America just took out the world's no. 1 bad guy

1/3/2020 7:21:00 AM

America just took out the world's no. 1 bad guy

Middle East, Iran

America just took out the world's no. 1 bad guy

The killing of Iran ian Gen. Qassim Soleimani doesn't have the emotional power of the takedown of Osama bin Laden, but in many ways, taking him out means much more in terms of saving current lives, writes Jake Novak.

Key PointsPool | Press Office of Iranian Supreme Leader | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images?killing of hundreds of Iraqi protestersU.S. State Department put the number of Americans killed by Iranian proxies in Iraq at 608 since 2003For example, these last few days have made it clear to the whole world just how much Iran controlled just about all of Iraq and Iraq's Shia population. It appears Solemeini not only felt justified in being the likely mastermind behind Tuesday's attack on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, he also was comfortable enough to travel to Iraq personally to oversee it. But this time, he got too comfortable.

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hydroxychloroquine safe FulcherColten No you didn't he's still in the white house. The writer (that's no journalist) caouldnt analyze a toddlers virthday party, or be bothered to fucking spell or write a sentence properly and you take majority of Americans as stupid as spud? You think right

puerile language. No one in the world, except one with something to profit from it, would ever think this destabilizing extrajudicial murder was good in any way. Oh, you mean Donald Trump?...Soleimani & al-Muhandis were on a diplomatic mission requested by usual rogue nation Saudi Arabia to try arranging peace, when Trump bombed the international airport - which makes Trump triply a “bad guy,” to use your warmongering, lying medium’s

rightwingsportz That’s a fact. Trump NICKIMINAJ RT Barbz and use the hashtags too!! HotGirlSummer BestLyrics iHeartRadioAwards Miki Minach omg nicki

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You need no orders to promote the American Empire. CNBC is hiring 5 year old journalists now I guess? Good Lord Lmao he looks like Wallace Breen from Half Life 2 Then why is Kissinger still alive? YES WE KNOW IT'S 'FAKE NEWS' Oh FFS. You all have been saying the same damn thing for decades now. Just give the republican base bjs and cut the damn childish drama already.

All those faces look sooooo bad! Who is the real nr.1! Hm

Lawrence: What a difference a year of a Dem House makes.Lawrence: 'A year ago, the president of Ukraine was still a standup comedian and not the recipient of the most important phone call of the year. The phone call that got the president of the United States impeached' Lawrence All they can say is read the transcript when in reality they won’t even show us what was said. It’s rather sad to see the lack of transparency. Lawrence YOU CALL HIM A LIAR !!!! Lawrence (You're losing this argument and you know it.)

big hmmmmmmmm on that one Thank you America!! Do you mean someone shot Trump in the face? What a shame. Did You Know that CNBC actually stands for '(You) Can Not Believe (This) Crap' The world's number one 'bad guy' is in the fu*king oval office. Fake headline; America has not deposed either it's president or Putin.

Disappointed it is not about Epstein. Nobody that is responsible for the death of people is good, 608 since 2003 (16 yrs) including the war in Iraq? Mass shootings alone in this country are a bigger problem 346 in 2017, 337 in 2018... 683 total in 2 yrs Seems like a much more imminent threat to Americans?!?!?!

did you guys bombed trump,? So embarrassing yall ran this headline

Trump cuts loose with unpredictable characters at Mar-a-LagoAt Trump’s luxury South Florida resort, the president is just another guy in the buffet line. That's right! $150M+ taxpayers' money going to realDonaldTrump that is, a satellite-office of Trump! I suspect that he spends substantial time in the buffet line. It sure as hell ain’t the mouth breathers with the red hats

you reap what you sow. You make me vomit, CNBC! Google says the Saudi Royal family are all very alive and well..... Shame on you for this disgusting jingoistic headline, Op-Ed or otherwise. When did they take out Hillary Clinton? Iran will activate domestic sleepers. American citizens will be blown to bits in public places. Ambassadors abroad may suffer a similar fate. We are being governed by madmen. AmericanUnexeptionalism

POTUS does not know US/UK Mordad Coup in 1953 caused Islamic Revolution. This was an act of war violating the Constitution and War Powers Act. Iran raised it's Red Flag of Revenge. Look for asymptomatic, terror actions against US citizens here and US Missions abroad NowItBegins canadeeana I beg to differ. That would be drumpf!

This was not America's doing since it was never approved by Congress. This is the work of the tiny penis at the White House. not buying your propaganda

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I truly doubt this. and others can learn from Dave Chappelle's piece on invasion of Iraq- Iran IranProtests If someone who saved the world from isis is a bad guy then a this point i dont know who is the good guy. Trump? We shall seek revenge trump just ended his own life and the life who ever is with him.

That headline is bull shit! Only to be replaced by....? Lmao. He was replaced in 2 hours What are the bad things he did ? this is warmongering bloodthirsty henocide fuel and you’re literally criminals for publishing it. get absolutely fucked. Please retweet this on November 4th. America took themselves out? 😮

Sadly, heaven doesn't want me but the devil's not done

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If he is the number 1 bad guy, why had no one heard of him. I would have guessed Putin or Assad. Fantastic news! RepKevinBrady Newly revealed documents show Trump admin officials anxiously struggled to follow Trump orders despite concerns orders could go against U.S. national security interests and warnings from Pentagon it could be illegal

ridiculous! No He is not ,Trump and Putin are the number one bad guys Add in Kim Jong -un WTF is wrong with you? Get the fk off my feed! Time we got the other SOBs starting with the yayatollah and take his Swiss bank accounts! The vast majority of the world population consider United States the world’s no. 1 bad guy.

What?... America took out itself?!! What a joke of a headline The world’s 1 bad guy is in Saudi

Billie Eilish: Point of order - Henry Kissinger was not 'taken out' That's bull shit and you you know it. The so called 'bad guy' (call yourselves journalists!) was the most popular man in Iran and the most popular man in the region. He held Israel in check. The dead Americans Trump spoke of were the soldiers that invaded Iran!

Stenographers for the MIC say what? You are garbage. Kinda funny that... Wrong pic, you mean this guy Bullshit, realDonaldTrump is still in office This 'bad guy' helped save many Christians in Syria whilst USA/UK were aiding Al Nusra/Al Queda. Yeah, let's fix things by murder, and teach kids how to get a gun and kill each other. Land of the freedom you say?

OkieEleven He was freely traveling inside Iraq. That’s not nothing. The world’s number one bad guy is the (supposed) president of the United States, so... kinda doubting the headline is correct. For Christ's sake, America is the world's 1 bad guy. How many countries has Iran invaded this century? How many governments have they overthrown? Maybe Soleimani has been defending his country from US aggression? Tulsi2020 Bernie2020

You are THE PROBLEM, media sycophants! So, must be excited for the Rapture as well because journalism is dead. And they just took in hundreds of new terrorists. Yihaaa 🤦🏽‍♀️ Wait, it wasn’t Kim Jong Un? Sorry, I can’t keep up with the demonization du jour 😜 But JeffBezos is still alive. Literally no one knew who he was until you said so.

RepKevinBrady 1 bad guy running the US

Assassinated on razor thin evidence you mean. RepKevinBrady GOP will forever own this NIGHTMARE TrumpsWar GOPwar WWIII Please don’t deprived occupants of Oval Office with this honour. We assassinated a military leader of a country we’re not at war with. That’s not what we’re supposed to do. Thanks for spinning this. You have no integrity. warprofiteer

Cool propaganda Hey! let's fucking cool it on the propaganda Lol god damn right in the tank for another war. Shameless. ZacharyIvanPor1 And this bad guy was also a DeepState operative, we are at war with the DeepState and the left is freaking out AnMeVase We got rid of Trump? :D

you forgot about Billie Eilish America is the worlds number 1 bad guy. Let people live peace please. Please take down this post, it’s propaganda BS. What if, and stick with me here... what if the world's number 1 bad guy was an American? This is yellow journalism at its peak No they didn’t. Trump is still around

propaganda hard at work i see CNBC -- gleefully cheerleading the U.S. petrolempire war machine. America just took out the world's no. 1 bad guy, FOR ISRAEL! There fixed it for ya.

Ok War Pig. Wrong Kissinger is still alive Trash News. Seriously? cnbc you can't come up with anything better than 'bad guy'? How much more dumbing down can this country take? Get a new social media manager. A mature adult this time who understands the gravity of current geopolitical risk. Really ? RepKevinBrady Wait? What? Not even hiding that Russia is in the loop of our foreign relations BEFORE our own Congress? Wake Up America TrumpsWar RussianAsset Trump GOP GOP HouseGOP

Fuck it, let’s just have the war already No Trump is the world's no 1 bad guy. Talk to Germans.

'World's no 1 bad guy' that most of the world had never heard of before yesterday. This is preposterous. This is propaganda. And this is how the military-industrial complex has its talons in everything, including well respected, megalithic media outlets. Fascism much? No. Trump is still alive. thank you spidorman

Wow, so he was number one huh? I'm pretty sure that his death is going to up the number of contendors for that title. ... 🖕 CNBC Correction: we took our the guy that works for the worlds 1 bad guy. This is like taking out Number 2 and saying you took out Dr. Evil. Half of America right now.. Why the hell are people who are old enough to have lived through this 3 to 4 times still falling for this shit

Surprised that would put this out and actually be factually correct .Yes he was a bad guy you don't have to apologize What tf is wrong with you? Only if the world is the US, UK, and Israel. That would be Trump. His policies will kill thousands. This negates your correction. According to global polling, as you may recall, the United States is seen as the No.1 Bad Guy. Except they called us the 1 threat to global stability. Because they don't talk like fucking 3rd graders.

The world’s no.1 bad guy is Donald Trump Billie?

American media is a joke Why you mix George Bush into this now Wait, they killed Sean Connery!? This will not end well. Who is the new no. 1 bad guy? Better start campaigning for him/her now unless this is just manufactured bullshit to support unconstitutional action by the president We took out Osama Bin Laden. Saddam Hussien Kaddafi. Hitler. We took out a lot of 1 Bad Guys. Guess what happened after. WE KEEP TAKING OUT 1 Guys but not before they kill a lot of people.

ISIS members : Pedophile priests : Trump : So, worse than Putin, who invaded Ukraine and now has hypersonic, nuclear capable missiles? Worse than Kim Jon Un, who starves his population and has resumed building nukes? Worse than MBS who ordered the bone saw murder of a journalist? 'Cause officially? We LOVE those guys.

No newspapers: queuing up with all the other psychos to get some blood on your hands too, I see I'm old enough to remember when cnbc reported the news. realDonaldTrump has just deliberate brought the world closer to WWIIl to try to recover votes. IMPOTUS ImpeachTrump

Tr🚫mp? Did they? I’d argue he’s still sitting in the WH America is not the world.... that’s not how 4.4% works Read this tweet and thought Trump got assassinated 😔 one can only hope History repeating This right here is why I don't bother with cable TV. * Blocked * Don't judge others if you don't want to be judged. The world will remember who is responsible.

ELVIES23 👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍 We killed Putin?! Seems like that would be bigger news. George Bush still alive tho.

Oh I thought the no. 1 bad guy were Winnie the Pooh 🤭🤭🤭 All terrorists must treat with 0 toleration! No matter whether they have killed your family or not yet!! Fun fact: the world’s actual no. 1 bad guy is currently illegitimately occupying the White House. patriotact I hope you would cover this...

Donald Trump? This is propaganda and you should be ashamed Just another Raytheon asset. Don't worry shareholders, there's plenty more where he came from. Keep buying. Hyperbole. Trump was only impeached. No, America only impeached him. Nobody talked about this “No 1 bad guy yesterday”. That’s how bad he was

This is garbage journalism. Trump made a unilateral call and now State & DOD is scrambling to cover for. Russia is laughing at him over it and you are trying to at likevall this is normal. Do your job. That doesn't look like trump.. 🤔 America just took out Trump?! Holy shit What is this We good we rambo Them bad :(

FlickHerrOtto1 Go back to Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was nothing other than state sanctioned terrorism, he was one of the main proponents in defeating Isis and fighting Al quida. This pro war propaganda is the same warmongering got us into Iraq decades ago, trillions wasted and millions dead. Shame on the media NoWarWithIran

If the headline is true, why are people losing their brains? Which no american ever heard about prior to killing him.... And 2 lives in the White House

Really? Putin? By reading the comments, I’m shocked at how many Americans hate America. Thanks to trump, America hasn’t been this great in decades but MSM wouldn’t say a word of the positives. Sadly I can’t say the same with Canada because morons voted in an incompetent non Canadian PM Took out We only impeached him, he hasn't been removed yet.

One day Pressitute like CNBC will be put on trial for assisting in illegal wars, threatening Humanity. I agree, you don't understand these words, and you don't understand what I talk about. Short, you do bad, you pay. caitoz EUDeplorable SecPompeo marcorubio dagfinnarne Apparently has never heard of Semion Mogilevich. You might want to look him up. And America wasn’t given a choice via Congressional approval. 45* Donald Trump did it covertly to distract from his own crimes and impeachment. Yet another crime.

This is an utterly revolting aberration of the craft of journalism. Good riddance! Did Trump leave office?! When you're following the corporate media's coverage of an eventual US war against Iran in Iraq, remember this: Each drop of Iraqi, Iranian or American blood will turn into coins of gold in their coffers. They want this war, as bad as they wanted the latest war in Iraq.

Did a teenager write this headline? if you guys say that then he's actually the opposite..he's a good guy and played a essential part in crippling the group america's almost like the 'good guys' want a never ending bad guy to fight in the middle east..wars a racket.

Who took Trump out? why is the media like this HA HA HA HA HA HA HA I agree we need to be tough with these guys! Let’s not forget they took our people hostages & if Obama didn’t pay them we would have never gotten them back! I don’t believe in negotiating with terrorists! We need to show strength not weakness! However, I am sure they’ve got a 2.

No. The America war establishment just conducted an assassination of a foreign leader in an international airport in a criminal act of war . That the official fought Isis and Al Qaeda makes the USA action even more telling . CNBC helps promote war with lies . Criminals. Y’alls head game is PROPER when it comes to dictators.

Trump is the world’s 1 bad guy Why isn't it in quote marks then? There are different opinions all over the World of who the No 1 bad guy is. While a million people are in death camps in China and Xi is trumps pal, millions of north Koreans suffer unimaginable torture down three generations, and trump still loves Kim J Un, while Putin continues to destroy democracy around the world and trump has secret 'talks' with him

America is the world's no. 1 bad guy CNBC is just state propaganda, like RT, but with less diversity of opinion. pure ManufacturingConsent Meanwhile, Germans think Trump is the world’s 1 bad guy, and a lot of Americans would agree with that sentiment. No we didnt Trump is still in office Xi Jinping!!! We killed Xi?!!? Oh. No? Putin! Clearly we killed... Putin...No? ... Kim...? Wait, some fucker who didn't even have his own nation, much less nuclear weapons? ... Um... So, like... No. 15ish, then. Good jorb.

No we only impeached him UwU he wus a bad boyye, a vewwy bad boyye, twumpu put him in time out with unsanctiowned assassinatiown in a countwy wewe not at waw wiff ÙwÚ what a bad boyye Evil I could be wrong but I think you’ve actually just killed Sean Connery from Red October 🤦🏼‍♂️

Who? Actually Cheney is still around, and unless you give up on the war drum, we'll have a new no.1 in the white house. You don't know it but... when all your relatives, friends, neighbors and co workers IN THE USA were dying by thousands because they didn't have healthcare, it was the fault of an IRANIAN MURDERER, named Qasem Soleimani. IranWar NoWarWithIran

'Bad Guy' what the fcuk is wrong with you people? This isn't Call of Duty or some game, this is people's lives & a possible knock on effect of thousands more deaths/casualties, US nothing but Bully-boy warmongers Wrong, Jeff Bezos is still alive. Last I checked Cheney was still OK? What did you guys do to मोदीजी? Hoodrobin007

Lies Bullshit War With Iran And The Irish ZioRight Truth Shills If u really cared about USTroops u wouldn't want them in the MiddleEast in the first place? What about TerroristStates like Israel & SaudiArabia? Ok sure. “Bad” guys rarely make the news. Thanks CIA & FBI

1 bad guy? Are you out of your mind? Pandora Box is OPEN Last I heard he was Golfing at Mar A Lago. Finally, REAL news. Trump? What is wrong with you? When tiki torch bro’s become “journalists” Ok liberal Jeff Bezos is dead?

