Horrific İnjuries

Horrific İnjuries

'Horror jet ski accident tore my body in half - doctors had to clean my organs'

'Horror jet ski accident tore my body in half - doctors had to clean my organs'

7/19/2021 2:28:00 PM

'Horror jet ski accident tore my body in half - doctors had to clean my organs'

WARNING: This article contains graphic details. Matilda, 21, has shared the horrific injuries she sustained after falling off a jet ski and the treatment she had to have

Matilda, 21, from New South Wales in Australia, took to TikTok to relive the terrifying moment she fell off the boat.She described sitting on the back of the jet ski while holding onto the person in front of her. But she lost grip and slid backwards into the water.

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Once she was submerged, she found herself in the firing line of the hugely powerful water jet on the back of the boat.“The water jet shot up my bum and tore up all my insides,” she said. For more of the news you care about straight to your inbox, sign up for one of our daily newsletters here

After the incredibly high-pressured water jet tore through her body, Matilda recalled being in shock as she tried to understand what had happened - all she knew was that something was very wrong.Still in the water, Matilda recalled she was "vomiting every couple of seconds." headtopics.com

She added: “Every time I vomited I felt intestines coming out of my bum." Matilda explained she managed to get to shore where paramedics rescued her.The 21-year-old said: "I woke up in the hospital 24 hours later and I found out that I had perforated my bowel, my intestines and tore my sphincters.

"It meant that all the contents of my bowel went inside my abdominal cavity as well as dirty water from the lake."The damage caused by the accident meant Matilda had to have her abdominal organs removed to be cleaned.She said her bowel and her kidney had to be "fixed" before they were inserted back into her body.

“They had to create a stoma due to the damage that was done,” she explained. A stoma is an opening in the abdomen that connects to the digestive or urinary system to allow the body to flush out waste. Do you have a story to share? Email jessica.taylor@reachplc.com

After sharing the gruesome nature of her injuries on TikTok, Matilda said: “This was my first and last time on a jetski.”Horrified viewers commented on the video to share their shock - although some people weren't surprised to hear about the accident. headtopics.com

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One said: “I work at a jetski company and I have heard horror stories like this.” Read more: Daily Mirror »

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