This Drone Uses Piercing Talons to Perch—or Snatch Things

3/29/2022 7:02:00 PM

What do you get when you slap 3D-printed raptor legs on a quadcopter? A robot that can land like a falcon to keep an eye on the forest.

What do you get when you slap 3D-printed raptor legs on a quadcopter? A robot that can land like a falcon to keep an eye on the forest. are so precious. They take off and hover, taking pictures or whatever, and then land, recharge—and . If these drones were birds, they’d be prey. But the Stereotyped Nature-Inspired Aerial Grasper, or SNAG, would be their apex predator.

This new quadcopter has

, each loaded with four 3D-printed talons that lock around whatever makes contact with them, be it a branch to rest on or perhaps, someday, other drones flying where they’re not supposed to. That’s right, it’s a drone that might hunt drones.

describing the robot in the journal . “To us, this is really inspiring: The whole idea that if you would just design different landing gear, you might be able to perch just anywhere.” SNAG is specifically inspired by the peregrine falcon, a predator among predators. This raptor dive-bombs at speeds up to

Good. This is what we need.

And kill a rabbit?

Courtesy of Will Roderick Courtesy of Will Roderick momentum

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