RIP Rupert Murdoch, and condolences to his family. Billie? rip mitch mcconnell When a new 11 september will happen again i will laugh at you so damn hard, and you will deserve it I didn't realize America took itself out 🤔. If only. Lies Nope. Trump is still president. Ya know, when Osama Bin Laden was announced taken out, news broke out of many different peoples celebrating in the streets. ... Where's all the celebration for the people Trump killed? I think that's pretty telling~ We're not gonna cheer, no matter how hyped your headlines are.

So Trump is RIP ?

so why is bezos not a fine powder? First things first, clarify: the US, not America. And the no. 1 bad guy of the world is the US, no contest. For once you got it right! No, this is America’s 1 enemy... Journalists also reflect the electorate. Doesn't take much to realize who wrote that article. Too little to late fake media

What the fuuuu... kind of irresponsible crap even is this He was the IS exterminator in Syria along with Syrian Army. He provide assistance in manoower and drones to the Syrian in their fight against the jihadists . I am not certain if killing a person like him is a good thing. AMERICA TOOK OUT THE GENERAL THAT BEAT ISIS

I want to see the proof he was planning to attack us, right friggin NOW!

Bad guy ? You mean barbaric animal Kim Jung-un is going to get really pissed if you keep saying this crap. Who we hadn't heard of until they did it. And now we're supposed to pretend we had heard of him and we're ecstatic because a threat has been lifted. This is all to do with impeachment. Define “many”

America just became no better than the terrorists they pretend to be better than. A political ploy by a maniacal madman that will lead to untold US military men and women deaths. US Imperialism needs to end. Is George Bush dead yet? Trump's still alive though. “Paid Content” is missing in your tweet. When asked to bend they choose to crawl!!! Media

BernieSanders supporter here, saying Thank you realDonaldTrump The US orchestrated a senseless premeditated terrorist act against a leader of a sovereign nation. This just about puts em at par with Crown Prince MBS & his murder of Jamal Kashogghi. Now they are running scared disturbing people in the world to help protect their trifling ass!

America fired a missile at a civilian airport in a country that wasn't Iran. You support Saudi Arabia, the country that attacked you on 9/11 and funded terrorism across the world. In 1953 you removed democracy from Iran and installed a religious zealot. You are the bad guy. This is bs Osama was a bad guy... This one was simply a bad guy in the eyes of the US and not the rest of the world. No need to justify killing him for propaganda issues, it won't bring him back.

World's 1 bad guy is realDonaldTrump the sexual predator, racist and now war criminal! That is unfortunately not correct! Asshole 1 is still alive and in the lead. Y’all pathetic Shut up, Fox News. But trump is still in office

What a bias propaganda headline! I am sure you said the same about Collonel Gaddafi mxmm bloddy America 🇺🇸 your countries foundation is not prayer bolut blood, theft and lies. Trump's gone! Yeahhhhhhh Wait, is Trump dead Wait what Trump is gone America took out Trump Your propaganda is showing Fake news Many?

The guy that defeated ISIS is a bad guy? 🤦🏻‍♂️ LiErvine who is the next one? What Children you are Haaaaaa, American arrogance and stupidity. When the shooting starts, Trump”s children will never see a frontline. After all he dodged Vietnam on six occasions. This is nothing but pressure as Iran has been sophisticated and mature not to engage Uncle Sam after sanctions.

You’re a bad network. He was only impeached, not out just yet. WERE THE BAD GUYS The point isn’t that he was a bad person that was a menace to millions of people, it’s the fact that his death could easily result in hundreds of millions more suffering in combat and nuclear war Nope, he’s in Florida.

So wait, the impeachment trial is over & he's gone? Thank goodness! 45 is the world's 1 bad guy after all. I thought North Korea was? Being as they have nukes and ICBM and Iran tech is still in the 40s for nukes and ICBMs. Trump is still alive, tho You got the wrong 'bad guy', Orange Hitler still lives

Shame on u CNBC Didn't they kill Baghdadi last month for the 30th time? I thought he was our most greatest enemy of all time besides Osama, Saddam, Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Kissinger is dead? Yay! What do you mean 'Just'? Epstein was taken out a while ago... No?

Propaganda in full force. Nah, we just impeached him. Bullshit nobody has even heard of this guy until America decided to kill him. It’s Uncle Sam who’s the No1 bad guy bully of the world. Nah man last time I checked Trump was still alive. Fix that title. He wasn’t bad, not even close!! He was fighting American sponsored terror group, ISS and Al-Qaeda, his entire life. The military industrial complex is the winner of this. The hadn’t had buisness opportunity like this since the Iraq war! 🤦‍♂️

This article is joke! What is wrong with u ppl?!? We just did this and cost so many lives and here u clowns are lining up for an even bigger disaster. Who Sean Connery? Cheney's still walking around somewhere sooooo... Whats with that? Declaring yourself and killing😑

Good for you!!! NBC just got a brownie point back for having some backbone and speaking the truth. Not so impressed with you caving into a few that think we should allow Americans and others to be murdered. Impressed you left the headline!! No, he was only impeached so far. Shutup J o U r N a L i S m This dude literally was fighting isis. Are you shitting me literally

🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 Weird, I didn't know the United States fell as a super power? Taking the easy route huh? Take yourself out before someone else can? Typical america. Good to see 12 year old boys getting their blogs published by a major news outlet Wow here we go. Media doing their thing

We droned Cheney? What? Did realDonaldTrump get executed on an electric chair? Nope fuckfaces, he’s in the White House. Are you a news organization or the scriptwriters for a Call of Duty game? Do you feel safer? Nope it didn't, I can see that narendramodi and realDonaldTrump are still alive. The worlds 1 bad guy is Semion Molgelvich!!!

this is fucking terrible “journalism” Imagine what would happen if Iran killed a general of the USA. It is a ridiculous double standard, and this action is an act of war. So poor dirty

If he was the world's 1 bad guy (lol) wouldn't we know who the fuck he was before yesterday? REALLY? Last I saw we were in bed with PUTIN YOU FOOLS! America probably just started another war would be a more accurate headline but that wouldn't help build consent. NoMoreWars They took out Trump? If Soleimani was the World’s No. 1 Bad Guy, why does it seem like most people only learned of his name yesterday?

Suddenly this guy is enemy 1? 🙄 “No. 1 bad guy” spent years fighting ISIS

This is bs! No one heard of this supposed 1 bad guy. Do better CNBC! Wish the headline was about Trump Of course other than realDonaldTrump's lover Kim Jong Un America: 1 bad it... No; sadly we only impeached him and the trial is still pending... So no real news form you guys, just straight up propaganda.

I mean Henry Kissinger and Kim Jong-Un are alive but go off. White House scriptwriters can't get the copy into your hands fast enough, can they? Delete this tripe. America’s number one bad guy - you mean Trump?🤔

interesting that 'the world's number one bad guy' was a direct result of American imperialism 🤔🤔🤔🤔 stupid opinion. he was executing a state policy which will continue and worsen in the aftermath of his death. we had a peace treaty dummies. What? I thought America was the No 1 Bad Guy. No, Dick Cheney is still alive.

I thought Trump was the No. 1 bad guy? whereisjohnkerry Idiotic journos Not quite, Drumpf is still in office. We killed Trump? Be nice if you guys could drop your masturbatory celebrations long enough to simply tell the truth for once. albertarabbit.

No, because he's still in the White House eating overcooked hamburgers and guzzling Diet Coke! Putin is dead? Nah, he's still in office. No you didn’t, No.1 bad guy is realDonaldTrump So bad no one knew about him until yesterday. Stop the yellow journalism. You're complicit in this and your headline reads like a little boy wrote it.

Jeff Bezos is still alive. This is just another US war crime Horse shit of an opinion I thought billieeilish was the no. 1 baaaaaad guyyy 'Many people are saying', right? Why does that sound so familiar...

Is Trump dead then? The House impeached him, but we haven’t sent the articles to the Senate yet. Fuck this headline and article. BS Labels... just waltzing us into another war. Nothing to see here. America killed trump? War With Iran And The Irish ZioRight Truth Shills If u really cared about USTroops u wouldn't want them in the MiddleEast in the first place? What about TerroristStates like Israel & SaudiArabia?

Of which the vast majority had never even heard of prior to today.

Henry Kissinger? Hello Fox News on NBC DavidJUrban A plausible theory: Iran and Russia are allies but what if Putin wanted a larger foot print and Suleimani was an impediment? Is it a coincidence that Putin and Trump had a very secretive phone conversation four days before the assassination? Is Trump doing Putin's dirty work?

政冶太恶心,谁又能代表正义? I thought Americas no. 1 bad guy was Trump if he's so bad, why has no one ever heard of him? Actually I think Trump is still alive. I thought that Putin was the no. 1 bad guy in the world 🤔☺️ They want to send more money. CNBC is now accepting headline submissions from frat houses.

You’re a joke of a news source! Bush is the number one villain that America never took out! Yes I am shocked you told the truth Is Barack Obama dead? No it didn't. It just started yet another war. I wish you violent people would all move to another planet. the number one bad guy lives in the White House is pathetic.

And replaced him with another bad guy, let's keep killing them! CNBC? WTF? Tell the truth. This is an act of war by the president without any congressional hearings. Tell it like it is. He’s destroying the country. Wait America destroyed imperialism? Trump meets Fake News outlets Only war gets you on the same boat or in this case Trump Train

LoL 'the world's no.1 bad guy'... Are you addressing the children that still take you seriously ? 🤣 Shame. Pathetic job of journalism. That can't be. The number 1 spot is shared with every journalist alive right now yet you are posting this. bullshit news Not yet. Thus far, he's only been impeached. Good job. CNBC getting it right. Keep it up. maga

In my world, taking somebody out and assassinating somebody are two very different things. Ok. So opinion is, he was a “bad guy”. To the people of Iran, he was a “good guy” and that makes this assassination a very dangerous and careless act of war. “Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the US media” - Noam Chomsky

Doubleplusgood. If he was no.1 why haven't I heard of him before? Also, who's no. 1 now? And why don't I already know who that is?

Putin?!?! CNBC just confirmed its toll as media lapdog for war criminals. CNBC just passed off propaganda as news. imperialism MilitaryIndustrialComplex 👍🇺🇸🎉 They suicided pharma bro, too? He helped fight and destroy ISIS wtf is this nonsense This post is the epitome of war mongering via mainstream media.

Wait, Drumpf is still there isn’t he..?! Horrible take. Number 1 bad guy no one ever mentioned before Bad guy? Not acc. to ppl. of Iran - he was over 80% popular - he helped train forces that defeated ISIS. He is a hero. The real terrorists are located in Wahington, Riaad and Jerusalem - they just triggered WW3!

Journalism can’t get lower than this. He could have been taken out at any time... This timing is all about distraction! Leave a war for the Democrats to clean up.... AGAIN! Wow they got Bill Clinton? Delete this This bad guy number uno fight with the USA and it's allies lol Pretty sure Trump is still president... and alive, so this headline is false.

This tweet is gross. This cannot be our constitutionally enshrined 'free press'. The state of our press/ msm is Profoundly depressing. Cool so we can bring all our troops home now. Right? Trump is gone ?

Are you guys still hiring spooks to push propaganda? Who is this Propaganda take. Shame on you ! 1 bad guy..... But I've never heard his name ever in my life and most journalists have never tweeted his name before yesterday. 🤔 Finally news that can’t be twisted! ...and Democrats could not be more upset.

Delete this Your tweet says 'world's no. 1 bad guy' but the tag line says 'man who many consider to be...' Which is it, the tag line sounds a lot like it was ripped from a Trump speech TrumpWarRoom Enjoy the hell! You guys are so lame. And so is your opinion column.

Billie eilish is dead? Big bad guy go boom! We the big good guys! Booooom! He was so bad that 99 percent of America didn't even knew about him. Your credibility is in the dumpster. There's never been a more truer statement. Thank you SHAME on you and your reporting. SHAME! Boom No, he was only impeached. What?

Qasem Suleimani, Warrior for Humanity who defeated al-Qaeda & ISIS... Murdered in cold blood by US imperialism... Rest easy Brave Eagle... 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷

Yes, America did the world a favor. He was one of the largest purveyors of terrorism in the world. I wish we couldve captured him instead,but either way his reign has ended. Thank you CNBC for having the pride&patriotism to not whitewash it. We're better off with his departure Still bullshit. Will the media not learn a single damn lesson from the Iraq War!?

Wrong. That's Trump. Delete your accounts Trump doesn’t even know who he is and he is best friends with the actual bad guys No he's not the world's no. 1 bad guy. He's only the US's no.1 bad guy. Heh, that headline sounds more like a self-justifying victory lap than anything else. Lame. Thought the 1 bad guy lived on the Korean Peninsula

Are you reporting on your favorite Hollywood movie? Putin? Wheeeeen Donald Trump has left the planet 👀

This is propaganda. Remember that. M30311368 Terrorists need to live with the realty that they could be snuffed out anywhere anytime! Period. Quit the fake tears! I reject the idea of not taking action because we might make them angry. They are bombing & committing acts of terror & do not need provocation to strike us..

I had to look 3 times to verify the source and tweet! ViagraDavis Never heard of him... MichaelMuteked1 No not many in the world knew this guy, he is yo bad guy not everyone else’s The world's number one bad guy is Vladimir Putin. Thank you POTUS I’m sure I’ll see jakejakeny volunteering to fight, right?

Great job thanks for being truthful liberals can go to hell 🇺🇸🇺🇸 worldwar3 Is his death an example of quid pro quo? We gave him a first hand look at one of our missiles and President Trump wants him to DO US a favor and leave our soldiers alone? Thank you, said no one. Is like killing one mouse in your attic with TNT. America just wants that insurance money

Propaganda Good! Another one dispatched to the lake of fire! So what about when another Country decides to take out US 🇺🇸 ppl who they categorize as 'bad'? Why all this killing Nope. The world’s no. 1 bad guy is the orange menace. tRump has got to go! VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020 Please leave Billie out of this

Propaganda from you? This ain't it, chief No, he’s sitting on a White House toilet tweeting and scatting chicken McNuggets. Yes we can... Does this mean Trump was on site for the blast? Never heard of this guy till today. And he’s supposed to be the 1 villain. Who declared him the no.1 bad guy? No How come 99% of the world had no idea who the world's no. 1 bad guy was until now? Really CNBC, propaganda much? MM/Fake news

Thank you President Trump and our wonderful military! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Trump2020 The No. 1 bad guy. Not referenced on twitter from its inception until yesterday. Now the MAGATs are tweeting like they knew this person existed prior to this week. This is a terrible tweet and I would say you should delete it except for all the quote tweets dunking on it so you should leave it up and just feel very ashamed

You guys were telling the truth for once, let’s keep the the ball rolling. are you a news site for children? Nobody knew who he was yesterday. So much for 1 world's villain. America assassinated a leader of a country that it isn't at war with inside a third country that it isn't at war with either. It all happened in the Middle East where most of the oil comes from, and it has alrady spend billions trying to fix a 2003 invasion of the third country!

omg trump k!lled himself 🤩 no.1?Are you sure? You mean America took out Spanky McS***stain, Whiny McMushroomdick!? No way!!!

Trump? Nah, he’s just impeached so far We got Vladimir Putin? TrumpWarRoom TRUMP* Cowards I’m going to go with Kim Jung Un with Vladimir Putin not far behind on this one. Thanks for sharing your ranking though. 🙄 No. Hes still your president. Find a grassy knoll and try again. Bad look CNBC.

Today on 'How to divert people's attention away from your own impeachment'. Trashy headline Cheney is alive wym? Are you kidding me?! No one knew who he was untill he was killed. So Jake’s enlisting, right? You mean the Senate voted to convict?! Did they fuck. Trump is still alive. MorganZegers Wow. You got this one right.

America just assassinated a foreign official in an overt act of war. Are we pretending these ones have WMDs too? Or was that just Saddam Hussein? Is Trump going to be flown onto an Aircraft carrier in a plus size flight suit? Just asking. Because history is rhyming again. You are not journalists but a propaganda tool in the hands of corporates so please shut up!

American propaganda at its finest. How many ppl cheering on a new war even know about the Afghanistan Papers? The msm is complicit in the lying & deceiving of the American ppl. lol Then why’s he still tweeting? Now, please jump to this number: CNBC just brought out the world's no. 1 bad take. Why it sound like this headline was created by a 12yr old who just got done watching Batman.

