Looters who hit L.A. stores explain what they did: ‘Get my portion!’

6/5/2020 3:33:00 PM

Looters who hit L.A. stores explain what they did: ‘Get my portion!’

Looters who hit L.A. stores explain what they did: ‘Get my portion!’

Some looters are pure opportunists. But others are frustrated about systemic racism, citing issues ranging from President Trump to the racial privilege exposed in the college admissions scandal.

Over in Van Nuys, a teenage boy standing outside a ravaged Skechers store held up a backpack. That was all he took. But it was enough, he said.changed the debateAdvertisementSome have argued that too much attention is paid to the looting, which they say distracts from the powerful political movement fueled by Floyd’s killing. Yet the images had a larger symbolism.

::at the Groveransacked some stores“Get my portion! Get my portion!” one man shouted as looters hammered and kicked an ATM at Ye Olde King’s Head Gift Shoppe.AdvertisementThe man, who didn’t want to share his name for fear of legal repercussions, said looters didn’t concern him.

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Editors of the LA Times, the law is intended to be color blind and applied equally regardless of race, gender, or religion. If all of you will look into a dictionary you will find a definition for looting. It will not be the preposterous BS you’re saying in your paper. American Pie. You sent me a notice on why I cancelled my subscription...because you glamorize this BULL SHIT no one who is raised properly would do this I do not see that in your article! This incident occurred 2000 miles away .... it’s a joke to burn the city down! Zero justification!!!

lol...we know why they did it...stop the BS Real shame the LA Times is allowing a few people with bad motives to detract from the overall issue which is the fact that our city police department is brutal, undisciplined, and out of control. Democrats don’t want us to judge the thousands of “peaceful protestors” based on the thousands of rioters/looters/arsonists among them. But they DO want us to judge the 700,000 good police officers based on the 50 bad ones.

Great! We can expect it to stop now that they have their portion. Yo... This is what happens with the everyone gets a trophy mentality that has been rampant for the last couple of decades. Entitlement at it’s finest smdh Reparations—Air Jordans, Vans, Timberlands. sistertoldjah Forgot to finish the sentence... “of other people’s stuff.” That’s called stealing, it’s a crime and they should be arrested and prosecuted.

NYC looters and vandals chauffeured in cars, had power tools: WitnessThe NYPD's Intelligence Bureau is collecting license plate numbers from vehicles that carried vandals, looters and thieves around Manhattan in the last two days, a police official tells ABC News. china used blue dye in their water cannons, then went back and arrested everyone in blue Very smart Why bother with catch and release? Good, use the full weight of the LAW into practice. Looters are not welcome at protests. I attended one and we had not a single incident of this behavior.

😂😂😂 very well thought our answer as to why you’re stealing from a store. or maybe, they’re just thieves🥱 chadfelixg what a load. I am ashamed of 90% of black people. I hope that American protesters learn from the experience of Hong Kong protesters, make incendiary bombs, buy gas masks, and umbrellas, and fight US inequality.

How sad that the serious protesters have to be tainted in some people's eyes with looters and vandals. It is also sad that some of them will go home and infect their parents and grandparents with coronavirus, only to see them die in a few weeks. That is real sacrifice. Thugs and criminals. If you did anything thing, that is you have made many people don’t sympathize with the cause.

chadfelixg now do rapists Are we ok for thieves to come to our property and take whatever they want because they want their portions of our possessions? With this story the LA Times has taken a stand defending and normalizing looters. People who wantanly steal others property. It is depraved and an indication how far the world of journalism has fallen. The world has indeed gone insane!

Answering violence with violence. Organized cime!

Kelly Clarkson Tells Fans Protests Are 'Too Important to Get Overshadowed' by Looting'Black lives matter, not the looters who are taking advantage of these protests,' Kelly Clarkson said “If you have a critique for our resistance, then you better have an established record of critique of our oppression. If you have no interest in equal rights for black people, then do not make suggestions to those who do. Sit down.” – iJesseWilliams Humanitarian Award Recipient It's a little too late for that now.

A lot of black people looting and assaulting people. Democrats base So you’re cool for others to come get their portions from you? Stealing. No matter how you justify it. He won the LOOTERY DIDN'T WANT TO BUY TICKET

Apple Store looters get message about iPhones being tracked - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Just goes to show you how dumb the 'low lifes' are that took those phones. Did they have a brain? Did they really think that with the tech of 2020 it couldn't be tracked? To their safe spaces for a hug they go. Karma 😹

'Happening in front of my eyes': L.A. store owner describes seeing shop destroyed by lootingHany Botros watched on closed captioned television as everything inside his smoke shop was lost to the unrest. There will always be those who see every opportunity to steal what they’re too lazy to work to obtain. Kinda still distracted by seeing Black lives destroyed by racism/police brutality.

LAPD Officers Break Windows to Pull Alleged Looters Out of CarLAPD officers smashed a car's windows to pull out the occupants during an arrest caught on video, but cops say they were looters. Don’t care. Ohh TMZ is triggered looters.

