Pelosi plows ahead with Trump impeachment trial even as Biden urges unity

Pelosi plows ahead with Trump impeachment trial even as Biden urges unity

1/21/2021 7:26:00 PM

Pelosi plows ahead with Trump impeachment trial even as Biden urges unity

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and congressional Democrats are not backtracking from their promise to move forward with a Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump, even if doing so risks alienating Republican voters and draping a wet cloth over what newly sworn-in President Joe Biden can do in his first few weeks in office.

can do in his first few weeks in office.“The fact is, the president of the United States committed an act of incitement of insurrection,” Ms Pelosi said at her weekly press conference at the Capitol on Thursday.“I don't think it's very unifying to say, 'Oh, let's just forget it and move on.' That's not how you unify,” the speaker said.

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She added: “Joe Biden said it beautifully — if we're going to unite, you must remember. And we must [remember].”House Democrats, along with 10 Republicans, impeached Mr Trump for inciting the mob that stormed the US Capitol on 6 January, interrupting Congress’ certification of Mr Biden’s electoral victory for several hours by sending lawmakers fleeing for their lives from the House and Senate chambers.

The former president spent hours before the press during his final year in office casting doubt on the legitimacy of the 2020 election even before it happened, saying mail-in voting would lead to rampant voter fraud. After the election, Mr Trump, his campaign team, and dozens of congressional Republicans spent weeks challenging Mr Biden’s victory citing disproven conspiracy theories that were summarily dismissed in court for having no supporting evidence.

Throughout December, Mr Trump egged on rallygoers chanting “stop the steal” and falsely proclaimed himself the real winner of the 2020 contest.Please enter your email addressPlease enter a valid email addressPlease enter a valid email addressSIGN UPThanks for signing up to the Inside Washington newsletter

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JanineBliss There will be no unity without justice and accountability LeaderMcConnell shows his true colors again, trying to delay Trump impeachment trial to give Trump's attorneys more time to prepare. Give me a freaking break. Unity doesn’t mean letting him get away with it This headline is misleading, Biden is not urging unity in the sense that Pelosi should not continue with the trial, just unity for all of America generally.

Jinxy_Minxy Good IslandGirlPRV This headline is awful. Speaker Pelosi isn't 'plow'ing ahead with anything and President Biden has never urged unity at the expense of justice. Biden has been clear that he won't interfere in an ongoing Congressional matter, which Trump's impeachment is. ugh Stop it. Why don’t you at least post her whole answer?

What the fuck is this headline? Sort yourselves out. Jesus. Robertsixto2 If you can’t find unity in accoUNtabilITY, you’ll never find it. Hilarious. It's personal. She's not going to let the guilty go unpunished. Zimbabwe politics .. mrfrsty Because unity cannot happen until there’s justice. “Even as Biden urges unity” Unity requires accountability & truth. Without them, it is false truce. It’s not retribution to hold those in the highest positions of power to account for their record and actions. It’s part of the process of unity. Both can be true, it’s not hard.

It’s in order to achieve unity. And justice. There’s no “even though”. We should recognise retardedity. Pelosi is blinded by hate of Donald Trump, to worry what damage this could do to America and it’s people! Fry him using his own words spliced with video clips in the senate trial. Show the terrorists were within 16 feet of finding Mike and Karen Pence. We came too close to the ultimate nightmare.

Actions have consequences... Actions have consequences and those who incited the insurrection must pay. It’s not much to comprehend or that difficult to understand. Not letting a criminal President who incited violence not be held accountable is unifying. It tells everyone that no one is above the law.

Because accountability facilitates healing Holding him accountable and showing his base the enormous lies that were told is the only way to bring people back to reality. After that, we have a better chance of uniting. Who's in charge? I guess we know now I keep forgetting why I unfollow you guys and then I read headlines like this.

Before the nation can unite, the one who greatest divided us needs to be denounced and barred from seeking political power ever again; good on you SpeakerPelosi