Pro Wrestler Flips Off 7-Year-Old Fan At Autograph Event, 'F*** Them Kids'

3/4/2020 9:31:00 PM

Pro Wrestler Flips Off 7-Year-Old Fan At Autograph Event, 'F*** Them Kids'

Pro Wrestler Flips Off 7-Year-Old Fan At Autograph Event, 'F*** Them Kids'

A famous pro wrestler FLIPPED OFF off a 7-year-old kid at a meet and greet in Chicago this weekend.

So, when Tom and his son came face to face with MJF, the wrestler busted out the single barrel salute right in the little guy's face ... par for the course for MJF.You can see in the video the kid looks stunned -- and afterward, Tom raised the issue with  AEW vice president

Cody Rhodes."I tried to laugh it off knowing he’s just in character," Tom said ..."but it really upset him. I know that’s his gimmick but he’s only 7 & doesn’t understand."Tom says his son is now being mocked online -- and wants AEW to keep talent in check when meeting kids at fan events.

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jflo0530 FrannysWorld11 Hemby423 what you saidddddd 🤣🤣🤣 CHILD ABUSER. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Fuck (and I cannot stress this enough) them kids He’s not wrong 😂 That is good heat. Kid needs to learn how to werk. Maybe spit on the guys shoes or crotch chop at him. Lmao What was just a****** thinking? You guys are pushing the hell out of this article. Third time I've seen this in the past week.

I don't watch, but I read the article and the wrestler is in character. He plays a character who hates kids as part of his persona. Omitting this from the headline is outrageous lol

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Dumb Y’all keep reposting the same story. We not canceling The_MJF Kill it. This is what we do as fans of wrestling. The kid of parents knew what’s up Lol fuck them kiiiiiids Hey look if your a fan you would know his vigor- sooooo that said sure I’m with the wrestler it’s his front, his character persona! Gotta love how something gets ‘flipped’ by how you read the lines!🕺🏻🕺🏻🥕👍

He don't luh da kidz Mom and dad need to rethink who they encourage to see as a hero. The_MJF LOL

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That’s part of his character Some bingo hall wrestler wanting attention He’s probably mad because he’s the same height as a little kid Jerk MJF is a National Treasure JrojasonR Ryback22 Wow this is so wrong these kids look up to u guys & I'm sure your there hero he should definitely lose his job or at least apologize to these young kids just because your having a bad day doesn't mean u can take it out on your fans without them u would be a nobody.

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Share my album link if possible mark Not the child 🙃 colbyd13 Wow TMZ is helping TNT sell tickets to a wrestling show It’s called kayfabe. Nobody missed it.... we just understand wtf a gimmick is. This is old

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Weep boomer Terrible,,,What an asshole :( Too bad That's hilarious 😂😂😂 and the kids say f you Ma nigga. 🤣🤣🤣 the difference between acting and real life has to stop somewhere. if he's dealing with people's kids just take the picture and leave it at that. stay in character for the adults

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Get some heat Ok...part of his character is being mean to kids BUT that is going a little bit to far! The finger to a 7 yr old? 👎 He had plenty if other options to still fill his role as bad boy. Put up a fist, mean face, maybe ask dad for permission to put kid in a safe wrestling hold? Punk Let’s get our picture taken with this guy who’s thing is to hate and flip off kids then complain to trash media like TMZ when he does it.

Pshhhh the father should stick too wwe wrestlers then cause that's for children. As a fan of the wwe attitude era there needs to be a more mature wrestling org. Just explain to the kid the guy is acting... Not hard. He's the best Bad Guy in the biz Haha yes bring back these type of wrestling characters! Bring back the attitude era!

