Ginsburg: Senate exemplifies trend of sticking with 'one's own home crowd'

2/8/2020 5:42:00 AM

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg pointed to the US Senate, fresh off a near party-line acquittal vote to conclude the impeachment trial this week, as an example of the dangers of partisan polarization

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg pointed to the US Senate, fresh off a near party-line acquittal vote to conclude the impeachment trial this week, as an example of the dangers of partisan polarization

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg pointed on Friday to the US Senate, fresh off a near party-line acquittal vote to conclude the impeachment trial this week, as an example of the dangers of partisan polarization.

(CNN) Asked about modern challenges facing the rule of law, Ginsburg cited"a loss of the willingness to listen to people with views other than one's own.Ayanna Pressley Accuses McConnell of 'Cover Up' Over Impeachment Results Romney's vote became the only voice of dissent from the Republicans during a vote that, as expected, mostly followed party lines.Senators Who Voted to Convict Trump Represent 18 Million More Americans Trump's term could have fallen well short of eternity if the Senate had voted to remove him from office, although the result was never really in doubt due to the highly partisan nature of the chamber.Patricia Zengerle 8 Min Read WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump was acquitted on Wednesday in his U.

And that is facilitated by electronic means, to associate with only one's -- you could call it one's own home crowd, and to tune out other voices." How Ruth Bader Ginsburg is trying to check the conservative majority"I can give an example of our own legislature: The US Senate was once a model of civility and good fellowship, readiness to compromise for the good of the public," Ginsburg continued.Many Democrats echoed the sentiments of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who said in a Monday interview,"Whatever happens, [Trump] has been impeached forever."Today it's divided sharply, but when I remember back to how it once was, I am hopeful.S."Ginsburg's remarks come following the Senate's dramatic resolution to the weeks-long impeachment trial with a vote to acquit President Donald Trump largely along party lines, save for Republican Sen."You cannot have a fair trial without witnesses.Mitt Romney of Utah breaking ranks on one of the two articles.history - just like the two other impeached presidents - in his turbulent presidency’s darkest chapter.

The famously progressive justice made the comments after receiving the World Peace & Liberty Award from the World Jurist Association and the World Law Foundation on Friday, one in a bevy of recent and upcoming public appearances.Watch out, America, he will continue to try to get away with more law-breaking.Donald Trump Jr.Guilty vote against Trump casts Romney in a new role: GOP MaverickGinsburg also pointed to"the problems of indifference, of tribal-like loyalties, lack of observance of the golden rule, 'Do unto others,'"and intolerance in modern society.But she said she took heart in remembering the"true bipartisanship spirit prevailing in our Congress" during her own confirmation hearings after President Bill Clinton nominated her in 1993." Being found “not guilty” does not mean innocent.Read More"So I am hopeful that people of goodwill in both of our parties will say, 'We have had enough of dysfunction."I am sure to hear abuse from the president and his supporters.Let's work together for the good of all of the people who compose the nation,'" she added.Donald.S.

In prepared remarks, Ginsburg, a four-time cancer survivor who turns 87 in March, referenced another sensitive issue: how much longer she has on the court.It is judges'"sacred charge to uphold the law and administer justice fairly to all persons, no matter how powerful or small," she said.presidents to have been impeached by the House, joining Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton."In the years remaining to me on the United States Supreme Court bench, I will strive to do just that -- administer justice fairly to all persons, no matter how powerful or small."She also referenced the importance of judicial independence, a possible nod to Trump's prior accusations that judges had political motivations."Vital to the rule of law in any land is an independent judiciary, judges who are not under the thumb of other branches of government -- the executive and legislative power holders -- and therefore equipped to administer justice impartially," she added.No Democrat voted to acquit.

CNN's Joan Biskupic contributed to this report..

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That's rich. As if the Court is immune from party line voting, and RBG hasn't led that trend during her tenure... Where was this incredibly non partisan judge's comments when the house voted completely along party lines. This level of hypocrisy should be embarrassing for an intelligent person. Smh. Look at those Dems

What was her opinion in 1999?

#AmericansFindTrumpGuilty and #ImpeachedPresident trend after Senate votes to acquit TrumpThe acquittal of President Donald Trump prompted AmericansFindTrumpGuilty and ImpeachedPresident to trend on Twitter Wednesday afternoon. No they didn’t 🤣🤣🤣👍😂😂 they also think the world is flat IMPOTUS is guilty. He knows it. The cowardly Senate knows it. The whole world knows it. Mitt is a brave man and he did the right thing. Thank you, Mitt.

After Senate votes to acquit, Trump shares bizarre video suggesting he will be president '4eva'President Trump shared a bizarre video suggesting he will be president indefinitely on Twitter shortly after he was acquitted in his Senate impeachment trial. Lol 'Bizarre' Newsweek = FakeNews Because he is planning to be a dictator Sure... and I'll date Sally Field!

Senate acquits Trump in historic vote as re-election campaign loomsPresident Trump said he would deliver a public statement on Thursday on his acquittal, after the impeachment trial There was no trial so he wasn’t acquitted. Will there be lots of sniffing, mangled words and foot dragging? If Roberts shows up for that bullshit, I’ll dedicate my life to banging on the SCOTUS doors for the rest of my LIFE.

Impeachment vote: Sharply divided Senate acquits Trump on both articlesSpeaker Nancy Pelosi on Pres. Trump's acquittal: 'Because of the Republican Senate’s betrayal of the Constitution, the President remains an ongoing threat to American democracy.' GuiltyOldParty No. That makes no sense. Reasonably effective argument, Madame Speaker. SpeakerPelosi You simply can't stop now. Make your legacy known, dear. He loves the competition. realDonaldTrump

Vulnerable Senate Democrats cast tough guilty vote against TrumpFmr. Sen. Donnelly: 'That's the essence of what a United States senator is supposed to be. You take an oath to support and defend the Constitution, you don't take an oath to support and defend a party or a president.' Doug Jones knows he is done in Nov. He just wanted to leave office with his soul intact Thank you!❤️🇺🇸🌻 It'll be nice having jeffsessions back in the Senate.

Trump will be emboldened on foreign policy after Senate acquittal, former Russian ambassador saysMichael McFaul told Newsweek president will likely interpret his Senate success as proof 'he knows best.' A persecuted president prevailed ... 👀 news this morning? Putin is already starting things with Israel the hoopla of trial us over so another hoopla as well as rally’s will;party on,no? SpeakerPelosi SenatorRomney NorahODonnell foxnewspolitics CNN Newsy StephenAtHome GOP TheDemocrats something off? His bossses are happy