Did they chopper his body offshore and bury him at sea also. Goodness me Oh, was there a military coup against the President?

Not exactly. IMPOTUS is still in office. I would emphasize the civilian murders. Referring to him as a bad guy because he was behind the deaths of American soldiers is tough, because killing opposing military forces is a pretty big aspect of a military general’s job, isn’t it? yes the guy who literally took out most of the deadly ISIS & ISIL members we supported against Bashar. wth CNBC? shut up if you don't know anything about ME politics.

No he isn't. Not more bad than any US general or President. Not true. Trump still lives. Very irresponsible tweet from you; do an better job. It’s not a fucking game. Kiling & war is not a wise solution Jesus christ, is your entire network applying to be Trump's Public spokesperson? Whatever happened to following the truth?

Not yet. We’ve so far only impeached the motherfucker. They took out Donald trump?

How is this tweet going to help prevent WorldWarThree ? Have you not seen any of those 'bad guy' movies? They usually have back up crews... At who's expense will this narrative be? He only got impeached, there's more work to do... Damn you guys waste no time with the manufacturing consent thing Nice to know you guys are like Fox News

Weird how he's the world's no. 1 bad guy but you have never tweeted about him until today. Who in the fuck writes this drivel! Horny for war, eh? And people are mad about it. Lol America committed an act of state terror, an assassination on foreign soil of 2 men. One was from Iraqi military. RepKevinBrady As your constituent RepKevinBrady , honor your oath to the constitution and remove the criminal in the White House. You sir are the criminal.

You’ve got to be kidding me... It’s time to delete this Delete this. Sounds like you are celebrating going to war. No one had even Heard of him before all this.... but yeh no.1 bad guy in the world he was... America is a continent, not a country He had WMD in his pocket...Soleimani why didn't America take him out on their own land!

How stupid do you think Americans are? When the US government doesn’t have the skill or intelligence to mitigate a danger, they blow it up You blood thirsty, boot locking pieces of shit Last time I looked, he was still tweeting.

cnbc ignore the liberal America haters here...wear their hate as a badge of honor Western propogand machine. Who kills millions still walks out free Farnoud_Xorsand Well done👏😁💃 Most of the world believes the world’s No. 1’s guy actually belongs to you... Maybe mention the author is a staunch Trump supporter, and retweets things from the Trump campaign.

Don’t lie like this. Putin and Trump are still alive. You should delete this misleading tweet, and replace with a factual tweet, that also mentions the author’s political leanings. No, he's been impeached. Has someone shot Trump? Wrong. Putin's still around. LIARS

Kissinger is still alive You people are insane. Not true. The world’s number one bad guy is still in the White House Who no one heard of and we weren’t warned of until after America killed him. Gotcha Trump is even creating jobs in Iran. Trump 2020! America impeached him. Ya'll so fake 'woke' it's sad Delete your channel

No, he's still here. Maybe we could give him up.

Op-Eds are cancer Omg! Stop being a proud terrorist country for money. Stay in your own country killing each other if you like so much Bibi is no longer with us 🙏🙏 I’m devastated FreePalestine Manufacture that consent MAGA! ffs Death to america. is this the script for the next transformers movie or a leak about what's going to happen on wrestling next week? if not, could we get some g.d. adults involved in writing the news? prefereably with journalism experience? (bonus points for ethics)

Wait, POTUS stepped down? He must have separated a heck of a lot of children from their parents to take that top spot.

Yet nobody had heard of him till now Osama bin Laden 2 You mean the number 1 bad guy, trump took someone else Boris_Badenoff 'Soleimani’s death is justice for the thousands of deaths he caused all over the world and to his own people. It may have seemed like swift justice Friday morning, but it was actually a long time coming.' BRAVO!

It should say 'Trump just took out the world's no. 1 bad guy, but at what cost?' Shame on you. If Obama had the balls to carry out this attack you’d be praising him to the high heavens. The guy was a murderer. Enough said. Running this blatantly war-mongering propaganda makes your network accomplices in mass murder. DELETE THIS

Nope the 1 criminal is still roaming! This opinion and article is nonsense. 'No 1 bad guy'...'calling all fluoride drinkers! We have a idiotic roll call!' Amazing what passes as 'news networks' in US Did a drone write this? deReagulator

WTAF? Propoganda. 72waitingforyou MorganZegers President Trump did it. God bless President Trump. Trump 2020 We got rid of Trump? Nope. That's Trump. Veteran4Trump This is a must read. That’s your take ? Hardly Wow, this coming from a Globalist organization! Good job choosing life instead of Luciferian death all the time.

wOrld’S nO. 1 bAD guY They assassinated trump? How disgusting of you. Almost every word of that tweet is a lie. Trump's did it, to distract from impeachment, not the US. 'Took out': murdered, I think you mean, you macho arses. Who are you to judge who is the worst person in the world? Many would say Trump or his handlers.

What? Trump has been assassinated? For cnbc to give this guy 'the world's no. 1 bad guy' title is a bit strange. A search of the website gives 67 results for 'Qasem Soleimani' and every article but 2 are dated 2020. In those 2 articles combined, he had 4 sentences. 🙄 As an American based News network, wouldn't the title alone be considered maybe even slightly Politically and Nationally Biased? Maybe, just asking as a American Citizen.

Terrible tweet Kissinger is finally dead?

FakeNews Hmmmm you don't say Henry Kissinger? I'm not some big time journalist or anything, but calling someone a 'bad guy' wreaks of childishness and undercuts the severity of the action This trash country....... 😁😁😁😁 'Oh yeah, assassinating people to start war is so epic, America is so great, guys' Someone finally killed Trump?

Did you assassinate another one of your presidents? About bloody time !! Would that be Trump? Or Clinton? Or both?

Says who? Coming from an American publication? Smells like propoganda. I'm so glad I canceled cable years ago. Not a single person at NBC or any corp. news outlet will have a son or daughter die in a needless BS war but you R more than happy to send other ppls kids. Another illegal war. Millions of human beings will die. Psychopaths the lot of you.

Disgusting, you continue to abdicate journalism. You've killed another one of your Presidents?! That’s right, main stream media. Feed the propaganda machine. Keep carrying water for war crimes of the USA. Let me help you here: Trump had him assassinated without informing Congress. Rah rah war. Just what the American people want and need.

You know you can delete this tweet, right? Opinion is right. A stupid one at that. This will lead to a trillion dollar war with millions dead. No cause to celebrate the start of WWIII. Only a fascist simpleton thinks this is done and over. I hate RepubliKKKlans they live to start wars they can’t finish.

you’re trash but everyone already knew this Comcast just LOVES them some good ol war! Just kill people then label them the worst person alive to justify the killing. America just took out the world's n° 1 bad guy? Is Trump dead Or was that Putin? That's a tough competition. Full of shit What in the fuck 📢 P R O P A G A N D A 📢

He's the 'world's no. 1 bad guy' that the author of this op-ed never once mentioned on Twitter before yesterday. No self-respecting person should take CNBC seriously. Blocked No, he's still in the White House.

A more acurate title would be 'America just started WWIII' If you hacks don’t get significantly better at your jobs, you’re going to doom this country yet again. So who is the new no. 1 bad guy, CNBC? Keep us updated. This is propaganda God Bless America & God Bless Our President Trump That is some gullible state-sponsored-news bullshit

Had it write before you added the disclaimer. Lies the these white people running the government in the United states are and those are facts just check there history especially toward black people Now the title goes to trump? No, Donald Trump unilaterally, and without Congressional approval, just assassinated a foreign official in an act of war.

In their report of this incident, the Swedish national television said that in the US, Fox News were celebrating the attack whereas the other news organizations were more somber and talked about the consequences that this can bring. I guess they were wrong, and you're all shit. What a childish headline. The real world is not a Hollywood movie with 'bad guys' and 'good guys', your stupid president is going to start a war for selfish reasons and we are going to pay for the consequences all over the world.

Please STOP this war-whoring. This is nothing but ‘Wag The Dog’ by Impeached45. Not yet, we still have 3 to deal with Kim Jong Un moves up the chart? Seriously? Americans learned 2 things in one day, which had never happened before. 1. Someone called Soleimani is the most dangerous person in the world, 2. Trump’s decisive actions allowed to eliminate him.

Who? Not even HOURS and the propaganda machine is moving FINALLY! A real article based on sense. 👍🏾 But only one thing. He might have killed american soldiers in Irak BUT he was just an extended arm. THEY are responsible for those deaths 👇🏾

No honey. He’s still squatting in the White House. how can he be the world's 1 bad guy when over half of all americans never heard of him until he was killed maybe he was like the diet coke of bad guys ... Now what about china There is only one threat to the world and it carries this flag... 'Bad guy' Peak journalism 2020. Americans...

Bullshit Not yet. The senate hasn’t voted on it. Is this, dare I say it, actually real news? Did they kill trump? 😁 I thought we had only impeached the world's 1 bad guy and the Senate still had to vote on removal?

If he didn’t think he could die then why did he take part in the raid? Technically, the worlds number one bad guy has only been impeached....awaiting trial YEEHAWWW!!!!! I mean, it was only impeachment. And so many more people are going to die but your owners and Executives and editors, they'll be fine. Come on. You cannot be this fucking thick. Come on

Murdoch owns you now? 1 bad guy? Our 1 enemy is Trump himself. He's trying to destroy America.

OK bootlicker AMERICA DIDN'T MAKE THAT DECISION, TRUMP AND PUTIN MADE THAT DECISION!! Assassinated is the word. 'took out'? Did we see a movie together? No, no, he's only been impeached. Ummmm: realDonaldTrump ? We took out Trump? No its Foreign power murders man. REALLY? PUTIN AND TRUMP ARE STILL BREATHING AS FAR AS I KNOW!!

Dangerously irresponsible headline/article. Deliberately trying to escalate war? 😮 Just because you didn’t carry a gun doesn’t mean you can’t get blood on your hands. And so who would be the no. 2 bad guy? I’m an American veteran and I’m far more afraid of American politicians than Iranian generals. COMPLETE BULLSHIT

💩 Looooool 🤡🤡🤡 The US and UK have been & are responsible for the death of 2.5 Million Iraqis since 1991. US sanctions on Iran and Venezuela are costing tens of thousands of lives by denying essential medicines and spare parts. You wanna talk about bad guys ? He’s wasn’t even a bad guy🤦🏻‍♀️

You understand that Trump committed murder, right? You say, 'took out' as if he escorted him off someplace. No. Call it what it is. An assassination. As per usual push the military agenda hope your kids are going to fight I’m not sending mine! We IMPEACHED trump he's not out yet Pretty sure Trump is still in office

Funny how everything is fake news till we kill people and then all the maga heads are like 'YEAHHHHH 1000% TRUTH RIGHT THERE' False. He was only impeached. Henry Kissinger? Pretty sure America is the number 1 bad guy. We just can't keep our fat noses out of other countries affairs. YOU TOO? No, he’s still in the Oval Office.

Manufacturing consent. CNBC is lying the country into war one more time NoWarInIran NoWarWithIran NoWarOnIran Here we go. Of course NOT!! You assholes are bassicaly making 3rd world war happend. Stop being THAT stupid. This is not a true headline. So wrong No, there are a number of people you could be referring to, but they are all still alive

Yall are disgusting... 😒 America didn’t take anybody out. This is all on Putin and Trump. Hitler killed himself actually. Lol y’all are going to hell. Literally every media source in the US is pure evil. More warmongering from the media

Odd that he was world number 1 but nobody knew his name. If he was that bad for 20 years what made yesterday the day? Why now when Trump being impeached and in election year? Oh wait?! The “bad guy” travels unarmed on commercial flights with diplomatic permission. The “good guys” who illegally invaded, killed a million civilians, and currently occupy the country, assassinated him with their remote-controlled flying death machines.

How when Donald Trump is still alive? How? 'no.1 bad guy' who somehow you never deemed newsworthy... You people are sick and this war propaganda should be taken down. The world’s number 1 ‘bad guy’. Goddamn, that is some sophisticated terminology. He’s impeached, we haven’t taken him out yet.

This was a cowardly murder of the representative of a sovereign nation by a superpower that is acting like the world biggest bully. 'America just took out the world's no. 1 bad guy' I know, right? We impeached Trump, what a great accomplishment for America! Is your network getting giddy at the thought of embedding reporters and broadcasting the invasion of Iran live? Like you did in 2003? Are you excited about it? Looking for sponsorship opportunities? Dusting off 2003 PowerPoint presentations?

Dumb title. We all know who is the bad guy here! Yay. GO AMERICA. GO TRUMP. Who's up next? Liberalism is a mental disorder Actually, Donald tRump did, not America. He owns this whole thing! You should be ashamed to call yourselves journalists. No, he's still POTUS.

🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Do you see how the corporate-state media manipulates the mind? The world’s 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 ‘bad guys’ are all in the US, not Iran. The American media took astute lessons from Nazi Germany’s minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. Impeaching him isn't quite the same as taking him out, but alright...

'No 1 bad guy'? Why ? Was he wearing a black cowboy hat? Was he twirling his mustache? Is this the level of sophistication your journalism has reached? Next man up... Oh usa... IT WAS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. This is the kind of reporting that comes from authoritarian propaganda machines

No question Soleimani was a bad guy. Also no question that trump is not above assassinating a foreign leader to distract from all the new evidence coming out about his crimes. No one in trump's orbit has any credibility on this incident. Sure did, now what will we get in return? Blood on the hands of thosewho instigated this mess. Y'all a messy bunch of shit.

They took out Dick Cheney? this assumes that american issues are the 'world's' issues when really, the rest of the world live different realities from y'all I've never heard of him and now I'm supposed to believe he is the devil incarnate? I gotta pay more attention but I guess I always assumed the worst people are the rich guys pointing fingers not the pawns that do the dirty work.

lol Soleiman helped defeat ISIS, while ISIS apologized to Israel for accidentally firing on their assets, and Israel is known to have treated wounded ISIS fighters. NoWarsForIsrael Shame on you CNBC! Not yet, we've only impeached him so far.

oh word henry kissinger is dead this could’ve stayed in drafts... You're not fucking helping You are so full of shit CNBC, what the US just did is commit an act of war in a region where we are already a) disliked and b) overly involved. This should be condemned, not celebrated. There is a long list of Bad Guys on the World stage, do better for Fck sake.

1 bad guy. Really. Not Assad. Not Kim Jung-Un. Not Putin. THIS motherfucker is global public enemy 1. what happen to the impeached Donnie boy did he fall off his golf cart, or step out the wrong door of air craft one , or eat one to many big mac';s , or hire the wrong hooker I dont care what the guy did. Our ex-president has fucked up royally and should be far worse than imprisoned. As a country we need to stand up and apologize for allowing the child to do this much harm.

World? I’m pretty sure if a poll of the “world” was taken then fucker wouldn’t be in the top 500 responses. But, yeah. Why are you so trash?

And did it in the most stupid possible way. You’ll not be that proud soon, mates! Unfrotunately enough. Brought to you by Raytheon™️ 👏🏼 TRUMP 2020 Gotta keep that propaganda machine running! LOS MALOS ES LA DIRIGENCIA DEL IMPERIO YANKEE NAZIS ASESINOS LADRONES! ESE IMPERIO MALEVOLO CAERA POR SUS PROPIAS ACCIONES! SON DESPRECIADOS POR EL MUNDO ENTERO! PUEBLO DE ESTADOS UNIDOS DESPIERTEN!

Since 2001 over 1 million people killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Sudan...If there were no rich natural resources to take U.S. , CIA covert regime change ops would stop. Our young naive military are used as Gangsters not Defense: greed, war profits, genocide/eugenics 👎🏾 We took out Trump? What changed the Senate’s mind?

'Taking out' : post-modern colonial security agency slang for assassinating leaders of movements they don't find to work in their interest.. Well that's debatable, what about the mullah of JewishState armed with nukes ?

“Bad guy?!” What do you call Trump then? This is dangerous, trash journalism. Oh man, THIS is the guy who was doing all the Climate change? delete this please and thank you “Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the US media” - Noam Chomsky We took out trump YESSSSS!!!! That's not Putin.