Jake Paul Has Been Charged In Connection With The Looting Of An Arizona MallPaul, 23, is facing two misdemeanor charges, criminal trespass and unlawful assembly, after he was filmed among looters at the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. Good. the bottom of this exact article:

Print The young man flanked the shattered entry of a ransacked CVS in Santa Monica, where people had swept the shelves clean of everything from diapers to detergent.2:54 On the front lines: Victims injured while protesting While most protests remain peaceful, ABC News' TJ Holmes reports on disturbing images of violent clashes that have resulted in injuries.Evan Peters Apologizes for Retweeting Clip Glorifying Violence Against Looters Clarkson clarified her statements on the protests in two follow-up tweets, which remain on Twitter.FILE PHOTO: Apple iPhone 11's are pictured inside of the Apple Store on Fifth Ave in the Manhattan borough of New York Reuters Apple disables and tracks iPhones that are stolen from the demo stations in its stores, as numerous photos posted to social media have recently shown.

The man, who did not cover his face, admitted he was a looter. He did not apologize. Some of those already being tracked down were seen outside storefronts with sledgehammers, crowbars and power tools in brazen shows of planning and organization as they used the ongoing protests over the death of George Floyd as cover for their crimes. “We’ve got no other way of showing people how angry we are,” he said. "Black lives matter, not the looters who are taking advantage of these protests. Out of the store ran another young man, this one holding a carton of eggs. Murphy, in an interview Tuesday, said she started hearing commotion from mobs of people along her street and neighboring streets about 10:30 p. He grabbed a friend and started scanning the street for targets: police cars. Apple keeps tabs on demo iPhones that have been stolen from the display tables in its stores.

“We’re doing it because we can,” he said. Monday night. "I’m used 2 it happening by now but not w/such an important issue. Over in Van Nuys, a teenage boy standing outside a ravaged Skechers store held up a backpack. That was all he took. A looted souvenir shop is seen after a night of protest over the death of an African American man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis on June 2, 2020, in Manhattan in New York City. But it was enough, he said. Black Lives Matter. Advertisement “We are just trying to provide and take up the opportunity that we are getting right now. Johannes Eisele/AFP via Getty Images "Cars would drive up, let off the looters, unload power tools and suitcases and then the cars would drive away," she said." Apple said in a comment to Business Insider that it doesn't "comment on matters of security.

That’s all.” In the unprecedented reaction to the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers, peaceful protest marches across Southern California in the last week have already dramatically changed the debate about police brutality and race relations. They seemed to know exactly where they were going. But the massive demonstrations have been accompanied by looting in some cities around the Southland. Authorities believe most of the thefts and vandalism came from people not directly connected to the protests who used the teeming crowds as cover to steal merchandise." Murphy said she saw license plates from New Jersey and Pennsylvania and drivers had not even tried to hide their tags. Some of the looting appears to be organized, with groups driving around hitting multiple stores.

For others, it was an outgrowth over the deep anger and frustration about the way blacks and others are mistreated, and they cited a host of other issues: President Trump, the privilege exposed in the college admissions scandal, and widening inequality. She then went to the 10th Precinct, where she said a cop told her,"Yeah, we're getting the resources to get over there. Advertisement “If Donald Trump is saying shoot us tonight, that is not giving us no leeway,” said a teenager holding the stolen Skechers backpack Monday in Van Nuys. “That’s just making things worse.m. If that’s giving permission for the police to shoot children, innocent teenagers, things like that, that’s not right.” Times reporters interviewed people of different races and backgrounds who stole from stores over the last few days. Officials acknowledged what was obvious from live news reports: They were overwhelmed as the looting broke out Monday night.

The looters, unwilling to risk prosecution, declined to provide their names. Hundreds of stores were hit over a three-day period, in many cases broadcast on live television. People loot a store during demonstrations over the death of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer on June 1, 2020 in New York City. The stealing was largely limited to a few business districts including Fairfax, Santa Monica’s shopping district, parts of Long Beach, downtown Los Angeles, Van Nuys and Hollywood. Merchants — already reeling from coronavirus closures — were left with battered stores and even more losses. Bryan R. They and others expressed alarm at how the stealing was able to go on so long before police arrived.

Some have argued that too much attention is paid to the looting, which they say distracts from the powerful political movement fueled by Floyd’s killing. Andrew Cuomo was critical of the NYPD's response to looting during a press conference Tuesday. Yet the images had a larger symbolism. Advertisement “Part of it is simply an assertion of power. I believe that," Cuomo said. Riots nearly always have a carnival aspect because people who for nearly all their lives have felt under the thumb of other groups suddenly have a sense of power,” said Stephen Reicher, who studies crowd psychology at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

“People who have been invisible and whose situation has been ignored all their lives suddenly become visible.” :: Looters ransack a clothing store on Pine Avenue in Long Beach on Sunday. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times) Advertisement at the Grove and the trendy retail strips of Melrose and Fairfax. Many looters appear to be working in caravans that methodically block off certain streets with their vehicles, which serve as getaway cars for those running off with merchandise. Those tactics were on display on Sunday in Santa Monica, where teams of young people ransacked some stores completely clean within minutes as protesters marched nearby.

