Anti-malarial drug taken by Trump linked to higher death rate | Sky News Australia

A major study has found hydroxychloroquine - the anti-malaria drug touted by US President Donald Trump to treat COVID-19 has increased deaths in patients infected with coronavirus.

23/05/2020 2:41:00 AM

A major study has found hydroxychloroquine - the anti-malaria drug touted by US President Donald Trump to treat COVID-19 has increased deaths in patients infected with coronavirus.

A major study has found hydroxychloroquine - the anti-malaria drug touted by US President Donald Trump to treat COVID-19 has increased deaths in patients infected with coronavirus.\n\nMedical journal The Lancet revealed the study where tests had been conducted on more than 96,000 patients across 671 hospitals. \n\nResults found 1 in 6 patients taking the drug died.\n\nThe death rate in patients not taking the drug is 1 in 11. \n\nScientists have cautioned against using the drug after a number of doctors began prescribing it without evidence.\n\nPresident Trump recently revealed he has been taking hydroxychloroquine for 'two weeks' as a coronavirus preventative.\n\nImage: AP

23/05/2020|1minA major study has found hydroxychloroquine - the anti-malaria drug touted by US President Donald Trump to treat COVID-19 has increased deaths in patients infected with coronavirus. Medical journal The Lancet revealed the study where tests had been conducted on more than 96,000 patients across 671 hospitals. Results found 1 in 6 patients taking the drug died. The death rate in patients not taking the drug is 1 in 11. Scientists have cautioned against using the drug after a number of doctors began prescribing it without evidence. President Trump recently revealed he has been taking hydroxychloroquine for "two weeks" as a coronavirus preventative. Image: AP

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Really? Lies and more lies FakeNewsAlert Absolute FAKE NEWS! The study has been proven to be very flawed! The media have some crazy agenda with this drug? DR FAUCI aproved this drug years ago to treat coronaviruses! Please do some investigating before printing from fake news! Hydroxychloroquineworks Stop spreading fake news! Hydroxycloroquine has had great success! That study is biased towards that outcome to discredit Trump. Who's side are you even on? Truth or misinformation?

Trump use it as a preventive. India has 3 studies with positive results as a prevention. It will use in all health professionals to protect them. Australia is running a similar study. He, as a worldwide top presidential charlatan, has constantly been make the existing disaster worse, worst. Such a crazy and sad world ‼ Wish God save us.

Fingers crossed In come the halfwits with “what about Joe?” and “fake news”. I haven’t seen a “wrong” yet. This has been the reported evidence since February,that’s when the idiot Trump first talked about it.Yet you employ people who still peddle this rubbish,that’s why you get a phone box full of people to watch.

Now Now, hold on. OTHER major studies have found that it works. Don't jump on that bandwagon yet. YOu could be wrong. ** Twisting the facts or context to mislead, to give a wrong idea or wrong impression is fake news.. Pie in the Sky Fake News MORE LIES No doubt Fox will double down on its support of the Orange Clown God agian later

Fake news Shhhhh!! 🤐 Hospitalisation implies a good % of patients will have severe infections. Hydroxychloroquine is used in the inhibition of viral replication, meaning it must be used early: the study is insensitive to recommended usage of HCQ & only has political value. Biased Hydroxycholoroquine studies like that reported in Lancet are part of the biggest scam by the medical community since heterosexual AIDS, in which real-world experience is ignored in favor of a desired conclusion. (Earlier, that LGBTQ is good. Now, that Trump is bad.)

Bullshit. Military used it for 65 years. So many bogus “studies” atm . Check your reporting 😡 India, with entirely different pharmaceutical industry interests, has come to a different conclusion. They studied 80,000 cases, increases chance of death 22% It's amazing that the TrumpCult are so obedient and brainwashed that they will reactively attack even their most beloved ultra-conservative media outlets the second they post something that does not strictly adhere to being pro-Trump. These people are not ok.

A man must understand his limitations. The consequences can be disastrous otherwise. When person who doesn't understand that is proactive they're a menace. stevejco No way! But it helps weight lose or why would Clive have a couple of semi loads. A man must understand his limitations. The consequences can be disastrous otherwise. When a stupid person is proactive they're a menace.

MSMWatchdog2013 This would qualify as culpable genocide - due for prosecution by the next administration I'd guess. realDonaldTrump SenKamalaHarris AntiAbbottAust 🤞 hughriminton American people who oppose to this geezer For all you Trump supporters. Because he says he is taken hydroxy-chloroquine, doesn't mean he is taking the drug. He has been known to have lied or delivered misleading statements 1 or 2 or maybe 16,000 times in the last 1000days or so.

That's good news...let's hope Trump keeps taking it! Who did the study fake news GregHuntMP auspol The media is trying their utmost to kill this drug off just because trump said it helps, every person that has taken this credits it for saving their life, granted it dosn't have a 100% success rate but it is pretty good and it must be taken early not when you are half dead.