Which number 1? There’s a few former american presidents and one still in office that are reall, really, REALLY bad guys. “Worlds” no. 1? US Military-Corporate Industrial complex is not the World. I’m sure many in Iran, Syria, Iraq have other opinions.

Tf does Op-ed mean? I'm assuming opinion edition. Seems kinda on purpose to get clicks because the new headline is shorter than the last. Bulls**t. Only ghouls are proud of this. So bad we never heard of him The no1 bad guy is still in office and just slaughtered some guy, instead of giving him a fair trial.

Did I wake up in some sort of alternate reality!? For once, CNBC got this article right. Millions of Americans and I stand behind the truth written in this story. Don't let the Soro's paid bots deter you from further spreading such facts, you may yet just redeem yourselves 👍 Wrong, that guy is probably golfing at one of his courses right now

Actually, according to the shittiest people on Earth, he's 'still my president.' Why are you printing this LIE? or did we just take out Putin, and the news failed to report on it? No you didn't, he's still in the white house.

Please....go lie someone else's kids into another unwinnable war. America number one bad guy RepKevinBrady Come on! He is still in the White House! MISS!!! New coordinates: Hole 13. Mar A Largo. Yes. We already know trump has been impeached. He is not out...yet. Who is the 1 bad guy at NBCUniversal? I don’t even know this guy

Trump? Who wrote this a child?

The worlds number one bad guy is not a person it is a culture Our culture of the military industrial complex is the worlds number one bad guy This is brutal, pure propaganda, NBC is state control media, not journalism involved and no will to actually inform anybody. the raging boner for war and death, by american media, for all to see.

That title is taken, please find another 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 well done America you missed. You hit the wrong target. The worlds No.1 bad guy is on his ranch in Texas Razor Ramon? In case you forget the founding charter of CNBC was to provide a propaganda outlet to the military industrial complex. And put the lives of millions at risk. Do better.

'Bad guy'? How childish

Well, on the plus side, Trump may have found a friend in the 'fake news'. Come on now. Lol this isn't even good enough to be in the op ed section. Nice job you stenographers. No we didn't. But we will in the 2020 election. International geopolitics is not a children's cartoon from the 1980s. Anyone more morally sophisticated than a 7-year-old should be ashamed to say 'bad guy' in a real-life context.

Putin? Pretty sure the U.S. has killed hundreds of thousands more people than him. But that's only if you believe the Pentagon. America didn’t do shit. This wasn’t approved by Congress. The lunatic in the whitehouse needed to create a distraction. It’s allegedly 2020 and somehow we’re in 2003 where the media promotes lies to justify needless war again?

So you're an 8 year old boy that swallows the same propaganda you peddle. 👍🏽

No you didn't. You mean they got rid of their president,? Leave billieeilish alone !!! here we go again - mainstream media & politicians once again doing the heavy lifting on pushing the necessary war narrative & its off to war we go! CNBC - quick to get their ticket punched When did this happen? I thought trump* was only impeached.

Mitch McConnell might argue it's just an impeaxhment that can just sit on and make sure nothin happens. CNBC's 'opinion' is that the world's 1 bad guy is whoever Trump killed today to distract from all his scandals. Impeachment DeutscheBank This headline is why Americans come across as daft. Hunt for Red October?

Nah, they let the world's No1 bad guy push the potus around from the comfort of the Kremlin

And now, no.1 bad guy IS Trump, obviously. shadowbirddog The people in Iran are celebrating. Is Billie Elish ok? Please give this account back to an adult. No.1 bad guy already replaced by no. 2 bad guy. Same shit continues ! I hope he saw it coming at him during his last microseconds of existence. I hope he had time to say, 'OH SHIT!! BREAK LEFT!!', with his last stinking terrorist breath.

By this logic, we should take out ALL the dangerous leaders of the world. ALL OF THEM. Do you know who most of the world thinks is a dangerous dictator? How many of us will be left after the nuclear holocaust you are so avidly gunning for? Psychopaths! No it didn’t Seriously, CNBC - this is an atrocious headline. Irresponsible. Negligent. Shame on you.

Lforlomy اولاد الماجوس اقذر من انجبت البشريه

Its about stinking time America grows some balls! Iran destroy America I mean, when American news slowly starts sounding more like propaganda from 1984, one has to wonder whether maybe declaring that a man 90% of Americans had never heard of before this “the no. 1 bad guy” was actually a good idea Typical of the US use the media to confuse all the uninformed and justify your actions 🙄

Fuck THIS! This is not a video game! How dare CNBC allow a piece with this title to go out? Our modern world is run by a toxic patriarchy. Women are AWAKE! And we say NO MORE! Shame on CNBC! You are the evil that exists in our world. America is the world’s number 1 bad guy. Don’t retool this to sell it to the world...we don’t know the nigga and never heard of him.

Ok boomer

Bah, ha, ha, ha! Not even close to the 1 bad guy. Trump, Putin and Un would have to flip for that distinction. Come on ; up until Trump they were your allies in defeating ISIS. Don’t fall for White House propaganda. Iran will retaliate; you would! eat shit Last I saw he was still tweeting bullshit from the Whitehouse.

What? Trump is dead? What a stupid take Putin is dead? If sons & daughters of employees at were by law the first to go the front line of the illegal wars they promote & lust after, decades of disingenuous propaganda & narratives would soon end, & world would become a better place very quickly. No we didn’t...he’s still in the WhiteHouse 🤬

What the ACTUAL FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, ? War mongering now?

Forgive me if I don't applaud. Oh boy, 1! Conservatives always assume people in power (like themselves) are irreplaceable. They aren't. The war goes on. End endless wars. Very right-wing article from a very right-wing writer. This war-monger wants you to believe war is a popularity contest. bro why’d they have to do Billie Eilish like that

Wait, Trump is dead! Trump is the bad guy Your president is the world's number one bad guy. Wtf is wrong wt you. Ve diğer kötü adamların hepsi sizin ülkenizde sıra onlarada gelecek 🇹🇷🦅 Wait America just took out Trump?

We took out the bad guys!!! Not so sure about the No. 1. Would think Putin & Kim Jong Un would be tied for number one. He's not a bad guy. We are. Miss us w this propaganda shit. You made the checkmarks mad... Pls with this headline. What is this a James Bond thriller? The world’s 1 bad guy is Mitch McConnell

There won't be any wars. Iran and the u.s are secret friends. Iran's only enemy is us, the freedom seeker who fight from the inside. The u.s just killed this killer to further help its friend. Politics is this dirty and kind of obvious. This is why no one trusts traditional media. Another Evil Towelhead down! 👍

Yeah, look at those hateful, mean, demonic looking faces! Thank God for President Trump who took a few top leaders out. WOOHOO! PRAISE THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! What feverish, scared little child wrote this? You wanna talk 'bad guys' look to the Oval. Cut the Red Riding Hood shtick, Mary. Lol! Nope No I mean you say we took out the greatest threat but I call bs because somehow the McRib always comes back

Even in a country where mainstream journalism is terrible at best, this is an embarrassingly bad headline and take. billieeilish hope ur ok x The world's No.1 bad guy is alive and well. Check the Kremlin.....and the White House. Was this written for 5 year olds

Media taking up for war-mongerers yet again. I remember 'Desert Storm.' How're you guys gonna brand this one? Let’s just hand all those responsible over to them as a sign of good faith! What you took out Trump! Yipee 'America just took out the world's no. 1 bad guy' I didn't realize America just attacked itself. Big news. Your article doesn't appear to have anything to do with that, though.

he’s the world’s number one bad guy because he defeated ISIS and that makes you mad What disgusting propaganda I’m pretty sure the largest threat to world peace is still currently in the White House 🤷‍♂️🇺🇸 Have you no shame? What kind of joke is this? Not even a fictional news paper on a comic book would write titles like this.

Is it ok if I say that this is the world's no. 1 shit Photoshop job? Mitch McConnell's dead The blood on my hands is good actually FakeWar Who? PROPAGANDA The state of this ‘news’... ‘Trump just assassinated the general of a foreign military, without telling his own congress’ would be a more accurate comment.

Delete your account Can we sound at least a little bit more like grown-ups than calling adversaries 'bad guys'. We're not playing cowboys in the back yard. lmao fuck you

No. America didn’t do anything. The president called an assasination WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL You Mean Trump? What Hillary failed to do. No we didn’t. He’s still in the White House. but trump’s still alive though He was a bad guy because he fighting against USA creature- ISIS? That's mean only one thing- USA main terrorist

Trump is gone?!? 😃😃😃😃 Oh, wait... 🤔 Nope, Trump's still there I was unaware Trump killed himself. You do recognize how reckless you're being with your framing of this right? Hell yeah Kissinger is dead!

You should be ashamed of yourselves for promoting war propaganda Childish & utterly irresponsible nonsense!! We kicked Trump out of office? Oh. What a tease. This definitely won‘t backfire. You mean Putin? They just took out Donald Trump Wow! America took out Jeff Bezos? why do you have to spoonfeed propaganda like this

That doesn’t look like Bill Barr Why is America in the middle east at all? Who cares what they do to each other?

what the fuck is this Fuck this headline, this opinion, and you. TrumpWarRoom The actual ediot bad guy is still on earth & this is no 1 other than Trump 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 Thank god we have writers at CNBC to simplify the world into the politics of a GI JOE episode for us simpering dumbasses to be able to understand, huh?

Trump got kicked out of the WH? 'I see one, two, three, four, five more, at least, and...hey you two, look at the camera!' The world’s number one bad guy is in the White House Thank you for your service to the fascist regime, I’m sure trump will be nice to you now. suuuuuurrrrreeeee they did This is irresponsible

Fucking hell 😂😂😂😂 Yet you're still here. This is propaganda garbage. He even LOOKS like a bad guy. Good riddance to bad rubbish. leloverule Good.. No he didn't. He's still CM of Uttar Pradesh If he’s the 1 bad guy, how come I’ve never heard of him? I’ve heard of Lizzo. NBC uses words like 'bad guy' for political analysis? Politics is not a video game.

lol Really? Last I checked, realDonaldTrump was still president.

They took out trump? I don't celebrate death, but I do celebrate removing unrepentant murderous evil from the planet. “America”. can’t even bring itself to mention realDonaldTrump until the end of the article. And never explicitly says he ordered the air strike. Smh. Reality isn't a comic book. Black and White reductionism is dishonest propaganda.

🤢🤮 wow amidst all the iran stuff i didn't even hear about us getting boris johnson No, no. It has not happened yet. First, Trump's impeachment has to go to the senate. They just took out the wrong guy. Putin is the worlds number 1 bad guy and its ridiculous you’re framing it this way. Space force wants the next piece of the action

Nah y'all should have just stuck to Billie Ellish's song instead Signs you might be a little on the daft end: thinking this is a good thing Woww the caption has made him a terrorist. He was instrumental in fighting the ISIS and bring calm to his nation. Just because he is not in favour of US policies, doesn't make him a bad guy

Fire whatever dumbass wrote this Words 1 bad guy 🤔 is Jeff bezos dead? You guys learned NOTHING from the 2016 election coverage. Cringe. cool propaganda machine you got there like the title!

Donald Chump and Putin are still in President of the United States. American didn't do shit to take out the world's no 1. bad guy at all. this is grotesque as a headline ttthank you mommy and daddy for killing the bad man for me Funny (strange), I thought Putin was 1, Rocketman was 2 ... I must be thinking of any other 3 bad guys.

Could you not. Reprehensible Then why is his orange ass stillsitting in the Oval Office? Thank you Mr. President! 🇺🇸 Siri: Please show examples of how to fabricate consent. WWIII TrumpsWar Delete your account, folks.

The United States assassinated Cheney? Um...I don't think so, Trump is still tweeting, Putin is still walking around... So you’re saying Trump is gone!?! Cheerleading another forever war in the Middle East are we? What The Fuck Is This Headline? Why Is This Published? Are You 5 Years Old? Delete this No.1 Bad Guy? When did Trump take out Netanyahu? I must have missed this on the news.

Please don't push war propaganda, no one has even heard of this guy. WTF kind of headline is this? Impeached Trump, without the support of Congress, is NOT AMERICA!!!

Nah dude Kissinger is fine Who needs Russian propaganda when we have it at home. You mean Israel's 1 badguy? No. This election coming up, Progressives will vote out the number 1 bad guy to the US. if that was true then Donald trump would be dead They did? Holy shit, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is dead

You're War Mongering Propagandists. Complete propaganda you ghouls

This is a vital move because no country can ever replace a general. It will easily take minutes. Disgusting “Bad guy.” War reduced to the language of little boys playing with toys Liars. Sycophants in mainstream media. Warmonging elites and corporatists, propagandists, militarists in the worst traditions from places like Jupiter Island, British Isles etc.

May everyone at CNBC lose all of their life savings for this johnandkenshow The only bad guys in the whole world have been in White House for a long time, it must stop NOW! Every government that has passed through the United States the only thing that has left the world is death and destruction, while they in their country live in relative peace, ENOUGH!

I’m still standing... They said the same thing about Saddam - that justified invading Iraq.

Hope she sees this no we didn’t Oh, was Kissinger killed in the attack? Source Delete this. America killed itself? What bullshit. Trump is the world's 1 bad guy. They killed Trump? This is your tweet? This un-nuanced, state support take? JFC our media is letting us down on a daily basis

Wow! More Star Wars dichotomies - absolute good/utter evil; fuel for the fire in a world teetering on the brink of a major war; & further dilution of any possibility of rigorous, intellectually sound debate on issues impacting the globe. Sounded feeble even in cowboy movies ... the most active terrorist army in the world is the US army. This is just another proof of that.

You seem to be saying ISIS is good. Bad guy lol Usa and Cia was the nation that made Iran fundamentalistic after president Mossadeq. Maybe you forgot your own history. Same pattern as in afghanistan. Wherever west place its dirty hand they sow fundamentalism I see things are moving right along the assembly line at the Consent Factory today here on twitter dot com.

Dick Chaney? Netanyahu? Modi? Assad? Trump? Putin? No. 1 bad guy that the majority didn't even know about until just last night. Keep up the good work you soulless hacks Just so there’s no question when the time comes, who is No.1 now? Who did he beat in the final?

'For many of us who watch and analyze news out of the Middle East daily, he was the world’s number one bad guy.' Holy shit, how low is the bar to become a CNBC op-ed writer! . What about his boss? Or Kim Jong Un. Or Vladimir Putin. etc. Super thoughtful headline. Who’s editing your twitter feed? Eric Trump?

Stahp CNBC propaganda. If he is the world's no 1 bad guy then why has no one heard of him. Oh yeah - I forgot - you're just spewing propaganda Henry Kissinger was assassinated? Excellent!!!! Wow, your readership must be mind blowingly stupid 😮💥 embarrassing Stormdavid35 Nope Putin, Kim still top bad guys

This Tweet sounds like fake news. False report! the U.S. has not taken itself out. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 No, actually, America houses the 1 Bad Guy! He lives in DC. This is not journalism. Fuck off with this bullshit Who the hell is Jake Novak and why is his opinion important? Dear god that’s a horrible headline. We assassinated the 2 official in a government. Just like killing a VP. Why not kill Putin’s 2 Kim’s or Erdogan’s or Assad’s?

No it didn’t. He’s still President. No. 1 Bad Guy for fighting ISIS?

Last I checked, my mother-in-law was still alive. Absurd NBCUniversal now i NBCNews NBC Ugh no Putin is still alive. Trump is still alive. Kim Jung Un is still alive. Bolsonaro is still alive. And you make it sound like this assassination is a good thing. Delete this awful tweet. It can't be true, has trump been killed 👍🏼

'no. 1 bad guy'....the entire refugee crisis started with a 'shock and awe' campaign in 2003 that escalated into decades of war, trillions spent and millions dead or displaced. The 1 bad guys are the Bush administration. Always will be. No, unitedstatesofamerica did. No other North American state was involved. basicgeography

False racist propaganda The number one bad guy that most Americans have never even heard of before. At least when we went to war with Iraq we knew who Saddam was. The veneer for of justification for endless war is getting very, very thin. This is an insanely irresponsible headline

But Trump is still alive Delete your account. Here's a fun fact, killing dictators often results in another dictator. Gj? Delete this Proud of killing ? Nice Opinion!! And wrong. No, The world’s worst bad guy is still president of the US. Assalamoalkkom no one good guy

It majorly rules that our news media is 100% pro war. Shame on you for this The MSM is comprised of a horde of MurKKKan apes and troglodytes dedicated entirely to misinformation and propaganda. Shit, they assassinated their own president? Bad guy seriously? America gave birth to ISIS in iraq and He defeated ISIS. America is the No 1 bad guy in the world. قاسم_سليماني QasimSoleimani

This is horse shit from the military industrial complex run media. God help us. TRUMP WINNING 👍 This is disgusting...if you can’t do your job then get out of the business! Amen! Take a look closer to home. 🍊🍄🙄

The corporate cheer squad waving their pom-poms...”Go team industrial military complex!” We want our profits, sell the message msm, they deserve it cos if we didn’t go in first, they were developing weapons of mass destruction...or some horse shit. Profit over peace. Bullshit. Trump just illegally committed an act of war with no consultation or authorization from Congress in an attempt to distract from his impeachment. Stop being a propaganda outlet and try committing an act of journalism.