In my opinion The_MJF is a jerk to use kids as part of his gimmick to make money, get attention; parents should know better than to bring children under 13 to these events & this world, kids that young can't process fake, protect your kids AEWonTNT aew

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💀💀💀💀 If I were that kid, I would think that was the greatest picture ever, and would treasure it. 😃 We have come a long way since pro wrestling of the 60,s..scrap iron, crusher, Dr X...and the good guy Vern Ganae.... You guys posted this yesterday lol Yup that sounds about white Lol this is The_MJF. He’s literally ALWAYS in character

PamRdrqs Pretty sure it's his gimmick TMZ Dad should challenge him in the ring, nobody should take that kind of disrespect! Damn you MJF, damn yoooouuuuu! Hilarious

For anyone who doesn’t watch professional wrestling. Look up the term “Kayfabe” before you freak out. Haha, I think the kid was amused by it. y’all really just be spamming the same shit i mean i hate kids too Legend That ladies and gentlemen is how you create heat. Dude just became a star right there. It’s probably his nephew

Bernie would be proud 😂🔥 fuck them kids 🤣 gorgonomics they don’t know MJF like we know MJF It’s called “Being a Heel” Why would this be your gimmick? Do you also murder puppies? Oh c'mon that kid probably loved it . Maybe he has a certian style and that's how he is . Lmfaoo!!!! AEW IS NOT PG Aye ednahjacksons ZeddyShizzle mwanzo_k you have a new recruit lol!

It's a work bro

mjf turning heads!!! 😹😹😹😹 Lol Might just give wrestling a try For the record it was kid’s day at C2E2. I understand staying in character - the “person” had already signed “You Suck Eggs!” on a poster. His father was aware of the reputation but expected it to be PG because of kid’s day. So really, AEW management and personnel? Classy 🖕🏼

Oh no. Won't someone think of the children? 😂 God y'all got worked. It’s his Gimmick. Calm down 🤭wrestling trying to bring back the days of kayfabe when we all had way more fun with it? FOR SHAME😂😂😂 Nice

biggameJames_36 Gotta love MJF lmaooo Trying to stay relevant..... Underrated marked by The_MJF Goof character goof move . Straight up goof MJF did nothing wrong JloveOrendain my character if I were a wrestler lol He was in character. What do you expect him to do?

Anybody who bought a meet and greet for MJF knows damn well what to expect. I brought my son and had he done that to my son, we'd both laugh. The world has way bigger issues to worry about. this is like taking your kid to a movie rated above their age or buying a game rated above their age and complaining about the content. MJF is MJF and if you are going out of your way to meet him you should know

Tiger Woods did that when he got good. Wouldn't sign kids books or balls . He told my grandson move back n away from me went on down the road to the club house yep wasn't even playing waited all day until he was thru. Salt of the Earth AEWrestling SilentStorm22 🤣🤣🤣 AEWrestling Heel of the fucking century

People nowadays are so fucking sensitive. What happened to the world He’s better than you and you know it. Idiot ItsTy_ok lmfaoo

A heel doing heel things 💯 Roid Rage Corjay4 What are you thinking This is like going to Disney and having the people dressed up break character. MJF arguably one of the best heels in wrestling in a long time. This is me. LMAOOO AEWrestling No shit its The_MJF thats wtf he's supposed to do... Definitely not news

People are getting WORKED

Parker_316 the kids dad complained and now got VIP tickets. AEWrestling He's not wrong. AEWrestling It's like what JCLayfield on WWEBackstage if your going to be a heel and you want to be the best show it. Not only in but outside the ring. Maxwell Jacob Friedman is good at his fucking job. Lmao why is this on tmz? Y’all new to mjf

Vince deep down inside loves this!!! But sponsors say, no no no 😁 Yeah totally should've known who they were gonna see. As someone with a 7 yr old I would have taken him to the baby faces. I love MJF living the gimmick!

It's literally his character. Have a meet with a different wrestler if you want a different character. Heel on the same level The_MJF This was fantastic 💥💥💥💥 Being male children idolize wrestlers a very bad look what an ass. No way that's so cool As a mom of three sons who are avid wrestling fans, There would only be two people in this world who would be allowed to do this and I would laugh, The_MJF and steveaustinBSR Any one else would get a eye gouge with MY middle finger. lol

JackMcAdam6 AEWrestling Legend The_MJF Awesome! 🤣🤣

biggameJames_36 mjf sucks. he’s so boring and completely lacks in creativity. Hahaha he's a true heel 😂 but seriously MJF is just working. He's good at his job andy_jetter AEWrestling No more AEW for me ! That’s just not right.AEWonTNT TonyKhan CodyRhodes .If you have kids this is just sick. My hero

This is awesome for his character And we wonder why kids act the way they do. No reason for him to do that. AEWrestling My favourite part about this is all the non-wrestling fans pretending to be outraged. This kid’s parent knew what he was getting into and now he’s trying to use it for sympathy and to give AEW bad publicity.