Others returned again and again throughout the afternoon to the same stores for more. Some paused on the street to distribute the goods among themselves or stuff them in backpacks, suitcases or boxes. Advertisement “Get my portion! Get my portion!” one man shouted as looters hammered and kicked an ATM at Ye Olde King’s Head Gift Shoppe. The looters, most of them wearing dark colors and bandanas or masks, blended in among crowds already wearing face coverings because of the coronavirus. They seemed to know one another and were fast and coordinated, calling out commands.

“The jewelry store!” one looter screamed, announcing the next destination. At Santa Monica Jewelry and Loan, the sound of gunshots erupted when looters attempted to break in. They fled. Two security guards could be seen through the broken glass, guns drawn. Advertisement Some appeared to be spontaneously joining in, taking what was left of the destroyed businesses.

At a vandalized 7-Eleven, a homeless man approached the store, his jaw dropping in awe of the scene. He walked in and carried out a beverage. A South Los Angeles man who was tagging along with a group of looters Sunday afternoon said he had been in Santa Monica just to get something to eat. But when he saw the protests forming, he decided to jump in. The man, who didn’t want to share his name for fear of legal repercussions, said looters didn’t concern him.

Advertisement “The real answer is everybody knows this world works for white people. They do anything and get away with it.” He cited the college admissions scandal that has resulted in short prison sentences for wealthy white people. If that had been him, the punishment would have been more severe, he said. :: The anger at inequality is not uncommon among business owners, many of whom are people of color.

Eddie Perez, 22, whose father owns a smoke shop in Hollywood, felt so strongly after Floyd’s killing that he joined protesters at a march on Monday. Advertisement But soon after looters ripped apart wooden boards and broke through the glass at the store, destroying it within 45 minutes. The pipes, hookahs, souvenirs, T-shirts and snacks inside couldn’t be salvaged, even though some were left behind. His father, a Guatemalan immigrant who swept floors and did construction work for decades before saving enough money to open the store three years ago, lost $20,000 worth of merchandise. The family of activists had put a “Justice For George Floyd” sign in the window of the store before it was ransacked.

“I’m just very angry at the fact that we are a minority-owned business and we stand so much with the movement,” Perez said. “It destroyed my trust in the world for that day.” Advertisement Still, Perez said he understood why the looting occurred, even if he doesn’t justify it. “People are angry. People are tired.

The Rodney King situation happened how long ago and this is still happening?” he said. “It’s hard, but I comprehend the reasons as to why they broke into all these places.” Some shopkeepers expressed outrage over Floyd’s slaying, but felt that nothing excuses criminal behavior and that looters should face consequences. Joe Green, owner of Broadway Wine and Spirits in Santa Monica, said he was lucky that his family-owned store experienced only one broken window. Green fended off looters, aided by his customers and neighbors.

When he called the police, he said he was told that no one was coming. Advertisement “I think there needs to be stiffer penalties. You have to pay for your actions,” said Green, noting that businesses have already been struggling because of the pandemic. “Peaceful protesting is great. But rioting and looting and vandalizing? No.

Burning businesses down? That’s not the answer.” AJ Lovelace tries to stop looters from breaking into a Walgreens store at Santa Monica and Highland. “We need peace, and we need someone to talk to each other,” he said after the looters fled. (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times) For 30 uninterrupted minutes Monday night, the looters roamed along the strip of stores just below Sunset on Highland Avenue in Hollywood, breaking into numerous businesses. Many had work gloves, face masks or bandanas wrapped around their heads.

Some carried backpacks or trash bags. One woman had blue medical scrubs. Some toted bats. Advertisement This account is based on video reviewed by The Times, which showed a chaotic scene at the fringes of the demonstrations nearby. Despite the heavy police presence in the neighborhood, only one police car was seen in the video, apparently responding to another call.

Over a half hour, the looters went unchecked. The crowd spent more than 20 minutes trying to bust open an ATM that was snatched from a smoke shop. Two men were successful in prying loose the safe within the machine, and the smashed remnants littered Highland Avenue long afterward. Meanwhile, a psychic’s shop and a barber shop went untouched. The looters were mostly young and male, some of them teenagers and a few of them middle-aged.

There were some women in the group, which was mostly black and Latino. One of the looters was questioned on the spot by a friend of one of the merchants: Why was everyone out looting? Advertisement As the camera rolled, the young man — dressed in a hoodie, with a black mask wrapped around the lower half of his face — spoke of long-simmering frustrations, of white people plundering the black community and appropriating their success. “We’re tired of being killed,” he said. “We’re tired of laws being passed while they put drugs and guns in our community. They pass laws to lock us up.

” Asked if he was among the demonstrators peacefully protesting earlier in the day, he dismissed the idea. “Protesting peacefully? We did that in the ‘60s. That didn’t get us nowhere.” Advertisement .