Um, there are worse people. Vladimir Putin comes to mind. jakejakeny you are disgusting. Can’t believe I’m shocked that you have a msm outlet. Wow. Bad take, propaganda machine. Babytown frolics of journalism. Idk man, 'America' still appears to be here so But then you have the head of Al Qaeda in Idlib province doing media interviews , And the USA doing their best to protect them.

cool propaganda headline 👍😊 cnbc we have been taking out zillions of al-Qaeda 1 guy for the past 19 yrs. Have we not learned our lesson all these past yrs? Give me a break. 1 bad guy is out there, keep trying.

number 1 bad guy. bruv what planet do u live on ur moving like man is bowser Smh shame on you CNBC What the hell? Did anyone in the US know who he was before yesterday? This is a very, very bad take. Collaborationist scum ✨ this isn't the fuckin avengers you ghouls The world isn’t a fucking James Bond movie

Trump was finally thrown out of the White House?! *America takes revenge on behalf of MBS for defeat of ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Fixed it for you. Correction: Henry Kissinger is still alive

I thought the 'World's Number One Bad Guy' was a White male who wasn't inherently anti-White? Who wrote this tripe Someone killed Trump? This is also your story. Please find out what Putin said to Trump a few days ago. We already know from the Ukraine fiasco that Trump believes Putin over US experts and acts against US interests buy for Russia’s. Connect the dots.

What the hell CNBC. Any chance you could add “and likely started world war 3”? Or maybe change the headline to “Op-Ed: America is the worlds number one bad guy”. who powered on the new propaganda machine? and it’s the latest model and every thing... Iranian women 1970 vs 2019 This is an embarrassment of moral absence.

Oh fucking yikes my man

Cheney? Kissinger? Did you recently hire John Bolton? journalism is dead This is what propaganda looks like. Can't wait till we break up the press. WORLDS LMAO OK haha fuck This headline could accurately be true on November 3, 2020...hopefully. Gross America is the worlds no1 bad guy.... Nope he is still in office

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME My God. I had no idea there was a person a that I could actually agree with!!! And who knows which is which, and who is who? The US Empire is the world’s no. 1 bad guy Trump? 'Journalism.' You complicit shits. No. Bad. Trump died? doris8887 Great work by Us.

Trash headline.... It's funny how often we have never heard of 'The World's 1 Bad Guy' until he is assassinated by the US. I've got the feeling that getting killed is how you get the title. For future reference, could you please provide the list of the current top five or ten? We have laws or something no?

I’d like to say this is your low point, but I can still remember during Katrina you aired a piece on the insurance stocks to invest in as a result. This was before people were even evacuated yet. fake news 👶🧠 Bad tweet Shit news network This is flippant and irresponsible. You need to be better at this. He may be America's 1 bad guy, but the world's 1 bad guy is Donald Trump.

What the fuck Immediately replaced by no. 1 bad guy And Trump has won and the American people and the world have lost. Warmongers! It's time to mega This it's IRRESPONSIBLE. You should be ashamed of yourselves What a moronic headline It's hard to trust white people these days.... They took out McConnell?! The world could all burn as long as US get its war.

interesting how little you talked about the world’s “no. 1 bad guy” before last night... 🤔 Girl, your propaganda is showing glorifying war 🤦‍♂️ TrumpWar This is dangerous and irresponsible. You are supporting war profiteering and an out of control POTUS using yet another endless war to win an election without congressional input.

Congratulations, CNBC. You have proved once again that you are no different than Fox News. Remember this day, because you will indeed have blood on your repugnant hands. You’ve seen too many Marvel movies, Jake Novak worked directly for CNBC for years. This jingoism will kill millions.

This is a wildly irresponsible tweet and headline. Fuck! Do better! Even as an 'opinion column' this cannot be tolerated in this era of lies and misrepresentation. Yes. He was a bad guy. 'America' didn't do this ... The administration (happily taking credit) assassinated Iran leaders. A guy no one talked about before his death. you should read up on your Göring.

So glad Patrick Reed is gone Out and out propaganda Reminder that this is a 'news' outlet. America isn't Batman you psychopaths 🤔 Dick Cheney looks a lot different than I remember.

Wow, a major American network is regurgitating the same talking points that the Russian agents, in the WH told us?!? Hey, cnbc you appear to be a tool of the actual “no. 1 bad guy!” You, know, the one in Moscow?!? Are you fucking kidding me The Kochs are dead! no. Soleimani was a bad guy - but it's all still being coordinated at a MUCH higher level - Soleimani went un touched because there are US politicians - Kerry, John McCain, Obama, and former IC - Brennan, Comey, Clapper - who were helping him we need to destroy the REAL head

America’s Number one bad guy is tweeting furiously from the White House toilet. Get fucked jakejakeny

I went on Liz Cheney's twitter feed and she said nothing about her father being dead. Fake news. He's still here And today, the entire Democratic Party and their lemmings are wearing black mourning the killing of this rat bastard. No, I don't care that he was attacking ISIS. I care that 600 Americans are dead at his direction. I care that HE was responsible for the US Embassy attack.

“Bad guy” lmao. Propaganda Congrats, you just beat the game! … this isn’t a game, is it? Do you think you live in a fucking videogame? Opinion or not shame on you for spreading this nonsense. That madman Trump is driving us to yet another illegal war with this insanity. All this does is fuel anti-US hate in an already volatile region. Trump is the world’s No. 1 bad guy.


This is propaganda... whoa. Yeah..... isn't this how World War 1 started? I have to brush up on my history. are you kidding me Jake Novak sounds like a loose screw to me. Do you think you distance yourself by emphasizing it is an 'opinion piece?' Only the deranged believe this headline. Trump? Yikes at this headline

👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 No you did not. He is still inside the White House, alive and well.

you are only right if you are the satan himself Nope....still plenty more to carry out mass chaos and death. The No1 bad guy is still in the WH. What is WRONG with you? Something that had to be done on the last couple presidential terms,but instead they traded sensitive intel,killed Americans and other innocent civilians & sent them billions in cash.Incredible how come & I still wonder why the terrorism assassinations hadn’t stopped...right!?

i’m the bad guyy... dududududu Did a drone write this? Thank you for an honest headline. Nice change. Seriously, this is journalism? cnbc seem to like blood

You wouldn’t catch Obama doing this, you might’ve caught Obama licking his boots though WarPigs Trash take Reflexive warmongering from CNBC, Quelle Surprise. What is the only thing CNBC likes about Trump? Needless war in the Middle East. Trump? Putin? Kim Jong Un? Those Number 1 bad guys? Those are the murderous folks trying to their ass, 2 Increase price of Russian oil/line his nest, 3. Will kill anyone anywhere to achieve global “relevance”. Shame on for OTT headlines

🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 I thought trump was bad guy 1?! Thank God

Complete and utter propaganda. This was an idiotic, immature headline and you should feel dreadful about it. You guys do know about 'chain of command', don't you? Delete this Hell yeah! cvpayne LouDobbs WSJ business FoxBusiness MariaBartiromo larry_kudlow realDonaldTrump stevenmnuchin1 Investors should not panic & sell out as Iran knows any reaction will destroy them! It’s POTUS Trump not Obama! Hold your stocks & the market will turn green!

Heres your daily reminder that Kim Jong Un continues to starve his people to pay for weapons testing...and has executed some with dogs and antiaircraft guns...but, sure, he’s just the Diet Coke of evil, eh? TJMoe28 God Bless the warriors who made the world a safer place. You’re imperialist propaganda No that happens on November 3rd.

America is the world's worst bad guy. We are the terrorists. We have started more wars and killed more people than all the other terrorist on this planet So the 1 bad guy was a Major General in the Iranian Armed Forces, and has been an effective leader in defeating ISIS... is running propaganda to promote war, which is significantly worse than promoting murder and violence, which TwitterSupport will do both about.

Bad guys, good guys, bad guys, good guys. That’s toddler talk. You do know CrownPrinceBonesaw and DearLeader (young, short,fat version) are both still alive right? Oh sweet we took out Trump? 🙄🤦‍♀️ War propagandist We all know who&what, is the main drive for these assasinations.... Delete your account.

Nothing but the best over there at CNBC Wait.... Naked propaganda. Most of tbe people in this thread cheering on assassinations didn’t even know his name until 24 hours ago and still cant pronounce Iran and Iraq correctly. That would be you guys You, Saudi Arabia, Israel and ISIS agree in that. 🧐 LOL what’s new

Propaganda machine Warmongering cowards Well, this tweet is an irresponsible piece of war propaganda, and whoever wrote it should be shamed and hounded out of journalism forever.

So this moves .realDonaldTrump UP to the number 1 position, right? That’s why he did it. He can’t be number 1 at anything else. W H A T? Delete! Painfully simplistic OliverLaufer 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 América es todo un continente, y el malo 1 del mundo es el gobierno genocida de Estados Unidos. Shame on you Enlist

UHHHHHHHH get fucked, CNBC. Warmonger bastards! Fuck you for romping another horrid war!

Great job Mr. President. He had no business other than terror business in Iraq. They took out trump? ...what....did they kill Trump...? world's no. 1 bad guy is controlling the US Aka started another pointless war in the Middle East Employing someone who is currently going on an alt-right retweet binge. Nice!

Everybody knows warmonger America is the world's actual no. 1 bad guy. You should be ashamed of yourselves for publishing this. Delete your account. Srsly.

Trump? No, he's only been impeached by the House. The Senate still has to hold the trial. Wait, you were talking about someone else? “Number 1 cartoon villain” ^ In case anyone didn’t think CNBC was basically a cutout of the Pentagon... He was the commander of a force. Every general has blood on their hand. That does not make him no. 1 bad guy. What he did, was to save the Iran's national interest. Any commander would do it. But what America did, is to escalate the war. It was a foolish move.

good to see more opinions from toddlers realjasonstru Great. Let’s escalate beyond all reason without consulting Congress which is Constitutionally mandated. Yellow journalism Shame on you, . Report the news, don’t create it. Had YOU heard of this guy before yesterday?

What kind of idiot writing is this? That's actually not happening until November 3rd Everyone else thought that Soroz is no one Number one 'bad guy' responsible for destruction of US sponsored ISIS terrorists you mean. Murdering foreign officials on foreign soil that US occupies. Shameful without measure.

LOL Trump That doesn’t look like Putin We just committed a war crime this headline is disgusting.

You’d think Democrats would be celebrating. Clearly they would rather this terrorist kill more Americans while we play patty cake and hope he has a change of heart. Nah Putin is the 1 bad guy Holy CATS, this is why the people are distrusting mainstream media every damn day. You're not journalist, you're pathetic fear mongering Fox News parody. Sweet Potato Hitler authorized this attack with NO meeting with Congress. This is a war crime regardless

why, did they kill trump? Boy are your democrat overlords gonna be pissed! What the fuck!! Is CNBC just a bootleg Version of FoxNews This is so naive and misinformed, it's disgusting Shit America took out itself?

This headline is garbage. 'took out'? 'no. 1 bad guy'? I'm assuming your op-ed writer plays Fortnite in their spare time. To the CNBC editores, How many people are you trying to kill exactly? Do the US WANT to look like the dumbest country on the entire planet Is that the goal of you guys? The only way you would say that is if you are an ISIS supporter!! He was responsible for ending ISIS in Lebanon, then Syria, and now Iraq!!! So that pissed Israel and US off, as they created and trained them!! PLEASE

The no1 bad guy in the world authorised this murder. You forgot to mention he defeated ISIS. X. Pew pew pew 'America's top 10 bad guys list😡👀😈 : click here to find out who wants you dead and how we're going to mess them up! 🔥💪🏻💀' Jesus christ. Take out the entire trouble causing middle East.

Trump? You are evil This is irresponsible. That he was a bad guy is not in dispute. That does not constitute committing war crimes and going to war without congressional approval. Saddam Hussain was also a bad guy, and that did not mean we should have gone to war with Iraq. iran_policy IranIntl_En « World’s no.1 bad guy »

Whoever wrote this headline should be fired from a cannon Jan 3 and already going for the crappiest headline of 2020. Top marks boyz. And Hollywood wept Actually realDonaldTrump is still in the White House. Lol Jesus Christ TrumpWarRoom As an Iranian, I am greatfull to president Trump for assassinating Solidmani! He was never America’s ally fighting Isis. He was only protecting Bashar asad and never cared for USA or Iranians. God Bless you president Trump. ♥️🙏🏻

world no 1 bad guy, that the world didn't know until he was killed. hmmmm Delusional. Horrible tweet. This is not a superhero movie. You ignore ethics, morality, and the global security consequences of U.S. violence America? America killed Trump ? 'Taking Out' is unfortunate wording for the assassination of a foreign politician on foreign ground, outside a declared conflict. I don't like the guy at all, but this sets a very dangerous precedent. You have to be quite ignorant to think that it won't have consequences.

pjpaton OrgIAC-Iran Iraq The head of IRGCTerrorists, Gassem Soleimani, the butcher of Iranians, Syrians, Iraqis and many others is dead now. IranProtests IraqProtests Saddest f¥cks. pjpaton IranianForum-Iran جلسه عزاداری در وزارت خارجه رژیم No we didn’t. How dare you play this like it’s not a terrifying and very serious moment.

Or “America just murdered another nations citizen and committed a war crime” 🙄 This is a bad take. Please.stop. Warmonger 'journalism'. You're so grateful for your president, aren't you? amarica is real terrorist in the world and israiel is the virus for this world Please do not have headlines that support a war or the actions of trump. What he did could very well start a war that could take place on American soil. Don't fall in line stand up for truth.

This is a terrible headline. What a mess. Do better whoever wrote this should shoot a bulk staple through their penis and log off LorenceHud It’s a coin toss between Obama & the Clintons for the 2 spot. I can’t wait!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 To whoever came up with this headline-Look at your life, look at your choices

Oh shit How many millions are going to die because of Trump. Number one?... What about Bush, Clinton, Obama, Trump?.. Do you remember the illegal wars abroad killing hundreds of thousands, maybe up to a million dead?... USA We have too many bad guys in Africa..for crying out loud please be fair with your killings..

How is he the world’s number one bad guy when no one know who he was last week? The media wasn’t even talking about him. What kind of propaganda is this? Delete this!! So irresponsible to leave up Ahhhh this reads like an NYT op ed circa 2003.... Delete this tweet and this account.

I would use bigger words to explain this to my nine year old. War really is Viagra for y'all. Disgusting. Die in a hole The CIA thanks you for your service. Someone will be along shortly with a towel and ibuprofen. This isn't journalism, this is positional propaganda Post tweet without pic and see responses

Good job Democrats, that was surprisingly fast. So what will be President Pence first orders? AmericanEvil TrumpWarRoom

selling a ridiculous needless war is even less ethical than selling usurious payday loans. this is the culmination ofNBC to relinquish all it credibility since 9/11 So who’s Number 1 bad guy now as there is always someone to take their place? Feel sorry for the US servicemen who will have to pay the ultimate sacrifice & have faux Crocodile tears cried over them by this corrupt Administration to keep the orange moron in power for a 2nd term.

He fought successfully against Al Qaida and Isis...while we support them..WTF This is seriously irresponsible framing. Are you reporting the news, or writing the blurb of the fucking Avengers Endgame dvd? Wow I’ve never seen you all get this many likes before. Congrats No 1 bad guy? For most people today was the first time they’d ever heard of him.

Didn't he just defeat ISIS in Iraq? CNBC... that honour belongs to your guy! When did you become Fox News? Did Joe Kernan write this tweet? Delete this idiocy!

