Why Latin America treats “femicides” differently from other murders

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Have femicide laws helped decrease violence against women in Latin America?

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keeps a candlelit shrine to her daughter, Diana, who in 2017 was raped and murdered in Chimalhuacán, a Mexican town. She has a file documenting how police bungled the investigation. They failed to cordon off the crime scene or wear gloves while handling Diana’s body. Her clothes went missing. Photos of the corpse were sloppily taken, says Diana’s sister, Laura. Ms Guerrero cannot look. She uses the word “femicide” to describe her daughter’s death.

The concept of femicide raises public awareness of violence against women, says Martha Cecilia Reyes, head of the women’s institute of Nuevo León, a state in northern Mexico. It is supposed to help bring perpetrators to justice. In many countries jail sentences are stiffer than for murder. The maximum for femicide in Nuevo León is 70 years, 30 years longer than for other murders. Mexican courts do not require prosecutors to show that a femicide defendant intended to kill his victim.

But femicide laws have critics. Some lawyers find it absurd that a jealous husband who kills his wife will get decades more jail time than one who kills her male lover. Investigators of femicide cases have no more training and resources than do others, say some lawyers, and so are no more successful at winning convictions.

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Really femicide?!? Is this metoo positive discrimination because it's better or worse when a woman gets murdered as compared to a male? Murder of a fellow human being is inhumane - period. Should I now invent huwoman hufemin or is all just beings now. eufemism

Same in Turkey. Women murdered everyday in Turkey

nothing to be afraid of...Amlo

Human respect is the more important denominator of real actions, to protect the human lives of everyone in the society.

What a sham two sides of the extreme women cutting up their male partners in gay societies, the late C Flacke a beaming example of retarded gender issues in UK. Oscillate across the other side to South America, women shooting lubricate up their behind for male attention. Choices



Hey you are concerned with the lives of women in Latin America? How wonderful! Did you know in america there are thousands of women in concentration camps at the border, because they are brown? Havent seen a story on that in a while.


Because many women do not just want equality but superiority. It is fair that humans be treated equally, but they want to go the extra mile taking it by force and unwisely.

If you knew South Americans it wouldn't be a mystery

No of course that does not help... is just to sort and separate the crime counting... but apart from this use is totally useless...

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