AEWrestling Kayfabe in pro wrestling is a term that describes when a performer acts like their character all the time so people believe in that character more. It is a lost art but clearly MJF still believes in it. Thank you for the clickbate and trying to start a story that is nonexistent. LOL! the 7 year old is almost as tall as he is! LOL! Mighty Might

Cry me a river Real Heel shit AEWrestling Jabroni marks actually find this offensive. Proof that kayfabe truly is still alive and well in the business. AEWrestling This isn't the 80's anymore. No one expects wrestlers to stay in character 24/7. Love it he never breaks character The_MJF Big man The_MJF Must be proud, or maybe he just knows his career is on the downturn and is taking out his anger on someone that cant wupp his ass

the guy is literally known for never...NEVER breaking character. if it was gonna be an issue. the dad shoulda known better, I showed my 11 year old and he thought it was funny 🤷‍♂️ WorldOverHeaven elias_zzo

NNapoline found ur favorite wrestler This comment section is hilarious 😂 😂😂😂 I love to hate this guy 😂😂😂 The_MJF This is called living the dream. As each new generation of kids progressively get stupider, we need a man to teach them respect. Kid probably deserves it Breaking: TMZ is a huge mark Yup. MJF is great.

“Fuck them kids” dad should’ve known MJF lives in kayfabe and shouldn’t have let his kid near him if he knew he would get triggered. Just wait for the old farts in their 50s and 60s who don’t know shit about MJF, they’ll lose their minds and think the end of the world 🤣🤣🤣 This is nothing. The_MJF is doing a phenomenal job of maintaining kayfabe which is an old school approach. He's lucky he didn't get shanked in the parking lot like several heels in the past like Classy Freddie Blassie.

Yeah but seriously...fuck them kids🤣 People who don't believe this is a character are the same people who are avoiding Corona beer right now🤣 henson_darnell Sooo good. 🐐 Later on at their home: Man, fuck Tom and his feelings.

Dad definitely should have known better Can’t wait for AEW AEWrestling But didn't his father flipped off MJF multiples times first. Not a role model. And honestly I am always surprised that fans bring their young kids to wrestling. He can't understand a flipoff by a heel but understands people with tables, ladders, chairs and blood...?

AEWrestling Hats off to him not breaking kayfabe. He is one of the best heels in the industry. WTH Why? Cos fuck ‘im that’s why AEWrestling Not only does he mean it, but he really hit me in the crotch on the jericho_cruise 🙄 It's called Kayfabe, besides, I bet that kid had a giant smile on his face when it happened

Mr perfect did it to me when I was 10, it's not the end of the world Does the kid watch him on tv? If he does he’d know he’s a bad guy so I don’t know how he doesn’t understand. If he doesn’t & dad just thought it would be cool, then shame on dad for putting his unknowing kid in that position. He’s going to be his persona in public. Duh!

Reread the first two words of your headline. The_MJF you're the GOAT Good for The_MJF, next time he needs to slap the shit out of the dad too The kids 7, I’m sure he’s seen or heard worse than that at school. The father just wanted free tickets and recognition, what a tool Stupid... DanielRosero8 Maxwell!!!!

That's MJF for you 'Pro Wrestler Flipping Bird To Kid'. Wow! Not good flipping bird to kids because it's the parents which pay wagers of these pro wrestlers. If you aren’t a wrestling fan don’t report shit 🖕🏾 TMZ

SuckaFreeTee Ha ha ha.... does TMZ not get what a HEEL is? Omg not da childrens!!! Probably asked for it AEWrestling A heel wrestler acts like a heel? The shock of it all. Remember when Steve Austin greeted fans by flipping them all off? They would do it right back, kids and adults alike. How is this different? He's in character, maybe your kid shouldn't be exposed to something that could upset them so easily.