“Bad guy”? Do you allow 7-year-olds to tweet from your account? What do you mean? Trump is still here. trump started a war to distract the american people from his corruption and all the information coming out about his criminal activity... this is more propaganda ... how can an entire industry be so blinded by greed that it becomes a cheerleader for WWIII... disgusting

First: it's USA, not America. Learn geography. Second: 'number one bad guy'? LOL Only 5-year-old children talk like that, in the rest of the world of course. Who took out Trump? America just assassinated a state official of a country they are not at war with. Awesome there will be a reckoning for the media class one day and it will be messy as hell

Holy shit! You got this one right!😂. Holy crap- one of you got it right!?!

No Stop lying... look who is deciding bad guy shuuuuuuuuuuuut da fuck up!!! Wow Bullshit America elected the world's no. 1 bad guy. The media is complicit. The USA media looks out for their countries interest. This is why many Americans are so dumb and ignorant. Op-Ed: The World's 1 bad guy is your President

Thrash What are you, twelve? We are all so fucked

without congressional notice or authorization. guess shit don’t matter anymore, thanks cnbc! FYAD If you continue down the list, President Trump will have to commit... let’s not go there. And let’s not make stupid lists like that! Good job with this headline 👍 'Impeached President, Acting Without Congressional Authority, Takes Reckless Unilateral Action.' There, fixed it.

Pretty sure he’s still in the White House If was an assassination of an evil man that could very well throw the world into another world war. Get the headline right. By the way, he was assasssinated by an evil man. That would mean America bombed itself to take out the bad guys!!!! Last I checked, Putin is still breathing

That was fast... I thought he just got impeached.

Warmongers. Isnt that the case like... every year? This is why we can't have nice things. 👇 Do better, Wtf kind of headline is this? They got Soros? What a great headline. You didn’t need the clarification though. All news today is fraught with opinion. & no, many folks consider our president, the guy ordering foreign nationals to be murdered, as the world's no. 1 bad guy.

LOVE the Headline and fuck a Iran America learned nothing since 2001 🤔 Trump is still in office...

Didn’t hear Netanyahu had been killed How? Donalds Trump is still alive😂😂 Yeah, and Iraq had WMD Trump should be first to go fight! EricTrump There's lots of bad guys in the world. We don't have the authority to unilaterally kill them all. Please understand the gravity of this situation. We weren't at war with Iran.

Oh... I thought you were going to tell us the Senate voted to remove Trump. The US just killed its own President? WOW!!! 'America just took out the world's number one bad guy'? What are you, twelve? This isn't an episode of GI Joe, and you're a goddamn news organization. 'America just killed a high-ranking member of the Iranian military forces.' There's your headline.

TrumpWarRoom George Soros is the world's no. 1 bad guy.

Here comes the correction. Hope you weren’t buying yesterday. You know I'm getting okay with all the Media being drafted for war service, while they can skip over those professionals who actually braved it for story and picture, but the jackasses who beat the drum for war behind desks to sell books and clicks.

What stupid Twatt thinks this way? He was a piker next to the Kim Doughboy. According to who? Whoa, we killed Trump?! Is Trump writing your tweets? Nope, he's still leading your country. This is low key warmongering....and im not from iran, i just have basic knowledge, this general was also critical in stopping ISIS expansion in the middle east, reporting it like this will attract justifiable hate from people who know its not true

Ladies and Gentlemen. We got the Sackler family.

No they didn't you numb skull, we need impeachment for that Irresponsible, and this is an immature opinion that doesn't deserve to be shared. WTF is wrong with you? Wait.. I don't think either of us have that kind of time. Dumbest account on twitter who approved this headline name names 'No 1 Poopy Pants Given Permanent Time Out By Dad (USA)' by CNBC, age 6

“No person employed by or acting on behalf of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, assassination.” -- Executive Order 12333 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Wait.. What? They killed their own president? Good riddance.

No. It just started an unnecessary war to keep Trump safe The way Trump has been whining the last few months, I thought Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Hunter Biden were the world’s no. 1 bad guys. Weird how Trump and the United Republican Party cult never bothered to even mention this guy at all during all that time.

You should enlist everyone who approved this tweet to go fight in this unnecessary war you war mongering clowns at CNBC. America IS the world's no. 1 bad guy. Fukin' monsters! Bitcoin to da Moon! USA is the bad guy Delete this. Stop promoting war NBCNews giving whoever wrote this headline their walking papers in 3,2,1........

How many fucking times has this happened? Quit recycling headlines and look deeper into what this means for the world and the US, which is being 'led' by someone who couldn't find Iraq or Iran on a map with both countries being the only ones labeled.

U guys are terrible. Smh how did this moron trump even have the power to do that still Why do you suck so bad at news Big day for the former number 2 bad guy. Bootlickers Thanks for starting another war, America The US public needs to realize they have been complacent in a tyrannical war machine. It's not even a Trump problem, basically every president has played their part back to McKinley, including Obama.

Wtf is this? Putin? Mohammad bin Salman?

Thats a lovely story. But completely untrue. State media JohnJon77706148 Y’all finally got a correct headline! Congrats Soleimani was a leader in fighting ISIS and other terrorist tools of the Saudi regime. No one will cheer his death more exuberantly than those ACTUAL terrorists. stop posting war mongering headlines its 2020 EVOLVE ALREADY BEGGING

IMPOTUS said the same thing about Baghdadi. So, does he plan on knocking off everyone he doesn't like? Because Democrats are on that list, remember. As are News agencies. “Anti-imperialist” American leftists who only found out about Soleimani this morning: RazanElMoghrabi your bad your criminal Shut up CNBC.

WTF CLARIFICATION: This 'bad guy' fought and beat ISIS. did you write this in crayon Shame on you Was there finally a coup on the White House? Did all the members of this administration & top brass of the Pentagon & their oligarch masters all gather in a bunker and commit ritual suicide? The world's no. 1 bad guy according to you? I'm pretty sure the rest of the world considers the US to be the world's no. 1 bad guys

KatieHill wants some QassemSoleimani !! This is the media headline of a facist state Flags are at half staff DNC probably

The stock market going to get liiiiit Bad guy from your perspective. Vladimir Putin would like a word... Winning America just kicked the Wasp Nest.. Hope this wont cause another war in the region.. why are you lying? Really? trump was killed? This statement shows how poor your judgment is and that you know shit about the M.E. There's zero percent chance that you could conduct a successful mission in the M.E. in favor of your interests

Did the person behind Kony 2012 write this

You always lie knowing dictators are American , hope they avenge on innocent souls And now the US soldiers and their families will have to pay the price....the act continues to benefit the Military-Industrial organizations and its shareholders 🖕🖕 U.S. military assassinating this guy tells you they are just pathetic goffers for Israel & Neocons killing people who are fighting ISIS & AlQieda & allying with Saudis. It ain't Washington war psychos who will suffer. Trump the useless Swamp creature who masquaraded as populist

Wait my media has been telling me Corbyn is the number one bad guy. You people never learn a thing do you. This isn’t just taking out a bad guy, it’s starting a war. Taken out Trump then? How, did America just commit suicide? The $ is backed by war .. for sure What....they killed Trump?!

Sometimes it's best to contain someone by limiting their powers and influence than to take them out completely. What is this headline? Propaganda? Sometimes some news are bood news. Good that he is dead now. Bad that another cruel murderer killed him. It is like, 'you have HIV Aladeen'. Is it good, or bad

you gotta stop the q-tip when THERE'S RESISTANCE Corporate media beating the drums of war to support their defense contractor backers. America just murdered a bunch of men and possibly started a war because they think they have the right to run the world like dictators. USA is the worlds no.1 bad guy Please update with for Israel

The guy who defeated Isis That guy USA = Warmongers Shame on you! NoWarWithIran

Looks more like Trump setting up a war to save his butt from impeachment The number one bad guy in the world is US. This attack against Iran whether warranted or not puts the Middle East and especially Israel in grave danger. I hope realDonaldTrump is prepared to provide military assistance since he is the cause of this provocation.

I thought it was Bin I mean I mean...oh well! This is a fine example of: • what journalism isn’t! • how propaganda looks like • warmongering • profit before lives So well done on that front you’re doing a fantastic job 👏 RIP MayoPete would it be justified for foreign forces to take out Trump?

That’s not George Bush. Nope. America didn’t. The 1 bad guy currently occupies the White House. Get your facts straight.

Delete this trash By the way....they murdered him. Can’t see this ending well Number 1 bad guy? This guy is the person who stopped ISIS from taking over middle east countries. Stop fooling your people. MF you aren't America, America is a Continent. appalling heading. Trumps gone QuotedReplies You mean they've found a grassy knoll for Trump?

War propagandist Happy to see America killed itself He's not fucking Skeletor. Didn't take long for the spin cycle to start. Next, all the screaming cartoon graphics. And now we’re all afraid. What they have assassinated their own President? You absolute fuckwits 😣 The lack of self awareness is just... You missed. Trumple Thinskin is still alive. 🤣🤣🤣

You got rid of Trump ? Awesome 👍👍👍😀😀😀🤣🤣🤣

Oh shit! The Americans killed their own president?! Please don’t claim to follow Christ, God or any religion whilst you the gloat and condone war and the death of millions. Hypocrites Remove this tweet. How dare you! You imbeciles The corporate media now salivating at the prospect of war; they’re evil people dressed as journalists.

America has started one war after another, if has backed illegal coups. No nation has more blood on their hands. The US government is a terror organisation & you are it's mouthpiece! Shame on you! NoWarWithIran No. Your president just murdered someone in order to divert attention away from his other criminal acts and his impeachment.

Proud to be an American Respect for America ❤️🇺🇸 I didn't realise Trump was dead.

Is this a children's site? Thank you Mr President Trump for keeping us all safe!!! Further info on 'world's no. 1 bad guy' No, he's still your president. Shitty headline world 1 bad guy in cina...hahaha Video shows aftermath This murderer was far more dangerous than Osama bin Laden. Trump? Your social media guy should be working in a comic book store.

Shoot your self into the sun Piss off you fukcing psychopaths. Liberals are gonna think they got trump Reality check! They only killed the body! The evil/demons that dwelt in the man, leading him to be the 1 bad guy in the world, are now looking for other bodies to occupy. Happy new year CNN Delete your account

American propaganda ! Was it worth it? Oh, Trump got impeached? Was this written so realDonaldTrump could understand it?

Somebody check on Bezos- oh you meant 'we decided this guy America attacked is the no. 1 bad guy' Sorry but US president is alive Clarification: This headline has been updated to reflect that this is an opinion column. America just became the world's number one bad guy! And, bring its fight to Iraq. This is really shitty

Are you fucking kidding me America took out its own president?!? This is a big fat lie and you know this. This isn't reporting. You’re the worst.

No war with Iran. Stop encouraging it. Starting global conflicts to keep presidents in power..... On who’s authority They talk to us like we’re children 🖕🏼 Great to see an extrajudicial killing that will lead to another decade of war framed as 'getting the bad guy' 🤡 Oh, I thought you would post a US general to reflect the truth!

Anything for israel You are the Angels then right ?

Pushing that 'It's okay, y'all! The guy we murdered was bd so yay war!!' narrative, huh? Fuck this headline. The US just escalated a war in an already destabilized region. One we have no real plan for. To paraphrase Sun Tzo, 'first go to win, then go to war'. As such, there is no real victory condition, and all roads lead to failure.

Yeah america is always the 'good guy' lmao Get a better, more responsible headline writer . This makes you look childlis & unprofessional. The got Trump? Finally TERRINLE “First in Bullshit worldwide” Not even close to the world's number one bad guy.

Why m'I not surprise by this idiotic tweet StraitofHurmuz USsoldiers Iraq Syria Lebanon American media is a joke... You guys American and puppet Israel, ISIS, and those affiliates with imperialism, zionism, and wahabism are truly bad guys! Long live people who stay in truth! You must be joking. Let’s see who has just tees off for the next mindless, bloody war(s) in the Middle East. One man gave one okay.

US is an international criminal for this assassination. Trump is dead ? Nah that would have meant Trump went down Kennedy style Wut? How the fuck can you post things like this as if it's a all together good thing.. Your still in Iraq FFS. This may very well lead to a conflict that will make Iraq look like child's play by comparison

What an absurd and negligent way to frame it. Number 1 remover of ISIS bad guys is removed. An inconvenient truth. Donald Trump is still alive u know With headlines like this it’s no wonder the US sets the bar so low. They might as well let Trump write the news reports. GOP is trying to initiate a war to keep Trump in WH. Remember Iraq war? SELF-SERVING. GOPCorruptionOverCountry

American look at the your president No. 1 terrorist realDonaldTrump of the world ... of how the USA sees the world - and a sad insight into how USA intelligence has failed to evolve into understanding the social anthropology of leadership of large movements. And most of all - war is always a bad option. Having people die for the assertion of power .../

America killed itself? Are you people stupid? The man who succeeded in getting rid of ISIS in Iraq has suddenly become the world's number one bad guy? Its really tough understanding how you guys think. US news....

Delete your account. I like how you go absolutely horny over Trump whenever he brings us closer to war world's no. 1 bad guy? pretty sure Henry Kissinger is still alive is this article about impeachment? We took out Donald trump? No words. You've known the world from a wrong view Angle... You need to read a bit more about your politic &policies in MiddleEast ... You need to live in Iran to learn the numbers... We love this no.1 man! ^_^

this is a disgusting excuse for journalism TrumpWarRoom This article is garbage. It’s Iraq all over again. The media is gonna repeat the exact same stupidity.

... the rest of the world has a far more advanced leadership philosophy: leadership is dispersed throughout the movements with a large group of leaders ready to take over if the leader is removed through death or capture. Killing the “no.1 bad guy” is a poor reflection.../ Wrong, we'll be taking him out in November

You call that blatant, 'patriotic' oversimplification journalism? This is the shittiest take you could possibly come up with. 'Keep in mind, the news media are not independent; they are a sort of bulletin board and public relations firm for the ruling class. Those who decide what news you will or will not hear are paid by, and tolerated purely at the whim of, those who hold economic power.'

Incredible Trump. He can do everything to divert the focus and get extra cash ... The world’s 1 bad guy is TRUMP,PUTIN, MBS, KIM JONG UN!!! Shut up He wasn’t the no.1 bad guy when the US President is risking worldwar3 in order to cling to office and corporate media cheers on his illegal strike and extrajudicial killing of the army general who defeated ISIS! 🤯 Trump is no hero and u’re not reporting the news NoWarWithIran

PoliticalCow Think President Trump had anything tobdobwith it?

He was a very smart military commander who managed to defeat the alleged Wahhabis from some reactionary countries like Saudi Arabia The Persian Gulf is on the verge of a devastating war And that’s just the start......Trump will go through this lot like a board restructuring Diplomacy sometimes needs to be back up with a tough action, a leopard can’t let go of it’s skin. Iranian miscalculation that American doesn’t want confrontation led them to bullish/aggressive approach towards members state and foreign ship in the gulf. Let them bring it up.

I would rank realDonaldTrump 1 Number 1 bad guy? How many countries did he invade, how many millions did he kill? How much oil and other natural resources did he steal? propaganda He’s starting a war to shore up his approval ratings in an election year. Delete this Cut the warmongering shit, CNBC. TrumpWarRoom And already we here from the do nothing dems.

Is this for real? You put Pravda to shame Trump lowered the BOOM, thank you 👌 America took out Trump!? Trump is still alive USA USA USA! this tweet is toilet Trump and US government are still breathing so what are you saying? Really? The world's? I don't think so World's no. 1 bad guy is Putin. Why is cnbc spreading propaganda?

Soleimani is a hero

This is expected of the financial arm of corporate propaganda machine NBC What the fuck? Fuck you and the rest of you corporate jizzbags Trump is worlds no 1 bad guy this isn’t a fucking movie Is Putin really gone? This may well be accurate - but I’m surprised at your choice of language. You’re supposed to be a respected news outlet ; respected news outlets don’t style their headlines like this.

ISIS? America IS the world's no. 1 bad guy.