Wow, even Sky News!!!! Nonsense! ** Twisting the facts or context to mislead, to give a wrong idea or wrong impression is fake news. “ Patients INFECTED With CoronaVirus “ STOP Bloody Muddling the Truth! Media just Trump haters! So if you have the virus it’s not a good idea to take this stuff. Bottom line many including medics take it as a preventative! I’m no bloody expert but can spot what’s Truth & Lies

What kind of bullshit is this... Sky News do better. Look into this so called study. I can guarantee you that it is dodgy. Whether he was right or wrong, no political leader should be advocating any drug outside medical opinion. Despite that, one would have hoped he was right on this. Low Dose of Hydroxychloroquine Reduces Fatality of Critically Ill Patients With COVID-19

Here's Hoping :) its true Obama! Huh, what a surprise The drug with issues is Chloroquine, not Hydroxychloroquine. Stop spreading FAKE NEWS!!! But DonaldTrump doesn't have covid19 coronavirus 😮🙀😂 Anyone checked his or his family's links or investments in BigPharma hydroxychroloquine ? 💰 Idiot. Bullshit

Like anything, everyone is different in the way their body reacts to vaccines/medications 💉 so these studies are useless. I call BS And Fake News How many actual scientific surveys before the grifters like sky news who peddled it face some kinda liability for the poor fools who have used it? You are the people’s enemy. Heres some actual evidence to the contrary you criminals

Bull. Its been used for Malaria since the Raj in its herbal form. You are fakenews pharma shills... APadeau Chris Kenny?....*tap tap*...Hellloooo? Is this thing on? Another bullshit Sky News Story A major study funded by WHO?.... Bullshit FakeNews Bullshit . Stoooooop! FakeNewsAlert “Study” funded by ClintonCrimeFamily

Hey ScottMorrisonMP can you assure us that you haven’t given CliveFPalmer anything for his hydrchloroquine stockpile. Maybe you could now get GregHuntMP to get is back into the supply chain that supports people who genuinely need it. Here’s hoping! Congratulations on reporting this. It must have hurt & will likely damage your wonderful relationship with the craziest man on the planet, but good to see even couldn’t find a way to report this as anything other than bad news for the fools who jumped on with Trump. a story about this racist fw... Of course it's bad. It's out of patent and 60 cents per tab. SKY parroting big pharma BS. Why is his face so orange?😂😂 Fake news. If this drug was that bad India would not have the second largest population in the world. Who believes this liar anyway? Here’s a story..... Poor ol SleepyJoe

who did that study lol Who cares. 👍 Replace Trumps name in the story with Biden’s or Clinton’s or even Obama’s and all of a sudden it would be a wonder drug that would cure all ailments. This sounds like fake news, look at all the countries who is buying it. Trials have been positive when used with zinc& antibiotics

The Lancet...yawn...vested interest in vaccines 😂😂😂. You can do better reporting than that ...this has already been debunked: please get back to objective journalism for gawds sake!! Totally fake news. What on earth are you talking about? Are you TRYING to kill people by putting them off of HCQ? Are you being paid by enemies of mankind? Shame on you

The joy of watching the frothing at the mouth of the Trump deranged 😁 It wouldn't happen to be a study funded by Bill Gates would it? After all, he pretty much owns most the Global Health. Lies!! Apparently, only 'anti Trump' people disagree. Trump: 'The only negative I've heard was the study where they gave it was at the VA with, you know, people that aren't big Trump fans gave it.' Desperate for good polls. Mentally unstable. Moron.

Lancet will regret publishing this article. The article claims a 'multi-national' study was performed on 'laboratory tested patients' on the 20th Dec which means people must have been getting sick well before this date to even trigger a study. This proves that Trump is right. Bull Shit It should be made criminal, for pharmacists, doctors, specialists, politicians, to prevent people having access to affordable effective medication. Make HCQ + combo, available for all Dr's to prescribe to those that need! No one should ever block these? It's Sick!

It wasn't a major study and it was an observational study with little to no evidence. Why not report on all the studies around the world in support of using this drug. It has been around for almost 70 years and has less side effects than panadol. Fake news strikes again. Fake news. Big Pharma desperate.

You are fake news pushing incomplete facts. HCQ was only given to patients in intensive care, those not in intensive care were not given HCQ hence the increase death rates. But keep pushing your false narrative while people are dying, you should be ashamed and in jail. This is a poor story, even by Sky standards. Do better.

Who funded the trial? Thanks Sky good to see some factual reporting on this...finally. I bet Trump has been lying about being on it himself. Isn’t the point that you take it to prevent those ailments, not to treat them once you already have them! You try and go to places, who have those diseases, without taking any injections or pills to protect yourself. You would be an imbecile as well is not getting permission.

Fake news FakeNews Any chance Clive Palmer can take a handful but b4 he does can he give Hanson Moronson a few tabs and the GRIFTERS on problem fixed .. Could you elaborate on this? More information is required regarding the patients - age, underlying health conditions, was it taken in conjunction with other medications, who funded the study etc...

