ after Warner ends captaincy fight

8/12/2022 4:11:00 AM

David Warner’s wife Candice has declared enough is enough, taking aim at an ‘outrageous’ demand.

.davidwarner31 is at war with Cricket Australia, heading into this afternoon's second Test against the West Indies. AUSvWI 7NEWS

David Warner’s wife Candice has declared enough is enough, taking aim at an ‘outrageous’ demand.

for being “determined to conduct a public lynching” that he said threatened to make his family “the washing machine for cricket’s dirty laundry”.has made the bombshell decision to withdraw his application to challenge his lifetime leadership ban from Australian cricket, to avoid a public hearing on the events surrounding the Newlands scandal in 2018.Help keep family & friends informed by sharing this article abc.Pat Cummins pulled out of the Adelaide Test due to injury and Steve Smith was announced as the stand-in skipper, Warner published a long and angry statement on Instagram, condemning the process.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: David Warner unleashes bombshell statement.Watch, Stream & Catch Up with Australia's Home of Cricket on >>Candice echoed that sentiment when she opened up on the situation on Thursday morning.David Warner at Newlands in 2018, the scene of the third Test with big consequences.The mother-of-three has been at the centre of the story after she was targeted by South African fans at the ill-fated Cape Town Test that led to Warner’s sandpaper ban.Key points: David Warner has withdrawn his application to have his lifetime captaincy ban removed A review of Warner's ban would have been made public in accordance with the appeal process Warner said he was unwilling to bring public scrutiny upon his family In a bombshell development on the eve of the Adelaide Test, Warner also claimed counsel assisting the review had made offensive and unhelpful comments about him during the initial process.“It’s still raw, we go to cricket so often watching David play and there’s always people yelling things out at the crowd,” Candice told Triple M.CA’s integrity unit is led by Jacqui Partridge, and its panel of independent code of conduct commissioners is composed of Alan Sullivan, Robert Heath, Adrian Anderson, Jane Seawright and Leon Zwier.“We’ve lived with this pain, through this pain since 2018.“Regrettably, I have no practical alternative at this point or time but to withdraw my application,” Warner said in a statement on Instagram.

And it gets to a point where enough is enough.“Despite my opposition and that of Cricket Australia, on Tuesday last week Counsel Assisting the Review Panel and the Review Panel took it upon themselves to concoct an irregular procedure (overturning presumptions and previous practice) for the determination of my application and establish a novel approach that would negatively impact the health and welfare of my family and the interests of the Australian cricket team,” Warner said in a statement.The 36-year-old claimed he had the support of Cricket Australia to not have that process go ahead during his application, but was on Wednesday told his push had been rejected.Dave’s statement was very powerful and it had to be..Regrettably, the Review Panel acted contrary to the submissions of Cricket Australia and my lawyer and appeared to adopt virtually entirely the position of Counsel Assisting..( Getty Images: Cameron Spencer ) "They want to conduct a public spectacle to, in the panel's words, have a "cleansing".we’ve been through hell.They want to conduct a public spectacle to, in the Panel’s words, have a ‘cleansing’.I am not prepared for my family to be the washing machine for cricket’s dirty laundry.

” Warner’s statement, titled ‘some things are more important than cricket’, put an emphasis on protecting his family and his teammates from “further trauma and disruption”.Both he and Cricket Australia believed it fell in line with Code of Conduct changes made by the governing body last month to allow for a review of the long-standing sanctions.My family is more important to me than cricket." According to a statement released by CA last month after nine months of pushing for change, players and staff could have long-term sanctions reviewed by a three-person review panel, comprising independent code-of-conduct commissioners.Candice and David Warner pictured in 2020.Credit: / Getty Images But Warner has claimed the review panel, made up of three independent Code of Conduct commissioners, had other ideas.“Over the course of the past nearly five years since the events that occurred during the third Test in Cape Town, even with all the humiliation and attacks that they have had to endure, I have enjoyed the unwavering support and love of my wife Candice and my three daughters, Ivy Mae, Indi Rae, and Isla Rose.Included in that were believed to be the ability for accredited media to attend the hearing, as well as going back over the events of March 2018.In turn, the opener claimed the panel had little regard for his or his teammates' welfare in wanting to re-open the case.They want to conduct a public spectacle to, in the Panel’s words, have a “cleansing”.

Warner, with the support of CA, protested that process on the second day of last week’s Perth Test in a desperate bid to keep any appeal in-house.Advertisement “Since that Test and even though my ban from leadership roles may never be lifted, I have taken it upon myself to reform, to rehabilitate and to transform my approach to the game.However, as an independent panel the group was able to set their own parameters and method around the process.Candice took aim at the “outrageous” demand that the hearing would be heard publicly with other players and coaches interviewed.” After inquiries by the Australian Cricketers Association and a formal request from the Sydney Thunder, the Cricket Australia board announced a review of its code of conduct, followed by a rewrite to allow for an appeal panel hearing to allow for “parole” of long-term penalties..“In whose best interests is it for this to become public?” Candice said.“Is it for David, for the team or for the panel’s best interests? The fact they used words like cleansing to me is a joke.“With the encouragement of administrators and colleagues and in accordance with the rules under the Code of Conduct, on 25 November 2022 I submitted an application to Cricket Australia for a modification to my lifetime ban from leadership positions in cricket.Counsel Assisting the Review Panel appeared to be determined to revisit the events of March 2018 and the Review Panel appears determined to expose me and my family to further humiliation and harm by conducting a media circus,” he said.