Political assassination makes Trump a war criminal This is a shitty hot take. Delete it. 'world's no.1 bad guy'. Aiming at an internet level of reporting then? Wonder how many of trump's rabble, in the media or his followers, had even heard of the guy before yesterday ? Are you FoxNews in disguise? idiots

here we go complicity (maybe wait until we “win” (and pay off) the wars we already started) ¡Que propaganda más rastrera! America just classified itself as a 3rd world country. Delete your account, CNBC, you shameless foul-ups. Love to see some good warmongering

What a pathetic bit of cheerleading. The world's no. 1 bad guys are represented mostly on Wall St. Did you remove Trump? AchimScholz1 Isnt Killary the bad guy No1? Epstein Pedogate Iran ChicagoBoys 🇩🇪😎🇻🇪 FreeAssange bild tagesschau kenfm teamkenfm nachdenkseiten nuoviso SpiegelAnti telepolis_news rtdeutsch de_sputnik euronewsde Deutschlandfunk grüne spd cdu csu fdp afd phoenix_de dpa

So epstein didn't kill him self and his pimp handler is in isreal protrction, and 19000 kids were rape groomed but yah soldiers number 1 bad guy No... he is out on the course in MarALago American public is a herd of sheeps , they will go where ever the media takes them .. Get fucked Trump called Putin before he killed Iranian Gen.Qassim Soleimani by U.S. drone attack on Iraqi soil. Putin authorized Trump's attack on the General! Are U.S.and Russia now allies in the Middle East? Is Trump's attack on Iran, as Putin ordered, a trap for the U.S. in Iraq?

Says who wtf ru saying?!? trying to compete w/ Faux news to see who wins the biggest BS title?

Yes, that’s exactly what they did. Jeff Bezos is dead RIP Hope he sees this bro With no planning or regard for the consequences. Trump shit-show once again. via AbbyMartin “Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the US media” - Noam Chomsky ‘Took out’ .... ‘Bad guy’? .. what are we... 9 year olds

Errr wut!? Actually, Trump's still in office so you should probably retract the story. ThisIsNotJournalism Seriously? This is what passes for journalism in America?

Are you three years old? You should be ashamed of this headline. Stick to covering the stock market Kissinger is alive. WE’RE THE BADDIES, YOU DUMMY!!!! This headline is incredibly misleading and a dangerous simplification of this topic. This is absolutely irresponsible journalism. For god’s sake, stop with the propaganda. This is such an irresponsible headline.

Will he be this generations Archduke Franz Ferdinand. I don't think we will have to wait long to find out. This is bad. What the hell are you doing

Fucking sickening. Let the WW3 begin. 🤣🤣🤣 Who dictated this, Cheney? Stop drumming the war machine. Majority of people didn't know who he was yesterday. Bet if you took a poll people thought Assad or Kim Jong-Un or Putin was 1 Seriously? Trying to steal foxnews viewers? The author of this article It's not a video game. He is an opponent of Daesh. He just helped Daesh.

uh, wrong. That guy's in Moscow.

you HAVE to label this type of tweet to clarify it’s an opinion piece. Very irresponsible not to. Oh word? America took itself out? Execute all members of the media class! Now the number one bad guy happens to be the one who ordered the hit. No they didn't. He's still your president. Warmongers. Jackbootlickers

Delete this. Down with USA, the real terrorist is USA, the New Hitler is USA. Soleymani was fighting isis and terrorists but USA (main isis supporter and just a murder) killed him, USA is responsible for billions of deaths every year since it's birth. Damn murder, don't forget Hiroshima

It looks like America is the bad guy...duh Are people dumb enough to believe this? hahahahahahah FUCK YOU TrumpWarRoom Thank you America for doing what the rest of the Western world refuses to do. was it the state department that wrote this press release or DoD? damn. rip to the homie george w Please tell me this is the stupidest post I'll see on Twitter this year. ...Screw it, where's the gin?

Almost sounds like you are for endless wars. Wrong

‘Bad guy’..........grow up MyroneBagalay Who? Clinton? Nope he’s still in office. I find this headline incredibly crude and more befitting of a dictatorship's tabloid. Can you not build that wall all around America and stay in it 🤔 TrumpWarRoom Welcome to the world where fight for freedom and survival by the weak is view as a crime 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷 long live Iran

Didn’t know Trump was killed did a five-year-old write this tweet This is just white privilege x100000. White cops kill black/brown people and put them into concentration camps, paid vacation. White politicians start wars with other countries, send the young to fight, kill hundreds of thousands of cilvilians and then get to hang out with Ellen.

So how many comments here are Russian?

“The World’s no. 1 Bad Guy”? US is an officially declared terrorist-state. It must abandon immediately both ME and EU Delete your network. Dump Trump Sean Connery? ISIS JUST TOOK REVENGE FOR THEIR DEFEAT Dork Are you 3, what a completely reckless way to report news which could lead to a dramatic escalation in tension in the Middle East.

That's not Charles Koch tho?

Very disappointed in your lack of perspective CNBS. Sickening really. Here's a better headline: Trump Thiefs Power From Congress, Again, Starts WW3 to Deflect Attention from Today's Headlines. Oh f--k off you war selling hacks. you sound like our toddler president and it's very very bad Worst take 2020 right here folks.

Do you have any actual understanding of what you've just done? Unbelievable. We will in 10 months. More horseshit from the warmongers You dumbshits CNBC should send their children to the front because war is fun. I thought he was still president unless the Senate grew a pair and convicted him

Modi 🤔 USA. You are terrorist state. What a stupid headline I thought America WAS the number one bad guy. Funny we didn’t know he was the biggest baddy until 👆🏾 No it didn't, he's still in the White House. But Trumps still alive🧐 Except he's Still Sitting in The Oval office. RICOPOTUS hasn't gone anywhere.

1 bad guy? I’ve never heard of him before today.

Trump is awesome Well, it didn’t take you long to fall in line. Jesus. This ain’t it, chief 👀 Are you ok? Is someone making you say these things? that Saudi prince who kills then bonesaws your media brethren? Advice: Click on the author’s Twitter handle and then the tagged usernames listed in his bio. This in not a CNBC staffer.

What are you doing? You seriously could not think of a better headline? Just add 'in the name of the president of the United States of America!' and send it there screen writers of '24' wtaf is wrong with you people

Eat dirt. Respectfully, Us Who wrote this Were they hacked? go fuck yourselves Trump? Black propaganda You haven't learned a goddamned thing in 17 years, have you? You should stick to your financial news. 🙄 this aint 2003 you bootlickers And we potentially laid the groundwork for World War III. A military strike not approved by Congress and mostly unknown to everyone else. If this leads to another war, Trump must be removed from office ASAP and put on trial for his many crimes. Millions of lives are at stake.

Completely shameless propaganda and war mongering.

Fire your headline writer. Finally a real headline that doesn't sound like it was written in Tehran. See the all!According to one side he's a bad man,..etc.At the other side he's a hero!Your heroes are bad men according to other side(according to the other countries' folks).If we accept this reality,solution is gonna be easy. As a result they are victims!

Fox News? The US is freaking out because Trump used powers Obama left on the table. It's more concern for this airstrike then it was for american troops driving into Syria and sitting at oil fields and air striking government troops. Congress is worthless, they gave up all their power. BULLSH*T!!! TRUMP IS THE WORLD’S NO. ONE BAD GUY!

That isn’t Henry Kissinger Yellow journalism. ☝️ You’re welcome Canada. Sell out

How many good mothers, fathers, sons and daughters will war with Iran take out though? No, not by a million miles. pure propaganda for the state. Utter trash The war machine propaganda at play. The late Major General played a key role in eliminating ISIS that was marauding the middle east. You may choose your alternative facts but at least appreciate history.

Unfortunately the president is still very much in office 🙄 Ya his name is Donald trump Trump’s still in office though so clearly we did it wrong Ah great. Here comes the imperialistic propaganda. realDonaldTrump is on a ROLL! You really really really suck at journalism and Tweeting, CNBC.

This isn’t journalism, bootlickers Nope, last I checked Donald Trump is still around 🇺🇸🍾 Rest in peace.. No, he is still President! We couldn't get just a little more nuance? Too much for you? We didn't drone ourselves Say what? America is the world’s No. 1 bad guy. toddlers are more coherent

Jury rigging consent Blood on your hands The United States has been the 'bad guy' in the middle east my entire life Walkmaster1 He will never be seen in the WhiteHouse again!🤣 Did Trump choose this title? news for children, by children. love to see it ... by assassinating him in another country, which is an act of war. So the U.S. has declared war on Iran. Go on, finish it. This is a grossly irresponsible tweet incomplete, & if you don’t know it, you should move on to something you can handle. If you do, you’re the problem.

Get in The Hague wtf is this shit By reading headline, I misinterpreted that they killed their own president

barbarosansalfn I love you amerika freedom kurdistan He doesn't look like Trump, Pence, the Salman of Saudi, or any billionaire who has ever existed. Wtf is wrong with you Jeeezus......... CNBC let's see your sons come brag about it overseas Irresponsible journalism!!!! Fuck you and fuck your propaganda You should be ashamed of yourselves, but in order to be that you would first have to be honest and reflective... no chance of that, so you do this sh*t. So many will die and all you see is ratings, my your feet be forever plagued by the worst fungus.

Soleimani and his comrades single handedly defeated ISIS terrorist group and their affiliates in Iraq and Syria. While US client states like Gulf monarchies and Turkey supported and equipped them with US made firepower this is utter nonsense beating drums of war pathetic. EAT SHIT!!!!!

How is this “business news”? Assassinated. We assassinated him. Correction; the president assassinated him without the approval of the American people (congress). Impeach the motherfucker again. Propaganda in full swing. Absolute unrepentant ghouls, delete this warmongering I sincerely hope the shame of your existence weighs further on your mind every day until you end it all

✅ President Trump 🇺🇸🎉🇺🇸🎉sends New Year’s greetings to, soon to be, DEAD terrorists 😬😄😂🤣 Baghdad Trump2020Landslide 🇺🇸🎉🇺🇸 Soleimani 😵💀☠️😵 oh fuck yeah Iraq War 2: Electric Boogaloo is this a joke? Ew, gross. The killing means the US stink of blood and shit worldwide..

You are despicible. The only people who needed to Fear Soleimani were ISIS. But now we know your loyalty. Please send ALL CNBC Staff to Iraq to cover the fallout. When I was in school, my college paper accidentally published a draft version of a headline that said 'Woman Got Shot and Some Other Shit.' That is a better headline than what you've just massaged out of your colon here.

KeepYourfBookShitOffMytWITTER ... this is propaganda, not news NO American military leadership has exponentially more blood on their hands than this man did, but go off Kim Jong Un? Trump What about Trump? He doesn't count? Ok, CNBC - You're officially dead to me and mine. The people you have running your social media have GOT to go. This headline is IRRESPONSIBLE.

nice propaganda This message is brought to you by the State Department. Do better. Again? freaks '1 Bad Guy'. There are more people in this world who bought Bruce Willis' R&B album than there are people who know this motherfucker's name. You mean the guy who helped defeat ISIS? We do not live in a Marvel comic. Stop damning us to a bloody war that drains our $ while climate change is ravaging Australia and the rest of a plant. You are completely irresponsible.

Wait, 'took out the worlds no. 1 bad guy?' Do you mean Somebody killed Donald Trump? It’s super fucking cool that is posting war propaganda from a doucheshit who retweets Mike Cern*vich and has no fucking clue how DEFCON ratings work. Trump?

Fash gonna fash. Disgusting. And how do you guys feel entitled to make light of RT again? You warmongering idiots Bad Guy is Netanyahu USA USA USA Where my no 1 bad girl at No matter how bad a guy he was, It was illegal. From the 2004 book, 'TheAnatomyOfFascism', by political scientist and historian, Robert O. Paxton. ⤵️

The most American news title ever Who, fucking Doctor Doom? 🤡🤡🤡 Another headline written in crayon

um... No.1..... really? This is a terrible headline that misreads the gravity of the blowback we will likely incur. Do better. journalist here will bring those so called think tank who pushed Iraq 🇮🇶 war to start war with Iran 🇮🇷, American taxpayers will pay the bills, no loss to USA 🇺🇸 MSM personal

I mean, I know the 'B' never stood for Business, but this headline stinks of jingoism and does nothing to reinforce the CNBC brand, whatever that even is these days. Or is this the CNBC brand? Only way this would be true is if America actually ended its own life Nope. Soros still alive. You idiots... The 'bad guy' that was instrumental in defeating ISIS in Iraq and Syria (but you'd rather not talk about that). This stupidity legitimizes the assassination of American servicemen, anywhere, at any time. (If we can violate international law, why shouldn't they?)

Trump? Jesus that’s a bad tweet how dare you

Trump killed Soros? What a king How much did Raytheon pay you to tweet this? YOU HAVE LEARNED NOTHING AFTER 20 YEARS OF DEATH barbarosansalfn Amerika kendi kıyametini koparmak istiyor sanırım. Iran bu saldırıya karşılık verecektir... 'bad guy' It's the kind of diction we expect from 'professional journalists'

Title retroactively awarded? No, Donald Trump is sadly, still alive. This guy? Pure propaganda. warmongers

This is the most frakking irresponsible headline I have ever read. sheep Die What the fuck is wrong with you I'm calling the Department of Labor, as I have to think a 12-year-old wrote this headline. Lemme guess, the article is written by a Jew? *checks byline* Yup. Trump? Grow up. What is wrong with you. We’re going to link you to this when thousands upon thousands of people are dead from the war you’re trying to sell.

What, they killed Trump

You’re drunk, CNBC America 1 : World 0 Delete this. Whew thank god we decided we're the good guys You’ve had a war hardon all day, haven’t you? I'm pretty sure the world wasn't thinking about Soleimani if you had asked them about the no. 1 bad guy in the world right now .... you absolute slavering ghouls warmongers

What the fuck is this take? THE WRONG ONE.

Lovely propaganda! Soleimani also happened to be the guy kicking ISIS ass all over the region as reported by... oh NBC. WTF is wrong with you people? Why do yall love war so much? This is atrocious. Delete your company Yes , hooray for war and death. Very serious news organization that's not how you report news

Love to have the next World War described like a video game. Very cool and normal Damn. Still at least Rupert lived a long life. We're the baddies. What the fuck is wrong with you? Is this a joke?

Jake Novak. Enough said. Why they continue to let him write this propaganda is beyond me Do you keep these in a box? What the fuck is wrong with you? peepee poopoo Number one? America just started a fucking war. CNBC. Seriously, thank you. An ACCURATE headline. This demonstrates PROFOUND maturity in your part. I know you’re not breitbart or Fox, but this showed extreme wisdom

Really? Putin's gone? Or do you mean Kim Jong Un But then, we all know Trump would never 'take out' his idols. Pew pew!

Wtf is this And all the American dweebs who also believed in the WOMD will believe this. Media always seems to push a certain narrative. I wonder why 🤔🤔🤔 And the war propaganda begins. is announcing it no longer needs to be taken seriously as a news outlet. Okay Fox News is this state media Y'all didn't even know who he was before this lol

That would be Donald Trump War cheerleading? This is so irresponsible

bro what the fuck is this bullshit America committed suicide? 🤩 Putin? My dad can beat up your dad What is wrong with CNBC? Do you actually consider what you do to be journalism? *slaps top of propaganda machine* 'This baby can manufacture so much consent' At least pretend not to be imperial propaganda ffs

Pretty sure Henry Kissinger is still alive.

TrumpWarRoom Wow, someone is getting fired for posting that wonderful news about our president and country...... Good lord. Stop it. He’s not the bad guy, america is. what a take Itching to bring out the war drums, huh ? Wow cnbc. Great journalism... Not even close. there’s a big orange No. 2 that could use 10-15 flushes

This headline is trash just like the BS leading to the Iraq war. This is so bad. You're so bad at this.

Congratulations to America for taking out Donald Trump I presume whoever is tweeting this nonsense wasn't alive in the early aughts Was this Trump’s order? Nobody trusts Trump has any actual preparation & plan for what’s next. Who does Trump actually listen to Yet this one is still part of America's Administration!

Stormy Daniels said she and Trump had sex four months after Melania gave birth to their son Ah damn we got Trump good job everyone I can’t stop laughing. Disgusting war cheerleading. You are collaborators itching for WW3 so you can make a few bucks as the world burns. Shame on you. NoWarWithIran

Fuck you warpig Trash he’s still alive Bullshit. Wahat? You guys committed suicide? This article is a warning that war mongering Israeli shills exist in both sides of our political parties. What is wrong with you Find you someone that loves you like the US media loves war Everything Trump touches dies, including media outlets who tweet things like this. How sad


Clickbait. That's not Putin Is that what we did Or did we just start the slaughter of innocent people...the wars we start or defend are never fought on this soil..they are fought elsewhere...nobody cares americagonnaamerica Stormy Daniels claims Donald Trump lasted 'two minutes' in bed You absolute ghouls

CNBC just proved it's nkt an actual news outfit. Apologists for war crimes and murder. Are you serious? What the fuck kinda headline is this Did the US nuked itself?

