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As Hamas Rockets Rain on Israel, Iron Dome Proves It Can Withstand the Barrages

The missile-defense system has managed to keep Israeli casualties low by destroying incoming Hamas rocket fire, removing pressure for a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.

5/16/2021 10:15:00 PM

Israel's Iron Dome missile-defense system has managed to keep Israeli casualties low by destroying incoming Hamas rocket fire, removing pressure for a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip

The missile-defense system has managed to keep Israeli casualties low by destroying incoming Hamas rocket fire, removing pressure for a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.

Updated May 16, 2021 2:50 pm ETASHKELON, Israel—On Sunday afternoon, as air-raid sirens sounded across this southern Israeli city, people abandoned cars in the middle of the road and ran to seek shelter. Hiding under a tree, a man tried to comfort his teenage daughter.

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“Don’t worry,” he said, “it will be fine, the Iron Dome will save us.”As he spoke, the Iron Dome’s air-defense interceptor missiles streaked into the intense blue sky, making six rockets fired at Ashkelon by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas explode into faraway white puffs. As in the majority of cases since Hamas started raining rockets on Israel on Monday—a total of 2,800 by now—there were no casualties or major damage.

Deployed since 2011and built and maintained with $1.6 billion in U.S. funding, the Iron Dome system consists of a network of connected batteries and radars that fire at rockets that seem to be heading to populated areas and ignore those likely to fall into empty fields. While the system has been used in previous conflicts with Hamas, the Palestinian group has never fired as many rockets simultaneously.

“What Hamas is doing now is trying to challenge the system. They thought that Iron Dome would stop functioning, but this didn’t happen,” said Danny Yatom, a former head of Israel’s Mossad intelligence service. Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

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Simple explanation... The US media is blind and pretends not to see Israel's bloody slaughter of the Palestinian people! Dozens of children have already been killed in Israeli bombings in Gaza. Why are you leaning toward Israel? It’s illogical to say that you can fire a missile with the size and density we saw from a building, that building will be partially be burned and any press personnel will not tolerate working there. Can you put a more logical headlines than this stupidity?

The west has finally come to realization that their press is propaganda. If they invade is on GOD fuck Israel 2021 C'est la fête alors. Quelle honte ce tweet. Israel, will persevere, their forces will advance upon the evil cowardly thugs Hamas & destroy them completely, no surrender, no mercy. Israel, 'never again'

Meanwhile hundreds of children and women are killed by isreali rockets many journalists and doctors wounded and tens of homes are demolished because Gaza does not have any dome. Gaza_Under_Attack GenocideinGaza SheikhJarrahUnderAttack From a military man If Israel did not have the Iron Dome the 1st time a 100 Israelis were killed in a rocket attack the Gaza Strip would cease to exist. So everybody should be happy Iron Dome was developed...doesn't matter whose dollars it was.

It removes it but Netanyahu will likely still use the excuse to invade Palestine since he's on his way out.

Psaki denies Israeli defense overreacted, says 'no justification' for 1,500+ rockets from HamasWhite House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday doubled down on President Biden’s comments that he had not seen an 'overreaction' from Israel in the violent dustup with Gaza. As an example, if a nearby country such as Mexico lobbed 1500 missiles into the US, would we retaliate or would Biden put Kamala in charge of going to the border? I thought Jared kushner soled peace on the Middle East. My position on Hitler has clearly changed. The narrative We read in history about nazis must be viewed in the ongoing 75 years of apartheid, occupation, repression & barbaric NAKBA. We learn history to make sense of the current situations. Now the fabrication is clearer to All

IsraelTerrorism doesn't have the courage to invade the GazaUnderAttack ground I wonder what each of those rockets cost? How many Palestinian families could have been relocated to homes purchased with that money? Why do humans have to form tribes and fight. It’s all so stupid. Yet, I’d probably do the same thing depending on where I grew up.

Only in Gaza, the father is wounded, and his son is a martyr. From his wheelchair, this wounded man bids farewell to his family, and he remains the only witness to the bombing and destruction committed by the Israeli occupation warplanes. His eyes see, and his heart bemoans! 'The president and many other figures said Israel has the right to self-defense. But do Palestinians have a right to survive?' Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley and Cori Bush voiced support of Palestine in Congress.

Girl, six, reunited with her father after Israeli airstrike on her Gaza home killed her mother and all four siblings muslimsingaza muslimsinindia muslimsinchina muslimsinmyamar waronislam ethniccleansingagainstmuslums globalterrorismonmuslims therealterrorist twistingfacts palestinebelongtopalestinians zionshavenoland zionsareracist palestinewillbefree zionswillbekickedout

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza killed more this week than Hamas rockets have in 20 yearsA Newsweek review of data compiled by Israel's foreign ministry has found at least 16 people whose deaths were officially linked to rockets fired by Hamas. That is because of iron dome and bomb shelters, that does not mean that hamas firing rocket into civilian population is not a war crime It doesn't justify Hamas starting the rocket barrage.... Israel has right to retaliate... What's your point? Should the Israeli people just content themselves with Hamas doing whatever they want?

Israel's War On Hamas Rages On In GazaIsrael “wants to levy a heavy price” on the Hamas militant group, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. Netanyahu = Putin Tyrant WarCriminal People in Palestine are seeking their rights HopeToGaza They ask for it.

Israel unleashes furious new Gaza bombardment, says it's destroyed miles of Hamas tunnelsThe Israeli military has unleashed another wave of heavy airstrikes on the Gaza Strip in an operation it says has destroyed miles of Hamas tunnels. Any evidence for these continual claims. Who remembers when they assassinated a Hamas operative who turned out to be the third secretary of the chess club. Shame on Terrorist Israel Why is the world silent for infant deaths? HopeToGaza

181 Dead In Gaza After Deadliest Night Of Israel-Hamas ConflictI'm a British-born reporter covering breaking news for Forbes. Why is the world silent? Crimes against humanity are being committed in Palestine! This is a problem for all of humanity. He who does not oppose this should question his humanity. HearGaza This is getting scarier thanks