AEWrestling CAUSE HE’S HEEL MO?%ER FUER!!!! Now days it's hard to stay in character with the internet. Props to The_MJF Keeping kayfabe alive That is LITERALLY his thing. Get over it! They knew what they were getting. That is a “real man”! Not

AEWrestling Didn't even have to read the article to know it was MJF I don't think playing 'Spot the Mark' has ever been easier than this comment section. 😆🤪😂 AEWrestling He's a jerk. But, at least he interacted with them. dudley89 so good MJF really fucked around and made TMZ 😂 I’d flip him off too😂😂.... also who hasn’t mjf flipped off

Deep down havent we’ll all wanted to do that to some damn kid. It’s just a middle finger. No big deal AEWrestling Famous? Never heard of him!

AEWrestling Pretty sure TMZ will be triggered by this 🐐 the greatest Fuck them kids His scarf is still bad. He's better than you and you know it MJF getting TMZ buzz. That's great publicity for the AEWrestling organization. Thanks guys. 😧😧😧😳😳😳 AEWrestling Boy TMZ does ANYTHING for clicks. This is MJF, he's an asshole, he rarely breaks character, get over it and get used to it.

AEWrestling Love it ! The_MJF is the biggest heal in wrestling atm. WrestlingWednesday AEWDynamite Yes true heel move!!!

AEWrestling That man is a hero I’m sure he doesn’t mind kids parents buying his merch, and supporting him. Not a good look In Wrestling there are 3 options. To be loved, to be hated or to be fired. Look at WWE Conor Mcgregor was love or hated but guess what either way you watched the fight. How great is this? Huh? C'mon!

AEWrestling Does anyone think if you're going to meet MJF that he won't be a prick? Fire the jerk AEWrestling funny that AEW retweeted it lol. ahh, TMZ, never change. who'd we laugh at if you changed.

Where’s the respect with wrestling fans The_MJF Wow, husband material AEWrestling He's a heel what do you expect Lol AEWrestling Unacceptable. When youdo this on tv that’s one thing but this was a 7 year old kid. Screw AEW DanhausenAD a swear!! Bad PR, they should know better. I don't care if it's part of their ' character.' I've watched wrestling since the 70's, and you don't treat kids that way, especially after that kid is started to get bullied. Terrible.

AEWrestling TMZ thinking they about to end his career but in reality it's boosting it AEWrestling Never apologize 😂😩

Someone needs to tell that idiot that’s it’s Millions if 7 yo parents who pay for the pay per view and Tix for events! F him AEWrestling 1985Leverett bro 😂 Brita_of_Ambush 😂😂😂 AEWrestling ThatGuyBry31 big MJF fan RealMamaEagle Reminds me of your Sims stream the other week 😂😂💀 AEWrestling Lol TMZ is being played.

Loser AEWrestling fraser_bryce

AEWrestling Weiten and directed bye Kay Fabe that scarf tho, amirite shawngorlando AEWrestling MJF is one of the few current wrestlers that holds himself to old school standards....Heels shouldnt break character. AEWrestling Swore like a trooper. Like stone cold steve austin flips off kids. And mjf will find you and double cross you and kiss his ring.

TMZ tryna make news about a wrestling character being in character haha first thing came to my mind, Lil boat and kyle, There song where Lil boat says “Fuck them kids bro” Relax kiddos... AEWrestling Best heel in the game, keep that kayfabe alive at all costs! AEWrestling 🤣

AEWrestling Reading the replies here Kayfabe is still alive and well. TMZ have worked themselves into a shoot 😂😂😂😂😂 AEWrestling Lol I feel bad for the kid cuz he doesn’t understand but that’s on the dad do better man lol 😂 AEWrestling Talk about being in CHARACTER MattyTapes get your people lol 😂

AEWrestling Danny_Janko Janko_MK AEWrestling AEWrestling Hahahahaha AEWrestling AEWrestling Mood:

AEWrestling What a tool that The_MJF is. It's one thing being in character, but to behave like that during a public appearance directly at a 7 year old kid is not on. AEWrestling AEWonTNT should jump on this. It doesn't bode well for their image either. AEWrestling lol MJF is a funny dude. Where is biggameJames_36 on this? 😂

The_MJF Is the best in the world at what he does and if you disagree well then you just know he's better than you and you know it. fucking brilliant work by MJF AEWrestling It's a work! AEWrestling Yeah and? He’s doing his job as a heel. AEWrestling Best heel show biz. (on the other hand, what A total loser)

This headline made me laugh so much. MJF must be giddy.

