The Danger Of Being A Black Woman In Brazil

Reproductive healthcare is basically nonexistent if you are poor, and if you are poor and Black. Activist Daniele Duarte is fighting to dismantle the systemic racism in Brazil @Fundamental_Doc

3/13/2020 7:00:00 PM

Reproductive healthcare is basically nonexistent if you are poor, and if you are poor and Black. Activist Daniele Duarte is fighting to dismantle the systemic racism in Brazil Fundamental_Doc

The second episode of Fundamental, a series of short films by YouTube Originals and Global Fund for Women, explores how the fight for reproductive rights in Brazil is especially hard for Black women.

was a 38-year-old Black, queer city councillor as well as an outspoken anti-racism and pro-choice activist before being shot and killed in Rio de Janeiro in 2018. Many called Franco's murder a targeted hate crime, and her death sparked protests and cries from activists like Duarte and Xavier for Brazil to do something about its societal treatment of Black women. “Black women have low social representation,” Xavier says in the film. “They have low influence in the policies that can bring them benefits.” Despite this oppression, Duarte says Black women in Brazil are resilient. “Black women have been resisting for years and we will continue the struggle and keep resisting these attacks,” she says.

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AdvertisementAfter Franco’s death, Brazilian women took to the streets to protest for their rights, and also to rally against a racist, misogynist political figure looming over their country. Sound familiar? When the documentary was shot, far-right candidate

Jair Bolsonarowas running for president of Brazil and his similarities to Donald Trump were glaring. While campaigning for president, Bolsonaro said things like, “I’d never rape you because you’re not worthy of it.” And a video in the doc shows him telling a woman, “I’ll give you a good beating.” Duarte called Bolsonaro's campaign “chauvinist, homophobic, and racist.” He was elected in October 2018. “When a person like that becomes a celebrity, he allows other people to impede upon the right of those who are different,” says Duarte. Bolsonaro's presidency has left activists reeling."Seeing the closing of essential services and the changes in legislation designed for the population — especially for women and Black people — brought us despair but at the same time an opportunity to join efforts in different fields," Xavier tells Refinery29.

Xavier and Duarte are just two of many Black women standing up to systemic patriarchal racism that permeates through Brazil. Their stories are told inFundamental,a series of short films by YouTube Originals and Global Fund for Women, that speaks directly to the women around the world leading movements against governmental threats of conservatism and repression. As a passionate protester says in the film: “Black lives and women’s lives matter here as well as anywhere in the world.”  

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GlobalFundWomen Fundamental_Doc Due to my black appearance many of them are misusing me to take films about my real life story. But they are not eager to show me infront of audience. GlobalFundWomen Fundamental_Doc In my country I have completed my electrical engineering graduation. I completed my masters also. But due to black they are not eager to give my job.

GlobalFundWomen Fundamental_Doc I am black and poor. Due to that I am unable to prove myself. Jealous, envy. This causes me not able to do my job. Due to black everyone is misusing me. GlobalFundWomen Fundamental_Doc Not only in Brazil, everywhere in the world. Fundamental_Doc This is very true especially with women living in rural semi arid region, where access to contraceptives has been achieved primarily through programs ran by DandelionAfrica .imagine a world without organisations that give hope to women MakeWomenCount

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