Hair stylist worked while symptomatic, exposed clients to virus

Health officials were tracking down 91 people who were potentially exposed to determine if they've developed COVID-19.

5/23/2020 5:50:00 AM

A hair stylist in Springfield, Missouri, exposed as many as 91 people to coronavirus after working at a salon for 8 days while symptomatic, health officials say.

Health officials were tracking down 91 people who were potentially exposed to determine if they've developed COVID-19.

The stylist worked May 12 through Wednesday and tested positive, health officials said.The co-owners of the Great Clips location told NBC affiliateKYTVthat the employee"is following medical advice and taking appropriate actions."The salon was closed for sanitizing and deep cleaning, they said. Goddard said he was pleased with the location's response and that it's"safe to go there" now.

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The patient is believed to have contracted the virus while traveling in another part of the state, Goddard said. Read more: NBC News »

Hope the MAGA cult feels real good about their haircuts though Is that why Ms. speaker of the house is sick? Posted a dozen times. File under 'Fake News.' 😡😡 Again this fucking story ? 'Reopen' they cried. 'We need haircuts and booze' they whined. 'We can regulate ourselves' they proclaimed. Fuck them. They (and the orange nitwit) are the ones ruining the economy.

'So far, no other positive case connected to the stylist has been confirmed, but the county is nonetheless facing 'a glut of cases,' Goddard said.' Fake news! I hope this states gets their contact tracers ready to go because from the pictures coming out of Missouri this weekend, they are going to earn every buck of their pay. I hope none of the people who were contacted went to the events posted this weekend. 140 people a lot to trace

If they new they were symptomatic, and I got sick, I would insist on arresting that worker for assault. Then I would sue the salon. If masks work then it shouldn’t be an issue right? If they don’t work then why are we wearing them? 🧐 We know this is fake cuz you just called 'Great Clips' a salon! We all know that ain't right! Is subway 'a fine eatery'?😂😂

20 min drive to the Ozarks where everyone was partying like we’re not in a pandemic. Fear mongering. How many Home Depot employees, Lowe’s, Costco, BJ’s, Walmart etc employees have? Zero? Don’t think so. Missouri is full of deplorables This is America and we have the freedom to die. Stop spreading the fear about a virus with a 98% recovery rate. Why not report on the illegal things Democrats are doing, or how China released this virus on the world intentionally. That would make some news.

Awful. stylist should be arrested When do we find out if the stylist infected annyone? I thought the virus was a fake........ 🤣🤣🤣🤣 NaturalSelection Second case today! Google show me pictures of big women with big butts Typical southerner logic 🤦‍♂️ She should be arrested for this she knew she was sick but still went to work

It goes to show that while the virus is running rampant, there’s little guarantee that public establishments are doing the impossible to keep customers safe from getting infected in their premises. It’s just the luck of the draw in bars, cafés, restaurants, high-street stores... Again peopke chose to go would of been silly if they didn’t wear a mask..just have to be smart..can’t stay in the house forever

There's hope after all! Maybe the virus does attack stupid ppl It’s ok. It’s just the flu. Ok let me get this strait one hair stylist exposed 91 people to the common cold.Lets close the Universe we don't want want to expose aliens.After all they're more important than American Citizens. Even ultra cautious Dr Fauci has said we shouldn’t risk further damage to the economy as long as re-opening is done prudently

PaHouseDems 'We can't handle more cases like this'. So... You can't handle more cases of both worker and customer wearing masks in public to visit a company the State legally allows to be open. Why? Will the responsible public lower your numbers too much? Strange that the most important part of the story was left out.

Everyone has a choice: continue to stay home for several more months or go out to facilities that are open. Don’t criticize or make snide remarks about others because they chose differently than you did. Sue, sue, sue!!!!!! Symptomatic doesn't mean TESTED POSITIVE....this is how the FAKE MEDIA depends on their 🐑 to follow them over the cliffs of BULLSHIT

Was anyone sick? WHY didn't her boss or owner of salon STOP HER WHY Oh no the flu This danged fool belongs in a prison infirmary, at best. They’re such great medical facilities, I’m sure. HERE YOU GO PEOPLE!! YEP, GO OUT, CHURCHES, SALONS, RESTAURANTS, MOVIES, GO AHEAD!!!! I want to hear from those 90+ ppl. I want to know what they think.

Are you going to mention EVERY worker that has done this? You act like only stylists could/would do such a thing. How many asymptomatic people are out in public? Seriously this is due to trump pushing a rapid reopening as he is putting livelihood above lives don,t believe a word from nbc---completely agenda orientated---

They re-opened after a cleaning? No quarantine for the other employees exposed? Don't trust one thing you report Shocking. Maybe you should write a story about the thousands of other people who got a haircut and nothing happened like me! Quit fear-mongering! Hair stylist:”so, what’s on order for today? A wash, a perm, or the CORONA VIRUS?”