AEWrestling The boy should feel so honored. He can tell his friends he got flipped off by the best heel in the business. AEWrestling TMZ. Pretty please stalk & scoop on The_MJF I triple dog dare you Mjf is wild AEWrestling That’s not even right. The kid didn’t deserve that. Classicirish37 stpatrick10

AEWrestling Bad look for whoever runs the AEW handle to retweet this since Cody apologized to the dad earlier. AEWrestling Congrats. He’s doing his job as a heel. Are you really THAT surprised? AEWrestling That’s just MJF, that’s not newsworthy. AEWrestling It’s called kayfabe, sweethearts.

AEWrestling And you can see more Wednesday 8/7c on TNT There’s playing a character then there’s being a decent human being. He likes the latter. Legend mjf on TMZ Best heel in the game Hello TMZ Method acting at its finest... True heel MJF the most elite heel wrestling has seen since the late 90s 😂😂😂 Lol 😂 He was probably a cousin or a nephew

CBTheGrenade So what come on we all have kids and they all know what that means it is a show... kiss his damn ring 😂 🤣👏🏾 The_MJF In WWE he would've gotten the EC3 treatment. In AEW Cody defends him and reminds that dickhead father to rethink who you are doing a meet and greet with. I love this company, pls dont change. Let MJF be the mad fucker he was born to be.

Look The_Wonton, it’s PeterTerrell LMFAO I’m sure he was just in character. Naturally TMZ stirs the pot on all one sided stories 😂😂 😂😂😂

Never. Break. Kayfabe PWRoundup I read an interview given by MJF’s parents. They say he has always been like this even as a kid. They laughed it off as he’s just being himself. Yes it was a dick move on his part and tasteless but dad should not have taken his 7 year old to meet MJF. The_MJF I'm pretty sure that he was the mind behind the article to get more attention to his character. Just cheap heat.

This kid is going to have a tough time in life I can tell. MisterLebowski sounds like your Randy Moss story. Man fuck theses kids😂😂😂🤣😳 It’s called living your gimmick! Who cares! Props to The_MJF The_MJF Lucky kid. The_MJF

The_MJF Ffs😂😂 It’s called a Gimmick For those feeling sorry for the kid..... suck it up butter cup. The_MJF Salt of the earth Real salt of the earth guy. It’s called being a good heel. Smh. The_MJF Best heel ever. The_MJF Everyone knows MJF lives in Kayfabe. Dad should know better. Even if the Dad doesn't know him and the kid does, Dad should have researched him and asked others online about what he's like so he can prepare the kid too.

There's a way to remain in Character and still remain classy. Look at the Megatron Video's from Universal Studios. The perfect example of being a classy, but still scary and maniacal, at the same time still welcoming to Children. And everyone in the comments section think wrestling is real 😂

The_MJF The dad in the article makes me mad “I know he’s a bad guy but him flipping off my son upset him he’s only 7 and doesn’t understand” Oh no what am I supposed to do? Be a parent? Explain to my child that he’s a bad person? No I’ll try to make him not allowed to do his job! 🤦‍♂️ Sorry but who ever sent you this photo is in the wrong because this father has stated no one had the right to post these.