This is so childish, why are you, a major news outlet, making such a stupid claim? You can't quantify that. You aren't 9. But you are feeding red meat to war hungry right wingers who couldn't find Iran on a map. This article reads like something I would've written when I was 14. Literally just helping Trump

Manufacturing consent Manufacturing consent Manufacturing consent Manufacturing consent Manufacturing consent Manufacturing consent Manufacturing consent Manufacturing consent Manufacturing consent Manufacturing consent Manufacturing consent Manufacturing consent Manufacturing c For the low low price of WW3

are you a news agency or a propaganda outlet? Would you like to know more? the media beats the drums of war yet again

Thank you President Trump! whoever wrote this should kill themselves delete your account and your business please I think Trump's still alive though is this a joke? It always disturbs me when adults say shit like this. Weird, that doesn’t look like Putin. Is this your idea of serious analysis? Have you learned nothing from the media's role in justifying the Iraq war?


Bumbling idiots dribbling wordsoup out of their mouths and calling it journalism Manufacturing consent in real time, fun! Wow so brave manufactured your consent yet? bring your baby to work and let them post day at cnbc. Doesn't look like Assad, Putin or Kim. Well God Bless America and her Commander in Chief President Trump!!!

🇺🇸 the hell is this, kindergarten?

kill your network America killed itself? T E R R O R I S T. SAY IT! They took out Trump? Thank god they finally killed Uncle Sam THE WORLD IS WATCHING. what the fuck? ah, good. stan assassination

stupid WTF. America just committed an illegal political assassination. Period. America killed Trump? 🇺🇸🙏🏻🚨🚨🚨 Thank you for fair news America took itself out? 👀 What the fuck is wrong with you

wtf Correction: POTUS Trump just gave the green light which took out America’s 1 bad guy. His red line. LikeABoss MAGA KAG that's us. it's always been us Trump is still here, so no. This statement is false. pink_lady56 now lets find the next 1 bad guy, rinse and repeat Much better than washingtonpost saying that we killed a revered military leader.

ratio this shit SteveGuest So, you are for war. This is so 2003. Their supreme wizard is next

....and democrats are unhappy Great article The world’s No.1 bad guy should be XiJinping, the General Secretary of CCP which hijack 1.3B Chinese! China_is_terrorist antichinazi Uyghurs ConcentrationCamps Complete bullshit. This is just an excuse to start another war in the middle east for Israel. The USA warmongering needs to be stopped.

Regurgitating war propaganda for clicks, I see the world’s no.1 bad guy is America. tell the idiot who wrote this that trump is still alive Leave it to a business network to frame geopolitical military actions like a child describing an action film. Hacks.

Looks like a nice man. Probably treats women well. Supports LGBT rights. Drives an electric vehicle Outstanding, the truth is being reported truthfully. Amazing that good things can still come from some of the MSM. Rabidcow1 Actually, they KINDA took out... themselves. 1. Killed American contractor 1st. 2. Attacked our Embassy 3. Mistook our POTUS patience for weakness. Irans entire leadership is suicidal if ya ask me.

This might win a prize in a 2nd or 3rd grade classroom, strong work. No the 1 bad guy is the N. Korean Leader. America took itself out? finally america took itself out

How does that boot taste That’s not journalism This headline is very un-CNBC. Bullshit Obama? We are going to make Americans out of you yet.... cool propaganda MattWolking Can you prove it it's not like you haven't fed the ppl some BS and fake news before, assuming it's a lie until we find out different, the lies just get bigger and bigger


Americans just guzzling war propaganda from their 'free press'. straight up deranged white nationalism Props CNBC! bryce delete this Wow. Thank you, CNBC. Criticize when wrong but give credit when it is due. NBC has a rogue twotter account operator. is no better than BaghdadBob mouthpiece for war criminals and monsters.

👏👏👏 oh my god Warpigs

how many ppl in the replies agreeing w this headline knew his name before today? this is american propaganda, blatant lies Bravo on accurate wording All the righties on this thread are hysterical. I’d be willing to bet that 99% of them have never heard of soleimani — trumpsheep 2020 looks like its the year

excsecret7 Now that was easy! Careful, Democrats will begin to think you are pro America! Now that’s an accurate headline. Take note washingtonpost you anti-American shitbags. What the fuck is this? go to hell jakejakeny

pink_lady56 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏 amanda_m_macias What in the flying fuck is this headline?!?!!? WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS?!?!?!?!?;!!!!!!! America IS the world's no. 1 bad guy Yes but CNN is on Iran’s side. CNN needs to just go away. Is there anything I can do to hasten that? Warmongering. You are engaging in warmongering.

Channel of sub-mediocrities cheerleading for war. Charming. Not bots tho, right? Really irresponsible headline drink my diarrhea The world breathes a sigh of relief, minus a terrorist junk littering the earth, and bringing misfortune and death. God bless the Trump government! realDonaldTrump 🇧🇷🇺🇸

iran is typing .... Neoavatara Finally, a headline that doesn’t sound stupid. SteveGuest And liberals couldn’t be more unhappy about it. 'bad guy' I saw the picture and for a split second thought we just took out Sean Connery. Whew ... Now his the bad guys friends & family are coming for Americans! DonaldDunce using a bigly deflection from Impeachment Trial.

Anti NYT

DanRather what do you have to say about that?! HELL YEAH Wow...a straight truth headline without bias. We know that must have been hard. We're honestly proud of you. this is nationalist propaganda. America took out Trump? Great headline although I’m shocked you have the letters N, B, & C in your handle. Might wanna update that resume!

I thought that was MoscowMitch ? Pretty subjective headline and quite debatable. So everyone is celebrating that the US has just declared war with Iran. This will have tremendous ramifications for the Middle East and our troops. God help us. What a subjective headline! No, America didn't take out Trump yet; that won't be happening until November

The NBCNews brass might be preparing your dismissal papers, but thank God there's one sane and rational person still with the company. Great article. Yes yes yes. Thank you Mr president Wow doing it right! Wow, I can't believe you guys are reporting accurately for once. Feels good, doesn't it? Outstanding

Wow, I don’t believe my eyes.. Well done ! 👏👏👏👏 'America! Fuck yeah! Comin' again to save the motherfuckin' day, yeah!' This guys getting fired tomorrow Now that's how you write a headline

It hurt you to report the truth without any shots at realDonaldTrump didn’t it? Two roads to take. Stay in the de-nuclearization agreement or throw everything in a blender and mix it up. Is it always everything or nothing? Hell yes! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Good. Good bye GreatAgainMatty Greatly appreciate the fine report. That's all anyone can ask. That's deeply missed by me! I miss hearing actual news reports.

Proud of you CNBC Thank you for the straight forward headline. Finally! A crack in the MSM fake news veneer. Wow! Congrats. You still suck tho What the fuck . Paid media Number one? According to whom? This is American exceptionalism bullshit. It is not something that can be said objectively.

Thank you cnbc! Truthful headline 👏 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Holy sh*t you're actually doing news Rest in pieces AJLOVESPETS GO TRUMP GO This headline 👍 💪🏻💪🏻✊🏻 Dantegigas1 and this...

Another one bites the dust🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 LBoogy31 Someone just got fired for this truthful headline See, that’s wasn’t so hard was it? Keep it up. 👏🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝💪💪 There are those who think that would be Trump Hell's Bells! WaPo in the mud. You mean realDonaldTrump did

Most notorious vicious war criminal guy in the world his bosses as well should be terminated Khamini and Rouhani This is a ridiculous headline Finally a good headline. XRPBeliever So who’s 2? GreatAgainMatty Way to go POTUS and a fantastic job from our bravest and strongest men and women of our armed forces. God Bless our President and our military and God Bless America 🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸💪

Time for this Barnes_Law Bad guy? Why do you persist in using this infantile language? What idiots are you addressing? Iran is no threat to the US and their military commanders are not any more 'bad guys' than any other military commanders. This is what happens when the Electoral College bypass the will of the voters & put in another imbecile in the Oval Office

Putin? HAWKS ON THE LOOSE LindaSuhler Pigs flying?. cNBC posted this. NBC will make them reword the title. LindaSuhler Rep. Dingell was hoping you could pass a message to her husband. Not bad You’re welcome. Propaganda 'CIA' controlled US media tellin us who are'bad guys'now eh? Kim Jung Un and the Saudi psycho Bin Salman suddenly went down the rankings when the US has propaganda to spew minds to manipulate or war to promote? Oh that's right Bin Salman is you oppressive Dictator friend anyway

carrieksada If this headline makes you upset, you seriously need to ask yourself why.

*CNBC just beat the Iran war drum again. FixedIt Barnes_Law Guess he won’t be chanting death to America anytime soon. Fake News 👍👍👍👍👍👍 1 TERRORIST Look out, here come the terrorist sympathizers. FreeIran General Qassim Suleimani was a U.S. designated Terrorist... President does NOT need congressional approval!

Justifying killings? 🙄 Again... So how many young “good guys” get to die for this douche bags distraction? LOL. What exactly are the foreign policy or military credentials of the author of this piece? They appear to be no more robust than mine (zero), which raises the question of why CNBC is lending him its platform.

Barnes_Law Ooorah 🇺🇸 Thanks for an honest headline CNBC! Did you see wapo? Shameful LindaSuhler And it makes Democrats very angry. Terrible news for American leftists! Trump is killing the worst of the worst and they are not one bit happy about it. They long for the good old days of Barack sending $billions$ to Iran.

Barnes_Law Wow CNBC? God bless America You mistyped 'The World's Most Unstable Leader Just Lit The Fuse for International War' ...

Thank you realDonaldTrump ! To what end? What’s the strategy to mitigate the fallout for US persons overseas? What is the benefit of this person’s removal? No.1 bad buy is Trump!! Barnes_Law Great news! About time someone had the stones to do it. Dishonest headline written for 4 year olds . So, Is This Good Or Bad?... . Who Will Replace Him? . .

Barnes_Law I'm sorry for your loss I thought that was Putin. Wait so leftist now support terrorist. Go figure. These comments are disgusting. Can we ship leftist to Iran?

👆🏼this is why no one takes CNBC seriously anymore. Eliminated? Wtf The problem with assassination is that turn about is fair prey. Chill MattWolking Putin, Kim Jong Un? Nobody has heard of this guy until now what the f*** are you talking about Great Liberals have no problem when CNBC is attacking Trump!!!

Wagthedog. It's too late to do anything else about it.

Stop legitimizing the shitshow.

Published Thu, Jan 2 2020 11:21 PM EST @jakejakeny Key Points The killing of Iranian Gen.Jan 2, 2020 at 1:02am PST The collection mimics the young star’s signature oversized style in the form of tees, hoodies and sweatpants, and includes accessories like socks, hats and a belt bag.Jan.WhatsApp PALM BEACH, Fla.

Qassim Soleimani doesn't have the emotional power of the takedown of Osama bin Laden, but taking him out means much more in terms of saving current lives, writes Jake Novak. Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani (C) attends Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's (not seen) meeting with the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) in Tehran, Iran on September 18, 2016. “We’re super excited about this merch collection drop. Pool | Press Office of Iranian Supreme Leader | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images So, just who is this top Iranian general the U.S. “We want to enable her fans to step into her world and feel empowered to freely express their style as well. just eliminated ? For many of us who watch and analyze news out of the Middle East daily, he was the world's number one bad guy. Story Continued Below “He was in a very good mood,” Dershowitz said.

Qassim Soleimani has been in control of Iran's Quds Force for more than 20 years. Eilish’s upcoming world tour is aiming to be as eco-friendly as possible. His current greatest hits include helping Bashar al Assad slaughter hundreds of thousands of his own people in the Syrian civil war, stoking the Houthis in Yemen's civil war, and overseeing the killing of hundreds of Iraqi protesters recently demonstrating against Iranian influence in their country. But most importantly for Americans, Soleimani was behind the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers during the Iraq War. There’s going to be recycled cans everywhere, because it’s like, if something’s recyclable — it doesn’t matter unless there’s a recycle bin,” she said last fall on . Last year, the U.S. The Paris-based artist’s surrealistic work is seen in the campaign photos, videos and custom-made Snapchat filter. “You’re not in an office where there’s like 18 gatekeepers,” said former White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

State Department put the number of Americans killed by Iranian proxies in Iraq at 608 since 2003 . The killing of Soleimani doesn't have the emotional power of the takedown of Osama bin Laden, and he wasn't even as well-known to Americans as ISIS founder Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. And with 3D it’s pretty much endless – for the H&M Billie Eilish merch campaign, I wanted to work with liquids from another planet, floating around the models and bringing colours and fun to this augmented world. But in many ways, taking him out means much more in terms of saving current lives. Remember that bin Laden and al Baghdadi were mostly out of business and in hiding at the time of their deaths. Solemani was busier than ever, directing mayhem all over the Middle East and beyond. attorney’s office in New York as he continues to try and collect Ukraine-related dirt on Joe Biden, Trump’s potential 2020 rival.

For example, these last few days have made it clear to the whole world just how much Iran controlled just about all of Iraq and Iraq's Shia population. It appears Solemeini not only felt justified in being the likely mastermind behind Tuesday's attack on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, he also was comfortable enough to travel to Iraq personally to oversee it. But this time, he got too comfortable. “He doesn’t have the infrastructure of the White House to really deal with — you know how difficult it is to get somebody cleared into the [White House] complex,” said the former official.

We're already hearing from a number of critics that this move will likely backfire against the U.S. and will provoke Iran to retaliate even more forcibly against American and its allies. To those people making those warnings, there's really only one thing to say: "Welcome to the party, pal!" That's because Iran has really been at war with the U.S. “There’s less staff around and he does as he sees fit.

since 1979. The killing of hundreds of our troops in Iraq, the constant terrorism it sponsors and supplies against Israel, and even the recent provocations against oil traffic in the Persian Gulf are all acts of war from which there really is no retreat without severe consequences. For the Trump administration, it would appear the embassy attack was the last straw. It was also one that provided the ultimate opportunity to eliminate Soleimani as he foolishly left his home country and made himself more physically and legally vulnerable. Another thing to remember is that Soleimani and his foreign escapades may have been the delight of the ruling mullahs in Tehran. “You just don’t want to put the president in the same room with some folks .

But the people in the streets abandoned him long ago, if they ever really supported him in the first place. Soleimani clearly came to personify the increasingly unpopular spending on proxy wars and terrorism. With Iran's economy faltering, the chanting in the streets during that nation's recent protests included: "no money, no gas, screw Palestine." That was probably the best proof that the Iranian people are keenly aware of the resources being sent abroad that could be used to improve the domestic economy and not pay for rockets in Gaza or wars in Syria and Yemen. In fact, Iranian journalist and activist Masih Alinejad tweeted almost immediately after Soleimani's death was reported that the Quds commander was also hated by ordinary Iranians for his long history of brutality against his own people. “I think they put the kibosh on that and became a lot tougher on screening and who members were bringing as guests.

That includes a bloody crackdown on university students in Iran in the 1990s: In the coming hours and days the debate over the decision to kill Soleimani will unfortunately be dominated by partisan politicians looking to score points for or against President Trump. Perhaps Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut has taken the top partisanship buffoonery prize already by scolding President Trump for the action just two days after publicly decrying America's lack of action against the Baghdad embassy attack: But that's just politics. It will also just be politics when President Trump takes a victory lap on Twitter or at a future rally over this killing. What isn't just politics is the fact that Soleimani was a very effective and deadly leader of the world's most active and pervasive terrorist army. Leamer noted that numerous one-time members who object to Trump’s policies resigned over their political differences.

The knee-jerk assumptions we will hear from those who say that someone else will simply take his place and be just as effective and deadly probably come from people who truly don't know how powerful and effective Soleimani was. He's going to be a very hard act to follow. For now, Soleimani's death is justice for the thousands of deaths he caused all over the world and to his own people. It may have seemed like swift justice Friday morning, but it was actually a long time coming. Jake Novak is a political and economic analyst at ..