This pandemic is bad enough but the stupidity of some people should be criminal! Idiot Wearing a mask while working with the virus. She was symptomatic. She should have stayed at home. Selfish behavior. Huh. Huh, huh, huh. I wonder if they knew the chants of “thin the herd” would be their own demise? Terrible!

If anyone believes this story then I will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. So the health officials don’t know if the hair dresser has any symptoms? Isn’t that the most relevant info? This is just the beginning. Now that right wing states everywhere are ignoring every scientist and reopening everything the death rate will be astronomical. Just goes to show how dumb trump really is. He was worried about the economy for re-election. He should’ve worried about

How many died? If my hair stylist is coughing, I might request a different one. FREEDOM! KatyTurNBC This is what happens in a country without paid sick leave and universal healthcare. Spread a deadly virus while you work or starve. sloandavis Amazing!! Learning lesson the hard way!! Being defiant is not beneficial!!

whoa RussellFosterTX Can't run these stories blaming the workers, when the WH daily demands business open up, even dangling release from liability before them, refusing to wear PPE, & causing shortages of PPE. Add to that the FACT that asymptomatic people spread COVID-19, &we're just blaming victims.

Show me your covidiots! No one had tested positive The minor inconvenience of not getting my haircut is tyranny. Our forefathers laid down their lives so that I could be an idiot and spread a deadly contagion amongst the community. That's impossible 'working at a salon for 8 days while symptomatic' This takes a trumpian level of ignorance. This is why the reopening needs to be closely watched. We are a nation with too many morons.

cuttlet676 I hadn't realized they worked 8 days! You can pass a lot of virus work, at the grocery, at anywhere you go . KatyTurNBC Shocker. So she was wearing a mask. Doctors, nurses and other front line workers have been too but they’re still getting infected. The CDC says despite masks, you should still social distance. Can’t do that when you cut hair.

If you are sick please stay home, this was a poor personal choice. Sue the son of a bitch! KatyTurNBC Two problems here... (1) Great Clips clearly not having a strategy that works. ( 2) People thinking it's safe to go to Great Clips or any other hairdresser at this point in time. madeinglamerica FAKE NEWS. GO AWAY NBC. YOUR COMMENTARY CHANNEL HAS LOST ANY CREDIBILITY !!!!!!!!!! NBC loser media group is a fail !

Not-So-Great Clips. KatyTurNBC Tattle tale. MSM wants us cowering in fear for the rest of the year. If she ‘chooses’ to work while sick she should have told clients. Then they could ‘choose’ if they wanted to do business with her. Let’s see how many customers she would have. Honesty used to be a thing.

If you know you are symptomatic with Covid-19 & you willingly go to work, you are nothing less than a domestic terrorist & law enforcement should treat you as a domestic terrorist and charge you with domestic terrorism. KatyTurNBC Too bad she can't ve arrested. Smh money over ppl A haircut is essential when in a hospital bed, a casket, or attending a funeral. Good job, guys!

Come back and tell me how many of these 91 actually test positive. Until then, nothing but pulling the fear alarm for mask wearers. Yikes KatyTurNBC Ugh, for fuck sakes. KatyTurNBC Still winning In St.Joseph, MO at Triump foods workers are told they do not need to quarantine after being diagnosed positive but go back to work as long as they do not show symptoms. They are scared. Republican Gov. says workers must work in his speech or else. Many are immigrants.

Darwin’s work is never done. Those 91 people should sue her ass NBC always spinning lies and propaganda supporting enemies of America. This virus is smarter than the White House occupants. Yay, Springfield, my home town! I knew you could do it. Capital city of ignorant redneck Trump-believers and virus disbelievers. I haven't lived there since I was 25 but I'm sure not much has changed.

That is an ugly car. KatyTurNBC Springfield? Even money they're all trumpikins and everyone they come in contact with is trumpikin so fuck 'em. What Democrats there are in the backwoods are wearing masks. Let's hope they all go to church on TrumpSunday If no one else is sick might be because the hair dresser and her customers were wearing masks. If this turns out to have a 0 infection rate, then it’s the mask.

KatyTurNBC FFS!🤦🏾‍♂️ KatyTurNBC I hope we learn by example and be kind. If the hairstylist was wearing a mask and gloves she not have exposed that many. Hence employees MUST wear masks. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. You can't fix stupid Грустная новость KatyTurNBC This headline is misleading. Was she wearing PPE? Remember this 100% works. Also, I’m exposed to the virus every time I walk into Walmart. How many actually got the disease?

