US accused of hypocrisy for supporting sanctions against Russia but not Israel

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Critics compare Israeli military actions of Palestinian territories with Russian invasion of Ukraine but pro-Israel groups dismiss allegations as false parallels

and committing a crime against humanity in its “domination” of the Palestinians.


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What about Yaman, USA and UK support snd assist Saudi killing or injuring 10,000 children since 2015

Usa funded genocide in Palestine by brutal and barbaric israeli regime.. Here is the moment when an Israeli soldier fired his gun at a Palestinian man at Bab al Qattanin Gate in the old city of occupied East Jerusalem

Usa and europe have no moral values...the support to israeli aparthied regimenis criminals and most barbaric for more than 70 years...germany even funds israeli submarines to be armed weapons of mass destruction while at the same time trying to stop iran nuclear program..

Spot on. It’s a scar on humanity

Quid Pro Quo - Ukraine Can Use Polish Airfields

Genocid 1948-2022 JIDANS a Most Ferocious Asasins from on Terra

There is a big difference- Russia invaded w/o provocation while Israel retaliates against terrorist actions and threats of annihilation

now russia has violated its own supposed humanitarian plan more than once, the first time less than an hour after announcing it to bomb innocent people, isreal is willing to treat & help children/injured of palestine moreso than russia or palestinian gov, is this the same?

its why palestinian officials banned DNA so the people wont know how jewish they are, russia for generations has been trying to dominate numerous countries that DO NOT belong to them destroying languages, cultures, freedom,human rights for the illusion of 'power'

cant compare the 2, jews for generations have been put in & out of their home by outsiders & then otusiders claiming its not their home or worse yet banning their identity, & the governments of it & palestine have yet to recognize theyre just different mixtures of the same people

⁃ In just 11 days, 600 !!! Russian missiles and bombs have been fired at Ukrainian cities, killing civilians every day. We need fighter jets, anti-rocket and anti-aircraft defence to protect our country from airstrikes. NoFlyZoneoverUkraine StandWithUkraine

Laughable comparison. 🤣🤣🤣 Let me know when Ukraine fires 15000 rockets in to Russia, sends hundreds of suicide Islamofascist fanatics to kill Russian civilians and proclaims loudly its desire to destroy Russia.Then we might see some comparison.Israel isn't even occupying Gaza

Don't go down that road 😂😂😂😂😂🤟✌️

Just awful to try and compare what Israel is doing with Russia’s actions

HermanZHartman Tory & Labour both guilty of this hypocrisy. Who knew?

Yes because protecting your citizens for terror is exactly what Russia is doing...

Well, the cold reality is that this is not a priority right now. Stay focused on Ukraine.

Any criticism on the US is determined as whataboutism. Self-reflection is not in their books.

I can see y'all comments with so much pain and agony under this report 😂🤣. I'm waiting on y'all calling it Russia propaganda Media soon. Lol But, what's the lie here? Isn't US guilty of the accusations?

also for cyprus for last 40 years

People say 'Whataboutery' what about sabotaging war equipment like the Irak invasion.

Only by anti-Semites and communists. Which are you?

Well it’s true

Today, Russians in the Western world are like Jews in time WW2! Support for Nazism in Ukraine is manifested in support of Nazism in the Western world!

Damn right

Very silly whataboutery - do grow up please Guardian writers

Palestine is Not a sovereign state and last time I checked the government of Ukraine was not Hamas, an internationally recognised terrorist group.

Ukraine war is White People's war and they know how to profit from wars. So don't worry, sit back and EnJOY.

finally some balance to the foaming warmongering media.

'Accused Of' just accused of. Wov... This is your journalism.


Professional whataboutism from ? 🤦‍♂️

Whataboutery BS

24 Y se dirá de mí: Ciertamente en Jehová está la justicia y la fuerza; a él vendrán, y todos los que contra él se enardecen serán avergonzados.

Ah critics!!!!!

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