MrBusby4o8 ? The_MJF Why make a big deal u guys think its fake. That finger flip is fake also. Dont see it lmao Wrestlers have been known to do worse things than that. Petty The_MJF tHiS iS AdSoLuTelY dIsGuStInG!! i hOpE tHaT dUtiFuL fAtHeR sMaShEd a BiG dOg in tHe fAcE!! CaLL tHe nAtiOnAl gUaRd!!! bAn fInGeRs!!! QANON YOLO mamashomecookedmashpotato

Do you know what happens MJF when you flip kids off and say 'fuck those kids'? MJF............YOU JUST MADE THE LIST! YouJustMadeTheList Why did the guy take his kid to see him if he wasn’t familiar with the wrestler? lol

The heel us fans don’t deserve. Legend. The_MJF The_MJF The dad even said that he knew something was going to happen but still did it anyways Not nice Why are you posting this lmao The_MJF AEW entering that sacred pop-culture level. For anyone curious of who this bastard is, watch AEW on TNT, Wednesday's at 8. The_MJF AEWrestling

Yeah, I mean that’s his gimmick 'We reached out to WWE, AEWrestling, IMPACTWRESTLING, and ringofhonor, and they issued the following statement: 'Blacklisted.'' Way to ruin your career...StupidIdiot. MJF hlovo_

The_MJF You spelled MJEFF wrong a**hole The_MJF 😂😂😂 The_MJF He is fucking sad! 😂😂😂 The_MJF The father is a idiot and be slapped as well can someone him for me I’ll let him know directly At least you tweeted TMZ....

The_MJF Kids shouldn’t be fans of mjf. He’s the bad guy! This isn't news. This is the legendary MJF in his natural habitat. The_MJF Bruh It's called Kayfabe. MJF is the master of it. biggameJames_36 your slogan is making its round go get it padded 😆 The_MJF The people in the comments that don’t get wrestling 😭😭

That's because he's better than them kids and they know it. The_MJF ScreenHardy Slow news day...

He's a throwback to the old school wrestlers The_MJF It's a gimmick The_MJF and he’s the best because of it PIG PIG PIG 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 A heel pissing people off? Look at that. His doing his job 💀 🤣🤣🤣 😂 The_MJF Awwwww cry about it He a heel so it makes sense 😂😂

Oh that’s nothing. This one is better😂 Smdh 🌈😎✌ Salt of the earth Michael Jordan Mentality. That's a great 'bad guy' did he piss you off? Then he did great. I love that he didn’t break character even after his dad through a hissy fit. Lmao!!! Is it still attached to his hand? Not if it was my child. He’s a heel 😂

Called kayfabe omg f him to

💀 Veeeery mature. What a bastard W fuck dem kids classless tool!

@LanceVision So, when Tom and his son came face to face with MJF, the wrestler busted out the single barrel salute right in the little guy's face .Everything you need to stay one step ahead of the 2020 Election.I like to think of Spring as a fashion fresh start .Bloomberg $70.

.. ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS The Presidential Election Process is complicated, so we broke it down. par for the course for MJF. This March, I'm loving versatile dresses, playful skirts, and heeled sandals. You can see in the video the kid looks stunned -- and afterward, Tom raised the issue with  AEW vice president Cody Rhodes .  Search by candidate, issue or category. "I tried to laugh it off knowing he’s just in character," Tom said . Sanders’ relentless retail campaigning — four rallies last week alone — has boosted his appeal to the nearly 9 million Democratic voters in the solidly blue state.

.  The future of the ACA. I curated a roundup of the coolest must haves out there, all on Amazon.."but it really upset him. Trade negotiations with the UK and China. I know that’s his gimmick but he’s only 7 & doesn’t understand." Tom says his son is now being mocked online -- and wants AEW to keep talent in check when meeting kids at fan events.. He’s spent nearly twice the amount of his nearest competitor, fellow billionaire Tom Steyer — who dropped out Saturday — and more than 10 times that of Sanders.

Cody responded to Tom -- essentially saying he should have known what he was getting himself into. "DISCLAIMER: If you have a meet/greet or inquire media wise for MJF, you'll get MJF," Rhodes said on Twitter. "Talent have freedom of expression so please don't think anybody is going to act any different than they do on TV." Rhodes then invited Tom to a future event and promised he'd give the family VIP treatment. Great move on Cody's part.” Colorado.

We reached out to MJF for comment and got back this 3-word statement --"F**k them kids." Never break character! .