“That’s not what he wanted and I don’t think it’s what Cricket Australia wanted either.But the panel was very adamant that they wanted it public.“I hoped I would be given the opportunity, under the established practice and procedure of the Code of Conduct that is reflected in the amendments, to demonstrate that I have satisfied the necessary requirements for a modification to my ban and that I might be permitted to see out the balance of my career without the yoke hanging around my neck and further anguish for my family.” The Warner family has been an ever-present in the Australian cricket team.Credit: / AAP Warner has previously flagged he may be in his final 12 months as a Test cricketer.“Counsel Assisting the Review Panel appeared to be determined to revisit the events of March 2018 and the Review Panel appears determined to expose me and my family to further humiliation and harm by conducting a media circus,” he said.But the captaincy ban notably applies to the Big Bash, which could conceivably benefit from his experience and star power for seasons to come.It appears that the Panel has given no more than passing consideration to issues of player welfare and the interests of Australian cricket and is instead determined to conduct a public lynching.

“David has had enough, the team has had enough and it’s just time to move on now and just to get on with playing cricket,” Candice said.Nonetheless, following the curiously irregular position adopted by the Review Panel, and in the interests of my family and Australian cricket, last Thursday I submitted a request for the Review Panel to revisit their procedural decision and at least apply a protocol that is consistent with established practice and procedure under the Code of Conduct.“We’ve all heard too much for too long.” Candice denied that Warner has been “campaigning to be captain”.“Having had nearly a week to consider that proposal, today the Review Panel has decided to ignore the request in any meaningful way and has provided a dismissive rejection of the substantive matters.“He is getting on in age so there was never any expectation that he was going to captain,” she said.“But if there was an opportunity he would have loved to have taken it.“Regrettably, I have no practical alternative at this point in time but to withdraw my application.

” The latest twist arrived just hours after it was announced Steve Smith would captain the Test side for the second time since his leadership ban was overturned..“Some things are more important than cricket.

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‘Dirty laundry’: Angry Warner rejects public hearing for captaincy banDavid Warner has made the bombshell decision to withdraw his application to challenge his lifetime leadership ban from Australian cricket, to avoid a public hearing on the events surrounding the Newlands scandal in 2018 | SMHsport SMHsport Damage is done already SMHsport He was a bit of a bully in the sandpaper fracas. You know the type. Not really Australian captain material. SMHsport Bombshell warning.

David Warner withdraws appeal to end lifetime captaincy banVeteran Australian opener David Warner has ended his bid to have his lifetime captaincy ban cut short. Should never have been an option. Smith should not be captain either. And they wonder why they are having trouble filling grounds. Great news. He's a cheat and he shouldn't be anywhere near this team. I’m certainly no big fan of the way Warner behaved during and after the incident, but if what he says is true about the way they were to handle this review then it’s a pretty sad indictment of Cricket Australia once again!

Warner drops bombshell statement on Instagram, withdraws from captaincy processBREAKING: David Warner will withdraw his bid to have his lifetime captaincy ban lifted, dropping a bombshell on the eve of the Adelaide Test claiming the review panel wanted to relive the events of the ball-tampering saga. 7NEWS He can drop as many bombshells as he likes. Warner only has himself to blame. If he's unhappy with his employer he can move on. It's a privilege to play for your country not a right. so? he cheated... It should be never forgotten that he was one of 3 who conspired to bring the game, himself, and his country into disrepute , and with that there should be a penalty. He is fortunate to still be playing cricket.

Warner withdraws appeal after 'offensive' claimBreaking news 😲 A fiery and explosive statement from David Warner. Good..the dudes lucky to be playing international cricket at all. Fiery and explosive is what I did this morning…this was not that Hahahaha retire then pal

Warner 'disaster' could prompt 'selfish' callDavid Warner could be playing his last Test summer in Australia. That's exposed a big problem for his team. AUSvWI 9WWOS cricket

Warner outrage exposes cricket’s latest leadership failureDavid Warner’s angry decision to withdraw an application to have his ban on ever assuming the captaincy overturned highlights Cricket Australia’s ongoing failure of leadership. malcolmconn If cricket Aus had dealt properly with the awful treatment of Warner’s wife at the hands of sth African cricket officials in the first place we wouldn’t be having this discussion. CA failed to uphold its respect of women policy so as to not upset CSA malcolmconn Cricket Aust couldn’t organise a picnic. Warner is a terrific player . It’s time they let this crap go . He’s redeemed himself . He’s already a leader in the eyes of the public and other players . malcolmconn There is no doubt that Warner was guilty. This is not just an Australian affair! Global cricket needs to see a serious penalty imposed on cheats! Warner presumably had no hope of getting his penalty overthrown and has backed down - using his family as an excuse!