KatyTurNBC Welcome to trumps America, where no one gives a crap about anyone of the selfish and inconsiderate smh All of her clients are dead, I hear. No? She kept her mask on so the virus was contained.....? They have nothing to worry about unless they are over 60 and have a compromised immune system 🤷‍♂️

AdriannaHopkins Now in this case, she should be arrested and charged. If any of those people died then the hair stylist should be charged with murder or manslaughter at the very least. She should be tried for murder if even one person dies from this IT IS A GADEM PANDEMIC & GUESS WHO LEADS THE WORLD?!!!!!!!

😡😡😡😡 But sure, let's all reopen because it's safe now. We are going to go from this plateau we are in now right into a massive spike. Can't really call it a 2nd wave since the first one isn't over yet And how many actually contracted it? This was NOT part of the headline: “'The good news is both the clients and the hairstylists were masked' at the time of exposure, he said.”

Weird way of reporting that an infected person went on with her life and spread the virus to no one, even after coming into contact with 91 people. This is positive news. Stop being scumbags, nbc As long as they were wearing masks.. so what Virus,what virus,Merica🤭 ReadPastTheHeadline 'No other cases were confirmed'. If an infected person took a walk down Lexington Ave. yesterday to his local bodega, he would have exposed countless hundreds. Would you run that headline?

Hair back RickFreedland She should be charged. It's happening everywhere, asymptomatic infecting people!! tomcolicchio 91 people exposed. 0 infected. THAT should be the headline. Fake news is real. this sprinfield is 98% white and the 4th most violent city in the US it's filled with the dumbest fattest people I've encountered anywhere what a awful place

THIS is why I will be sporting my 1980's hair for the foreseeable future So the stylist did what so many with FLU do every day. Life. Following your tweet this is much worse than COVID+ patients being forced into NY nursing homes killing 4,000 and counting because you have not dedicated 1 tweet to it.

“So far, no other positive case connected to the stylist has been confirmed,”.....Forgot to mention this part in the headline. It’s Who could have seen this coming?... tomcolicchio Well groomed hospital patients Lock her up! But you all had to get a hair cut 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Yeah, but the economy.... And stupid people like her is the reason why we will shut down again shortly

Betting this person is a Trump supporter. tomcolicchio While SYMPTOMATIC?! I’m sure more stories like this will pop up She just couldn’t listen to the stay at home orders, guess the rules don’t apply to her. They don’t apply to our president either, I can see why she was inspired. Did she know she was positive for covid? Or sis she just think she had a little cold? People go to work sick all the time. This is misleading. you should be ashamed

Who let her come to work symptomatic ? Someone Not following guidelines And some of the customers visiting the Springfield salon may have taken the virus as far as Shelbyville - D’oh! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 “While symptomatic” translates to “with intent.” Less chance then the nursing home deaths across the country that the media ignores. Why is that?

My niece owns a salon and is itching to reopen. It really worries me. And she is why I stay the fvck at home. damn frog Claude90435494 It's called herd immunity. Remember, the 2 weeks staying home was only about flattening the curve for hospitals. I think I would sue the owner for not keeping me safe in a virus free area. I’m sure there were people who that virus could have killed there. When businesses open they are saying we will make sure we keep you safe and virus free.

Illness and deaths are very convincing. Freedom! WHERE’S THE PROOF? NBC PROPAGANDA BULLSHIT EVERYDAY!!! 🤮 😮 Ahhh, another example of how capitalism is failing to provide for the people. This person needed to work so they wouldn’t starve and wound up putting her life and the lives of others in danger. A social safety net for hard times would’ve helped.

BUT MY LIBERTIES! Damn these right wing extremist are going to kill us all Full speed ahead...DAMN the torpedoes!!! Thought America was number 1 with testing Or Just not in key place's? What a selfish c*nt. Exposed is bad. How many actually contracted it? None? While symptomatic?!! Are you kidding?! All the people that mad about masks always say, “if your sick stay home, we don’t need masks” well here is a prime example why. People are ignorant, and selfish.

