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Coronavirus lockdown: Ezhou sealed off by panicked officials as outbreak spreads

Coronavirus lockdown: Ezhou sealed off by panicked officials as outbreak spreads

1/23/2020 2:56:00 PM

Coronavirus lockdown: Ezhou sealed off by panicked officials as outbreak spreads

A THIRD Chinese city has been put on lockdown as officials rush to prevent the spread of coronavirus after the death toll rose to 25.

| UPDATED:11:55, Thu, Jan 23, 20200Chinese officials have put a third city - Ezhou - on lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus(Image: EXPRESS)People living in Ezhou have been quarantined in a bid to contain the virus which has infected nearly 600 people. The lockdown comes after residents in the cities of Wuhan and Huanggang were ordered not to leave and public transport was brought to a halt. Officials fear the spread of the mysterious virus will be accelerated when hundreds of millions of Chinese are expected to travel home for the Lunar New Year. 

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PM and chancellor U-turn: They now say they will isolate after uproar over 'stupid' plan to avoid staying home

Downing Street had said Mr Johnson and Mr Sunak will be taking in a pilot scheme whereby they will be tested daily and so do not have to quarantine - but that plan has now been scrapped.

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Coronavirus: panic and anger in Wuhan as China orders city into lockdownSupermarket shelves are empty and face masks have sold out as residents of city at the centre of the deadly virus hoard supplies and retreat inside Again, not surprised to see how the media can twist and rewrite reality without any legit numbers or visual evidence. I am reading news to get information not some subjective feelings. Panic and anger are only caused by irresponsible coverage and clickbait titles like this one! No ones want to be ignorance on sth serious like the danger of life. It's frustrated that the CCP government keep block the news from the crowd and they can't be well prepare before the WuhanPneumonia. China is turning its internal affairs to international ones. The lockdown is not going to be very efficient as it is a bit late, people have done out from the city for the Lunar New Year

Travel warning to Brits after city put on lockdown over coronavirus outbreakSeventeen people have died and hundreds more taken ill as a result of the coronavirus, thought to have originated in the Wuhan area of China. Now Brits are being warned to avoid all but essential travel to the region Daily Sport Mirror should be told to stay away from London and Birmingham you might get TB

Second Chinese city put on lockdown to stop deadly coronavirus spreadBREAKING: Second Chinese city put on lockdown to stop deadly coronavirus spread This is not going to end well

Coronavirus patient sealed in plastic tube to stop killer disease spreadingThe chilling footage comes as China has confirmed 571 total cases of the new coronavirus outbreak. 17 people have died since the outbreak began in China's Hybei province But how any have they been in contact with

China coronavirus fears grow as officials warn of mutations and spread - follow liveFollow latest updates as authorities work to contain outbreak before coming Lunar New Year I would not believe china official 1000s could of died,

Second Chinese city is put in lockdown in virus crisisThe city of Huanggang is today becoming the second in China to stop its public transport and tell residents not to leave in a bid to stop the new coronavirus, which has killed 17, from spreading. Scare campaign? SARS killed 774 people, 1 in 10 of those infected, mainly over-65's.