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Australian scientists develop tech they say can recycle all plastic

Australian scientists develop tech they say can recycle all plastic


Australian scientists develop tech they say can recycle all plastic

Local scientists develop a system they say can turn all plastic back into oil, but the first commercial recycling plant using the technology will not be built in Australia.

His Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor (Cat-HTR) does just that through a form of chemical recycling that changes the plastics at a molecular level using hot water at a high pressure to turn them back into oil.

Dr Humphreys said the Cat-HTR technology he and his co-founder patented was different from existing plastic-to-oil technologies like pyrolysis, which is a process that involves heating materials at a very high temperature.

After trialling the technology for the past decade at a pilot plant on the NSW central coast, the company Licella is now ready to take their idea to market.

"We don't do that here. We're not incentivising the market here."

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Good stuff while the idiots are screaming and gluing themselves to toads, intelligent people are getting on with making real tangible changes. All matter & mixes thereof can be subjected to destructive distillation, it is just a question of the energy required. This knowledge is centuries old. If new technology can make it economical by utilising a safe, long-lasting & affordable catalyst then awesome, make it happen.

sussanley Your indolence is killing our country, Ley. Get your act together and start earning the fortune we're paying you. 'The company says a commercial facility could process around 20,000 tonnes of plastic a year. It would take dozens of those facilities to make a substantial dent in Australia's plastic problem.' sounds like job opportunities to me. c'mon ausgovt, stop handballing & step up

'What we're doing is we're simply taking those materials & converting them back to the liquids & the chemicals they came from.'

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