Well that’s a new one. I know it’s morbid but who knew *death by haircut * would be a thing. Only in the year 2020. i NeEd a HaIrCuT Award winning stupidity of the year I am waiting for health insurance companies to drop coverage for people not following cdc guidelines Just amazing how some people couldn’t set aside this non essential stuff

Curious to see how many people get infected. They're ruining it for the rest of us elsewhere. I want to open my salon in N.Y. but if cases go up because of one irresponsible hairstylist Cuomo will never let us open. 😡 AltDept_of_VA Nearly 100 people were exposed while a sick hairstylist exercised her “rights” as an American. No. This is not OK. Yet this is the type of aggression our president promotes. LoveYourNeighbor

I understand people blaming the stylist as she shouldn’t be working with symptoms, but why are people going in there to get their hair cut when you know you can social distance. Is it really that important to have your hair styled? CriminalNegligence Left wing Libs at NBC hyperventilating. How many people got sick?

like why is it framed like its her fault onstead of'worthless government forces people back to work'? cool maybe the govt should have done something so she didn't have to work Very nice whitechoco8533 What’s that, two deaths likely? Getting haircuts for your funerals Greatmind411 Good. This is what they wanted. Just do not take up beds needed for other suck people.

But Karen wanted her haircut Oh my hair getting wild. Lmao 😥😞 rolandsmartin She should B arrested! Oh no people have a 1 to 3% chance of becoming fatally ill....... shut it down again or as low as 0 people got infected MIDDLE AMERICA is subsidising COUNTRY CLUB AMERICA ( OPEN BUSINESS | SAVE JOBS | SAVE LIVES )

And no one dies Instead of suing the stylist for going back to work when they were forced to open without proper protection and training, most salons do not offer sick pay and you can not claim unemployment for covid 19 if the state says you can open, sue the governor for gross incompetence. Was her name Karen?

Let us know how many exposed get sick.. this would be a great test ...they were wearing masks 90 exposed how many got sick let us know!! Damn... The 'I told you so' isn't as satisfying in a pandemic. I hope maga covidiots find someotherrandomanduntruething to turn into their partisan hill to die upon. One not where the death is not so literal.

This is exactly what the problem is and why so many experts have said over and over again that this country should reopen slowly and with caution and with a well thought out plan!! Do not believe a word of this. NBC does China’s bidding and has for a long time! A hairstylist in Missouri exposes 91 people to covid19 WHILE symptomatic. Well, here's to their version of 'freedom.' Just sayin'.

I hope those haircuts were worth it. Who tf goes to great clips tho Risking covid19 for a great clips cut And now you’re going to be home and your hair will grow back out. jadande Y’all could’ve just bought a flowbee instead but have to get that $15 cut now you got the rona. Have fun with the drs and hospital bills

Make America Germy Again 99 percent recovery rate.. Section 11500- hairstylist are NOT allowed to go to work if they have a cold... & they are NOT allowed to work on anyone who has a cold/flu- so this person will most likely lose their license- & hopefully- those exposed didn't touch their face until after washing their hands...

Of course she did. Clay Goddard, Dir. County Health Dept., told those exposed to watch for symptoms and THEN isolate. Medical experts state isolate immediately for 14 days & monitor for symptoms so not to expose more. realDonaldTrump-Where’s nat’l. standards? ABC Yamiche CoronaUpdate Contact tracing on steroids

MAGA: Make America GAG Again! But damn their hair looked good when they left with a fresh cut, fresh color and fresh infections. Imagine those 91 people spreading it to 91 people, who spread it to 91 people and so on. Yikes. jadande We’re gonna see a significant loss of Karen Who? Where? And so it begins!! ThisWillNotEndWell

Who cares! Open the God Damn Country Already!! jadande Proud of my hometown 🤦🏻 The price ppl pay. Just because some snooty B*tches needed pampering, & their husbands want to get massaged after a round of golf , is that so called FREEDOM? rolandsmartin Nice Cmon Ppl, act sensibly. Smh. None of you read the story, yes they were were exposed did anyone else test positive no. Fear porn people

How many people died The story does say that everyone was wearing a mask. Perhaps the health dept in Missouri is spreading some fear mongering fake news. They really want us to believe that a coronavirus symptomatic hairdresser worked with 91 customers; yet not a single one noticed and complained? ... fake news...

Jas_O_Mine13 Some selfish ass people out here This is basically what the governor was looking for when he reopened the state. This is a problem. If you don’t feel well stay home. Get healthy. Be responsible. jadande Folks like this are exactly why some state leaders are reluctant to return at a full capacity. Unreal...

As Jesus would have wanted it. people are so stupid So he’s supposed to just what....lose everything? rolandsmartin Trifling You hear that MAGATS? Not one suggestion on how to get PAID for staying home. You people paying the rent/mortage, carpayment, insurance, phone, food, for this person? No? Get over it. As for hospital, its been 2 months to ramp up capacity, if they havent its hosp. fault.

Hair places are not places that social distance in ANY way! DUH.... Are they being fined? COVIDー19 Oh, she didn’t stop with going to work, she went shopping at a few stores as well so that number is not all of them. This is how the ‘second wave’ will begin. UPDATE: exposed the American people to lies and gas lighting for the last 3 years.

