Plexiglass to the Rescue: Supplies Run Short as Covid Barriers Go Up

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Transparent corrals for beach-goers. Dining pods. Clear boxes for students. Demand for plexiglass protective shields has never been higher.

ROME—Stefano Antonelli has sculpted plexiglass for decades in his workshop, making bikes and furnishings and works of art. But a recent customer request stood out. A local hospital asked for a box to cover patients’ heads, a barrier to prevent transmission of the coronavirus.

It was one of many pleas for protective equipment made of the transparent acrylic that the 58-year-old artisan has received over the past months from stores, restaurants and professionals.


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This is getting a little fucking ridiculous at this point

omg. No

Cool! Plexifriends 🏆

*sigh* If only there was an easier way to handle this 🤔 And cheaper. You know, like something to cover the face 🤔 I know! A mask! Yes! A mask. Hey y’all there’s this great idea... 😷

If the pods detect the virus (coming soon) they flash sterilize you at 120 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes so you don’t infect the other customers

No. No. No no no. No.

.. Is that how leftists now eat at restaurants? Weird .. and FCUK no.


If you want to live in a bubble and be afraid of everything go for it. I like my freedom. I like fresh air. I hug my friends and family. I enjoy human to human contact. Stop being afraid. “They” want you to live in fear.

Cone of Silence vibes.

WSJ, I just don’t understand, Americans have created some Genius ideas, methods and Rules to safely open our Country... yet we have a President who choses to IGNORE the pandemic instead of embracing this ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY for all of us to move forward DURING this trying time.



Let's publish or focus on this news that is matter of human rights violations. Pakistan has been targeting youth of baloch, pashtun & sindhi by abducting them and throwing their distorted bodies But human rights scholars are not questioning Pakistan?

I'll take 2. They'll come in handy for my daughter's first date.

I can’t believe people don’t see how stupid this is.

I mean all you can do is laugh at this point. 😭

Pakistan has been targeting youth of baloch, pashtun & sindhi by abducting them and throwing their distorted bodies But human rights scholars are not questioning Pakistan, which s not less than any tragedy

Dumb...I.just cant get over the lying, corrupt media!!!. Ugh! Stupid of course.😂 Who do u think will pay for this? YOU the consumer who eats at restaurants that have these dumb things that do NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👺👀😈

Get me a patent attorney, ASAP!

Just realized... Sex prostitutes must be especially hard hit by COVID-19. And when sex prostitutes are hurting, political prostitutes can't be far behind.

Ce à quoi ils se plient, pour avoir l'impression d'avoir une vie merveilleuse en se faisant combler leurs besoins fondamentaux par d'autres, me sidère. Si le monde part en couille, c'est à cause de ces dégénérés dénaturés et déracinés.

Some activities are still risky, but these businesses don't want to remain shut down, it won't be that difficult to abandon some of your non-essential activities as long as this pandemic is around



Wait 6 months and you will be able to dig it out of a landfill.

What a couple of assholes.

No. Just no.

Slow night

Damn.... There goes the fondling.....:)

I’m confident this absurdity will be over on November the 4th.

'Get S.M.A.R.T.' show's Cone of Silence, at last!

Fantastic....someone, during the Covid era, has decided to embrace 'The Cone of Silence'.

I think it's even in a Dustin Hoffman movie: I've got one word for you, Benjamin: Plexiglass.

This is so douchey its beyond belief

Doesn't this hinder sound quality between couples dating...?...Doesn't help the vibe on first dates...?

Because we were doing so well with condoms.

O brother.. no masks, no Lysol, no plexiglass, and Trump as President, the world is ROTFL at us.

Barnes_Law Not subscribing to see this just want to say I thought it was Babylon Bee.

Barnes_Law get lost with this nonsense

Barnes_Law Disgusting

Barnes_Law Stupid.

Barnes_Law We're done as an intelligent species if these people breed.


Barnes_Law keep the sheeple in their cages

That is one of the most retarded things I have ever seen. My goodness gracious is that really stupid

Barnes_Law They can keep their dining pods. 🖕

Barnes_Law I am not a subscriber to WSJ so I can't read full article, but how would these things be cleaned? Similarly, how often are hospital privacy curtains cleaned?


Barnes_Law Idiotic

OMG... How pathetic

You do realize that these are also sound barriers right?

Do I want to go to eat out that bad? NO. But if you have anxiety problems, depression, etc, the answers is yes. 😒

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It’s like the cone of silence from Get Smart!! Would you believe?! 😁

Do your part to fight climate change. Ban Plastic Shields.

tolulopeab Are they going home with the dining pods or it's just for the date?


Not sustainable. Not enjoyable. Not profitable. Not going to work.

This is the dumbest shit I've ever seen. It will be torn down on sight.

What a waste of money!

Someone has to clean them tho!

Far-UVC from UshioAmerica will save us from crazy situations like this from September in the US when AcuityBrands starts to sell their lamps

Fruit, goats and oil tested positive for covid in Tanzania


Time to watch youtube cooking channels, recommend Sam the Cooking Guy and Laura in the Kitchen.

Being nonsensical

Unless they are disposable, fuck that.

Democrats has responsibilities for China problems from Obama period Trump trying to fix it But every industry , media,business,Democrats has Total bandit penetration

De cómo flexibilizar la Cuarentena en restaurantes, pizzerías y bares.


Lmfao just stay home

No thanks

No, fuck that

Everything old is new again.


I'll stay home this is ridiculous. lol smh someone playing us why how and when did jus come up with this stuff. Covid19 barriers lol.

If I ever see this in a restaurant I’ll leave.

C’mon guys, it’s not April Fools Day. 🤡

The Cone of Silence makes a triumphant return! Ask for it at your favorite restaurant!

Like they say, there's a sucker born every minute.

Can we get our plastic target bags back?

Seriously, COVID. Has strong legs and wings and can jump or fly over such ridiculous barriers.

Any studies on whether these barriers are actually effective? Or are they just wastes of money that will also discourage people from patronizing businesses, and make life more awkward/difficult wherever they are found?

Like something out of the TV series Get Smart. Where is the shoe phone.

Scotty we need that clear aluminum formula

Seems perfectly normal, as long as they’re not using straws

Save the environment with plastic medical gewgaws.

I’ve seen this before...

they need to be cleaned after each customer

We’re gonna have so much pollution over this.

What the fuck is this?

Where is Maxwell Smart and the cone of silence when you need him?

You should see them at night when they want intimacy. I bet it’s a hoot.

Reminds me of the “cone of silence”

.use plastic bottles

Estie que c’est cave! Si vs avez peur a ce point, restez donc chez-vous!!!

Get Smart's cones of silence.

I initially thought they were sitting in big wine glasses

Get Smart was so far ahead of it's time.

Wtf is this shit

How about fcku no.

Cone of silence?

Dumb when it's the wait staff or the cooks that pass the virus.

If demand for Plexiglass protective shields has never been higher, and as raw materials for such include oil, natural gas and coal, why then aren't stocks in these sectors soaring?

Why do the people eating together need to be protected from each other This is ridiculous

And what happens to all this garbage when the pandemic is over? Crazy

I certainly hope all that plastic waste we have is being recycled to make this PPE.

Such nonsense

We've lost our minds. This is pure hysteria.

When that doesn’t sell, the left will demand leashes and shock collars.

And people laughed at the 'Cone of Silence' from the old TV show Get Smart.....

jesus christ this is a dystopia

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