Source: CNN FAKE NEWS He’s not taking it to cure Covid but as a prophylaxis. So you need different study. You can make statistics say whatever you want them to. . Did it occur to the authors that people prescribed drug have a more advanced stage of virus.. drug saves 5/6 patients. FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople OperationMockingbird CalaBocaFolha DiversityandInclusion Importante NaTrincheiraComBolsonaro precautions RuthlessAggression Covid_19mx GretaThunberg RubyPrincess precautions Qantas 니스들의_자부심_우리차일드

That’s Doctor Trump thank you very much. And other studies show it is an effective prophylactic. 'The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the country’s apex body in the field, has found that consuming the drug hydroxychloroquine reduces the chances of getting infected with Covid-19.' this fact was known ages ago

Is it to prevent or is it to cure ?

Trump takes aim at 'incompetent' China via Twitter | Sky News AustraliaUS President Donald Trump has taken aim at China via Twitter, blaming Beijing for the increasing number of coronavirus deaths across the globe. \n\n'Some wacko in China just released a statement blaming everybody other than China for the Virus which has now killed hundreds of thousands of people. Please explain to this dope that it was the ‘incompetence of China’, and nothing else, that did this mass worldwide killing!” he said. \n\nThe US President continued this sentiment in a press conference this morning, accusing the regime of a lack of transparency. \n\nMr Trump has repeatedly criticized Beijing for its handling of the COVID-19 crisis. \n realDonaldTrump He’s not wrong realDonaldTrump realDonaldTrump 'US alerted Israel, NATO to disease outbreak in China in November — TV report'

Trump threatens to remove funding from Michigan | Sky News AustraliaUS President Donald Trump has threatened to remove funding to Michigan over its decision to use ‘mail-in ballots’. \n\n“We don’t want them to do mail-in ballots because it’s going to lead to total election fraud,” he said. \n\nMichigan is planning to send out applications for mail-in ballots to its voters to avoid further spreading of the coronavirus, but will not send ballots themselves. \n\n“This was done illegally and without authorization by a rogue Secretary of State,” Trump tweeted. \n\n“I will ask to hold up funding to Michigan if they want to go down this Voter Fraud path!”\n\nMeanwhile, the President said he was at the end of his two-week long regime taking the controversial anti-malaria drug to fight off COVID-19. \n\nDespite the drug being unproven, Mr Trump said he was happy with the result as he continued to test negative for the coronavirus. realDonaldTrump Fascism in practice. Mail ballots make it easier for people to vote. He is set against democracy at this point. realDonaldTrump Fake news Trump Steps Up Attacks on Mail Vote, Making False Claims About Fraud realDonaldTrump Mail ballots, like our plebiscite are open to cheating. This is the only reason they are used !

Anti-malarial drug taken by Donald Trump linked to death riskA study in the medical journal The Lancet has linked the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine to a higher risk of death in COVID-19 patients. Duh, correlation does not equal causation, SBStards. More people who were taking hydroxychloroquine died because it was used as a last ditch treatment for patients who had no other viable treatment options. Well surprise, fricken surprise.

Calls to ban Trump from Twitter are as 'ridiculous' as some of Trump's tweets | Sky News AustraliaFormer Victorian Liberal Party president Michael Kroger says MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski’s call for Trump to be blocked by twitter is a “ridiculous” proposition. \n\nWhile “I don’t think he understands the platform” and makes a lot of “mistakes” on twitter, the “outrage” among the left is not a good enough reason to ban the president.\n\n“We all know twitter is probably 10 percent centre-right and 90 percent centre-left,” he told Sky News host Paul Murray. \n\nOn twitter “the hard left talk to the hard left” and this doesn’t provide a “fair poll” of what is really being discussed in the socio-political sphere. \n\nSky News contribiutor Nicholas Reece said he thought President Donald Trump was doing “more harm than good” to America through his tweets, but he didn’t think he should be “banned from the platform” \n\n“He should tweet his crooked, stupid little heart out”. \n realDonaldTrump ur actually worse than the ABC for picking out no one to interview about nothing.. realDonaldTrump Presidents shouldn’t be posting on twitter. They should be running the country. realDonaldTrump I couldn’t give a shit what Michael Kroger says

Michigan demonstrators stage anti-lockdown haircut protestMichigan police have issued disorderly conduct citations to people who ignored warnings to stop cutting hair during an anti-lockdown protest. If one of them got coronavirus and died the rest would be on the same steps protesting govt inaction.

AMA warns of upsurge in anti-vaxxer 'extremism' as MP's office vandalisedAfter a South Australian MP found his office 'plastered' with anti-vaccination messages, the AMA's state president expresses concern that anti-vaxxers could be an impediment to herd immunity once a coronavirus vaccine is developed. Rottnest Island ? Wow so now it’s extremism not to want to be forcibly injected with toxins that have been proven to kill people. ABC you’re complicit with crimes against humanity!