New York legalizes recreational marijuana, expunges former pot convictions

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NEW: New York state legislature formally votes to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana for adults and expunge the records of people previously convicted of possession.

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Under the final legislation, 3 ounces of marijuana will be legal to possess for New Yorkers over 21 and the substance will have a 13% sales tax. The tax revenues will be broken up with 9% going to the state and 4% going to localities, according to the legislation.

The governor's office said as many as 60,000 new jobs could be created and the state will generate $350 million in revenue annually, as a result of the new laws. "We applaud the New York Legislature and the tireless work of advocates for their commitment to ending cannabis prohibition through a social justice-centered approach," said Steve Hawkins, executive director at the Marijuana Policy Project."We expect 2021 to be a record-breaking year for legislatures legalizing cannabis.

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That’ll mix well with driving. Ugh

Why don’t you report on the surge at the Border and the crisis ?


Cigarettes are Bad for your Throat, Lungs and Health in General, but Smoking Pot is not? This is just another attempt to get More tax money. Keep in mind New York wanted to Ban Soda. This country is full of idiots ! Enough said

But the percentage of americans with access to legal weed is probably over 50%. How is this still federally illegal?

All New York City cabbies, circa 2022.



Smoking is once again in vogue.

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Great way to keep the populace sedated & complacent.

Wonder what the advertising agencies are planning.... Hmmm... “I’d walk a mile for a ‘Melloyello’ Weed”? TV commercials? Magazine ads? A whole new world on Madison Avenue!

Big Apple becomes the Big Pothead. Stonesville rising!

gingerrspicee I'd say you're chuffed. 😂

The amount of money made today will be nothing compared to the health crisis we will be faced with tomorrow from the damaging effects of weed and the financial load on the healthcare system. It will be in the billions.

This just needs to happen across the nation. Our healing begins with medical marijuana.

That’s fine. But, a DWI can still be charged against someone under the influence. That’s a good thing!

think of all the money from taxing weed. That is the big loss for states like Fla. that will not legalize weed bc Republicans rule and they are at least 10 to 20 yrs. behind the public.

Enjoying a magical 4/20 today.....

Makes sense

Around 1% across the country are in jail on a 1st time low level drug conviction.

Aren't you a felon? I was expunged Eww


Still amazing how weed is the bad substance but nicotine is perfectly legal One kills literally millions 💀💀💀💀💀 (Same goes for alcohol)💀💀💀💀💀💀 The other barely killed a fly 💁‍♂️

¨Anyone previously convicted of possessing an amount of marijuana now under the legal limit automatically will be subject to expungement and re-sentencing.¨ What about compensation?

Being that I live in the great state of South Carolina will probably legalize it too 300 years after everyone else

Finally, now New York cops have 2 find some other way 2 make their quotas

This is so good 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Is it legal thou!?

FINALLY!!! This needs to happen nationally!

The bullshit ends.


Great release more killers

The LORD is saying, be careful now, it is going to be rough, it is going to be shaky ahead of us here. WednesdayLiveCelebration

Good Now all of us needs this federally done

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About time

Going to New York in June. 😎😎🤌🤌🌲🌲

The problem is that robbery and theft are also legal in NY!

A little fun

JeannieG40 Go New York!!

. 💥 .

So when can I go buy some Mary Jane at the gas station

Wheres Ohio?

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