Irresponsible My guess the person had been lay-off for so many days, needed money and Great Clips doesn't offer sick pay. Where I volunteer They take my temperature at the start of my day, GC should have been paying attention. Liberty comes with a hefty price tag. They wanted their freedom,now let's see if Covid doesn't make them regret more testing,contact tracing when supplies are low and front line HC workers are tired both physically and audition will be at Beaches for Covid.

🥴 Ok, we know there are jerks in society. If we only had a TheJusticeDept that would arrest ppl who knowingly pass the virus... then maybe life could return to normal. But alas, there are many more evil ppl than supporters of the law. Welcome to the hell created by 'Just do it'. How dare she? The heart of MAGA country. I bet a lot of people there think the coronavirus is being overblown and is a Dem. ploy to get rid of Trump. They probably also think that masks are for p**sies. Guarantee it.

Just wait for the “thoughts and prayers” crowd to chime in and rationalize this. Another one of the selfish 'I'm not wearing a mask' deplorables brigade....trying their best to ruin it for everyone else. I'm so over these a-holez Oooops What is wrong with people?! A dirty woman doing what they know how to do best! Spread their disease at everyone else's expense and health!

Yup. More of this is going to happen because states re-opened businesses to soon and because many of those businesses aren't capable or can't afford to properly do the types of things necessary to protect their customers and employees from getting infected. Major problem. Haha imagine trying to hold someone accountable when you just forced everyone back to work, the packing house workers where all working this whole time infected and everyone knew it, they were begging for someone to shut them down the whole time and they forced them to work

Morons who don’t get the seriousness of Covid-19. They think it’s the flu. Murica Good grief! What’s it going to take for people to grasp the lethal effects of their irresponsibility!!! Jail Oh well Now all these people have the antivirus. realDonaldTrump winning 😂 This is only the start.. COVIDー19 So how it's our presidents fault ? That's what you biased news does.

Now do colds and flu It only takes one realDonaldTrump Can she be sued? She should b arrested!! 😡 Gotta love the Bible Belt! It’s a republican state what do you expect themysteryjeff get your house in order down there, man! Symptomatic? I definitely blame the customers Arrest him plz Should be arrested and held liable

Full disclosure? Hedge funds navigate COVID health questionsAs the hedge funds once clustered in London's Mayfair negotiate gyrating markets, they are facing a new line of investor questioning: who has contracted COVID-19? nothing new

Trump mostly focuses on economy -- rather than health -- for minority groups hit hardest by Covid-19President Trump underscored economic recovery during a listening session with African Americans. He brought up testing and equipment in his opening remarks. But he didn't specifically address what would be done to protect the health of minority communities Trump wants to cozy up to African Americans for their vote then forget about them. 40 millions no jobs and this virus killing us. so protection by some fearless loosers how to survive in this shit. poor already dying middle class think go work to feed or die staying home only rich and powerful enjoying. welcome to no1 country in the world. we are fucked. Didn't he literally just say he wanted to found a new black college in Detroit? You people don't even try anymore it's sad.

SAP BrandVoice: The Other COVID-19 Crisis: Declining Mental HealthOver 40% of people said their mental health has declined since the COVID-19 outbreak. There are four things managers should do to support their employees' health and wellbeing. SAP 😭😭 SAP If we are not careful, however, we will miss a pressing health crisis lying just beneath the surface of COVID-19—the decline of mental health. Doctors and nurses are on the front lines of the physical health crisis. Managers must be on the front lines of the mental health crisis. SAP There’s so much that we as business leaders can do to help them! We have to step up and do our part in helping end the mental health crisis that is ongoing in America!

World Health Organization Projects $1.3 Billion Shortfall in Fighting Covid-19WHO says it is $1.3 billion short of what it expects it will need this year to fight the coronavirus pandemic and is looking for new donors to fill the gap as the U.S. government threatens to cut funding. Hahahaha. Good for those morons. China must pay WHO NOW I'm sure Mr.Gates will play his 'Holy Than Thou Saviour' Role

CVS Health ramps up COVID-19 drive-through test sites in 14 U.S. statesCVS Health Corp said on Thursday it was expanding drive-through testing sites for COVID-19 to 350 locations in 14 U.S. states with an aim to open 1,000 sites nationwide by the end of May. Is the US adminstration 🦅 late.... ....

A Doctor Answers Questions On Health Disparities And Treatments For COVID-19Dr. Tracey Henryan, an assistant health director at Grady Primary Care Center in Atlanta, answers listener questions on health disparities and treatments for COVID-19.