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Shamima Begum: Met Police investigates ISIS bride despite UK’s vow to block her return

Shamima Begum: Met Police investigates ISIS bride despite UK’s vow to block her return

8/7/2019 3:10:00 AM

Shamima Begum: Met Police investigates ISIS bride despite UK’s vow to block her return

SHAMIMA BEGUM will be investigated by the Met Police despite the UK’s decision to revoke her citizenship.

| UPDATED:01:09, Wed, Aug 7, 20190Shamima Begum: Met Police to investigate former Isis brie(Image: BBC)Ms Begum’scitizenship, the Met Police has applied for a court order to allow the police to access notes on the matter. Scotland Yard is seeking a court decision to force three media companies - The Times, Sky News and ITN - to hand over their notes after the companies voluntarily refused the request. Under the motive of public interest, the request has stated under the Terrorism Act, that the material is “sought for the purposes of a terrorist investigation”.

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Related articlesJeremy Hunt reveals new treason law to imprison jihadist fightersDespite the request, the Met Police refused to tell The Independent why the application was made or confirm if its officers were gathering evidence on the matter.In a statement, the Met Police said: “Officers will contact media organisations if they believe that they may have information or evidence that could assist a criminal investigation.

“We fully respect the media’s independence.“The police will, when appropriate, seek a production order in situations where that material is not provided voluntarily.READ MORE: Shamima Begum: Scotland yard will attempt to force the media companies to reveal their notes

(Image: PA)“The decision to grant or deny the production order, quite properly, lies with the court.”In response to the request from the Met Police, Ms Begum’s lawyer, Tasnime Akunjee revealed that he had not been informed of the Police’s request.Moreover, Ms Akunjee also accused Scotland Yard of preparing a case against his client.

He also stated that a hearing date had as of yet not been set for an appeal against the revocation of Ms Begum’s citizenship. Read more: Daily Express »

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Shamima Begum being investigated despite government vow not to bring her back to UKScotland Yard seeking court order forcing journalists to hand over notes from interviews And is there a problem with this?

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