How to Prevent (and Treat) Mosquito Bites, According to Experts

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Beyond bug spray, you can also wear clothing that helps to repel mosquitos

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Photo: Disney The easiest way to avoid mosquitoes (and in particular the female ones, who are the biters) is to make sure there is no standing water anywhere near you. “I’m talking about clogged gutters, tree holes, kids’ toys, tires, bird baths, drip saucers that are under plants, even a pile of leaves,” says Dr. Stan Cope, a.k.a.

OFF! Deep Woods Mosquito and Insect Repellent Towelettes $4 $9 now 56% off $4 One might think a spray is the best way to go, but Cope says that he personally prefers impregnated wipes (ones that are soaked in the solution and are ready to use). “They’re particularly good for kids because you can just do a better job of spreading it around and getting it where you want it to go,” as opposed to an aerosol can.

$21 at Amazon Buy $21 at Amazon Buy Summit Mosquito Bits $15 $19 now 21% off $15 Bti, which is registered with the EPA, also comes in the form of corn-kernel-like granules that release the larvicide more quickly than the donuts, which dissolve over time. When used as directed, Bti is nontoxic to other wildlife, pets, fish, and humans.

$140 at Shoo For Good Buy Insect Shield Men’s UPF Dri-Balance Short Sleeve Pocket Tee $28 now 7% off From $26 For something a little more affordable, consider this treated T-shirt from Insect Shield.

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