Lisa Nandy warns Labour voters any idea of reversing Brexit is a 'fantasy'

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🔴 Lisa Nandy has dismissed the idea of rejoining the EU as “fantasy” but said the party will set out how it will change the relationship with bloc before the next election

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Nandy’s big idea is that people need to feel much more ownership of the decisions that affect them, and politics won’t work properly until they do. But what if people want to set up new grammar schools (something Labour opposes) or block desperately needed new housing in their area? Isn’t everyone in favour of so-called localism right up to the moment the locals do the ‘wrong’ thing?

“And for me that is at the heart of levelling up. That’s not in opposition to levelling up. The point is that if you hand decision-making to people who have a stake in the outcome and skin in the game, they will make good decisions, and decisions that last.”, she argues that the biggest decision for a generation – to leave the EU – was rooted in people’s frustration at being unable to influence things that affected them.

She dismisses those that want the party to commit to rejoining the bloc’s single market as a “fantasy” that “won’t take the country forward”.

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Lisa, what have you all got up your sleeves to believe things will be better, magic is brilliant but it’s mostly a trick. Brexit by fraud GE now

rolandmcs 'Why, lisanandy - wiz zees 'slightly less brexity' hints, you are spoiling us ...' 🙄

You'd think lisanandy + UKLabour would look across pond to see what happens when Democrats become a 'slightly less shit' political party than the Trump administration (the Biden administration) Labour needs to stop trying to out-tory the tories and OPPOSE That includes Brexit

rolandmcs There is no hope for this country unless we get back in the SM and CU. There is no making Brexit work and besides most people now realise BrexitBrokeBritain!

rolandmcs She's a brexit fantasist. Or just liar.

rolandmcs “We have no idea what to do so will sit on the fence for as long as possible to win votes”

Do a trade deal ffs, it reduces cost and air miles

How is it a fantasy if its the solution?

Brexistance RejoinEU

One less vote then.

Labour continues to make themselves unelectable

I think it's people like Nandy who are living in a fantasy frankly. How can you fix a broken country when you won't recognise one of the major causes? Labour are utterly uninspiring and are only leading because the Tories are so pitifully bad.

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