Abolish stamp duty - impose a proper land tax instead

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Opinion: Abolish stamp duty, impose a proper land tax instead

Sometimes it’s possible to sense when a good idea’s time has come - when several strands in the national conversation weave together to form an obvious pointer on where to from here.First, we hear news that Australia’s sleeping property giant, which awoke in the middle of last year,, with home prices now poised to topple previous records within months.

This is not to say that older Australians are suddenly keen to live in the shoeboxes younger Australians are forced to habitate. My view that our current housing supply could be better utilised is a view, however, shared by economists and the public policy making community at large. “Throughout the consultation period, we consistently heard how transfer duty is a costly tax that impacts citizens’ freedom to move throughout the seasons of life. We also heard how it can often have the worst impact on first home buyers and seniors. By hindering mobility, we heard stories of people living in housing that doesn’t meet their current needs.”

Unlike its scare campaigns on reform of capital gains tax and negative gearing, the property sector is also backing the push for reform of stamp duties.


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Hey wasn't the call a few years ago the opposite. Aren't we returning to the future. How economics go round and round in circles.

Click bait

And when you can’t pay your land tax, you’re forced to sell your house. Brilliant idea!

Oh that's right lnp sold, gave away, privatized, NSW Land Title, so any changes will now impose layers of profit margins on what would have been a straight forward systems renovations. auspol abcnews

Abolish stamp duty and land tax altogether is the real deal. This reduction in revenue will certainly make Canberra more accountable when they spend our taxes uselessly and recklessly on projects that don’t work and stupid useless Politicians.

There are good reasons to do this. But there is political reality which is no major party is going to impose a land tax on millions of homeowners.

Abolish stamp duty and replace it with GST. That was why GST was introduced, to replace idiotic state taxes. Except the states never followed through.

Land tax already exists, it’s hefty and drives up rents. We also have a land value based council rate/tax.

Proper land tax to be introduced? What proper means cannot and has not been defined by any party.

Virtue signalling socialists in feminist media want to tax the family home! Should sit well with ordinary working Australians who have struggled to buy.

The bigger and faster growing our population, the less affordable housing becomes. Not sure if they have land taxes or stamp duty in Hong Kong and Mumbai, but they have some of the world’s least affordable housing, most appalling slums and gross inequality.

My inlaws want to downsize. But they never will. Stamp duty isn’t even the concern. What are the options? Sell a quality home they own outright, in a good location and buy one of those overpriced, poorly built monstrosities? They don’t want to downsize their quality of life.

land tax makes it too costly to own properties They have land tax on commercial prop

This seems to be a push for the benefit of speculators who buy and sell property frequently. Why do they need a reward. The proposed change is designed to punish retired people and pesnioners each and every year even though they have fixed incomes and limited means.

Scrap it. Tax equality for all.

NO WAY Look at the mess in Canberra how rates n prop tax hike are unaffordable Young couples get exemption anyway What is the big deal?

Stop the Chinese arriving here with bags of Communist cash buying up the place, that's the answer.

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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